2 Bodies, 4 Souls

By Monkey Kix Ass

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Summary: AU. It all started because two young goddesses were bored. Sakura/Tomoyo, and Syaoran/Eriol were placed under the same spell. The two pairs now share a body with their respectable partners. To break the spell, they must find their soul mates, but how will that happen when you are in control of the body half of the time? S+S, E+T

First Published: 08/18/06

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Welcome to the World of Haruka. Here, there are two realms: the Divine Realm, where all of the gods and spirits live; and the Mortal Realm, where humans, animals, plants and other such living creatures live.

The two realms are connected together, each one feeding off of the other. It is the Divine Realm's duty to protect the Mortal Realm from full destruction and keep the forces as balanced as possible. In return, the Mortal Realm keeps the Divine Realm intact, by laying the basic foundation for the inhabitants' powers.

The spirits in the Divine Realm all take the form of animals, and they are in charge of watching over forests, lakes, mountains, rivers, deserts, and other such natural geographies. The spirits' powers depend upon the size and strength of the location. As new locations are created, new spirits are born; but as others are destroyed for one purpose or another, the spirits loose power or become dormant.

The gods take on human appearances, and are each in charge of looking over whichever human inhabitance gave birth to their existence. Like the spirits, the gods also have varying levels of power. Their power however, is not only determined on the size and strength of their location, but also on the prosperity of the place. There are also two classes of gods: a supreme or a customary. Supreme gods are gods of countries, and are therefore the head of the family of the other gods and master of the spirits in their division. Customary gods are guardians for cities, towns, villages, or even for the occasional group of nomadic people.

Although the gods and spirits are immortal, they do have somewhat of an age system. The newer the developing location, the younger the god/spirit, but the older and longer lasting the area, the older and wiser the god/spirit.

Each god and spirit has his/her own personality and ideals, but due to this close relationship between the two realms, whatever happens in the Mortal Realm could affect the character and behavior of the god/spirit. Take for example the great fire in the Aoi Forest. The waste and destruction left behind by that disaster corrupted the mind of the grizzle bear guardian of the forest, causing the spirit to go on a rampage of bloodlust. When the forest was able to heal itself and thrive once again though, the grizzle bear guardian regained his sanity and peaceful nature.

Now enough of that; lets get to some relevant information for this story. In the time scheme of the Divine Realm, there are two young customary goddesses: Miho, guardian of Hai Sai; and Mano, guardian of Tajo. Though still quite young, these two sisters are considerably powerful since the two cities that they guard are growing so quickly and are currently under great prosperity. It is partly because of their power that has caused these two to cause a lot of trouble in the Divine Realm. These two are too young and immature to control all of their power effectively, and therefore spend their excess energy in playing pranks. Despite all the lessons that the elders give them, the two find some way or another to cause problems, especially when there is nothing to occupy their time and they get bored.

This is where our story begins, because on this particular day, one of the elders got sick and so forgot to get a replacement to watch over the two sisters. As the two await their sensei to show up for their lessons, they become bored from the lack of activity, and so the trouble begins…

: Hi yall. I know that this is kinda a lot of info to absorb in, but I promise that there is a point to a majority of this stuff to the story, and it'll get more interesting as I actually begin to write the chapters. So just wait and read the first chapter before you decide that this is a crappy story. Please, be nice and leave a review and tell me what you think.

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Preview: What are Miho and Mano planning to do? What trouble are they getting into?