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Chapter 17

Sakura was currently chatting happily beside Deidara while Gaara and Sasuke, who were trailing behind them, glared holes into Deidara's back. 'What's so good about Deidara anyways? He's just some.. punk with long hair and.. He looks like a girl!', Sasuke thought angrily.

Just that second, Deidara sneezed and covered his nose with one hand. "Someone must be talking or thinking about me, yeah," he joked, pulling out a tissue from his pocket and wiping his nose.

Sasuke turned pink at that statement while Sakura worriedly looked at Deidara and asked him if he was feeling sick.

"I'm perfectly fine, Cherry-chan, un. You don't have to worry your pretty little head over me," Deidara chuckled, patting her on the head causing her whole face to turn tomato red.

Gaara growled while Sasuke crossed his arms in anger at Sakura's reaction.

Letting his hand drop from Sakura's head, he turned to everyone watching them with curious expressions. "Why don't I treat you all to some ice cream?", he asked, smiling brightly while pulling out his wallet.

The girls squealed while the guys shrugged their shoulders and nodded. It was free food, why would they refuse?

Everyone entered a nearby icecream shop and ordered their favourite flavours. As Sakura pretended to look at the menu, she was secretly peeking at Deidara who was sitting across from her while Sasuke was beside her and Gaara sat beside Deidara. Her friends sat at different tables since there wasn't enough room for all of them and they had decided to leave Sakura alone with the boys.

"Ahh, love. What a wonderful thing," Ino sighed happily as she clasped her hands together and looked over at Sakura's table.

Tenten giggled and nodded. "Sakura's so lucky. Three handsome boys who all want her. Well, I'm not sure about Deidara-san. We just met him."

Ino shook her head and patted Tenten on the shoulder. "You know little about love. Deidara-san will fall for our little Sakura blossom soon enough."

"A-ano.. Our icecream is melting," Hinata stuttered, poking her fingers together while Shikamaru yawned and leaned back against his chair.


Meanwhile, Naruto was at another table, gobbling down all the icecream he could fill in his mouth. "THIS RAMEN FLAVOURED ICECREAM IS DELICIOUS! HINATA! WHY DON'T YOU COME OVER HERE AND TRY SOME!?"

As much as Hinata wanted to, She couldn't. Why? Well, First of all, she fainted at the invitation. Second of all, that's disgusting. Third of all, Naruto's table and chair was buried under empty bowls of "ramen icecream". Sitting miraculously on top of the huge pile of bowls was of course, Naruto, gobbling down his 69th bowl of ramen icecream while Tenten and Ino tried to help Hinata wake up.

Somehow, Sakura's table was able to avoid all the chaos that was happening as Naruto toppled over and loud crashes were heard in the background. Gaara sipped his tea, Sasuke sweatdropped, Sakura blushed as she ate her icecream and Deidara smiled pleasantly.

"Your friends are quite .. unusual, yeah?", Deidara chuckled, lifting a glass of water to his lips and taking a sip.

Sakura turned a deeper shade of red as she heard Naruto yelling at the top of his lungs for more icecream. "Y-yes.. They are but still fun to have around," she laughed nervously.

'Oh god, he must think I'm a moron like them.' Sakura thought. 'But, what is this feeling? I'm suddenly so .. attracted to him and .. How come Gaara and Sasuke are looking at me like that? Oh my gosh I'm attracted to them ALL but which one? Gaara's so tough but he's actually like a big teddy; just needs a hug. Sasuke's arrogant and egotistical but he is being a lot nicer now. Deidara's just ... GORGEOUS but do I really know much about him?'

"Sakura, are you okay? You look a bit stressed and red."

Sasuke's voice snapped Sakura out of her thoughts. Surprised, she looked over at him and realized that he had put a hand on her forehead causing her to blush even harder which didn't seem physically possible.

"I'm fine Sasuke-kun!", she said, getting up from her seat and away from his touch. "I think we should go now. Today was fun but.. I have to go home to take care of my sister."

Why she had to leave, she didn't really know. Maybe it was to clear out her thoughts or just to get away for a while.

"I'll go with you," Gaara said, getting up from his seat and following her out the door before Sasuke could say anything about it or Sakura could object.

As they left the shop, Naruto had finally calmed down and Hinata had awakened. Ino, Shikamaru, and Tenten sighed in relief as they collected all the broken pieces of the bowls off the floor and apologized to the manager. Deidara paid for their icecream and the damage Naruto had done. He was actually a rich artist so paying for everything was practically nothing to him. Sasuke watched everyone silently, thinking about a certain someone.

"Where'd Sakura-chan go?", Naruto whined, looking around but seeing no pink haired girl anywhere.

"She went home with Gaara and had to go take care of her sister," Sasuke replied, feeling quite jealous as he thought of Gaara escorting Sakura home.

"Gaara!? Why didn't I go with her instead?!", Naruto cried but immediately stopped as Hinata shot an icey glare in his direction.

Deidara smiled as he watched the group. 'I clearly don't belong here, un. Well, it was still nice to meet Sakura-chan, she's cute but I see that two other boys already have their hearts captured by her. I'll just be a bother if I step in and besides, Itachi purposely asked me to watch how things were going between Sasuke and Sakura. He never said a little flirting could hurt anyone though.'

With that, he turned and walked out of the shop before flipping open his cell phone. Deidara speed dialed and brought the phone to his ear.


"Hey Itachi, It's Deidara. I just came back from going out with Sasuke, Sakura and their friends for some icecream, un."

"Great! So how was it? Me and Kisame are dying to know! Any good news? Any baby making!?"

Deidara made a disgusted face but laughed. "Itachi, You're such a pervert, un. I swear, Kisame's turning you so out of character. Anyways, No baby making, un. We pretty much just ate, talked, barely though. Sakura seems to have grown quite fond of me, un. Must be my stunning good looks."

Itachi scoffed. "Sasuke's the miniature version of me, He'll definitely win Sakura's heart and she won't fall for YOU."

"Right, un. Oh yeah, there was this red haired kid named Gaara and he walked Sakura home, un. I think he likes her or something. Could be trouble for Sasuke. Then again, I might be trouble for Sasuke."

"Gaara? That's weird, never heard of him. And you better not- Mom? Mom I'm talking on the pho- Yes it's Deida- Mom, no I don't think that- Yes I- HELLO? Is this Deidei-chan?"

"Mikoto-san? Ah, Hello, this is Deidara, un."

"I heard all about how you were gonna stalk Sasuke and pair him up better with our precious little Sakura-chan and I thought that was just an oh-so-wonderful idea so how was it?"

"It was pleasant, they had a good time, not much talking though, un."

"I see," Mikoto said frowning as she stepped on Itachi's head and slapped his hands for trying to grab the phone from her. "Well, we'll have to do something about that won't we, dear? Why don't you come over tomorrow so we can discuss plan b?"

"Sure, un. Sounds like fun. I have to go now, See you, un. Tell Itachi I said bye," Deidara said, snapping his phone shut.

Mikoto hung up and turned towards Itachi. "Deidara-san said he never wants to see you again and that you stink like a sewer rat."

"WHAT?", Itachi said, gaping at his mom.

"Just kidding!", Mikoto smiled as she disappeared into the kitchen.

"Crazy mothers," he muttered as he heard Sasuke enter the house. "Yo Sauce gay, How was the date?"

"It wasn't a date and it is none of your business."

"But Sasuke-". The whine was cut off as Sasuke shut his bedroom door in Itachi's face.

Sighing, he walked over to his window and looked out to see Sakura's shadow behind the closed curtains of her bedroom window. "I wonder how she really feels about me."


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