2 Bodies, 4 Souls

By Monkey Kix Ass

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Summary: See Prologue

Story So Far: Sakura, Tomoyo, Syaoran and Eriol have all been put under the spell of the two little goddesses. What's going to happen now?

First Published: 09/02/06

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"…" Talking

'…' Thinking

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Chapter 2: Switch Bodies

The two girls screamed as a bright light suddenly surrounded them. They both fainted, but only one body hit the ground.

Once the incantation was over, the two boys yelled in surprise as a bright light surrounded them. They both passed out, but only one body hit the ground. The little goddess laughed, admiring her work, before she disappeared.

Tajo; Kimoto Residence

"I see Tomoyo over here," a young man shouted. The tall, lean figure with black hair and large chocolate eyes ran towards the limp form on the ground. He fell down next to the prone figure and picked her up into his arms.

Three other adults trailed behind the young man. One was a tall man with auburn hair and chocolate eyes. The other was an average-height woman with short dark brown hair and oval amethyst eyes. The last person was a man who was slightly taller than average-height with dark violet, almost black, hair. (Hum…I wonder who these four people could be? Lol :P)

"Tomoyo," the woman shouted. Sonomi collapsed next to her daughter and pulled her child from the young man's arms.

Tomoyo slowly woke up. Her eyes gradually opened, but her vision was still quite blurry. "Mom?"

"Are you ok? Are you hurt anywhere?"

"I'm fine mom."

"Tomoyo, where's Sakura," the young man, named Touya, demanded. Tomoyo looked confused, and continued to stare at him blankly. "Where is she," he shouted, loosing his cool.

Tomoyo stared at him blankly.

'I'm right here Touya, what are you talking about?'

'How can he not see Sakura?' Tomoyo thought confused, then looked around her. 'Wait, where are you Sakura? I can't see you either.'

'I'm right here…I'm not quite sure either. But I'm looking at Touya's face right now.'

'Well I'm looking at his face too…' Slowly comprehension dawned on the both of them.

The other four looked at Tomoyo, worry evident on each of their faces. For a few seconds after Touya's shout, Tomoyo looked as if she were in a daze. After a few more seconds however, her eyes opened widely.

'Sakura! You're in my body!'

'What am I going to do? How are we going to convince them that I'm in you? What's going on?'

'I don't know. Lets calm down and think this out. Now what is the last thing you remember?'

'The last thing I remember is that little girl.'

'I remember that too! So she must be behind this somehow!'

'She looked really familiar, but who is she, and how could she do something like this?'

'I don't know, but she does look familiar…'

'How are we going to–"

'Wait, I remember who she is!'

Tomoyo suddenly got up and ran towards the house. The four adults looked at her worriedly and followed her. Tomoyo ran into her room and rummaged through her backpack. She pulled out a history textbook and started to flip through it, stopping when she found the right page. There was a picture of two little girls, one of whom was the little girl that they had seen.

'Oh no, we've been cursed by the hoax sisters,' Tomoyo thought.

'Nani! What are we going to do? How are we supposed to break the spell cast by a goddess?'

The four adults barged into Tomoyo's room.

"Ok Tomoyo sweetie, what's going on?" Takumi (his name means artisan), Tomoyo's father, asked.

"Do you know where Sakura is?" Fujitaka (Sakura's father, for those of you who don't know) asked more gently than his son had earlier.

Just then the sun began to set, and a bright light lighted up the room. After it disappeared, Sakura was left standing where Tomoyo had been, and there was no sight of Tomoyo anywhere.

Hai Sai; Li Estate

The sun had already begun to set, and in a few more minutes, it would have completely disappeared from view.

"Quick, I see one of the young masters over here," a voice called out. A few moments later, four more figures rushed to the side of an unconscious Syaoran. Two of the guards kneeled down next to the young man, one checking his vital signs and to see if he had any injuries, while the other trying to wake the boy up.

"Master Syaoran, do you hear me?"

"Urgh, what's going on?" Syaoran asked awkwardly as he tried to sit up straight. Unfortunately, he got up too quickly and so got quite a headache as blood raced up to his head, trying to catch up with his sudden action.

"You've been missing for almost half an hour now young master," said the man (I'm going to be numbering the guards so that I don't confuse myself while writing this little part; so lets say that the first guy was guard #1 and that this guy is guard #2) who had been checking Syaoran's vital signs.

"Half an hour?" asked Syaoran, confused

"Yes young master," guard #1 answered. "Both you and Master Eriol were late to meet the Elders."

"The Elders had waited for five minutes for the both of you before sending several of us out," guard #3 continued (he's the one who spotted Syaoran).

Syaoran still had a confused look on his face. He wanted to say 'Oh', but new that would make him sound like a simpleton, which could be led to say that he was week, and as the heir to the Li clan, he could not afford to appear weak in anyway.

'Give up on that no being weak thing Syaoran, that way of thinking is just stupid.'

'Who said that?'

'Who do you think Syaoran-kun?'

"Master Syaoran, do you know where Master Eriol is?" asked guard #4.

"What are you talking about? He should be around here somewhere. He was just with me…"

'Wait, where are you? I can hear you, but I can't see you anywhere.'

'Where do you think I am Syaoran-kun? In your mind maybe?'

"What are you talking about? You can't be in my mind. Now stop playing games and come out of hiding," Syaoran demanded, totally confusing the guards. They looked at him worriedly, wondering if he had somehow wounded his head when he fell down or something.

'I can't come out.' Eriol replied calmly.

"Oh yeah, and why not?" Now the guards were getting really worried. They were looking at each other desperately, none knowing what to do. They were all fighters. They didn't know how to deal with this circumstance.

'Because I'm in your body, oh all mighty smart one. Why else can no one but you hear me? If you haven't noticed yet, the guards are all giving you weird looks.' Hearing that statement, Syaoran finally paid attention to his surroundings, and sure enough, the guards were all regarding him warily.

'Darn, what are we going to do now?' Syaoran thought, willing Eriol to hear him.

'Well, maybe if you get up and start dancing around them in circles.'

'I'm serious Eriol! Stop goofing around!'

'All right, all right Mr. grumpy pants. I assume you could always pretend that that never happened and just tell them to follow you back to the house. That will avoid the questions.'

'All right, I'll do it your way I guess.'

Before any of the guards could question him, Syaoran stood up, thereby slightly shocking them into silence. They looked at him expectantly, hoping that he would provide a plausible explanation for what had just occurred. To their disappointment, Syaoran didn't answer their unasked questions, but instead changed the subject all together.

"Lets get back to the house," Syaoran told them gruffly, and started walking back to the building quite a distance away.

"But Master Syaoran, what about Master Eriol?" guard #5 asked.

"That clumsy person will find his way back to the house by himself. Lets go, I don't want to keep the Elders waiting for much longer."

As the guards meekly followed him in silence, Syaoran was having a silent conversation with Eriol in his head.

'So what exactly happened? The last thing that I remembered was that little girl,' thought Syaoran.

'Same here; that little girl probably has something to do with this then.'

'No dugh Akira (it's just a random name that I chose; it means intelligence or brightness. Considering that this isn't Earth but another planet called Haruka, there probably isn't an Einstein, so I'm just using this name to symbolize Einstein for the phrase to work; lame yeah I know, but I'm just in a weird mood right now. ;P). How did you ever figure that out I wonder?'

'Well it's not like you're any better Mr. I think I'm so high and mighty but really I'm just a spoiled baby.'

'Your insults are pathetic, you know that Eriol?'

'Yeah, whatever. But anyway, back to that little girl. I'm starting to have a nagging feeling that I've seen her somewhere. I just can't put my finger on it.'

'Now that you mention it, she does look familiar. But who could she be? I don't recall seeing her at any of the social events or meetings that we've been out to with the Elders, and I'm sure she's not part of the clan.'

'That's it!'

'Wait, what's it? You know who she is?'

'Maybe. I have a hunch, but I need to check a book from the library to be sure. Hurry up and get back to the house and go to the library.'

Without further ado, Syaoran ran back towards the house. The guards, seeing him sprint ahead, hurried up and tried to catch up with him. Once they reached the main house, instead of turning left to go meet the Elders in the conference room, Syaoran turned right and headed deeper into the mansion. The noise that they had made entering the house caught the attention of most of the occupants of the house, and they all followed the noise to the library. Inside, they all found Syaoran with a book in his hands, disbelief written on his face.

'Darn it! It's the hoax sisters!' they both thought.

Meanwhile, the sun had just finished setting outside. Before anyone could utter a word, a blinding light surrounded Syaoran. The light faded after a few seconds, and in place of Syaoran standing in the middle of the library, Eriol stood there all by himself, with no visible trace of the previous boy to be found anywhere.

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