A Creature of Twilight

By Monkey Kix Ass

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Story So Far: Anri has settled right in and Max drops by and causes a scene. But Sunako knows Max, and she knows that he's at the house for some reason…

First Published: 01/31/07

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Chapter 5: Flowers

"All right Sammy. If you really want to know now, then I'll tell you. The reason I'm here is because…"


Nakahara Mansion

"Oh, there's the bell," Max said, and rushed towards the front door to answer whoever was there. The others left in the living room all sweat dropped.

"Hey Maxi-chan, wait a minute," Anri yelled, running out after him.

Having nothing better to do, the other five shrugged their shoulders and ran after the two older adults to see who was at the door. By this time, Sunako had reverted back to her chibi form.

They all arrived in front of the main door at the same time, and Anri shoved Max away so that she could open the door.

Standing outside the door was someone who looked like a delivery boy.

"Hello. How may I help you?" Anri asked in kind voice, showing her pearly whites in a welcoming smile.

The boy blushed and then looked down at his clipboard. "Um, i-is Miss Na-akahara Anri home?" he stuttered.

"This is she," Anri replied.

"Will you sign here please miss?"

"Sure, no problem," Anri stated and took the boy's clipboard and pen and signed her name.

After she returned them to the boy, he went to his car and brought out a beautiful large bouquet of red roses and handed it to Anri.

"Here you go miss," the boy said and left.

"Thank you, have a nice day," Anri answered, and stepped back and closed the door.

"How's it from, Anri-san?" Noi asked.

"I'm not quite sure," Anri said, looking for a tag. After a few seconds of observing her flowers, she found the tag and began to read it.

Everyone else gathered around her to read the note over her shoulder

Nice to know you're home Wolfie. Here's a rose for every month that I have not seen you. See you around. –H.K.

"Aw, how cute!" Noi exclaimed. "Who is he? Is he your boyfriend? A secret admirer?"

"No…" Anri replied, with a small blush on her face.

"Oh… So he sent you flowers! MUAHAHAHA…(continue the evil laugh for several seconds…)" Max laughed insanely. "HAHAHAHA, owww, my stomach hurts, HAHAHAHA. And he even remembered how long since you two last saw each other. HAHAHAHA. Oh, this is priceless. HAHAHAHA. Now I have to go collect my money from Kagome. HAHAHAHA."

Everyone sweat dropped, seeing Max's antics. Anri was clenching her fist, a blood vein clear on her forehead, and when she finally couldn't take his laughter anymore, she slugged him.

"That's enough Maxi, now shut up!" Anri yelled, before stomping off, going to find a vase to put the roses in. "And don't let me catch you in your chibi form in the house again Sunako-chan. Remember the talk we had this morning!"

Sunako scowled before she reverted back to her natural form. She still remembered the talk she had with her sister this morning, but she had hoped that her sister might have forgotten.

Flashback; Earlier That Morning

"Imotou-chan, we have to talk," Anri said to Sunako when Sunako came back into her bedroom from the bathroom.

"What is it nee-chan?" Sunako asked curiously after she took a seat next to her sister on the bed.

Anri sighed before she began to speak. "Auntie still wants you to become a young lady Sunako-chan."

"But I don't want to be one," Sunako cut in immediately. "Why can't she just understand that I don't want to be like the creatures of light? I like being in the darkness! I'm a creature of darkness, and I'll always be a creature of darkness!"

"Imotou-chan!" Anri said harshly, anger seeping into her words, as she gripped Sunako's hand very tightly, enough that Sunako felt her hand go numb. "Don't you ever dare say that again! You are not a creature of darkness, nor will I ever allow you to become one!"

Sunako stared at her sister blankly before she gave into her anger. "What do you mean you won't let me be a creature of darkness?" Sunako yelled, standing up quickly and pulling her hand out of her sister's grip. "I thought you would at least understand! I am a creature of darkness. What else would I be? I'm certainly never going to be a creature of light ever again! How could you be so hypocritical as to tell me not to be a creature of darkness when you allow yourself to be one? What kind of a big sister are you? Why won't you support me and accept me for who I am instead of being like everyone else and trying to change me?"

"That's enough Sunako-chan," Anri stated sternly, who followed Sunako's suit and stood up. She gripped Sunako's shoulders and shook her lightly a few times. "I never said that I wouldn't allow you to be in the darkness. I only said that I would not allow you to be a creature of darkness!"

"But that's the same thing!" Sunako argued.

"No, it is not the same thing!" Anri shouted.

This caused Sunako to pause for a few seconds. Anri had never raised her voice at Sunako before. The only time something similar had happened was when Anri had yelled at her for running out onto the streets after a ball. Sunako had not looked at her surroundings and had just chased after the ball, and so she did not see the car that was fast approaching her. Anri had been able to pull her back at the last moment, but Sunako's ball had not been so fortune and had been ran over. After Anri had placed Sunako down safely, she had given Sunako a severe tongue-lashing. Sunako had never forgotten how it was like to see such anger and worry in her nee-chan's eyes, so she had promised to herself that she would never worry her sister again. Now though, Sunako saw that exact same expression in Anri's eyes that she had seen so long ago. So when Anri had finally calmed herself down and pulled Sunako closer to her for a hug, Sunako did not resist Anri.

"It's not the same thing," Anri repeated in a much more subdued tone of voice. The two sisters remained in the embrace for a few seconds in silence, enjoying the comfort the contact gave each of them. Eventually, Anri broke the silence. "You're not a creature of darkness Sunako-chan. You're a creature of twilight, just like me. Please don't ever say that you are a creature of darkness ever again. Promise me that you won't ever say that you are a creature of darkness ever again!"

"I promise," Sunako muttered into Anri's neck, but Anri heard her nonetheless.

"Will you at least try to act more normal to make auntie happy?" Anri asked.

"Alright, I'll try," Sunako gave in.


"But that doesn't mean that I'll all of a sudden act like a lady or a creature of light."

"I wouldn't dream of it. All that I ask for is that you reframe from being in your chibi form in the house. You can be in that form as much as you want outside, but you are to be in your natural form around me. Do I make myself clear imotou-chan?"

"Crystal clear," Sunako said, before her stomach growled, signifying to both sisters that it was time to go make breakfast.

"Go out there and sit down with the others to wait for me. I'll cook breakfast this morning," Anri said, trying not to giggle, though she couldn't prevent a small smirk from forming on her face.

"But I want to help you," Sunako said.

"And I said to wait in the dinning room with the others. I'm going to cook today, and I don't want to hear any arguments coming from you regarding that matter."

"Fine, but can I at least stay in my own room while I wait for you to finish cooking?"

"No Sunako-chan. You are going to sit in the living room and try not to kill those boys."

"Argh, I give up," Sunako grumbled before she marched out of the room, heading towards the dining room.

Anri smiled as she looked towards her sister, before her cheerfulness disappeared to be replaced with sadness. "I don't want to lose you to the darkness either. I don't want you to lose your soul, imotou-chan." She remained in the solitude for a few more seconds to compose herself before she stepped out with her cheerful expression, ready to face the challenges that the day would bring.

End Flashback

Everyone stared after Anri, ignoring Max, who had keeled over into the fetal position and was whimpering in pain and about mean best friends who couldn't take simple jokes.

"Wolfie?" Takenaga asked, but the boys just shrugged their shoulders.

"My sister has an obsession over dark mythical creatures like werewolves and vampires, though she has a very strong affinity for werewolves," Sunako supplied. "When she was still in junior high school, she would disappear from the house every time there was a full moon and return the next morning with what looked like blood dripping down from her mouth and some specks even splattered all over her clothes. She would spend long periods of time devoted to keeping her nails really sharp, almost like they were claws. I always remembered seeing dark red smudges under her nails when she came home from her mini-adventures. I always liked to imagine that she had dried blood stuck underneath her fingernails. People who she had been mad at would disappear for long periods of time after these cycles, for reasons like wild animal attacks. It was really weird, but whenever anyone asked her what she though, she would just laugh it off."

The four boys all gave audible gulps and started to sweat nervously. Noi, though, was totally clueless.

"Really Sunako-chan?" Noi asked. "Anri-san does not really look like that type of person to me. But I guess there is some appeal to werewolves and vampires. They're total male bad-boy hotties!"

Kyohei, Yuki and Ranmaru were giving Noi uneasy looks, while they shot looks of pity towards Takenaga.

Takenaga didn't notice since he was too busy fidgeting uncomfortably. 'Is my Noi-chan really attracted to the bad boy attitude?' he worriedly thought to himself.

Noi was oblivious to the discomfort she had caused with her earlier comment. "Hum, now that I think about it, does that mean that this H.K. person is a bad-boy too? Sunako-chan, do you know who this person is or what he looks like?"

Sunako stared at Noi for a few seconds before answering. "No, he's not a bad boy. Yes, I know who he is."

"Well?" Noi inquired eagerly.

"Well what?"

"What does he look like?!"

By this time, the boys were paying attention to the girls' conversation again and were also eager to learn about the identity and appearance of this mysterious H.K.

"I don't remember."

This caused the boys to fall over anime style while Noi just sweat dropped.

"Come on Sunako-chan, you must remember something," Noi urged.

Sunako thought for a moment before answering. "All that I remember about him is that he is really tall, has weird silver spiky hair and a scar over one of his eyes."

"Well that doesn't really say much about him," Kyohei said.

"Just makes him seem even more mysterious," Ranmaru agreed.

"Whatever," Sunako said, before she started to look around. "Where's Max?"

"Huh? He's right here…" Yuki started but stopped as he too took a look around the room and couldn't find Max anywhere. "Where did he go? I could have sworn that he was right here a second ago."

"Maybe he went to go bug Anri-san again," Takenaga suggested. Agreeing to his deduction, the six teenagers went to search for Anri and Max.

They found Anri and Max in the kitchen. Anri was holding a knife and was cleaning he stems of the roses so that they would last longer in the water. Typical for himself, Max was once again bugging Anri for one reason or another.

"Come on, make the call. Set up a date and then let me know so that I can make your outfit!" Max whined.

"I said no," Anri snapped. "I have enough problems without you adding to it with your outrageous ideas and schemes. Even if we pick a day, you are not going to come."

"But I have to come!" Max shot back, outraged. "How else am I going to see the reaction people have to my designs?"

"Then go call one of your models," Anri retorted.

"But Annie-chan!"

"No means no, now go bug someone else like Sunako-chan or something."

"That's a great idea!"

"If you so much as lay a pin on me, and I'll make sure that your doll collection disappears forever," Sunako threatened.

Being unaware that the others had also entered the kitchen, Max jumped at hearing Sunako's voice. Max laughed nervously before he turned around to face and angry Sunako.


"Don't Sammy-chan me Max. Now explain why you really are here right now, and no more tip toeing around the truth. I want to know now!" Sunako commanded.

"Well, you see…" Max began before his cell phone ringing interrupted him. He quickly pulled it out of his pocket and flipped it on. "Moshi, moshi. Maximilian here," Max uttered into his cell phone. "No! Wait for me, I'll be there in seven minutes. Ja ne," Max said before he hung up his cell phone. "I have to go. There's a big sale on my favorite brand of hair care products. I'll see you all later," Max told them before he rushed out of the house.

"Wait!" Sunako yelled after him, but it was no use. Everyone could already hear tires squeaking and see the dust that Max had left in his car's wait.

"That's good old Maxi for you," Anri whispered before she giggled at Sunako's unbelieving expression. "Come, come; forget about Maxi. Let's go shopping. There's a lot that we need to buy."

"Can I come with you?" Noi asked enthusiastically. Her eyes had immediately lit up after she heard Anri said the magical word, shopping.

"Of course. It'll be a lot of fun," Anri replied, as she ushered Sunako to go change. "And you four are coming along with us," Anri addressed towards the boys.

"What?! But why?" Kyohei complained.

"Because we have to have someone carry our bags for us smart one," Anri answered, as if it was the most obvious answer in the whole world.

The boys groaned. Today was turning into a very bad day. Not only did they have to deal with a new housemate and her weird friend, but also now they had to endure hours of torture also known as following girls on their shopping excavates. Yes, today was not a good day.

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