Author's note: Starts with a scene from the movie but then changes to this story line.

Chapter 1: Finding Each Other

The Fighting Frogs just scored a touch down and won the game. The crowd immediately stood up. Half of the bleachers went wild cheering for the Fighting Frogs and the other half just sat in silence. The drought just ended as the rain started pouring down on the hundreds of people at the game.

Sam Montgomery and Austin Ames were in the bleachers kissing one another. Shelby Cummings was just looking at them. Why her? She asked herself all upset and confused all at the same time. The other cheerleaders didn't pay attention. They were jumping up and down and cheering for their school's team that won the football game.

"So I see you did want to see me again after the Halloween homecoming dance." Said Sam with a smile.

"I did say absolutely then, didn't I?" He said smiling and making a confused look on purpose.

"Yes. I couldn't be happier right now."

"Me too." Austin replied as he grabbed her hand and brought her down the stairs of the bleachers.

"Austin!" Shelby shouted. "Don't go!" She said with a desperate don't leave me look. "Don't do this Austin!" She shouted. She just stood there with a mixture of being shocked and sad at the same time. She just couldn't understand how he'd go for a diner girl when he had her, a beautiful, blonde cheerleader.

They ran out of the football field and made their way through the parking lot. He looked around the parking lot for a few seconds.

"Over here." He said anxious to get away from everyone but Sam.

They headed towards his truck by jogging their way there.

Sam and Austin finally got to his nice black truck. Austin was a gentleman and went to the left side and opened her door and stepped back. He grabbed her hand to help her get into the truck.

"Thank you." She said.

" Your welcome." He closed the door and danced his way to the other side of the vehicle. He opened the door and got in.

"Where do you want to go?" Sam asked him with a look saying, what do we do now?

"Well I better go home and take a shower and change clothes." He said. "Then it's up to you."

"Well I'm not sure."

"Well I'm hungry. How about that burger?"

"What burger?" She asked playfully.

"You know. The questions I was asking… You said a burger. So lets go have one."

"Sure. Sounds great."

"I know exactly where to get the perfect burger." He said with a smile.

"Oh yeah? Where's that?"

"Your diner, silly."