So here is another lovely chapter. I know I rarely post but I felt in the writing mood tonight. I loved the fluff from the last chapter I decided to add another fluffy scene in this one :D

"You are such an insufferable GIT!" Casey yelled

"Why? Is it because I don't tell you everything I do every second of the day. Okay Casey good to know. Do you need to know my loo schedule as well?!" Trevor yelled back at her, his face growing redder every second.

"Oh! You! You know that is not what I mean! If I had kept something this big from you, you would be just as mad!" Casey yelled back at him.

"Merlin, Case! It's not that big a deal!" Trevor said.

"Not that big a deal? Well it is to me. You lied and I thought you were my friend. Friends don't lie to eat other." Casey said.

Bonnie sat there trying not to listen to her best friends arguing yet again about Trevor keeping them from his extra-curricular activities. After the Hogsmeade weekend Casey and Trevor were either ignoring each other completely or at each others' throats. Bonnie sat there patiently rubbing her forehead as a small tension headache started to form.

She didn't dare say a word to either of them in this state. She had made that mistake earlier on in the week when she tried to defend Trevor to Casey. Asking her why Casey cared so much. That resulted in Casey basically biting her head off.

The other students in the common room seemed to have the same feelings towards the bickering students as Bonnie did. Some students would up and leave the common room when they saw the two starting at their ongoing argument. One seventh year in particular turned in his seat and watched the argument in a mixture of amusement and annoyance.

"You know what you need to do Trevor?" The seventh year called out distracting the two teens who stopped their arguing and turn towards him.

"No, what is it I need to do Chase?" Trevor asked him.

"Why don't you just shag her and be done with it?!" Chase said causing a few of the seventh year guys to applaud while Trevor's face turned a bright scarlet.

"Sod off!" Trevor said leaving the room and walking up to his dorm.

Casey stood there with her mouth opened like a fish, her face turning just as scarlet as Trevor's. Chase smirked as he saw how his comment affected the younger students.

"You're an arse." Casey said before running off herself.

Bonnie watched the scene. Part of her agreed with the older boy, but she definitely wouldn't be saying that to either of her best friends. Instead she gave him a disapproving look.

"What? You were thinking it!" Chase said to her.

Deciding she needed a break from all the commotion she packed up her things and exited the common room through the Fat Lady's portrait. She bid the Fat lady a good afternoon before deciding to go for a walk. The night before had snowed and it had left a wonderful blanket of fresh snow on the grounds.

As she was making her way down the tower lost in thought she almost missed someone stopping in front of her, almost causing her to collide into him.

"Oh I am sorry." Bonnie said looking up and seeing a pair of grey eyes gazing down at her.

"Just the girl I was looking for." Blake said looking down upon her with a charming smile.

"You were looking for me?" Bonnie asked taking a step back as he was standing rather close to her, making her feel a little uncomfortable.

"Yes, I had a question for you. Now I know you said you weren't ready to date, but I was wondering if you would like to help me with a project later on. We can call it a non-date project work thing." Blake said leaning on his arm so that he leaned into her.

"What kind of project?" Bonnie asked taking another step back at his closeness.

"Oh it's for muggle studies. I am using this camera thing to interview those who have muggle relatives. I know your mother is muggle born so I immediately thought of you. Plus I think your beautiful face will help me get a better grade." Blake said smiling broader as he saw her blush slightly.

"Well I was actually on my way out for a while, but perhaps I could help you after dinner?" Bonnie said

"Great! I'll meet you by the great hall then." Blake said flipping his blond hair off his face before leaning down and kissing her on the cheek.

"Okay… I… guess I'll see you later then." Bonnie said walking past him.

"I'll hold you to it Ms. Weasley." Blake said as she walked from him waving at his response.

"See you." Bonnie said giving a small smile before continuing her walk downstairs.

'Yeah, I will see you later for sure.' Blake said his smile turning into a smirk and his eyes clouding over.

Bonnie had always loved the snow and especially the way it made the grounds look after a nice heavy blanket was cast down upon it. After bundling up she walked outside. She loved the picturesque scene that was in front of her. The mountains near the loch, the sloping lawns now covered in white, even the black lake seemed to look pretty in the winter. She breathed in the fresh cold air and smiled to herself. This was just what she needed to get rid of her headache.

She walked around slowly lost in thought. Students had gathered in groups to enjoy the fresh snow. Some students were building snowmen and enchanting them to move and talk, while others were enjoying a friendly snow fight. Walking towards the lake she saw someone she recognized.

Braton sat by the black lake lost in a vivid daydream. In fact it was something that plagued him a lot now days. It was like he kept reliving the moment he killed his father. Over and over again he would picture the light leaving his father's eyes. On one level it relieved him to know that his father was gone. On another level he questioned whether or not he was the monster. He had so easily killed his father. Obviously something had to be a little wrong with him.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Bonnie said smiling at the memory of him asking her the very same thing during Hogsmeade the previous weekend.

"Hey, how long have you been standing there?" Braton asked.

"Not long. Just saw you sitting over here by yourself. Thought you might like some company?" Bonnie said looking into his eyes.

"Sure." Braton said motioning for her to sit next to him.

"Is something the matter?" Bonnie asked. Concern in her voice as his demeanor seemed off.

"I was just thinking about that day." Braton said.

"Oh… What about that day?" Bonnie asked, trying to see if he wanted to talk to her about it.

"It's hard to explain. I guess it's just I see it you know. It's like I relieve that moment over and over again. I see myself stabbing my father in the chest and I see the light in his eyes go away. I know that he was a monster, but did he deserve to die?" Braton said looking at her in desperation.

Bonnie looked at him and saw the sadness in his eyes. She wanted to say the right words to make him feel better, but she didn't know exactly what those words could be.

"Braton, you did what you had to do to save my life and yours. If you hadn't, he would have killed us." Bonnie said.

"I know, but I just think of how easily I just killed him. I didn't even consider any other options; I just pulled that knife out of my pocket and killed him. What does that make me? Sometimes I feel like he isn't the only monster." Braton said.

"You could never be a monster." Bonnie said grabbing his hand in hers, hoping that he would believe her.

"It's just hard to remember what happen and not feel that I am sometimes." Braton said.

"You listen to me Braton. The fact that you feel this much for something that you did in order to save our lives, proves that you are not a monster. You're father lost his humanity. His own vengeance and pride is what killed him. Not you. You did what you had to do. I will never forget that. I would thank you every day of my life and I still don't think that would be enough." Bonnie said sincerely.

Braton looked down at his hand that she had grab. Bonnie seeing were his eyes were gazing gave him a reassuring squeeze before letting go, her face lighting up with a tinge of pink.

"Thanks Bonnie." Braton said after a moment of silence.

"You're welcome… I know you were feeling a little down but I must tell you Braton. You really are not enjoying this wonderful weather in the correct fashion." Bonnie said a glint of playfulness in her eyes.

"What are you on ab…?" Braton said turning towards her only to receive a face full of snow.

Bonnie began chuckling at the sight before her. Braton stunned at the sudden snowball to the face and the small smile that crept up on his lips.

"Is that so Weaslette, well we must fix this right away." Braton said moving his hands around the thick snow forming what looked to be a rather large snowball.

Bonnie squealed in excitement as she stood up quickly and ran, Braton hot on her heels.

"You are going to pay for that one!" Braton laughed throwing the large snowball at her.

"Only if you learn how to aim better." Bonnie said mockingly as she easily ducked out of the snow balls path.

Bonnie ran and with a flick of her wand a mini snow fort was created. She quickly ducked as another snowball came flying towards her. She hid behind the fort of snow and quickly made some of her own ammo.

"You forget Braton. I grew up with lots of brothers and sisters. I am rather an expert at snowball fights." Bonnie said mistakenly looking up and receiving a face full of snow herself.

"Expert my arse!" Braton said with a laugh as he ran, flicking his wand he made a rather large fort of snow.

"Compensating for something Malfoy?" Bonnie joked as she launched snowballs at him.

"Hey! A man has to have his castle!" Braton said throwing another snowball and successfully hitting his target in the shoulder.

The teens played for what seemed like hours. It had been a long time since Bonnie had felt this carefree. Nothing plagued her mind as she dodged snowballs and managed to get some very good hits on Braton.

"Braton?" Bonnie said breathing heavily, her face flushed, clothes soaked, and her hair probably the wildest it had been in a long time.

"Yes Weaslette?" Braton said

"You want to call a truce?" Bonnie said

"Getting tired over there Weaslette?" Braton asked though obviously panting himself.

"Maybe…" Bonnie said laughing

"Alright but we have to shake on it." Braton said walking out from his fort. Bonnie followed his lead and walked out from behind her fort, a large smile on her face.

"Truce." Braton said extending his hand.

Bonnie laughed as she threw her last snowball right in his face. Laughing he reached out and grabbed her by the waist.

"I knew you were going to do that you little sneak." Braton said tickling her sides unmercifully.

"Braton! Stop it!" Bonnie laughed uncontrollably since she was extremely ticklish.

"Never!" Braton said as Bonnie tried to squirm from his fingers.

Squirming uncontrollably Bonnie didn't realize where she was stepping and quickly began to fall as she slipped on a patch of ice. Grabbing on to Braton as she tried to steady herself caused him to slip as well and the two landed on the ground with a thud, Braton landing on top of her small frame.

"Bloody hell woman. Are you always this clumsy?" Braton said wincing at the sudden impact.

Braton tried to push himself up, but stop at the sight of her. Her hair was wild from the earlier snowball fight. Her lips and cheeks flushed crimson and not just from the cold. She had such fair skin only speckled with the cutest freckles over her nose and cheeks. His breath immediately caught in his throat as he saw her chest begin to move up and down faster than usual.

It was like he was acting on his own accord. Before he even had time to register what he was thinking he moved his hand up to her cheek. It as if he had to know if her skin was as smooth as he thought it was. To his delight it was.

"You're so beautiful." Braton said.

"You… You think I am beautiful?" Bonnie asked her chest rising and falling rapidly at his words.

"Yes… I do." Braton said as he leaned in.

Bonnie licked her lips in anticipation, her eyes closing slowly as he leaned in.

"Oy!" Braton yelled as large ball of snow met his face splashing snow all over his face and Bonnie's. Looking around he became confused as there was no one in sight.

Bonnie began to laugh, whether it was from the nerves of the moment, or the look on Braton's face, she didn't know. Braton looked at her like she had grown a second head which only caused her to laugh even harder.

"Mental that one." Braton said a loud but began to join in the laughter.

Pushing off the snow he got off her and helped her up. He shook his head like a dog splattering Bonnie with the icy water that soaked it, causing her to giggle slightly.

"Well, it's starting to get late…" Bonnie said awkwardly.

"Yeah, I have a killer potions essay that I've been putting off all week." Braton said fidgeting. His hands shoved in his pockets he almost didn't dare look at her. His face was bright red and his thoughts were racing about what might have just happened.

"Yeah me to…" Bonnie said her face just as warm.

"Do you want me to walk you?" Braton asked

"I appreciate that but you don't have to. We do live in the opposite directions and I know you need to get to your potions essay." Bonnie said hoping that he didn't think too much into her declining his invitation.

"Okay as long as you're sure." Braton said finally looking at her.

"Yes, thank you." Bonnie said. Grabbing his hand as he turned away she smiled at him.

"I really had an amazing day with you. I am glad I saw you down here." Bonnie said giving his hand a squeeze.

"I had a great time as well." Braton said smiling at her.

Bonnie let go of his hand and they walked up to the castle. It was a quiet walk as neither one said a word, both lost in thought. Braton noticing a small blush creeping up on her cheeks and he wondered what she was thinking about.

"Well I am off. Thanks again for today." Bonnie said smiling at him.

"You're welcome." Braton said moving towards her.

Awkwardly Braton put his arms around her petite form and hugged her. Bonnie smiled to herself and as quickly as the hug started it ended a little shorter than Bonnie would have liked.

"Well goodnight." Braton said awkwardly

"Night." Bonnie said walking slowly towards the stairs that would lead her to the Gryffindor Tower. She waved one last time before heading up the stairs. Her thoughts were just zooming all over the place.

'He thinks I am beautiful!'

'Does this mean he likes me?'

'Does this mean I like him?'

'I think he was going to kiss me'

'It sure looked like he was going to kiss me.'

As her thoughts swarmed around she silently cursed at herself remembering that she had wanted to get a book from the library to finish up her own potions essay. Or rather to double check her revised essay. She had wanted to double check some of her facts and still felt it needed a little more on the section about veritaserum. Doubling back she made her way down the stairs heading towards the library.

Smiling at the memory of Braton calling her beautiful she didn't notice a figure coming out of a corridor from behind her. She was just about to turn the corner when someone grabbed her from behind.

She tried to scream but her mouth and nose was quickly covered by someone with a cloth that had a funny smell on it. Before she had time to register what was happening she was slipping into a sea of darkness.

Here is another chapter! I have begun this chapter so many times. I knew what I wanted to happen but I wasn't sure on how I should write it. Finally today I sat down and everything just flowed so easily. I am very happy with how it turned out. Hopefully the next chapter will come just as easily to me. I will say this… the next chapter will contain some graphic storyline so please be warned and continue at your own accord.