Soooo I know I only really write wrestling fics, but after seeing the now infamous kiss on DMC between Jack and Elizabeth, I was hooked ) so heres my first 2-part fic of JE goodness. Read and review!

Title: Swallowed by the Sea

Author: Candy

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I own nothing, all characters mentioned in this fic belong to themselves and the POTC writers.

Summary: She tried to defy the compass, and ended up following her heart..leading her right into the waiting arms of the most unlikely pirate. A little Jack / Elizabeth 2-part fluff ficlet.

Well, that's where I belong.. and you belong with me.

Not swallowed in the sea.

part one.

Elizabeth sat solemnly on the upper deck of th Pearl, her thin and chilled shoulders slumped forward, drowning in her own loensome with a sullen form. It was growing dark, the creaking ship heading towards the fallen pinks and blues of the horizon as thick, black clouds moved in quickly from the north. The small crew that remained scurried wildly about the ship, preparing her for the incoming storm that was sure to be fierce and angry, and gobble them up completely.

Looking down at the compass that had been clutched in her small, shaky palm for the better part of the past few hours, she tapped the surface lightly once again, an inhale frozen in her chest as she watched the arrow spin round and around, then come to a slow, familiar stop.

Her blood shot and half-lidded eyes crawled reluctantly from the compass to the same direction it had been pointing her in all the many times before. And as she saw Jack standing there on the bow of his ship, clam and comical as he always was, she still refused to believe it.

"You know, miss Swann, that won't be much of a help to ye."

Elizabeth gasped at the sudden deep voice that echoed closely in her ear, clutching the compass shut as she held it to her chest, as if to shield it from whoever was near, and found herself in the presense of a chuckling Gibbs.

"Sorry," He mumbled deeply with his usual toothy-grin, "didn't mean to spook ya."

She took in a slow breath, regaining her composure as she hid the compass on the barrel behind her she'd been sitting on earlier, it's silky black surface hidden beneath a torn rag. "No, I'm just a bit tired, that's all."

Gibbs arched a salt and pepper brow in her direction, eyeing her from head to toe. She was no doubt tired, to say the least, disheveled and trembling faintly. "You're alright, aren't ye, miss Swann?"

"I'm fine." A defensive mumble forced it's way passed clenched teeth, her manor strong compared to the steady way her body and emotions were deteriorating. Her slim and slicked arms folded across her chest, as if locking herself in and away from him.

Softening for a light and rare moment, the elderly pirate placed a gentle hand on her tiny shoulder, offering her a soft smile. "I know you are worry-some, Elizabeth.. but we'll find Will. Jack..he cares more than one would imagine.. That be why he's a determined man."

The exhausted woman let her arms fall to her sides, her bottom lip clenched tightly between her teeth, as she let their eyecontact wither. Toying with the hem of the torn rag that hid Jack's compass, her voice fell weak and low. "I care for..them both a great deal. ..but that's part of the problem."

Gibb's eyes landed on the barrel behind her small form, and she watched his expression faulter between curious to surprised, as if he now understood. But it was when his gaze trailed further up, his eyes widening as if something shocked him, did she turn around to have a look for herself.

"I want you on deck, Mr. Gibbs. Now."

Gibbs looked at Elizabeth unsurly.. his eyes suggesting that he wanted to ask if she was alright, but knew he no longer could. Instead he nodded towards her as a small good-bye, then turned back to his captain with a defiant nod. "Ey, sir."

Remaining suddenly frozen in her spot, the small woman let her eyes trail his simple yet complex appearance as he walked around her in a drunken manor, his finger trailing the rim of the barrel she'd sat upon earlier. He must've just been in his bunk, she realized, for all that adorned his head was his usual burgandy scarf, there was no gun or sword attached to his waist, and his faded blue jacket hung limply on his shoulders.

"It's getting late... don't you think? You should head to your bunk, love." Jack spoke low and swaggered as the ship tilted only slightly, suddenly flying for the base of the crow's nest and wrapping his arm around it to keep his balance.

Rolling her eyes, Elizabeth scowled at the drunken man before her as he continued to trip over himself. "We're hardly moving, Mr. Sparrow."

"No?" His heavily-charcoaled eyes fell to his left hand, and the practically empty bottle of rum that was clutched within it. "Oh," He released a light huff of laughter, regaining his blance as he swayed back and forth before her. "Well then, darling, what is a fair maiden such as yourself doing all alone in the middle of this .. shall we say.. ruckus?"

She looked at her surroundings, at the now completely darkened sky and silent lightening in the distance, then to the life around her as Gibbs barked orders from the wheel, the reckless crew running here and there, yelling and singing drunken songs as they did so. Her eyes fell downcast, keeping them as far away from Jack's as possible. "Just collecting my thoughts, I suppose.. deciding what I want to do after I get off this God-forsaken boat."

"Ship, darling. Ship." He corrected quickly with a wavering smile, waving an unsteady finger in her direction. "And what makes one so ready to get off this ship anyway, eh?"

"I don't want anything here, Will's miles away as is my father.. and I'm stuck in the middle of the sea with a bunch of smelly pirates." She turned back to him then, offering nothing but a coy smile. "There's nothing for me out here."

Seeminly unaffected by her words, Jack hooked his hands into his white scarf of a belt, some-what amused as he arched his brows. "Charming, my dear. But don't deny yourself what you're heart truly wants.." He leaned in closer to her with as his last words slipped from his whiskered lips, as if he could hear her heart beating faster, the flickering flame from the lantern above them dancing in his dark eyes.

"..It may be Will that you think you want.. but its not Will that you really need." Draping his right arm across her shoulders, he gestured towards the roaring open sea as he guided her to the side of the ship. "What you really need is endless boundaries, love. Not guarantees, no promises.. just the wind in your sails and in your hair.." He turned to her then, his jeweled finger sliding down her jaw bone as his voice fell to a lowered grumble. "What you need, Elizabeth, is freedom.."

A faint whimper slipped from her throat as he leaned in towards her, her eyes fluttering shut.. but an echoed clap of thunder in their distance snapped her from her reverie, and she tore his arm from her shoulders as she spat her angry words back at him. "Hardly, Mr. Sparrow."

Jack watched as she trampled off, suddenly more confused as ever, and noticed how she grabbed the rotting bundle from the top of the barrel on her way to her bunk. His eye fell upon the small trinket that had slipped from her grasp unknowningly and cracked against the damp wooden flooring of the Pearl. He called out her name, as he'd done so many times before, but the fierce winds whipped it from his lips and carried it away out to sea.

Ignoring the uneasy glare of a man mopping the decks beside him, he wandered over to the trinket.. quickly noting it's shiny black surface and worn-down sides. An open compass.. his open compass. Kneeling down as he approached, Jack slipped his worn jacket from his shoulders and peered down at the small red arrow..and took notice as his heart seemed to halt it's beating.

"That's interesting.." He whispered deeply as he brought the compass into his hands gently, his eyes falling towards the trail of invisable footsteps Elizabeth had left behind moments earlier. "That's very interesting.."

A sigh fell from her lips, her head resting against the wall behind her as she swung back and forth with the ship in the confines of her bunk. Out her small window, she could see the feirceless rain whipping against the glass, the sudden chill of the wind screaming through the cracks in the walls. The boat rocked unsteadily in the crashing waves, but the Pearl was incapable of being defeated, and she felt at ease knowing that although most of the crew was sleeping steadily below, they'd be just fine.

As the small flame from the lone lantern flickered beside her, her mind wandered in and out of concious thoughts, to her father, to Will, to Jack.. to that stupid compass. Would it be possible, she wondered, for the compass to be wrong? Or deiceved? Or confused? could be possible, she concluded. But it was the mind that was always tricked, not the heart. The heart knew her far better than she'd ever know herself.

Opening her eyes for a small beat, she turned over to the small barrel of gun powder she'd took as a night stand, and grabbed the small bundle of rag she'd taken earlier, placing it on her lap. One last time, she promised herself, one last time to try to defy what she knew to be the whole truth, whether she could accept it or not.

But when she unfolded the bundle, nothing fell out into her lap.. no shiny surface, no clicking of a spinning arrow. A heated wave of panic rushing through her, she scrambled off her hammock and onto the floor, using her hands to feel for the compass, incase it'd fallen out of the rag when the boat rocked, or if it slipped from her grasp when she entered. There was nothing.

Taking the lantern into her hand, her eyes flew towards the small window and the storm that was waiting for her beyond it. The compass was sure to be out there somewhere, as was a few members of the crew... she could wait until morning...

Her eyes fell to the small staircase and door that led to the upper deck, and - forcing back a massive lump from deep in her throat - she got up from the floor and made her way out.

...or maybe she couldn't.