This is a new idea I came up with…definitely not one of my smarter ideas, considering I've never watched a full episode of the Bachelor - but let's see how I do. And keep in mind, the episode "Lightspeed" never happened. Enjoy!

"What." Pink eyes glowed dangerously behind a cheerfully fake smile. This was not a question. It was a statement.

A sweat drop appeared behind Kory's head. She held up her hands in defense. "It wasn't my fault!"

"Oh." Jade's voice became syrupy sweet. "So it was an accident that you wrote out an application with my name on it, and an accident you mailed it to the hosts of The Bachelor, and…" she erupted. "AN ACCIDENT YOU FORGED MY SIGNATURE OF CONSENT ON THE CONTRACT TO SAY I WOULD APPEAR ON THE SHOW!"

"Well…I mean I wasn't the one who planned it all." Kory pointed at Tara. "That part was all her."

Tara tried to hide behind a pillow to avoid Jade's wrath. "Heh…heh." Too late. Tara was soon seen running behind the couches yelling in terror. Unfortunately for Tara, Jade was in better shape, and, she decided to cheat. A little pink light was all that was needed.

Tara yelped when she suddenly tripped. She started getting to her feet, when Jade's combat boot slammed onto her back. "Yeep!"

Jade grinned evilly. "You know what I'm going to do to you." Tara's eyes widened in horror.

"Don't! You'll regret it Jade!" She only smirked in reply.

"Time to pay!"

Tara howled in terror, and at a last-ditch effort called to Kory for help. Unfortunately, Kory decided it would be too much fun to see what would happen to Tara to interfere.

"Nooo!" Tara tried to scoot away in vain. "Anything but the TST!" Jade had already gone in for the kill. Tara was on the ground, helplessly rolling around and shrieking. Her shoulders were shaking, tears were rolling down her cheeks, and her lungs gasped for air. Then…

"Jade." A monotone voice broke through Jade's concentration. "That's enough."

Tara collapsed onto the couch wearily. She nodded to Rachel in thanks. TST, otherwise known as the ten second tickle was torture for any ticklish person. Tara glared at Jade. That was much longer than ten seconds!

"Rachel, why'd you ruin my fun? It was well-deserved too since you know what she roped me into." Jade complained casting a sideways glance to Tara.

"No powers." The empath replied. "We cannot use our powers." At that everyone became silent, thinking back on their youthful teenage days when they were the heroes of Jump City. That had not lasted when they were blamed for constantly destroying the city, and costing the people millions in tax dollars.

The problems cannonballed as people became famous for saying that they were beaten up by Robin or some hero, that their powers were the cause of some of the natural disasters that regularly occurred in the city (Reference to "The Marked" by . .X.)

Those good days were long over. Every hero had to melt back into the crowd, assume normal identities, and keep their powers hidden. Only a few remained in contact, years after that had occurred.

Starfire, Raven, Terra, and the reformed Jinx were the only ones that they knew of who had kept in touch. Everybody else, had just disappeared along with their past.

"Now." Rachel said quietly. "Who wants some tofu burgers?" At everybody's weird look, she turned red quickly explaining it was Beastboy's birthday. Everybody nodded in understanding, but still…a simultaneous no broke throughout the room. Rachel smiled.

"Yeah, I think I'll pass." And she scraped the burned tofu burgers into the garbage can.

"Now." Jade cracked her knuckles. "Back to business. It's time for a little interrogation." Tara groaned, but got ready to run.

Kory interrupted, feeling sorry she got Tara into the mess.

"It was all our faults," then feeling Rachel's hostile aura surround her, Kory admitted, "Okay, mostly mine and Tara's, but really Jade, it was in your best interests." She protested. "After Cyborg betrayed you…"

Jade's eyes narrowed. It was a pretty good indication that she didn't want to hear anymore. But, Kory was never good at catching hints.

"….you always scare off all the guys with really good potential, and this was the perfect opportunity, because," Kory beamed happily, "with this picture, it's not as if you can quit the show!"

Jade's mouth dropped.

"Yes, Jade," Rachel continued. "It's called blackmail. I didn't get any ideas about putting you in The Bachelor, or mailing in all the information, but," she smirked, "I made sure you couldn't quit."

Tara took this opportunity to tell Jade the good news.

"But you know…the guy's hott!" Then she was off, out the door, and down the stairs of the apartment building with Jade on her heels.

Loud cheers and raucous laughter came from the leather couches in the gigantic mansion of Star City. They were congratulating a red-haired, cocky man for being chosen to be the bachelor of a T.V. show, The Bachelor. It helped that longtime friend Victor Stone was dating a friend of the host. Yep, it definitely helped.

Tonight, Wally West was the center of attention, and he was soaking it all up. He thought back to the arguments he had with his Uncle Barry, about someday getting his inheritance, and all that (the Wests were very rich), yet in order to get it, he had to marry somebody, and settle down.

At twenty-five, he was far from maturity, only looking to have fun. He didn't want to marry, he didn't like commitment, and besides, what was wrong staying single? He grinned remembering the disastrous attempts of his Uncle trying to introduce him to other girls of his family status. He had scared them off, with only a few harmless pranks. But, he did want that inheritance, so his Uncle had finally entered him in the Bachelor, reluctantly.

He grinned. He intended to marry a girl, a gorgeous girl of course, and then divorce her after he got the inheritance. He had seen these shows hundreds of times; they never worked out. Why should his?

He'd be single and rich. For now, life was good. In only a few days, he'd be surrounded by girls who would flirt shamelessly with him, what more could a guy ask?

Good, bad? An opinion would be nice…