A Creature of Twilight

By Monkey Kix Ass

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Summary: Sunako's older sister is coming to live with them. But what is it with this categorization of creatures of light, dark, and now twilight? What type of creatures are the sisters? How will this affect Sunako's relationship with the boys?

First Published: 08/20/06

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Chapter 1: The Letter

Nakahara Mansion (I don't know if that's what it's called, but that's what I'm naming the house)

"Clean, clean, clean, clean," Sunako kept on muttering, as she rushed around the house, trying to make everything spotless.

It was currently four pm on Friday, and the boys had just got home from school, where they found Sunako in this panicky state. They had seriously never seen Sunako act this way before. Sure she did all of the house chores, but they were dumbfounded to see her rushing to do all of right at this instance. To tell the truth, they have never seen everything sparkle like it was at that very instant. No of them could even see a speck of dust or dirt anywhere.

"What's wrong with Sunako-chan?" Yuki asked, getting scared by the ferocity that Sunako was exuding while trying to get the wooden door to sparkle like glass.

"She probably lost her marbles," Kyohei said, not really caring.

"Now, now Kyohei, that's not nice," Takenaga scolded him.

"Whatever," Kyohei responded, and proceeded to take a step into the house, forgetting to take off his, gasp, dirty shoes!

As soon as Sunako sensed dirt enter the house, (she was using her awesome unknown powers of course, hehehehe. I think I ate too much sugar just then, lol) she spun around. Behind her, she caught sight of the culprit who dared to drag filth onto her formerly perfect clean floor. Seeing the mess, (ok, so that is really exaggerating it, but hey, she's desperate to get the house spotless; she's just simply not in a sane state of mind right now) she jumped and attacked the perpetrator. Unleashing her great fury, she pounded the criminal to the ground, expressing her great displeasure at how he defied her will and ruined all of her hard work.

"Should we do something to stop her?" asked Yuki hesitantly.

"I'm not gonna stop that," Ranmaru answered quickly, "let Kyohei get out of the mess himself."

"What kind of friend are you to just let him get beat like that?" Takenaga said seriously.

"Well, I'm not," Ranmaru shot back, "you'll have to be insane to go in there to try and stop Sunako-chan. There's no reasoning with her when she is like this. And I for one do not what to die today. Besides, Kyohei is a big boy. He can get out of his own mess by himself."

Takenaga sighed at Ranmaru's logic. After a few minutes, Sunako finished beating up Kyohei. Turning towards the other boys who were still standing by the doorway, she glared at them before throwing Kyohei's shoes towards them.

"Not even one tiny piece of dirt in the house," Sunako said menacingly, then throwing Kyohei at their direction also. After scrubbing the spot where Kyohei stepped, Sunako dashed to another part of the house that she had not cleaned yet.

The boys were still stunned, not having moved an inch. They looked down at Kyohei, who was lying at their feet, and winced, seeing all of his injuries. They took off their shoes and made sure that their socks were decently clean so that they didn't leave any smudges on the floor and proceeded to carry Kyohei to the couch to lay him down. Ranmaru went to get bandages and Yuki went to get a towel, a bowl of water, and some ice.

"I wonder what caused Sunako-chan to be in this state," Yuki pondered out loud as they tried to treat Kyohei.

Takenaga spotted the usual pile of letters on the coffee table, but he noticed that one letter was open and discarded on top of the others. He picked it up and read the message written on it.

"Well, I guess this is why she is acting so crazy," Takenaga replied, before handing the letter over to the other two conscious boys to read.

Yuki grabbed the letter, and Ranmaru read over his shoulder.

September 26, 2006

Dear Imotou-chan, (this means little sister for those of you who don't know)

I'm coming back to Japan in ten days. I talked with auntie earlier on, and she said that I could stay at her house with you and the other guests at the house. Since I'll be the only adult in the house, she said that I'd have to take over the responsibility of being the guardian for you and the other four boys who you are living with. Well, until she gets back of course, but you and I both know that that won't be for some time to come.

Oh, I have to tell you, auntie was dating this groceries bag boy a while back when she came to visit me. She had mistaken him for this successful businessman that I was working for, and you should have seen the look on her face when she found out the truth. It was hilarious! Hahahaha, I had never laughed so much in such a long time.

Anyways, how is the turning you into a lady for free rent plan going on? I bet those boys have already given up trying to change you and are now just taking it one encounter with auntie at a time. If they haven't yet, it'll be fun seeing them try to turn into a lady. Hehehehe, sorry imotou-chan, but it is funny, well at least to me it is.

All right, we'll catch up more when I get back over there. I guess I'll see you when I come home then.

Big kisses from your sissy,


"What! She knows about the rent!" Kyohei yelled, scaring the heck out of the other boys. He had woken up while the other boys were looking at the letter and peaked over Yuki's other shoulder to read it. "How are we supposed to get free rent now?"

"Kyohei, this is not time to think about free rent!" Ranmaru scolded him.

"You guys are getting off the point," Takenaga cut in. "Now do you understand why Sunako is cleaning like this?"

"Well, not really," Yuki answered honestly. "I mean I would understand that she is cleaning to impress her older sister when she gets home, but she won't be here for another ten days."

Takenaga sighed. "Look at the date again."

"What's so special about the date?" Kyohei asked, confused. "It just states that it was written on September 26."

Ranmaru suddenly understood. "That's why she is in such a frenzy to clean the house. Sunako just received the letter today." Yuki and Kyohei looked at him weirdly, not understanding the significance.

"Today is October 6, exactly ten days after the letter was dated, so that means Sunako's sister is arriving today," Takenaga answered.

There was total silence in the room for a few seconds before all hell broke out. "WHAT!"

"Takenaga, are you sure, maybe you counted the days wrong," Kyohei said frantically.

"No, I'm not wrong. It has been ten days since that letter was written."

"Does that mean we have another Sunako on our hands?" Yuki moaned grievingly, already crying at the thought of all the scary things the two sisters would be up to.

"We'll never get free rent now!" Kyohei exclaimed, totally devastated.

"What does her sister look like," Ranmaru wondered. "Should I dress to impress, or should I hid away in my room. I mean, Sunako-chan's mom was hot, but she and her father aren't really great lookers. What if her sister is exactly like how Sunako-chan use to be before we did that first make-over on her (If you remember, in the first manga Sunako looked pretty bad. The boys had to get rid of excess facial hair, fix her eyebrows, clear her skin of acne, and other stuff that I don't remember right now) or like their father? What if she falls for me? That's horrible! Dam it! Why do I have to attract older women so easily?"

"Quiet!" Takenaga shouted. The other boys stopped their rambling and looked at him. "Look, we have to give Sunako-chan's sister a good impression, since according to the letter she's going to be our guardian while the landlady is not in the house. Given that power, she could make life really easy for us, or she could make it a living hell."

As the full implication of what Takenaga said penetrated their minds, the other three started to panic.

"What are we going to do now Takenaga-kun?" Yuki asked desperately.

"Ok, calm down, we must NOT loose our cool. First we should probably clean our room and make it spotless like what Sunako is doing to the other rooms of the house. We don't know if she'll come to inspect our rooms or not, and I for one don't want my room to be dirty if she does. Going off of what Sunako-chan is doing, her sister probably doesn't like a dirty house. Our room must be spotless."

Kyohei and Ranmaru both groaned at the thought of having to clean up their rooms, but otherwise they all agreed and listened closely to what Takenaga had to say next.

"We should also make ourselves presentable to meet Sunako-chan's sister. We could all probably use a bath. I don't think we'll have to wear anything formal, but just nice casual clothes. Ranmaru, especially you; don't wear anything over the top."

Ranmaru grumbled, annoyed that Takenaga was picking on him, but he nodded his consent.

"After we're done, we should probably ask Sunako-chan if we could help her in anyway. This is a big house after all, and we don't know how much time we have left until her sister arrives. I would guess that the sister, (is her name Anri?), will arrive sometime before dinner, so we don't have that much time left. We can finish whatever cleaning Sunako-chan has not finished while she goes and makes a suitable dinner for the arrival of her sister. Alright, anyone have any questions?" When none of the others said anything, Takenaga nodded, and they all set off.

They rushed upstairs to clean their rooms and make it spotless. They had to take turns using the shower of course, but none stayed in the bathroom for long. They were all too aware of the uncertain amount of time they had left and the sheer amount of work that had yet to be done.

Once they were all done, they hurried to find Sunako. Once they told her they would take care of the rest of the cleaning, Sunako threw all of the cleaning equipment at them, told them all the places left to clean, and dashed off towards the bathroom.

Sunako didn't really worry much about them making a mess while they were cleaning the house, for by the time that they had come to take over the job, she had already cleaned all of the important places; namely the hallway, living room, dinning room, kitchen, her sister's room, the bathrooms (not the guys' bathroom of course; I'm assuming that there are multiple bathrooms in the house of course since THEY LIVE IN A MANSION; so yeah), and some other places.

Once freed of her work, Sunako dashed to take her own shower and dress up nicely (well not in our standards, but what Sunako thinks is nice, which is basically some nice black sweats, and a white t-shirt). She then went to the kitchen and began to prepare dinner.

At first Sunako didn't know what to cook, but considering that her sister had been out of the country for quite sometime, Sunako decided to make some native dishes. With that resolve in her head, she set out all of the materials that she would need.

While everyone was busy working, it had begun to rain outside. They were all oblivious of course, all so caught up in the job at hand. The sounds of scrubbing, spraying, cutting, the occasional sound of something breaking, along with other sounds rang throughout the whole house. It was miraculous to say the least that while cleaning the house, the boys did not get dirty in the least.

About an hour and a half later at seven pm, Sunako was finished cooking dinner. The boys had also finished cleaning the rest of the house and came to help her set the table and bring out the dishes. They then all waited for Sunako's sister to show up.

They waited, and waited for about thirty minutes before there was a knock on the door. The guys all jumped up and rushed towards the door, but none dared to open it. Sunako had followed them at a more leisurely pace and preceded the open the door.

Outside, the rain was still pouring, but now it fell down by the bucket-full. Lightning flashed and thunder boomed. At the doorway stood the silhouette of…

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