And you thought Charlie could never be a singer.

By: Golden Lass

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Summary: This is a little bit like Grease we'll see where it goes.

(Love is a Many Splendid Thing is playing in the background.)

On a nice summer day two boys were on the beach. They met each other at the beginning of the summer. They enjoyed themselves during the summer. They did a lot together. They fell in love with each other. Till the day Charlie had to leave to go back to Australia. Colby was our handsome boy who won Charlie's heart that summer. So he spent many hours with Charlie eating and going out with Charlie. They spent Charlie's last day making out and just telling each other that they really loved the other.

"I'm going to miss you." Charlie said.

" Me too. I love you so much." Colby said to Charlie.

"Why does it all have to end?" Charlie said with tears in his eyes.

"Things always do." Colby replied.

"Am I ever going to see you again?" Charlie asked.

"I don't know Charlie." Colby said as he started kissing Charlie. Colby continued kissing Charlie until.

"Don't Colby. Don't ruin the moment please?" Charlie asked.

"But Charlie, I love you." Colby said.

"Just, I got to go." And with that Charlie left.

It's the beginning senior year. Don and Charlie were walking up the hallways of Holly High (cornie I know.)

Don was a student at Holly High and one of the most popular kids in school. He was also part of the biggest gang in school. The T- birds. With Charlie being younger and yet smarter than his older brother was going into Holly High for the first time ever. You see Charlie went to Australia with his Mom for a couple of years and Don stayed with his Dad.

Charlie spent his summer moving back to America. But one thing happened that summer that his family and his brother would never really know about. At least not until he is ready to let his family know about his little summer fling.

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