Note: This takes place a year after The Feudal Era Across the Street or TFEATS for short. No demon kings from Yu Yu Hakusho. Yusuke is also not a half demon. He's staying human, unless I feel like introducing that little detail. The Sensui saga has not happened either.

Full Summary: A year has passed since Naraku was defeated. A mysterious artifact has also been stolen from the vault recently, and a new enemy appears that not only wants the jewel, but also the power of the well. Are these two things connected? It seems like Yusuke and the gang need to team up with Inuyasha and the others for another action packed adventure that will leave you guessing until the end.

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The Past Always Repeats Itself

Chapter One: Old Friends, New Enemies

Yusuke Urameshi's arms were behind his head as he was lounging about on the roof of the school. Sarayashiki High was rebuilt even better than before. It was larger now with even more classrooms and extra curricular activites. They found the culprit responsible for the fire. He went to Kasanegafuchi High, and was hoping to get rid of both Kuwabara and Yusuke once and for all with his stunt. He claimed it was some sort of iniation to get into the gang over there. He went to court, but because he wasn't of age yet, he went to juvenile hall until he turns eighteen. After that, he has to spend six months in jail. The police tracked down the other members, and they were sent to juvenile hall, as well. But since they did not commit the actual crime, they only have to stay there for eight months.

The doors slammed open and out stepped a very angry Keiko Ukimura. She stood in front of Yusuke. Her arms were crossed, glaring at the sleeping teen.

"Could you move Keiko? You're in my light," said Yusuke groggily.

"Yusuke..." she said threateningly.

Then it came. She used her briefcase like backpack to hit Yusuke in the face. Needless to say, he skidded to a stop a few feet away from where he was originally.

"The hell was that for!" he yelled angrily.

Keiko's face softened up. She looked away. "You really don't remember..."

Without another word, she left Yusuke all alone with his thoughts.

Yusuke plopped down on the cement. "What's her problem?" he asked himself, rubbing his face.


"Hey, Keiko, is Yusuke up there? Hey, why are you crying?" asked a bewildered Kuwabara.

He was up on his way to the roof as well. He wanted to talk to Yusuke, and he was always up there.

Keiko pushed him out of the way and ran into the girl's room. He scratched the back of his head. "Whatever happened, I bet it's all Yusuke's fault," mumbled Kuwabara.

He opened the door and a cool breeze blew into his face. He looked around and saw Yusuke sitting on the ground. He had a bruise on the side of his face. It was safe to assume that it was Keiko's doing.

"Hey, do you know what's up with Keiko?" asked Yusuke.

"Sorry, no, but whatever you did, you better apologize. She was bawling," explained the orange haired teen.

Yusuke looked shock. "Really? I don't think I even did any-" he cut his sentence off. Realization hit him. "Oh, crap..."


"Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap."


"What's today?" asked Yusuke in the hopes that he was wrong about this situation.

"Friday. Why?" asked Kuwabara, eyeing him suspiciously.

"I really fucked up. I was supposed to meet Keiko for lunch today, and now..." Yusuke stopped as the bell began ringing to signify the end of lunch.

Kuwabara took a sharp intake of breath. "You are in deep, man. What is this? The fifth time you two had a fight since you started dating?"

"Yeah," said Yusuke, head bowed.

Yusuke and Keiko started dating about a few months after coming back from the feudal era. Not surprisingly, they had disagreed frequently, but nothing was as bad as this time. Sure there was the occasional times when Yusuke would lift her skirt, but he did that even before they were dating. It was a habit he couldn't break. As long as he didn't do that to any other girls, Keiko was slightly okay with it.

Their relationship was really strange. They kept breaking up and getting back together over the tiniest little things, like Yusuke leaving for a mission without telling Keiko. Okay, maybe that wasn't so tiny...

Yusuke and Kuwabara walked to their next class in silence. There wasn't much you could say to a guy that had to sit next his very angry girlfriend in the last class of the day.

"Good luck," said Kuwabara before they parted ways.

"I'll need it," said Yusuke. He shoved his hands in his pocket and walked in. This was going to be a very long class...


Kagome Higurashi was repeatedly banging her head against the wall outside of her math class. She had just finished a test, and she was certain that she had failed. Even her friends decided that it was better that they didn't stop her. When she got like this, there was no way to reason with her.

Someone tapped her shoulder. "Um, Kagome, are you okay?" asked a familiar voice.

"What!" yelled Kagome. Then she blushed in embarrassment when she saw who it was. "Oh, sorry, Hojo. I'm having a bad day."

"It's alright. I wanted to see how you were doing. Your grandfather said you had acute psychotic disorder."

Kagome blinked. I'm sure he made that one up. Why can't he say I have the flu or something? the reincarnated priestess thought.

"I'm much better now. Thanks for asking."

"Kagome, I was wondering..." started Hojo.

"Yes," she replied nervously. Please don't ask for another date. PLEASE! When will he get it?

"What is acute psychotic disorder?"

Kagome did an anime fall. Hojo's eyes widened. "Are you okay?"

"Fine, I'm fine. Just dandy," she said, dusting her skirt. "So sorry, but I have to go now. I need to see...Bye!"

She ran off.

Hojo blinked. "Hm, I guess Kagome is a little touchy about her disorder. I better avoid the subject from now on..." he said.


Shuichi Minamino, or Kurama as others called him, was pretending to pay attention in his science class. They were learning about the functions of a plant, which Kurama knew well of. All he had to do was say that he was a fox demon that could make plants grow by giving them part of his energy...Yeah, right.

He would make a ridiculously long paragraph about photosynthesis. After being in the human education system for quite some time, he realized that most of teachers would skim any answers that take up more than half a page. Besides, he was the top of his class. It was highly unlikely that he would slack off. His science teacher was no exception. He could pull this little trick on almost all of his teachers, except for Literature and History.

While faking attention, he was thinking of more important matters. Rumors were circulating around demons about a heist. He looked at the window.

In a flash, a figure in all black was in a tree. He recognized him immediately as being Hiei. The fire demon motioned to Kurama, meaning that he had new information.

Kurama opened the telepathic link between them.

The fox demon hid the shock that was threatening to creep up on his face. He was glad that this was the last period of the day. He looked at the clock. It was close...


While everyone was enjoying a normal day, two things happened: One, a highly dangerous artifact was stolen right under the nose of Koenma. And two, a mysterious being slipped out of the well house on the Higurashi Shrine.


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