Just posting to inform you that Hanabi's New Dilemma is up!

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Just so this newest update to Hinata's New Life isn't boring I have decided to put a bunch of polls that will changed minor and major things in my story. Sent in your answers with a review, also say how you like Hinata's New Life or message me. Special prizes to everyone who wins! You don't have to do all of them, pick and choose the ones you want to do.

1. Hanabi's teammates names… If you have a good name in mind and what me to use it, just review or message me with it. If I pick your name then I will give thanks to you and a special prize!

2. Hanabi's first time with a man… This one will be more detailed at the end of the first chapter of Hanabi's New Dilemma.

3. Jutsus you like… If you have a jutsu you have always wanted for someone to use or you can think of one that would be good for this story. I will give you credit and you never know if someone will really like it and ask for more. Special prize for whoever comes up with the best!

4. Cat fight scene… If you want a certain pink hair girl to pick a fight with another one of the ladies… just say so. Name girl and explain the situation.

5. Guessing the future of this fanfic… See if you can guess what the final ending will be of Naruto's New Dream.

6. Who is Hanabi's teammate's killer… see if you can guess right!

7. Do you want to see the Chidorigan or Unity Jutsus again… did you like them or not?

8. Sasuke's sword techniques… I'm really bad at making them up so if you have made so up and think they're awesome (I know I know) tell me them and I might just use them.

9. Awesomoisawesome were did I get that name and do I really like south park that much… guess why and maybe you get it right.

Thanks for reviewing too, remember the more you review the more I write! Also try some of my other stories if you like dramatic farm life stories with Naruto picking his choice of girls or a really awesome Naruto/Avatar crossover with Orochimaru taking over the world (Probably going to be my longest fanfic ever!)

I have two others that will be out later, Crossroads and Crystal Clarity!

Crossroads is a story about how Sakura dies and Naruto tries to bring her back, heavy NaruHina romance with a little bit of scariness that only the corpse of Sakura can bring.

Crystal Clarity is a story about Naruto losing his reflection and have to travel around the world to defeat it. There is more to it but I don't want to give away too much. Will be a fantasy involving Hinata and Lee as his teammates for this mission.