Fic Summary: InuYasha has a reoccurring dream and learns that his "dream" is in fact a prophecy involving Sesshoumaru, himself, and a baby yet to be born. He is then faced with choices that will affect the youkai, hanyou, and human communities and Japan's future overall. This is his journey to fulfill that prophecy.

Pairing: Sesshoumaru x InuYasha, slight hint of one-sided Miroku x InuYasha.

Warning: This story is slightly AU and contains Yaoi/Slash, Lemon/Hentai, Incest, MPREG, Strong Language, and mild OOC-ness.

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Prophecy of Brothers

By Scarlet Willows

Chapter One – The New Moon

"Shut up, Kagome. I'm trying to listen," barked InuYasha. The silver-haired hanyou was known for his violent outbreaks, selfishness, hotheadedness, stubbornness, conceitedness, jealousy, immaturity, and extreme arrogance, so when he didn't use his in-door voice, it wasn't a huge surprise.

"Well, I was only trying to help. You don't have to shout!"

InuYasha's cat-like ears perked up, catching all the sounds of nature, his yellow-copper eyes canvassing the terrain and glinting in the afternoon sun. He inhaled deeply and the zephyr carried that one distinct scent to his nostrils. His breath involuntarily caught in his chest. He knew it well. He'd hated it, oppressed for centuries under its power, helpless while he was constantly compared to it. And yet, he loved it; he would never admit it, though. So close, he thought. Yet always far away. Ignore it.

He ran his claws through his silver hair, thinking of his next move. InuYasha and his little makeshift pack of humans and youkai had been standing at a crossroad for some minutes when he'd heard…something. It could have been his mind playing tricks, he wasn't sure; lately his nerves had been on end. But his nose and a sixth sense told him he wasn't being just paranoid. Being hanyou had its advantages. He had to hurry, his mind was working frantically…the First Day was approaching; he had to get his companions somewhere safe and fast! He and his sword, Tetsusaiga, would soon be useless. Already his precious senses were beginning to dull. Danger was approaching, sweet and sly.

"We'll go this way," he said finally, pointing at the path that dwindled further into the forest; the gray trees were thick with gnarled arthritic limbs stretching out to snare an unsuspecting passerby.

"You've got to be kidding. Please tell me you're joking. That way is giving me the creeps." Kagome shivered. Kagome Higurashi had defied the laws of science and traveled to the past, five hundred years into the Sengoku Era. She had been a normal girl concerned with school, friends, and gossip when she had fallen through a well, freed InuYasha from a curse, and discovered that she was the reincarnate of Kikyo, InuYasha's former lover. Now, their mission was to find and reunite the broken Shikon Jewel Shards, which was another story in itself. Kagome was a girl in her late teens with flowing sable hair, warm coffee eyes, a school uniform, and a smile that would cheer most hearts. It certainly cheered InuYasha's (only he would never admit that). However, she also had a temper to rival InuYasha's, so most of the time he decided not to contest her. This was not one of those times.

"We're going that way and it's settled!" exclaimed InuYasha sternly, hoping against hope that she wouldn't invoke the powers of the Kotodama no Nenju...the beads of subjugation were the source of a majority of bruises.

"He's right, Kagome. It would be safer for us if we did not travel in the open," came the wise words of Miroku the monk. InuYasha sighed inwardly, feeling he was out of danger of Kagome's wrath. "Who knows, we might happen to come upon some female wood spirits who want the seed of a human male. Should this happen, I can only gladly accept since it is my vow to serve." BAM! That statement rewarded him with a hard knock on the head by Sango the youkai hunter.

As she shifted Kirara, her miniature pet saber-tooth youkai, in her arms more comfortably, Sango muttered under her breath, "What should I do with him?"

"Well, I have a suggestion," replied Miroku with a mischievous grin. He was about to open his mouth, ready to regale her with one of his many fantasies, when he was sharply cut off.

"Save it," Sango said, giving him a piercing look, and then rolling her eyes.

They walked for a ways in silence until they came to a clearing in the woods. "This looks like a good spot," marked Miroku.

"I agree, the surrounding trees make it hard for unwelcome outsiders to observe us," Sango said, propping her boomerang weapon against a tree.

"Shippo, go get some firewood," commanded InuYasha, turning towards the young kitsune youkai.

"Why do I have to get the wood?" whined Shippo.

"Because you're the kid and I'm the adult and I said so."

"You're a tyrant!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too…!"

"Am not…!"

The glade was filled with the yells of am-not-are-too-am-not-are-too, until Shippo was the first one to break. "Kagome! InuYasha's picking on me!"

"InuYasha!" called Kagome from where she was helping Miroku set out the beds. "Osuwari!" A loud thump and a curse word followed as InuYasha kneeled, face planted in the ground as his necklace, the beads of subjugation, held him firmly in place.

"Kagome, why I oughta-" threatened the temporarily bowed hanyou.

"Thanks, Kagome," said Shippo. "What are we having for dinner, did you bring snacks from your time?"

"Yes I did. Will you go get some firewood so I can heat up some water?"

"Sure thing."

"Keh, he'll do it for her, but not for me," pouted InuYasha.

"Thanks, Kagome. That was very filling," complimented Miroku. The remains of their dinner lay spread out before them on a blanket. Shippo started dozing off, holding his now contented belly. Sango, unsuccessfully, tried to repress a yawn as Kirara coiled in her lap already asleep and purring. Kagome's eyes were glazed but happy. Maybe they would have a break for a while; this was a safe, nice, remote place, near enough to a spring…maybe now they could afford some time off.

"What are you looking for, InuYasha?" asked Kagome, his rustling noises interrupting her thoughts. He was digging through her bag, and finally, after some minutes, he found what he'd been looking for. He held the prize in his hand as his mouth watered.

"Aha! Now here's the real food."

"Instant Ramen? I just made dinner!"

They had stayed at the glade for several days and InuYasha was content with his friends now safely tucked away in this quiet, serene place. They had settled in for now, making several trips to the hot springs to wash clothing and bodies, pots and pans, and they'd restocked their rations with what the forest provided. Kagome sat around the fire, frying the boys' morning catches and mending their clothes with a sewing kit she'd brought with her.

Miroku sat a little ways from the group, meditating. Sango sat by Kagome sharpening some cooking knives, while they watched Shippo playing tag with Kirara (she was letting him win).

"I'm gonna go off for a while," suddenly announced InuYasha from his perch in the nearby trees. All looked up quizzically. "I just want to be alone for a while. I'll come back in a couple days."

"InuYasha?" said Kagome with concern written on her face.

"I'll be near if anything happens, don't worry." He wasn't usually so sensitive to her feelings, usually he would've just said, "Stay out of it, it's my business." This new sympathy told him that his hanyou-to-human transformation via moon-cycle was very soon. He jumped down from his dizzying height without a second thought.

"Well, here, take this," said Kagome, offering some of the fried fish and a cup of Ramen in a small wicker basket. "And take a blanket too." He smiled at her, something he rarely did. She was being unnaturally compliant with his abrupt decision, but he took it in stride. Maybe he had been acting different since he'd smelled the hated-yet-loved fragrance and she knew he needed some time. Or maybe she was just tired. Whatever the reason, it was a small blessing and he'd take it.

As he walked further and further away from the camp, the forest became quieter. The birds had ceased their chatter, the wind stopped whispering, and even the insects had concealed their ruckus. With his senses still intact, he sniffed the air. Nothing seemed to be out of order, the animals' presences were still there; they had just gone quiet, that was all. He usually could walk anywhere without disturbing the wildlife.

Aside from the animals' smells, there came again that specific fragrance which he cherished and reviled. It smelled of cold resentment and a floral aroma of jasmine and gardenia. He wished he could roll around in it and cover himself with it like the dog he was; he would never admit that, though.

Clouds overhead were beginning to clump and bruise, which meant rain. He sought the cover of an uninhabited cave. There he lay out his blanket and supplies. The smell was so strong now, even though the person it embodied must have been miles away. We must've wandered into his territory; surely he'll know we're here. Maybe he already does, thought InuYasha. If he cared, he would've attacked earlier. I'm not worried.

The scent almost became unbearable. This scent always invoked rage and umbrage in him because of past events. Along with the familiar anger, another feeling suffused his thoughts. It was an old and well-known emotion that he liked to suppress. It had always lurked under his skin, a nagging that he could ignore, but now…. It drove him nuts, like a splinter…and he couldn't quite put his foot on it, couldn't name the emotion.

No, he could name the emotion, but he wouldn't. He was afraid that if he did, it would be too real and he would no longer be able to deny it.

But why was his scent invoking this feeling? He let his thoughts stray and a strange sensation between his legs stirred. He was half shocked and realized with a jolt of his stomach that he hadn't been with anyone in an intimate way since…Kikyo. That was a good fifty plus years ago…and the extent of their relationship was never more than kissing. His skin burned in a renewed way. He hadn't been touched in so long, or touched himself for that matter. Why is this happening to me now? What's wrong with me? I…I can't be in heat…shit.

He didn't have the desire to take care of his problem at the moment (he wasn't in "the mood"), so he quickly thought of something utterly revolting and the taut muscles in his thighs relaxed.

He tried to concentrate on boiling water for the Ramen, he tried to concentrate on combing his long silver locks (which only tangled his hair further), he tried to concentrate on the weather (or any other non-sexual subject really), and he tried thinking of his friends…anything but him. He finally tired, snuggled under the covers, and fell into a trance as he watched the rain trickle from the overly plump clouds.

Japanese terms:

Hanyou – half demon(s)

Youkai – full demon(s)

Kotodama no Nenju – beads of subjugation

Kitsune – fox

Osuwari – sit

To be continued…