Dolly Paliti parked her Chevy at the very back of the building, terrified of what was to come next. She had left her home all the way in Canada to come here and now she wasn't even sure if she wanted to go through with it.

The bright pink gym bag that was in the back seat was brought up to the front so she could change out of her clothes. Off went the old Pantara concert t-shirt and track pants and on came the black shirt thats hung off of her shoulders and the blue jeans with the hole in the knee. She ran a brush through her hair, trying her best to make herself seem presentable, but then she remebered: She has had only five hours of sleep in three days.

Putting on some eyeliner, Dolly sighed. There was just no use into looking good when you felt awful.

The long walk from her Chevy to the building was enough to make her take a rest by the side. She leaned against the wall, hands on her knees and eyes on the ground, not looking at anybody that walked by her. A few cat calls were made in her direction and even a couple of girls that walked by would say something to her, something unflattering and insulting.

"Hey Blondie!" one girl called over, her brown hair on top of her head, "get the fuck out of here, you aren't going to last!"

Dolly shoved her hands in her pocket and charged forward, reaching the front of the building. When she was sure she had her wallet in the back pocket, she flung the door open and barged into the area. No one was around and all she could feel were her insecurities creeping up on her again.

She walked in with her hands in her jeans and shoulders hunched forward, the guy in the chair looked up at her with a confused look on his face. "Can I help you?" he asked, his voice startling her.

"Um...I'm here about the wrestling school..." she whispered, her eyes focused on the ground.

With a laugh, he stood up from the chair and walked over to her, his eyes looking down at the top of her head. "You? Want to wrestle?" he asked. Dolly nodded her head slowly, still avoiding to make eye contact. "Look at me," he demanded.

The side of her cheek was being nibbled on by her teeth as she looked up at the much taller man, the green eyes of her showing how insecure she was. When he saw her eyes finally looked up, he squeezed her cheeks together as hard as he could and backed her up against the metal door, slamming it from the amount of strength. "You know, once you pay for classes, there's no turning back. This becomes you're life. All of your free time is spent here so you can perfect your craft. Any socializing outside of here is spent with your fellow trainees because they become your family, your friends and your eniemes. If you aren't going to put your all into this business, then leave right now because this will occupie your life until the day you die. Do you understand?" He released his grip from her cheeks as he walked baco to his desk, sitting on top of it. His ice blue eyes, almost grey, stared at her intensely as she stood on the spot, her hands reaching to rub her cheeks together.

"It's taking you a long time to answer," he pointed out. Dolly gave a small smile as she reached into her back pocket and took out her wallet, staring at it intensely. Tossing it to the man across from her, she tucked a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear and sighed.

"Take everything that's in there, it's all I have right now. I'll find a job and continue to pay you until I'm all paid off, but please...just let teach me to wrestle. I came all the way from Hamilton, Ontario to be here because this is all I want to do. This is my passion, this is my dream. I beg you to train me because I refuse to leave here until you say yes," she told him confidently.

He opened up the wallet and took out a wad of multi-coloured bills confusingly. "What the..."

"It's all I have. It's $535 in Canadian, which is $464 and sixty four cents American. Please," she begged, "please teach me. This is all I want to do..."

Looking through the rest of her wallet, he reached in the front and looked at her birth certificate. "Dolly? Your parent's named you Dolly?" She nodded her head quickly as she continued to chew at the inside of her lip. Sticking out his hand, he gave her a warm smile when he saw she accepted his hand shake. "Austin Aries. I'll be your teacher," he introduced himself.

With a huge rush of adreanline, Dolly let out a squeel and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck in a hug. "Thank you so much! Oh my God, thank you thank you thank you!" When she let go, Austin stared down at her, those brown eyes of his going back to the intense form they were just moments earlier.

"There won't be any of that," he whispered, his face red from embarassment.

"No sir, absoloutley not," she answered, looking down at her feet.

"Classes begin tomorrow at 7 in the evening. Will you be here?" he questioned as he sat back down in his leather chair.

"Yes sir."

"Great. I'll see you then." With a nod, Dolly excused herself from the room, closing the large metal door behind her.

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