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Chapter 4, Reignta Jet Side, Family Feud

It was early the next morning. A flock of Pidgey and Pidgeotto flew by overhead of the sleeping trio as the sun started to rise. Dash sleepily opened his eyes then tried to block the light with his paws.

"Stupid sun! Why can't you sleep in like everyone else!?" Dash shouted angrily at the sun, even though he knew it was useless.

Dash knew he wouldn't be able to get back to sleep now, so he decided it was about time to wake Riku and Slasher. He walked past Slasher who was sleeping on his back with his tail flame burning near his side, and started nudging the side of the sleeping bag Riku was in.

Riku grumbled before rolling over on his back. "Not now, mom... five more minutes..." He said and continued sleeping.

"Alright, I've tried the easy way..." Dash said to himself and jumped onto a nearby tree stump.

He lowered his body as if he were a Persian, then pounced off the stump, and flat onto Riku's stomach.

Riku let out a shout of pain and shot up as Dash jumped off of him. All the noise woke up Slasher as well.

"What's going on?" Slasher yawned and sat up.

Dash grinned as he thought it would be fun to play a little game... "We're under attack! Giant monsters!" Dash lied but in a frantic tone.

Slasher's face turned from sleepy, to alarmed in a second. "Monsters?! AHHHH!" Slasher shouted and started running around in a frenzy, right before running face first into a tree.

Dash was on the ground rolling back in forth in a fit of uncontrollable laughter.

"Dash, no jumping on my stomach to wake me up! That's worse than the alarm clock!" Riku shouted angrily, though Dash ignored him and continued laughing.

Slasher picked himself off the ground rubbed his head. He turned around to see that there weren't any monsters, but he did see Dash cracking up. Didn't take long before he realized what was up.

"You're an evil Eevee!" Slasher said angrily to Dash. Not to happy about being tricked.

Dash laughed a little longer before finally calming down. "Ah...that, was good..." He said and wiped away a tear with his paw.

"Hey did you hear me?! I just said your evil!" Slasher said again. Now mad about bieng ignored and pranked.

"Yeah I heard you and I seriously don't care."

Before Slasher could complain, Riku started with the threats. "Dash, you do that again and no breakfast." He warned.

"Yeah!" Slasher agreed.

"Okay, fine. I'll be good...maybe..." Dash said and tried to sound sincere while making a sad face. Taking advantage of the fact Riku can't understand Pokemon language.

Since Riku couldn't understand, he decided that by the look on Dash's face that he was sorry. "Well if your sorry, that's okay then... now let's find something to eat." He said and rummaged around through his backpack for food.

"What?! Slasher protested angrily. "Didn't you hear him say maybe?!"

"You heard him, so quit complaining." Dash said with a grin.

"Your still evil..." Slasher mumbled.

"Hey, it's not my fault you fell for that! So don't blame me." Dash said. Slasher was about to say something but couldn't since Riku interrupted.

"This isn't good... we ate all those vegetables and stuff yesterday... and since I'm pretty sure there's no cereal or waffles in the forest, we're going to starve!" He shouted in panic.

Dash and Slasher had no clue what cereal or waffles were, but the understood the starving part.

"That's it, I'm going or berries." Dash said and started searching the bushes.

"Yeah, count me in!" Slasher added and helped out.

Riku ignored them and started thinking of a way to find something to eat. "Hmm..." then it hit him. "That's it!" He said and pulled out his PokeNav. He dialed a few number's and waited for the person to pick up.

"Hello, Jake's Pizza Parlor. How may we serve you?" An employee ate the restaurant asked.

"Good someone answered..." Riku thought, " Yeah, hello? I need three pizza's with pepperoni, extra, extra, extra cheese, anchovies, and turkey! "

"Okay... We don't serve Turkey here so that come's to... 22.98$."

"Yes! I can afford that!"

"Great, now were should we send these?"

"4623 Treesap Rd."

"Alright, thirty minutes tops. Thank you for ordering at Jake's Pizza Parlor! Have a nice day!" The employee said and hung up.

"Yes! Now we won't starve! It's pizza for breakfast baby!" Riku cheered happily. He started up a happy dance but stopped immediately after remembering one itsy-bitsy thing...

"Wait a minute... I HAVE TO BE AT HOME TO GET THOSE!" He shouted and fell to his knees, repeatedly banging a fist on the floor.

"The inhumanity... We're doomed.. we're all - " He trailed of after spotting Dash and Slasher emerging from the bushes. Slasher carrying a truck load of random berries. "Saved!" He finished.

"Why do I have to carry all these?" Slasher complained.

"Because.. one: I can't. Two: I don't feel like helping. And three: I'm the boss so deal with it." Dash said.

"Man... you really are evil!"

"Deal with it. Now give those berries to Riku." Dash basically ordered.

"Your not the boss of me!" Slasher shouted and threw an Rawst Berry at Dash.

The berry hit Dash on the head as he started growling. "Mutiny!" Dash shouted and tackled Slasher to the ground before they started fighting. Riku decided fighting between those two was normal by now and collected the berries on the floor.

"Okay...11 of 'em...this should last if we divide them what's 3 divided by 11..." Riku said and started to think. "Or is that 11 divided by 3...?"

He sat there for a little while longer while thinking. "My head hurts..." Riku complained, "Forget this, I'll just pass them out till their gone." He said and looked over at the two pokemon who were still fighting.

"Hey you two, quit fighting or no breakfast!" He shouted.

Hearing this, Dash and Slasher stopped instantly and decided they liked eating more than liked trying to bite and scratch each other.

Afterwards, Riku passed out the berries and they all ate their fill. Being the smallest, Dash didn't need as much and only ate three. After they finished breakfast, Riku stood up.

"Alright you two," He started but had a firm tone to his voice. Which startled both Dash and Slasher.

"Chase already has a third member on his team, and we're falling behind."

Both Pokes had no other choice but to listen so they gave him their full attention.

"So... were going to spend today looking for a new team member to recruit." He continued and started pacing back in fourth.

"What?" Dash protested after hearing that. "Great, more chumps trying to hog all the glory..." He said angrily.

"Well I think it's a good idea! With any luck, maybe our new teammate won't be a jerk!" Slasher spat.

"With any luck, maybe he won't be as wimpy as you!" Dash growled and stood up as well as Slasher.

"That's it! One extra crispy evil Eevee, coming right up!"

"I'd like to see you try!"

Riku noticed they were at it again and pulled out the PokBalls.

"That's it you two, anymore fighting, and it's a PokeBall time out for the both of ya!"

Dash growled but turned away, same went for Slasher.

Riku sighed. "It's gonna be a long day..."

Once that was settled, they started looking around the forest. Dash and Slasher were both equally determined to find a Pokemon before the other, so things were hectic.

Riku was searching near a particularly large tree while Dash and Slasher searched some bushes apart from each other. Since they both were beginning to hate each other, they refused when Riku ordered them to work together. The area of the forest they were searching in was a bit thicker in vegetation than the other areas they had traveled through. Easy signs that they were deeper in the forest.

Dash stumbled about through some overgrown tree roots as he searched for any kind of Pokemon. He didn't like the idea of someone else joining up with them, but he disliked the idea of Slasher finding a Pokemon first even more.

Dash tripped over another root, which was enough to drive him off the deep end. "This is hopeless! I don't get what kind of thick-headed, nitwit Pokemon would live here anyway!" He complained and picked himself up. He was about to head back towards Riku before he heard rustling nearby.

"Finally..." Dash thought to himself and lowered his body to pounce whatever was behind the bushes. He waited for a short while before he pounced as soon as he heard the rustling again. He tumbled around with his target before he finally managed to pin it on it's back in the middle of a clearing.

Though, he wasn't to happy with what he caught, "You again?! Why don't you leave me alone!" Dash shouted to the Charmander beneath him.

"What? You jumped on me!" Slasher snapped and pushed Dash off of him and stood up. "I was searching here first!" He declared angrily.

"In you dreams! I got here first! Your just getting on my way!" Dash shouted back.

"Your way? You got in mine!"

"Did not!"

"Did to!"



"Will you two wiper snappers just shut up!?" A voice shouted from nearby. The shout stopped their immature argument in it's tracks as it surprised them both into silence. They turned around and saw that what yelled at them, was a Zigzagoon similar to one they had seen yesterday.

"Sheash, A Pokemon can't get any peace and quiet anymore these days..." He was a lot older than both Dash and Slasher, not really suitable to be a battling/traveling Pokemon since he was way past his prime.

Too bad neither of them cared. "I got him!" Both Dash and Slasher shouted at once and charged straight for the old Zigzagoon.

"Great gallopin' Gengars!" The Zigzagoon shouted and started running.

Meanwhile, Riku was still searching the area for a Pokemon. "Aw man! This is harder than I thought! What are they all on coffee break?" Riku said angrily and sat down to eat some left over berries. As he ate, he noticed how peaceful the forest could be. Gentle winds, bird Pokemon chirping, lush green grass, it was a pretty pleasant scene. Riku laid back and folded his arms behind his head and yawned.

"I'm sure Dash and Slasher wouldn't mind if I..." Before he could even finish, he had all ready hit snoresville. He didn't have long to sleep though. A minute or so later, the Zigzagoon, Dash, and Slasher, all came charging towards him.

Riku shout up in surprise from the noise, only to be tackled down by a frantic Zigzagoon. "What the heck?! Get this thing off of me!" He said and tried to pull off the frightened Pokemon clinging to his head. His first mistake, was grabbing it's tail. The Zigzagoon cringed from the pain, then started repeatedly bitting Riku's head.

Riku started screaming and tried ply it off, but it was of no use. "Dash, Slasher! Help! Get this thing off me!" He shouted frantically while stumbling around with a raccoon on his head.

"I got it!" Dash said and charged forward.

"Leave it to me!" Slasher said and did the same.

They both leaped for the Pokemon towards Riku's head but were a little off and tackled him down by hitting his chest. The Zigzagoon jumped off and scurried away.

Riku groaned painfully and decided not to get up anytime soon.

Dash and Slasher looked at Riku, then turned to face each other angrily.

"Great, now look what you've done!" Dash snapped.

"Me? Look what you've done! This was all your fault!" Slasher accused.

"It's yours lizard!" Dash said and started growling.

"Look, just because you start growling, doesn't mean I'm afraid of you. Your just an Eevee after - " Slasher couldn't finish because Dash tackled him to the ground.

Riku finally got up and rubbed his head. "Ow my...that raccoon's gonna pay for this!" Riku shouted and stood up. He turned around to see Dash and Slasher fighting, again...

"Hey! Knock it off! Now this is just annoying!" Riku shouted but the Pokemon ignored him. Slasher managed to push Dash into the large tree nearby as it shook a little and two things fell from it.

"Oh yeah?" Dash said and prepared to charge Slasher but stopped once an egg fell on his fur, not breaking or anything. "What's this?" He said and examined it, forgetting his fight with Slasher.

Riku screamed again. "Worm! Get it off!" Riku shouted and frantically waved both arms about as a Wurmple fell on his face. It made a confused face then hopped off without any problems at all. It started staring at Riku again.

"What? Quit staring at me!" He snapped. Still mad about it falling on it's face.

I stared at him a little while longer before jumping onto him happily.

Riku screamed again.

While Riku was distracted by the Wurmple, Dash was too and didn't notice a small blue bird that flew down next to him.

"What are you doing with my baby?!" It shouted at Dash. Dash could tell by it's looks it was a Taillow.

"What? Baby? Oh, you must mean this." He said and grabbed the egg of his tail with his mouth. He

The Taillow gasped. "Egg eater! My baby!"

"What?! No! I was just - " Dash tried to explain but Taillow few back into the tree for a minute.

Dash placed the egg on the ground. "Crazy lady... He mumbled and tried to walk away but a flock made of at least seven Taillow flew down in front of him.

"That's him!" The Taillow from early shouted. "He's the egg eater!"

Dash's fur stood on ends. "Wait! I can explain!"

"Get him!"

Dash decided talking was useless and made a run for the others.

The sun had just started to set as Dash made his way to the others in the forest engulfed in the orange glow of the sunset.

Riku was sitting crossed legged on the floor, throwing an annoyed stare at the Wurmple in front of him. Though, it just kept staring back at him adoringly though. Slasher was sitting by seeming bored.

"What will it take for you to leave me alone?" He asked the Wurmple.

It made a few happy cries. Indicating it wasn't going anywhere.

Riku sighed and buried his face in his hands. The Wurmple took that as a game and made a few more happy cries. Seconds later Dash ran up to Riku and started saying something frantically. Riku didn't understand but guessed anyway.

"Um, a little girl fell in a well?" He asked. Dash growled and bit his finger."Ouch! What's wrong with you?!" Riku said and waved his hand around to ease the pain a little. The Wurmple supported Riku shouting a few things as well.

"Suck up..." Dash though then remembered the Taillow would be there soon. He though frantically for a bit, but then got an idea. He grabbed Riku's backpack in his teeth then ran off in the opposite direction of the Taillow.

"Hey! Dash, bring that back!" Riku said and ran after him. Wurmple could only crawl so it jumped onto Riku's back and held on.

Slasher decided he didn't want to get left behind, so started walking after them. Though, he stopped and looked behind him after hearing flapping. Slasher let out a yelp and of course, started immediately running with the others after spotting the group of angry Taillow.

Carrying the bag and running wore Dash out so he stopped after a few minutes of running and laid down to rest near it. Riku wasn't to happy when he caught up. "Dash, are you insane? Now we could be lost!" He snapped and grabbed his bag of the floor. Slasher kept running and screaming until he ran into Riku's and fell backwards.

"What's wrong with you guy's today?!" Riku shouted again.

Slasher let out a few panicked cries and pointed behind him. Riku finally looked behind him and at last witnessed the flock of Taillow closing in.

"So that's what this is about... Alright, let's go! Dash, Slasher, take 'em out!" Riku ordered. Although, Dash was to tired from the run, and Slasher was to panicked to do anything.

"...okay then..." He grabbed the panting Eevee off the floor and started running again with Slasher not to far behind and the Wurmple still on his back. The Wurmple was starting to feel useless so it decided to help out. It turned around and started shouting poisonous needles at the flock behind them.

"What? You can fight?" Riku asked it but kept running. It answered with another happy Pokemon cry and continued to shot needles. "Awesome! Great job...Silky!" He named it and finally accepted it as a Team Member.

Silky was simply overjoyed and ceased fire. Seconds later, Riku could see a white glow coming from somewhere behind him as Silky started to feel heavier. Completely puzzled on what was happening behind him, he decided it was best for him just to keep running.

"Everything okay - Ouch! Pointy, very pointy!" He complained as he felt Silky hop of off him.

Riku stopped and looked behind him to see that Silky was completely different now. It was in a purple cocoon, it had pointy needles extending from parts of it's body, and finally, it had piercing red eyes now.

Silky let out a deeper cry then started shooting string from one of it's needles. Much to Riku's surprise, It had wrapped up most of the Taillow in seconds flat in a silk-like substance.

"No way...Silky?" Riku asked in disbelief and shock and placed Dash back on the ground once he regained his strength.

"Silky hopped a few times to turn around and looked at Riku happily.

"Whoa..." Was all Slasher could get out as he stared at the Cocoon Pokemon in awe.

"Great...another glory hog..." Dash commented, but was impressed nevertheless.

"Nice work Silky... at first I though you were just some annoying worm but, I take it back." He said and pulled out a PokeBall. "Welcome to the team, Silky." He said and flicked the ball towards Silky. Silky actually jumped to the ball and let the red light take him. He made no effort to escape as the ball clicked.

"Well," Riku began and walked over towards the ball and picked it up. "He's one of us now, I wouldn't get him mad you two." Riku warned. "Unless you want to be mummified that is." He joked and started laughing. Though both of them had no clue what mummified meant.

"I kill me..." Riku said and wiped away a tear.

A few minutes later, they finally hit Winovea Town. The first thing Riku did was hit the markets for some food since they had run out. He used the money he had started with and used the four bucks from th kid to buy some more pokefood. After that, he decided the Gym could wait and headed towards the PokeCenter for a well deserved rest.

He plopped down onto a sofa in the center tiredly and pulled out his PokeNav. "It's about time I called Chase..." He said and pressed a button on the speed dial. "This is how you work this thing right?"

It rung a few times before someone picked up.

"Hello? Marco's Pokemon Labs. Marco speaking." Prof. Marco said on the other line.

"What the?" Riku said out of confusion but then decided to play a little game.

"Er, hello?" riku said and tried to disguise his voice. "This is Sapling Town's Refrigerator repair company, and we have received a call concerning a broken refrigerator... tell me, is you refrigerator running?"

"I'm not sure, let me check...hey, wait! Riku?" Marco figured.

"Darn it!" Riku said and hung up quickly.

"Alright, that didn't work... maybe this one..." He said and pressed another button.

It rang a few times again before some picked up.

"Hello?" He heard his mother answer."

"Aw for cryin out...hi mom..." Riku said.

"Hi Riku! How are you?" She greeted happily.

"Fine, fine...I'm in Winovea right now."

"Well that's great! You have been buying regular food, right dear?" She asked.

"Uh..." Riku started and looked in his backpack at a turkey, lot's of berries since he had grown attached to them, mustard, vegetables for the Pokemon, Apples, candy bars, bottles of water, and some some odd reason, a box of cereal without milk...

"Uh...yeah! Some of it..." Riku said.

His Mom sighed. "Well, as long as you can live off of it... it's edible this time right?"

"Yeah, some of it..." He said saying the same thing twice.

"Oh right, and speaking of food... would you happen to know anything about three pizza's topped with anchovies?" She asked in a suspicious tone.

Riku froze up. "Er, I gotta go! Dash! Leave Slasher alone!" He shouted even though they weren't doing anything but eating. "Bye Mom!" He said and hung up.

"Whew... that was close..." He said and tried one more time. "This has to be it..." He said and hit another speed dial button.

It rang again before someone picked up. As soon as they did, Riku could hear howling in the background.

"Star it's ok, It's just my pokenav, Hello?" He heard Chase's voice say.

"Yes! finally! I've been trying to call you forever!" Riku said, glad he finally got the number right.


"Your in luck my friend! You've called just in time to hear me rant on about my day!"

" called me Riku..." Chase pointed out.

"Uh...that's not the point!" Riku snapped."The point is my days been awful!"

"Really now..." Chase said but stopped as Riku heard something. "Jolteon!" An unfamiliar Pokemon voice shouted. "Oh Rush says hi."

Riku wasn't paying attention and started going on about his day. "Okay First there was this - What?!" He shouted after hearing that was Rush.

"Rush said hi." Chase repeated.

"That was Rush?" Riku asked in shock.

"Yeah, he went through some changes."

"Jolt!" Rush barked again.

"Changes? Like what?" Riku asked even though he was pretty sure they might have been the same changes Silky went through.

"Well, he made a decision that literally changed him in many ways." Chase explained.

"...Oh I know, Revolution!" Riku said after remembering what it was called, even though he didn't realize the fact that he said it wrong.

"Not really, you see Riku, Rush evolved." Chase corrected.

"Yeah that's what I said evolution!"

"Anyway, he a Jolteon now!" Chase said happily.

"That's strange... Dash is still the same here..." Riku explained and looked down at the Eevee who was now sleeping next to his feet.

"They evolve differently than normal methods, check your Dex if you want to find out how."

"Anyway you mention something like you han an awful day?

"Yeah! First there was this Zigzagoon that mistook my head for a chew toy!" Riku said and started to get angry.

Chase had to start holding back laughter.

"Then, this Tailow thinks Dash stole it's eggs or something, and the next thing we know, were being chased by a flock of angry Taillow!" He said, getting even angrier.

Chase kept trying to hold back laughter but was starting to fail.

"I heard that! But that's not the end of it, now, there's this fidgety Wurmple, who decides it wants to join the team!" He shouted, "A wurmple man!"

"You think Taillow are bad? Try getting chased by a Skarmory!" Chase exclaimed.

"Skarmory? Did you catch it?" Riku asked.

"I had to run for my life! tried to catch it but only pissed it off..."

"I would try stalking it! Although that didn't work to well with that girl in the 5th grade...she ended up smacking me!" Riku shouted.

"I remember that!" Chase said and started laughing. "That girl Madison!"

"Hey, she only did that because she liked me too! but I can't blame her, she just couldn't resist my charms.." Riku started up a crazy little chat about himself.

"Whatever Riku, we both know i had more luck with the girls." Chase said.

"Are you kidding? She was madly in love with me!" Riku insisted.

"But.. she did try to call the cops, and she carried pepper spray around..."

"If she had a crush on you, then why did she keep passing me notes on class?"

"And she...What?!" Riku shouted in shock. "Notes?! math class!? When did all this happen?!

"In 5th grade..." Chase answered.

"What? You passed notes to her!?" Riku asked furiously.

"She passed them to me!"

"Great, its worse than I though!" Riku said, "How dare you?"

"Hey! I didn't even like her! she would always do it in math class!" Chase defended.

"Anyway...I miss her..." Riku said downheartedly.

"I found her quite annoying, so I was glad when she left in 6th grade."

"Are you insane man!?" Riku snapped again. "How could you be glad?!"

"She was always bugging me."

"Anyway...did I tell you that Wurmple must have revolved?" Riku asked.

"That's evolved Riku." Chase corrected again.

"That's what I said!" Riku shouted.

"No you said revolved."

"No, I said evolved!" Riku insisted on insisting.

"Whatever, did it turn white or purple?"

"I think purple..."

"Oh, so it's Cascoon then..." Chase figured.

"What's a Cascoon?" Riku asked.

"You fell asleep in boilogy calss when we were discussing the Wurmple didn't you?"

"I did not, the teacher bored me!" Riku shouted defensively

"Whatever dude." Chase said before Riku heard a familiar voice.

"Hey Chase, they have an all you can eat... oh your on the phone."

The voice stunned Riku. "What the? Was that who I think it was?!"

"Well...who did you think it was?"

"Was that the meanie?" The voice asked sounding somewhat angry.

"That annoying voice...that scould only belong to The Brat!"

"Yeah, my dad assigned her to me, she has a junior license now." Chase explained.

"Ahahahahahaha! Have fun Chasy!" Riku said in a mocking voice.

Jasmine started talking through the PokeNav. "Yep we're traveling together, but I promised Chase that I wouldn't call him that."

" won't be as funny if your not annoying Chase to death..." Riku said sadly.

"Sorry to disappoint you, meanie!"

"Yeah whatever..." He said and started mumbling something.

"Say, where are you right now anyway Riku?" Chase asked after getting back on th PokeNav.

"I'm in a Pokemon center at Winovea Town. Were resting after that whole crazy recruiting thing and Taillow incident."

"I got a wad of cash right now so we're staying at a hotel."

Riku was shocked once again. "Wad of cash? Hotel? Where are you?!"

"We're in Tenos Town, there's a bunch of rich people living here. I beat a few of em'."

"Rich People? Let me at 'em! I need to get rich quick!"

"I think the're still a bit sore for the beating I gave them."

"So your rich for a while, and I'm stuck at a pokmon center like this..."

During the call, Silky hopped up to in front of Riku and smiled.

"Uh-oh... no Silky! Your Spiky now! Ahhhhh!" He shouted as Silky jumped on him.

"Um, ok we'll let you deal with the spikes...later Riku." Chase said and hung up.

Riku put the PokeNav away. "Ow... bad Silky! Off!" He said and picked Silky up and dropped him on the floor. Silky shot him a confused look before hopping away somewhere.

Riku sighed as he rested against the Sofa. A few minutes passed before some one came threw the sliding glass doors. Someone he thought he'd never see again.

That person was a girl around fourteen. She wore a white and light blue short sleeved shirt, baggy dark blue cargo pants, and white sneakers. She also had curly blonde hair.

The expression on Riku's face lit up. "Hey Madison!" He called happily.

The girl froze up on her way to the counter where Nurse Joy was at and slowly turned her head around. Madison saw Riku waving happily then, screamed.

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