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Story So Far: Anri, Sunako's older sister has arrived…

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Chapter 3: Laying Down the Rules

Anri hugged her little sister tighter. "Don't worry imotou-chan," Anri whispered, "sissy is here now."

Anri felt Sunako cuddle closer to her, but she failed to see the single tear that rolled down Sunako's cheek.

Nakahara Mansion

When Kyohei walked down into the living room, he immediately noticed the enticing smell of food. His nose led him into the dining room, where he saw the rest of the boys were sitting at the table. What was especially odd was that he noticed a pouting Sunako sitting there also.

"Hey, what's going on?" Kyohei asked confused. "Why isn't Sunako in the kitchen cooking?"

Upon hearing his voice, the other occupants of the room turned their heads to look at him. The boys waved at him and bade him a good morning. Sunako on the other hand just glared at him, and then returned to her brooding mood.

"What's gotten into her?" Kyohei asked, as he sat down next to Takenaga.

"Anri is cooking breakfast right now," Takenaga replied.

"And she wouldn't let Sunako-chan in the kitchen to help her cook," Yuki added.

"Why's that?" Kyohei questioned.

"How are we supposed to know?" Ranmaru said.

Before anyone else could add in a comment, Anri came out of the kitchen, carrying two trays with an arrangement of food upon them. There was some scrambled egg, sunny side ups, omelets, sausages, bacon, bread, toasts, bagels, some butter, sour cream, jam, pâté, grape fruits, cantaloupes, apples, grapes, orange juice and milk, to list a few of the variety on the trays. She placed the two trays down upon the table and arranged all of the food on the table, along with the dishes, spoon, forks, knifes, and other eating utilities.

"I didn't quite know what you all would like to eat, so I made a little bit of everything. Don't worry about seconds, I made a lot, so eat up," Anri said joyously.

"For you, my sweet, I will eat everything that you have cooked," Ranmaru said solemnly.

"Whatever you say Romeo, but don't go making promises you won't be able to keep," Anri replied.

"I am wounded by your lack of faith in me," Ranmaru answered back, making good use of his acting skills.

"Yell Mr., your tricks might work on other females of our species, but those pathetic excuses for pick up likes will not work on me," Anri shot back.

As Ranmaru went into a state of depression over the lack of response his charm had over the older lady, Sunako snapped out of her phase and piled her plate up with food, beginning to eat vigorously.

"Whoa there, Sunako-chan, calm down or you'll choke," Takenaga said, trying to reason with her.

"That's right Sunako-chan, the food isn't going to disappear, just slow down," Yuki pleaded also.

Anri ignored the events around her and proceeded to fill her plate as well. Similarly, Kyohei had ignored the antics of his friends, and took a first bite of the food that he had placed upon his dish.

A few seconds later after the flavors had registered in his brain, Kyohei proceeded to eat at the same pace as Sunako, shoving everything into his mouth, chewing and swallowing it quickly, and proceeded to quickly refill his plate.

Takenaga, Yuki and Ranmaru stared at both Sunako and Kyohei in total shock. They could not believe their unbelievable pace of consumption. They were unconsciously waiting for one of those two to choke on their food, considering how fast those two were shoving food down their throats.

"What's happened to them?" Yuki asked nervously, getting a little freaked out by the way that that Sunako and Kyohei were acting.

"I don't know, but they cannot be human. How can they eat that fast?" Ranmaru spoke in total bewilderment, still trying to comprehend what his eyes were showing him.

Takenaga inspected the food that he had managed to place upon his plate earlier and proceeded to take a bite himself. He chewed carefully, and his mouth was instantly flooded with some of the best flavors that he has ever tasted.

"This is absolutely delicious! It's even better than Sunako's cooking!" Takenaga exclaimed.

"Why thank you Takenaga-kun, that is a very kind compliment. I personally don't know if my cooking is necessarily better than Sunako's though. She cooks a mean fried shrimp. I have yet to cook one that taste as good as hers, which makes me somewhat jealous since I helped teach her how to cook," Anri responded pleasantly.

Yuki and Ranmaru then also took tentative bites of the food on their own plates. As soon as the spoon left their mouths, the two could have sworn that they had entered cloud nine. Soon afterwards, everyone in the room besides Anri was eating at insane speeds. There was nothing but silence that was only broken by the sounds of utensils moving, chewing, crunching, and the occasional cough.

Ten minutes into breakfast, the doorbell rung. Seeing as no one else was willing to get up to go answer the doorbell, Anri got up from her seat and went to go see who was at the door.

When Anri opened the door, she saw a stunning blond standing outside. The girl had long hair with side swept bangs, thin eyebrows, long blond eyelashes and beautiful violet eyes. She had a thin, delicate nose, and nice round full lips. She was currently wearing a rose long-sleeved blouse, a white knee-length skirt, white socks that same mid-thigh, and pink pumps. She also carried a small matching stripped purse in her hands, holding onto it by the lacy handle.

As soon as the door fully opened, the stranger pounced on Anri, proceeding to give her a tight hug.

"Sunako-chan! You look gorgeous! You should definitely dress up in bright colors more often. The purple of your shirt really brings out your amethyst eyes," the girl chatted on excitedly. Anri was totally stunned, and could not utter a word as the girl continued to speak.

"You know what Sunako-chan, something about you is really different. Sure you aren't in your chibi-form, but still, something's off." The girl placed her right index finder under her chin in a thinking pose for a few seconds before she snapped her fingers. "I know! You cut your hair! Sure it doesn't look that different, but you changed the way that your bangs look. You also seem to be a bit taller than I remember, but maybe that's only because you haven't been in your normal form for a while."

The girl would probably have continued to ramble on contently, but Anri decided that it was time to interrupt her.

"Excuse me, but I'm not Sunako. I'm her older sister, Anri Nakahara. From your comments, I would guess it is safe to assume that you are Sunako-chan's friend, but if you don't mind me asking, may I ask you what your name is miss?" Anri said in a pleasant tone of voice.

The girl was shocked for a few seconds, but soon recovered from her stutter, and proceeded to stick out her hand for a handshake and introduce herself.

"I'm so sorry for this misunderstanding. My name is Noi Kasahara. I go to the same school as Sunako-chan, though I'm in a different class. It's nice to meet your acquaintance Nakahara-san."

Anri shook Noi's hand and warmly replied to her introduction.

"It's nice to make your acquaintance Kasahara-san. Don't worry about the misunderstanding, it happens quite often. Please call me Anri, Nakahara makes me sound too old," Anri responded jokingly.

"I will Anri-san, if you will call me Noi," Noi replied happily.

"I would like that very well Noi-chan, now why don't you come in. We are eating breakfast right now. Would you like to join us?"

"Yes, that sounds great!"

And so the two ladies entered the dining room, where everyone in there had already cleared all of the food on the table, and were sitting back in satisfaction. The others were all shocked to see Noi show up. They couldn't think of any particular reason as to why she would show up today.

Takenaga was the first to question Noi. "Noi-chan, what are you doing here?"

The others nodded and all turned their attention to Noi.

Upon hearing her love's voice, Noi launched herself at Takenaga and hugged him tightly.

"Takenaga-kun! I missed you so much. You forgot to tell me goodbye yesterday after school," Noi said coyly.

"Is that all you came here for?" Kyohei asked in disbelief.

"No, I also came to see if Sunako-chan was doing anything today, since my parents are away for the weekend and I have nothing planned," Noi pronounced. "I was going to ask her after school yesterday, but when I got out of classes to go look for her, she was nowhere to be found, and then when I went to look for you guys to ask her for me, I couldn't find any of you either. So I decided to drop by this morning to see if any of you were free today."

"Um, well I was just going to spend some quality time today with my older sister since she just came back yesterday," Sunako responded.

"But you are welcome to stay if you would like Noi-chan," Anri finished for Sunako. Anri smiled at her little sister, while Sunako just shrugged her shoulders.

"Really?" Noi asked excitedly. She of course wasn't thinking so much about spending time with the sisters, but rather with her precious Takenaga-kun, but if he was busy, she would really like to get to know the sisters better, especially Anri-san. The elder sister seemed to cool and sophisticated.

"Sure thing," Anri replied kindly. "Now imotou-chan, why don't you help me bring out the rest of the food that is left in the kitchen and another set for Noi."

Sunako nodded and proceeded to follow her sister into the kitchen. When they returned a minute later and laid everything out on the table, everyone proceeded to continue eating breakfast, though at a more leisurely pace.

Once everyone was done eating, Anri began to talk.

"All right, now why don't Takenaga and Yuki clear and clean the table while Kyohei and Ranmaru do the dishes."

"What?" Kyohei shouted. "Why do we have to do that? Sunako is the one who usually does all those things!"

Anri shot him a cold glare before replying. "That is precisely why you are going to do your assigned tasks. Sunako-chan has been made to do all of the chores in this house. This is unfair treatment, and starting form today, everyone is going to start pulling some weight around here. You will each be assigned a task to perform, and you will perform it to my satisfaction or you will be punished. You will also learn to do some other basic skills that I know for a fact that you are all missing, such as cooking an edible meal for yourselves. No I do not want to hear any more complaints. Did I make myself clear?"

Though she spoke in a very soft tone of voice, the boys all felt shivers traveling down their spines and shook in fear. They all nodded their heads, too afraid to utter a word. Once Anri gave them a dismissing glance, they all rushed off to do the tasks that they were assigned.

While the boys were doing their chores, the girls moved into the living room, and Anri proceeded to make a chart that would outline all of the chores.


Cooking / Grocery Shopping

Anri (A): 1, 3

Sunako (S): 2, 4, 9

Kyohei (K): 8

Yuki (Y): 7

Takenaga (T): 6

Ranmaru (R): 5


A: 2

S: 1

K: 3, 9

Y: 4, 8

T: 5, 7

R: 6

Set / Clean Table

A: 3

S: 2

K: 1

Y: 5, 9

T: 6, 8

R: 4, 7


A: 2, 4, 6, 8

S: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9

K: 2, 5

Y: 1, 6

T: 9

R: 7, 8


A: 5

S: 4

K: 3, 6

Y: 2

T: 1, 7

R: 8, 9

Sweep Floors

A: 6

S: 5

K: 4, 9

Y: 3, 8

T: 2

R: 1, 7

Dusting / Polishing

A: 1, 7, 9

S: 6, 8

K: 5

Y: 4

T: 3

R: 2

Clean Bathroom

A: 2, 8, 9

S: 1, 7

K: 6

Y: 5

T: 4

R: 3

Take Out The Trash

A: 9

S: 8

K: 1, 7

Y: 2, 6

T: 5

R: 3, 4

As Anri finished making the list, Noi stared at it, slightly confused as to the arrangement. "Why do you and Sunako-chan get signed up to do the laundry so often when the guy's are doing it? And why are some bolded and underlined for Anri-chan?"

"I'll explain as soon as the boys come in," Anri replied.

A few seconds later, the boys started to enter the living room. As they all sat down, they turned their attention towards Anri to see what she had to say.

"All right, now that I have all of your attention, this will be the chores list," Anri said.

Everyone then looked at the piece of paper that Anri placed upon the table. It listed the chores and their names and there were numbers in each corresponding boxes, but they weren't quite sure what else there was to it. Once everyone looked back up at her, Anri continued her explanation.

"Each number corresponds with a week, starting tomorrow. So, if there is a number one next to your name, which means that you are assigned to that particular task for this week. So then, that means that next week you are to do the tasks where there is a two next to your name. And before you can start complaining about not being able to do some of the chores, I will show you how to perform them adequately, and as for cooking, when it is your turn, either I or Sunako-chan will be teaching you how to make simple dishes so that you do not starve yourself should I or Sunako-chan or any other person should not be available to cook your food for you."

In response to Anri's statement, lets just say that no one was really happy.

Sunako was pouting about the fact that she had to spend extra time with those creatures of darkness to teach them how to cook. However, she did appreciate the fact that her sissy was trying to spread out the chores so she would not have to do them all. That should give her more time to enjoy herself in the darkness.

Kyohei was just angry in general that he would have to cook and that he would have to eat some of the boys' cooking. He was not looking forward to eating disgusting food. He wanted his fried shrimp!

Yuki wasn't really upset about doing the chores, but he was a little nervous about having to cook, since everyone knew what a bad cook he was.

Takenaga didn't really care, but he was a little confused about the bolded and underlined numbers next Anri's and Sunako's names for doing the laundry, and he was also wondering why he had fewer chores to do than everyone else.

Ranmaru just couldn't comprehend the fact that he would have to do chores, and therefore have less time to spend with the ladies. What was the world coming to if he couldn't be with his angels because he had to do chores!

Noi didn't really care one way or another, because this didn't involve her, but she was curious about how much this would influence her time spent with her dear Takenaga-kun.

"As for the bolded and underlined numbers," Anri continued after a few seconds pause, "that just means that on those weeks, Sunako-chan and I will be doing our own laundry, for I trust you boys with our laundry as much as I would trust the edibility of your current cooking abilities, which is pretty much close to nil."

None of the other boys really cared cause that just meant less work for them, but Ranmaru, being the pervert that he was, was a little disappointed that he would not be able to see Anri-chan's underwear. (Bad Ranmaru! He should be ashamed of himself, lol.)

"Also, you might have noticed Takenaga, you have less chores than everyone else," Anri continued. Takenaga nodded his head while the others did a double take to look at the chart again. Sure enough, Takenaga did in fact have fewer chores than everybody else. Sunako gave an uncaring shrug, while the other three boys stared at Takenaga accusingly.

"There is of course a reason for that," Anri went on. This caught the other's attention, and they all turned once again to look at the older girl. "Takenaga, I want you to be like a tutor for all the others and help them out with any subject that they are struggling with. Since I will be acting as guardian for all of you, I don't want to be bothered with having to go to school to meet with your teachers about you failing any classes. So Takenaga, you make sure their grades are decent, or your rent will double, do I make myself clear?"

Takenaga was quick to nod his agreement, though inside he was fuming at his circumstances. The others all gave him a look of pity. Noi was absolutely stunned and was already crying for his sake. Sunako was smiling devilishly, thinking this was good payback, though she did feel a little bit of guilt since Takenaga had always mostly been nice to her. Her merriment didn't last for long however.

"Sunako-chan, don't think I have forgotten about you," Anri carried on. Sunako immediately tensed at hearing her sister's tone of voice. "Auntie is still persistent about you becoming a lady, but I got her to agree that she won't make any of her unexpected drop bys as long as you begin to act appropriately around others. So you still have to learn how to act accordingly around creatures of light!"

"But –" Sunako began to protest.

"No buts imotou-chan," Anri cut her off.

Right then everyone heard the front door bang open and a loud shout carried out throughout the house.


Sunako's eyes bulged out in sheer terror. 'No! It's him!'

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