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Chapter 1




"SHUT THE HELL UP ANNOYyiing...Hmm...Mmph...Flying hippos...",the 16 year old pink haired girl mumbled into her pillow, while unknowingly crushing her INNOCENT alarm clock with her bare fist. Talk about inhuman strength.

Just then, In bounced her hyper active little sister.

"SAKURAAA NEE-CHAAANNN!",screeched her little brat of a sister, as the mini version of her elder sibling pounced onto the currently occupied bed,startling the now slightly awoken occupant.


Sakura rubbed her eyes slowly as she unwillingly rose from her comfy pillow into a sitting position. It was quite hard actually, Since there was a pink little blob sprawled over her lap.

"A-ayame...What do you want?",She yawned as she lifted her sister slowly off her lap.

12 year old Ayame pouted since she was being carried away from her current warmth but then thought about why she was here again. "Well ... Ano ... I ... Kinda forgot."

Sakura yawned again and watched as her younger sister smile sheepishly at her before running off again with a wave of goodbye. That Ayame...Always bursting into my room full of excitement for no darn reason..., Sakura thought but still smiled anyways at the thought of her cute younger sister. And then, something clicked in her head.

As if on cue, Ayame dashed into the room again and said,"M-matte! I remember now! It's our first day of school! Both of us!",with a smile on her face before placing a hand behind her head and laughed nervously.

Sakura nodded and made a hand gesture, telling her sister to go out to get ready. Sakura got dressed in her pink and white uniform,brushed her hair,her teeth,washed her face, and all that crap you do to get ready.

She slowly walked down the stairs into the living room and ate a little bit of breakfast before grabbing her bag and heading out. Outside the door, Her sister was waiting for her.

"You promised to walk with me to school! So let's go!",Ayame said happily as she walked along side her idol and sister.

"Alright then! Ja ne,kaa-san!",Sakura smiled at her sister and then waved to her mom who was at the door, watching her daughters walk to school. They grew up so fast..., their mother thought, tears starting to form in her eyes. (Dramatic, much?)

Ayame took her sister's hand and cheerfully dragged her sister towards the gates of her middle school. "And this is where we part, Have a great day, Sakura nee-chan!",She smiled and waved, before running through the gates and into the school.

Sakura sighed and continued her walk to her new high school. While walking, She came into sight of a strange not to mention, handsome red haired boy around her age.

I wonder if he's in my school too, She mused as she hesitantly walked over to the boy.

Immediately sensing another presence, The boy turned around to greet her with an icy glare. Sakura was taken aback by this and cocked her head to the side in questioning.

The boy merely 'hn'd' and stalked off, totally ignoring her once more. She'll probably turn into a fan girl and stalk me but either way, She's no use for me to talk to.

Sakura scowled and gave a 'hn' of her own and walked slowly after him, Already knowing that they went to the same school because of his uniform that she hadn't taken notice of because of his strange features. The red hair,The "love" tattoo on his forehead, and his mysterious light blue eyes(Yeah, He has light blue eyes, NOT green, Just go check a picture of him if you want.) with black makeup? surrounding them.

She sighed, wondering why she even bothered to attempt to befriend him in the first place and continued her journey down the road to her new school.

By now, The boy was already far ahead and took no heed to anything surrounding him. With his hands stuffed into his pockets, he turned a corner and walked into the school.

Sakura soon followed along,stopping at the gates and smiled up at her new school,Konoha high. Light pink cherry blossoms floated gently to the ground surrounding the elegant school. Students chatter could be heard everywhere, people making new friends or greeting their old ones. Sakura swung her bag back and forth as she trotted into her new 'learning environment'.

Students immediately swarmed after her, leaving her somewhat lost in a huge mass of students, hurrying to their lockers and getting ready for class. None of them took notice of the innocent green eyed girl who was soon pushed to the ground because of the huge mess of kids scurrying about. Except a certain blonde haired, blue eyed boy of course.

He immediately caught sight of the new student and went over to her. He stuck out a hand and smiled, waiting for her to let him help her up. Sakura looked up at the boy's smile and immediately took a liking to him. She allowed him to help her up and dusted off her uniform before meeting his gaze.

"Uzumaki Naruto, Pleasure to meet ya, dattebayo!", He said/yelled VERY enthusiastically before shaking her hand vigorously and dancing circles around her, inspecting every inch of her, like a little kid reading a good book.

Sakura sweat dropped and said nervously,"Haruno Sakura, Nice to meet you too."

Naruto stopped his circling around her and continued,"SAKURA-CHAN! You must be new here! Well, If you need any help, come and ask me, no problem! I'll even introduce you to my friends, Dattebayo!"

Sakura nodded. She was slightly frightened by his behavior and yelling into her ears but she knew he meant no harm. "S-sakura-chan?", She managed to stutter out before sending him a questioning glance.

"Hai! We're friends now, Ne?",Naruto smiled before looking down and saying,"Unless...Sakura-chan doesn't want to-"

"Iie! I want to! I mean, You're my first friend here afterall,"She immediately said, cutting him off of his sentence. Naruto looked up again, flashing her a huge grin, showing his shiny whites that could probably blind you to death(Even worse than Gai and Lee! GASP) if you weren't careful and send you into oblivion because of it's ever so pearly whiteness- But enough of that. Let's get on with the story.

After getting to her locker, Which was actually almost right beside them, And grabbing her books,schedule and whatnot, A noise disturbed the two.



The bell chimed, signifying the beginning of class.

"Oh no! Class has started! Let's hurry before we're late! And we're in the same classes! Yatta!",Naruto blurted out quickly while reading her schedule, Which she had no idea that he had stolen from her while she was dazed by his ever so shiny teeth. Soon, She was being dragged off by this hyper-active springtimeful youth. (As put in Gai's words.)

"M-matte, Naruto-kun!",Sakura managed to say before they reached a classroom door.

"Eh? Nani?",Naruto asked, before sliding the door open."Ah, No time for your answer! Come on in!",He continued before pushing the poor girl into the classroom without any warning, and then walking in himself.

"O-ha-yo, minna!", He grinned at his fellow classmates, before plopping down on a desk that was probably his. His classmates sweat dropped when they saw him because of his always cheerful behavior but quickly resumed to their own duties.

Sakura stood nervously by the door, fidgeting with her fingers, unsure of what to do. This sure is sudden...I mean, First day of school and I meet such a...Well...Hyper person...And I don't even know where to sit and-, But soon a voice cut her from her thoughts.

"Oi! Pinky! You gonna stand there all day or what?"

Sakura glared and looked around the room to find out who dared to say that to her. Her eyes first dropped on a short raven haired girl with light pale violet eyes who was occasionally glancing at Naruto, then on a brown long haired pretty boy with similar eyes to the raven haired girl with a calm look on his face that obviously said "Back off.", a brown haired girl with two buns in her hair ... playing with a knife, a brown,spiky haired boy with a dog perched on his lap,under the desk where it couldn't be seen, (Dogs aren't allowed in school.) a blonde, blue eyed girl with her hair tied up in a pony tail and part of her hair covering the right side of her face who was checking herself in a mirror, a lazy looking brown haired guy who had his hair up in a pony tail while gazing at the clouds, a fa- (recieves a glare from Chouji ...) -CHUBBY, Big boned, guy with brown hair and finally a black bowl cut haired boy who kept giving her glances and then blew a kiss at her which she IMMEDIATELY dodged, to his dismay. Soon, her eyes fell onto a handsome black spiky haired boy with piercing onyx eyes. She crossed her arms and glared at him again, causing him to smirk in satisfaction that he had struck a nerve in her for calling her "Pinky".

She sat down at an empty desk without looking where exactly she sat and simply ignored him, causing him to scowl and turn away from her. How dare she ignore me..Grr..., he thought, staring out of the window in frustration.

Sakura sighed in relief as she saw that he wasn't gonna pester her anymore, but, Like always, She was wrong. He turned to her once more and smirked his ever so famous smirk. "Oi, Pinky, You gonna continue ignoring me?"

And then, To her horror, She found that he was actually sitting RIGHT BESIDE HER. She smacked her head on the desk for her stupidity of actually picking a seat beside him. "Hey, You suffering brain damage or what?" Once again, Ignoring him, She frantically looked around for another seat.

To her dismay, This was actually her ASSIGNED seat, meaning, No more empty ones.

"HEY, PINKY, YOU GONNA CONTINUE IGNORING ME?", He angrily hissed at her.

Sakura twitched in anger and glared at him before retorting with a growl,"What do you want, Chicken hair?"

This of course, Surprised him greatly, Before he finally realized what she had just said. "NANI? WHAT did you call me?"

"I said, Chicken hair. Unless you actually have a name, I'd be happy to call you it. If you don't bother me that is,"She replied in the same menacing tone.

"The name's SASUKE, Got it? NOT chicken hair. PINKY,"Sasuke hissed back.

"And YOU, Sauce-is-gay, DO NOT call me pinky. The name's SAKURA, M'kay?"

And so this continued with a glaring match between the two.

Meanwhile, The red haired boy who was just sitting beside Sakura, Looked at the two with much interest shown in his eyes. Of course, This was definetly a first for, Sabaku no Gaara, NEVER showed interest in anything. ANYTHING. ANYTHING! (Yeah, I think we get the point.)

Sakura huffed in frustration and anger before turning away from Sasuke and continued expressing her anger by glaring/burning holes into the ever so innocent black board. I mean, IF the board had legs and a mouth, It'd definetly be screaming in pain while running away from her intense gaze.

She sighed before reverting her gaze to her desk, And then starting drawing invisible shapes and lines with her finger out of boredom, waiting for the obviously late teacher who had not yet arrived in the classroom.(Guess who?) Gaara raised an imaginary eye brow at this and found this girl rather interesting. I mean, No one ever fought THE Uchiha Sasuke and has ever gotten away with it. Well, Actually, No one dared fight Sasuke. Physically or verbally. And a girl? HELL NO. Either the girls were swooning over him or the guys were obeying him like poor puppies. The reason why? Well, Hm, He was best friends with Gaara, Toughest guy in school who could beat anyone up in seconds, and Neji,With creepy enough eyes to scare the heck outta anyone near him, not to mention he was a martial arts master. And Sasuke, The living iceblock, The rich bum, The living dream date, The one with a million fan clubs, And he's not that bad at fighting himself.

So yeah, What's so special about this ONE girl? This one frail looking, PINK haired, GREEN eyed, girl?

Sakura of course, had no clue who she was up against. Nor did she care. For, She was pretty darn special herself. But, You'll find out in later chapters.

Thus, The story begins of one girl(With an hyper,cute,slightly annoying, sister), Three tough guys, (One who has not yet spoken to her.) and a bottle of ketchup.

Japanese Word Meanings:


Nee-chan:Informal way of saying big sister.


Dattebayo:Something Naruto says in the japanese anime. In english, It is replaced by "Believe it!".

Ohayo:Good morning



Ano: Um in japanese.


Ja ne:See you later




-chan:Added at the end of a name for friends and is informal.

-san:Formal way of speaking to a stranger.

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