A Date

Summary – Sometime after the Chimera Arc. After Gon hears about his friend's lack of dating experience and decides to remedy that problem by finding Killua a date.

Gon saw that it was his opportunity to teach Killua something for once. It was the proper thing to do as a friend. Only problem was he didn't really know what type of girl his friend would like. Being the straightforward person that he was, he decided he would have to ask Killua.

"Is there anyone you've wanted to date?" Gon asked his friend eagerly as they were eating lunch.

"No….why?" Killua saw the gleam in Gon's eye concluded could not be a good sign.

"No reason." Gon knew he couldn't hide much from the other boy so he rushed on to the next sentence. "So, if you had the chance would you go out with Palm?" It was the first name that popped into his head. Their date had gone smoothly enough, until he said he had to focus on training instead.

Killua stared at Gon before responding. "Remember how she tried to kill me and you?" The former assassin sighed, he always had to be the one to bring some sense into whatever Gon was thinking.

"Aw, no she wouldn't. She's a nice girl." Gon knew Palm liked him, so he saw no reason why she would want to kill his best friend. Sometimes Gon could not understand why his friend worried so much. "Then how about Biscuit? Would you date her?"

"She's 57!" Killua exclaimed.

"I've had dates with older women before back on Whale Island. They didn't want anything different from the younger girls," Gon pointed out.

Killua was curious but decided he did not want to know what woman wanted from the other boy. "Okay, say that age doesn't matter. Biscuit's still a big gori…" He suddenly remembered the threat on his life if he ever told Gon about the woman's true form. Killua knew his open friend could not keep his knowledge from her. "Never mind, I just don't want to date her."

Gon shrugged and tried to think of other women they knew. "Machi, she seemed nice, you could go out with her."

"Nice? She's one of the Genei Ryodan. Besides, I broke a couple of her ribs at that time in the hotel. I don't think that left a very good impression." Killua wondered why Gon was bent on figuring out if he would date anyone they knew.

"That is true, but that was awhile ago. She must have forgiven you by now." Gon smiled hopefully.

"You are the only one who would forgive someone for trying to kill you. And no, I would not go out with any of the other members of the Genei Ryodan." Killua noted.

"So? There's no reason to hold something against someone from so long ago. But since you don't sound interested, how about Aunt Mito? Dates with her were always fun." Gon explained excitedly.

Killua thought of the woman, even though she was very kind to him, he did not see her as someone to date. "I can't date your aunt, that is just too weird."

Gon did not understand his friend's reasoning. He tried to think of other woman they knew but came up with a blank. Suddenly inspiration struck. "Killua, go on a date with me! Dates are fun and I already know what to do on them." Gon looked at Killua with a gigantic grin lighting up his face.

Killua stared at Gon and continued staring for quite sometime before answering. "That's the best suggestion you have had all day." Killua grinned back at his friend.