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part. 4

Elizabeth gasped for breath in a useless attempt as waves crashed into her form, bruising and taking advantage of it's delicate nature. A caugh clawed it's way up her already stripped throat, her weak fingers digging into the moist wood of the sides. Her body was dangling wearily upon an extending attachment upon the ship, one used to place backstabbing crewmates that managed to find their way on board. It was low, dangerous.. barley ever ventured upon by those aboard.. The wood had been worn down by the waves that met it head on from it's position at the bow, a film of slime and dark sludge covering it completely.

As she looked above, Elizabeth could see the crewmates peering down upon her, some even climbing daringly upon the masts, as if examining her position. They looked worrisome, confused.. some sending backwards glances at the captain.. but no one made even the slightest attempt at helping her, it at all possible.

Another forceful wave rose and crashed upon the bow of the ship, beating against her form with a force that weakened her so. She gripped her throat, desperately searching for air as her mind wandered in and out of conciousness. Flashes of black then light fought and endless battle within her head, the falling rains seeping into her nose and throat.

From up above, she heard a faint, familiar voice calling out her name frantically.. and with eyes that could not see, Elizabeth managed to make out the form of Jack as he held a rope within his hands, stepping out above the mast to position himself almost directly above her. She slipped into another cast of darkness, having yet to answer his call.. coming about once more, she managed to catch the sight of the heroic and easy attempts of the captain as he tied himself into the ropes of the mast, swinging himself down towards her dangling body.

Long before he ever reached her, another lie of a wave rose up upon the roaring sea, Jack's name slipping from her throat in a barley audiable gasp as it crashed into her lifeless form.. sending her falling as the blackness finally took over completely.

"Elizabeth... love?"

The woman's eyes fluttered open softly at the sound of Jack's gentle voice, a feminine moan floating from her parted lips.. she brought tired hand to her face, rubbing at her forehead faintly, as if means of awaking. Her eyes fluttered closed once more, her heart beating hard against her sore chest. From around her, she could hear others' breathing.. voices, the feeling their presences impossible to ignore.

"Is she alright?"

"She be fine.."

"I dunno, she looks out of it, captain.."


But Jack had yet to answer, her anticipation rising slowly, battling the numbness along with other sensations as she waited to hear him speak. Her eyes fluttered open once more, traveling around the ceiling above her for a short time before turning to her side, where she drunk in his blurry form with a gasp.

"She's comin' around, captain." One of the crew mates whispered, speaking for all as he did so.. but Jack remained silent, his eyes locked upon Elizabeth as she laid beneath him, her own eyes fluttering up at him as she regained conciousness.

Jack kneeled down next to the mass of thin and soaking blankets they placed her on earlier, gently brushing away the stray hairs that stuck to her bruised forehead, the backside of his fingers running down her flushed cheek. And as an intimate reflex, she wrapped her weak and trembling fingers around his forearm. Turning to his crewmates, who seemed to have had their eyes distracted by the woman's heaving chest, the captain swatted at them with a tired arm. "Back to yee posts, mangy dogs."

They scampered away after that, somewhat reluctantly, slamming the thin wooden door shut behind them, leaving Jack and Elizabeth alone in the quiet room.

"Thanks..Jack," She mumbled, still having a harsh trouble catching her breath.. it felt as if though the mighty waves were still crashing down upon her tiny form, bruising the tender flesh. "Sorry it didn't come to me to be more careful.."

Jack swallowed, shaking his head as he waved it off. "Oh, no worries, Miss Elizabeth..." He mumbled quickly, his eyes traveling about the room as he held her still, his mind seemingly troubled.

Her eyes remained locked upon him, although he seemingly had yet to realize, his conciousness seemingly upon nothing at all. Sitting up, she clutched his arm for support, hissing in pain as she leaned against the wall behind her. Jack finally turned then, showing a dead emotion in his handsome face, inching towards her with each passing moment.

"Mr. Sparrow," Elizabeth interupeted suddenly, harshly.. breaking the man of his spellbound reverie. He looked at her, his mind far away, as if both regretful and unsure of what he had just been about to do. The woman looked up at him coldly, loosening the grip she had upon him.. "Aren't you getting a little too close for comfort, Jack?"

Jack's eyes flashed open in shock, flying to hers only to meet a scornful gaze. He opened his mouth to speak, mouthing words she wasn't able to hear.. "I'm so sorry..Lizzie..." He trailed off, a breath caught within his throat as he strugged with his words.. his hands trembling before him.. "I hadn't meant...-"

"Of course not." Elizabeth interrupted, slicing the dead air between them. She turned away then, blocking the tears that she could feel burn the back of her eyes as she allowed them to clamp shut fiercely. She could feel Jack's presence linger for a little while longer, before he let out a long, quiet sigh, realizing there was not much more he could do.. and left.

She stood still in the doorway for an endless amount of time, the wind whistling past her as the remaining drops of rain from the mighty storm drizzled down. Her heart was clam, her mind no different, her anger and resent left to drift away with the passing storm. Breathing deeply, she took her first step to what destination she knew would change her, and prepared for the wind that would come.

Elizabeth clutched her torn and discolored dress within her palms as she walked quietly up the stairs and across the deck, to where Jack Sparrow stood, his back turned towards her. His matted hair was slightly tossed to the side by the wind, the rain-soaked shirt hanging off of his shoulder, his hands clasped behind his back. And it was those hands she grasped within her own as she approached, startling him slightly as she touched him. "Hi, Jack." She spoke faintly.

Turning towards the rapidly fading night sky, Jack cocked his head to the side, as if admiring it greatly. "You know where we are, Lizzie?" He quipped, continuing louder still even after Elizabeth protested with a smile.. "We're heading North to Port Silver, we shall probably dock by morning... If you're ever lost, love, just wait until nightfall and look at the stars.. they shall tell you where you're going."

Although he had been turned away from her, Elizabeth looked up into his face, smiling.. "Well, Jack... I reckon I might have been lost for most of this journey, but no star could have saved me."

"Oh," He squeaked, swallowing a harsh lump sticking to the back of his throat... "'s been a long nice, Miss Elizabeth," He said slowly, quietly, his eyes locked upon their entwined fingers, "You should be in your bunk, no?"

She shook her head, lowering herself to catch site of his dark smoky eyes with her own, "No," She smiled up at him, straightening herself when he looked back up into her face. "I'd rather be out here.. at your side."

Jack smiled to himself, diminishing the distance between them nonchalantly as he turned away, finding it harder and harder to control his instinct, both as a man and as a lover. He turned his head, finding Elizabeth curling herself into him as she clutched his arm, and turned away quickly, his lower lip sliding between clentched teeth. Sucking in a large breath within his chest, Jack slowly let his eyes travel where he knew his lips should've been.. just to peek. Thats all he needed, just a peek, or a word, or all the closeness space would allow them. "Elizabeth.." He breathed against her temple, his eyes fluttering shut.

Seemingly startled he had spoken at all, Elizabeth tilted her head back, allowing the hot breath falling from his lips to roll upon her neck, causing a shiver to crawl up her spine.. When he failed to continue, she opened her eyes, turning to him as he lifted his head up and turned away from her. "..yes? What is it?"

"No..nothing. Not a thing, nevermind." He shook his head, still turned away from her, only turning back when he followed the delicate finger that traced his scruffy cheek.

"Tell me," She whispered, worry choking the life of her words, "Jack..please,"

He struggled with himself for a moment, his eyes locked on the distant sea. "I'm just.." He paused, taking in a deep inhale, before finishing his confession quickly. "I'm just lost, okay?"

The woman smiled, huffing a silent laughter as she brought herself closer to him still, although he had been turned away coldly. Grabbing his palms within her own once again, she entwined her fingers with his, watching as his lips parted, his charcoaled eyes crawling to her gentle touch.

"Jack... I will never need the stars in the sky to tell me where I'm going, nor where I am."

He turned to her, finding her soft lips only a hair's breath away from his own..and yet he wasn't startled, and aside from his rapidly beating heart, he never moved the slightest inch. "No?"

The trembling woman shook her head, detangling her fingers from his own to unwrap the bundle she had tied to her waist only a short while ago, "No... and I don't need this compass to tell me who I love, either." Without one last touch or goodbye to the simple trinket that had torn them apart for far too long, Elizabeth threw the compass to the sea that had almost taken her life if it weren't for the man before her, and watched as the waves swallowed it completely.

She turned back to Jack then, who's silence became obvious when she realized his clouded eyes were gazing her lips longingly, and brought herself closer to him, her palm pressed against his tanned and scarred chest. His arm snaked around her waist, his hand cupping her cheek as his thumb ran down her soft skin, admiring her gently. And before he pulled Elizabeth flush against him in a passionate embrace of lips, he found the greatest depth of the sea in all it's encasing glory within her eyes, and smiled, kissing her deeply.

-the end, of the beginning