Author's Note - Understand this before you read the story please. I trully enjoy Naruto, but I am not what one would call a "hardcore fan". By this, I mean I don't memorize jutsu names, every character and such. Also, this is a fanfic, which to me, signifies that, so long as I keep the characters and such in their own world, I can tweak this. Please be gentle in your critiques.. This is my first time. o.o

Possibly most importantly to several of you, I got this idea from another fanfic that was left with only 1 chapter over a year ago. I wasn't happy with that, so I am making my own, based off of that. I do not own or know the person who created the original (Entitled "Hinata's Desire" I believe.) I am creating the entire story from scratch however. I just wanted to get that out of the way so it was there and hopefully, I don't get flamed to horribly.

Darkened Desire:

Naruto had just finished in training ground seven and was on his way to Ichiraiku Ramen for his customary twenty bowls of ramen when he bumped into Hinata. She started falling back letting out a short "oomph" on her way down. About halfway down Naruto grabbed her by her forearm and pulled, causing her to hit against his chest so he could stabalize her again.

"N-N-Naruto!" Hinata had seen Naruto only as he hit her. She hadn't even realized her falling or her being pulled into Naruto. She only noticed that their bodies were pressed against each other and that it was very close to the boy she has felt strongly for since she first saw him.

"Oi, Hinata. Are you alright?" Naruto stepped back and quickly looked her over. He noticed her face, from the roots of her hair down to her neck before it disappeared into her jacket, was deep red and that she was very still. He was hoping it was just from being down and up so quickly.

"Hinata? Hello?" Naruto was about to poke her nose to see if he would get a reaction when she hit the ground with a thud.

Quickly, Naruto looked around bent down to try and wake her up. He realized this happened a lot with her. He would get close and she would get a darker shade of red as the distance closed until the eventual thump. He would have to ask Neji if he knew if there was some kind of a medical condition with her. But until then, he would have to get her from out in the middle of the commonway.

Naruto picked Hinata up and took her to Ichiraiku Ramen and set her on the stool next to where he planned to sit and set her down so it looked as though she fell asleep. That would keep people from prying into a situation he couldn't really explain. Everyone seemed to hate him enough as it was.

"Hello Naruto! Oh my what happened here?" The young girl behind the counter came and took a look at Hinata. She slid her fingers through Hinata's hair to put it behind her ear and took a look at her face, making sure she was alright simply out of curiousity.

"She wasn't here a moment ago. Did she come with you Naruto?" The young lady looked at Naruto while straightening.

Naruto put his hand behind his head and scratched his ear.

"Eh, I bumped into her over there and caught her before she fell, but the next thing I know, she fainted again." Naruto really didn't want to be banned from Ichairuka Ramen by them thinking he was some sadist or something.

"Again? She does this often?" The girl looked a little surprised but then remembered she often saw the girl do the very same thing before.


Both Naruto and the young lady looked at the small girl emitting the sound as she yawned and stretched slightly as if just waking up from sleeping.

"Hinata, are you okay now?"

Hinata was a little curious why she smelled ramen and opened her eyes as she realized she was hearing voices.

"-re you okay now?"

Hinata jumped a bit at Naruto's voice and let out a small "meep" as she hopped off the stool.

"N-Naruto! I'm sorry!" Hinata's red face was getting darker and darker as the seconds passed.

"It's okay Hinata, I bumped into you, remember? I'll buy you a bowl of ramen, 'kay?" At that, Naruto began his order.

"Oi, um, I want ten miso ramen, ten pork ramen, and whatever Hinata would like." Naruto turned to Hinata to get her input when she sat, albeit slowly, in the spot next to Naruto.

"O-One pork ramen please." I did it again! I didn't mean to faint, it just happened, as usual.

"Alright, your orders will be done momentarily. Well.." She paused slightly and looked pointedly at Naruto, but with a wide smile. "Well, the beginning of it anyway." And with that, she went to tell her father what was to be made.

"Oh, Hinata, I am not going to keep you from anything am I? I didn't even ask, I'm sorry." Naruto just sat there waiting for Hinata's answer.

"No Na-Naruto. I w-was actually c-coming here to eat anyway." A small lie wouldn't hurt, and it gave her a few minutes with him.

Naruto smiled his big cheesy grin and Hinata just got a bit more red in the cheeks. She just pushed the points of her fingers together until their orders were brought. Naruto finished a bowl as Hinata finished every other bite. They finished in relative silence, Naruto totally oblivious to the looks Hinata would give him out of the corner of her eyes and her making sure he didn't.

A quick bonk on the head made Naruto bite the noodles from his current slurp off and a noodle to shoot out his nose.

"NARUTO! You should really try and eat something other than ramen once in a while!"

"But Sakura! There is nothing else that could match ramen!" Hinata let a small smile show on her face as she listened to Naruto and his teammate fight about this for not the first time.

"Bah! Hello Hinata! I've been looking everywhere for you! This is not the last place I would expect to find you, but certainly not that far from it." Sakura shot a death glare at Naruto and sat next to Naruto, opposite Hinata.

"M-Me Sakura? What did you n-need me f-for?" She was almost done with her noodles, but wasn't really hungry anymore, so she decided that she was done with it and pushed it aside.

"Well, myself, Ino and TenTen are thinking of getting together and having a girl's night type of thing. We decided that we wanted all the girls together and you were the only one that wasn't around when we thought it up. So I said I would look for you and see what you wanted to do. It would be tonight, unless that wouldn't work for you, then we can do it tomorrow night. TenTen has a mission she will leave for in three days, so we wanted to do it soon while we all had time."

"Oi! That sounds like fun!" Sakura again hit Naruto on the back of his head, fully satisfied when he fell out of the stool.

"Naruto! 'Girls night out' means that there are NO boys! We couldn't care less if you think it is fun, because if you were there, you would find yourself the target of a few hours of shuriken and kunai practice!" Sakura looked back at Hinata to see what she would say.

"I w-would enjoy it very much Sakura. I d-do have tonight available, so where would we meet and when?"

Hinata and Sakura got down to specifics while a lumpy Naruto got back on his stool and finished his last bowl of ramen. "You don't have to be so mean Sakura, I just thought it sounded like a fun idea." He had just barely whispered it, but he knew it was still too loud when Sakura's attention turned on him. He quickly leaned back and put his hands up in a defensive gesture.

"A-Ah! Sakura, I didn't mean anything by it, I was just saying you had such a brilliant idea! That's all!" He calmed visibly when her death-glare turned from him and she and Hinata got up to leave. Hinata was pulling out the money to pay for her ramen when Naruto's hand was on her's. A very embarassed Hinata froze and began to redden again.

"I told you I would take care of it. I am sorry I bumped you down. I didn't mean to." With that, he placed the bills down to cover the meal, and walked to his home.

"Huh? Naruto paid for your meal?" Sakura looked at Hinata who hadn't answered. She was watching Naruto disappear into the abyss of the people walking around during the day.

"Okay everyone! Time for the fun to begin!" Ino was laying on her bed as everyone else lay on their sleeping bags or sat around her room. Snacks and drinks were around as they all looked at Ino to find out what she meant. They were already having fun.

"Hey Ino, what do you mean? We've been having fun for a while now." Sakura was seated against the wall, sitting comfortably on her sleeping bag. She couldn't, for the life of her, figure out what Ino was getting at, but with the way she looked, it was going to probably end badly somehow.

"Well, you know how my clan can take over people's minds and how, sometimes, we can just simply be whispers, suggesting?" At their nods, she continued. "Well, I've been working on a technique that... how do I put it?" She wanted to pause for dramatic effect, but looked at Sakura and decided she didn't look happy.

"Er, what I mean is, I have been working on a technique where I can put a suggestion in your mind, to alter you as my suggestion would say." Ino looked at the girls in turn, noting that, they just somewhat stared at her.

"What? A girl's gotta have SOME kind of a defense against those villianous men out there, right?" She smiled knowing that they would find it as funny as she did.

"Ino, what do you mean by how you suggest? You mean, you can take over someone's mind and tell them to say, do something, and they do it as you say without you having to keep controlling them?" TenTen was a bit unsure of this. It seemed... like slavery in a way.

"Yea Ino, what do you mean?" Sakura was wanting a more detailed explanation. "It seems like you are suggesting that you do the same thing, but in a different way."

"These girls have KILLED their inner children! That was hilarious!"

"Well, let me use an example. Say you had all of the rookie nine together. Each one is as they are because of everything that has happened in their lives. Normally, what we do, is go in to a person's mind, and control it as if it were just us, then leave and lose that control. What I got curious about is this: What if I wanted someone to do something, but couldn't be in their minds when they do it? What if I wanted, say, to use an enemy ninja and have them go and assassinate their own leader, or as high up as they could get? Then I would have to physically be close enough to keep the jutsu up as well as be in the mind to do it. That isn't smart or safe. So, I got curious and wondered about complete or just partial mind alteration rather than control. Using the same example as before, I could take that enemy ninja, and have them, instead of going against what they want, actually make them WANT to kill that person, or be somehow different. See?" Ino looked around noticing they seemed to get it.

"W-Well, I h-have a q-question. Not that I d-don't think that yo-you're idea is good Ino, b-but... how does this m-mean we're at the fun part?" Hinata cocked her head a bit to the side as she wrapped her arms around her knees that were pulled up under her chin.

Ino just looked at her as Sakura and TenTen voiced their agreements, both having forgotten about that part.

"Okay, let me use a different example. Hinata, you happen to rather like a yellow-haired, loud-mouthed genin, yes?" At this, Hinata's eyes widened to saucers and she was instantly red.

"W-w-wha-what d-do you m-mean, I d-don't..." She stuttered as best should could as she tried to think of something to say.

All the girls laughed and Hinata only got even more red.

Am I really that obvious? How could I have been that obvious?

"Don't worry Hinata, we like the idea of you and Naruto getting together. But that is actually the point to my bringing this up." Ino looked directly at each one of them as she spoke to emphasize her point as she spoke a little more quietly.

"To continue my example, if I were to use this jutsu on you, I could make all of your insecurities go away about being around Naruto! You could say what you wanted and not feel the slightest embarassed about it!" Ino was getting more and more excited as she spoke.

"Wait a minute, so you want to use this technique on Hinata?" TenTen and Sakura both looked at Ino like she had lost her mind. The backs on both of the girls had gone rigid. Sakura couldn't look at Ino right now without picturing her in a white lab coat and some hunch-backed servant saying 'Yes Master!'

"No! Of course I wouldn't test it out on Hinata!" All of the girls in the room slouched a little and sighed their relief.

"I tried it on Shikamaru first." Ino sat back and watched their expressions go from relieved to incredibly shocked and horrified in an instant. Their mouths were hanging open at the realization that Ino had to be crazy.

"Now, come on! It isn't like that! He knew I was doing it the whole time! Obviously, he was a little worried about me trying a jutsu on him that I created that basically re-wires a person's brain for that specific purpose to be changed, but hey, he couldn't resist my charm!" Ino flicked her hair and rotated in her bed as if modelling in front of a camera.

Sakura's eyebrow twitched and there were no responses from TenTen or Hinata except where their mouths were opening and closing as if they thought they were talking.

"So," Sakura said, "basically, you pestered him until he couldn't stand you anymore, right?"

Ino got a vein in her forhead that looked like it was about to pop.

"Look forehead girl! I may have pestered him, but that is only because I didn't think he was worth trying to charm! Anyway," She looked back at Hinata, "if it worked with him, then it can work with you too."

"W-what exactly d-did you d-do to Shikamaru?" Hinata was barely able to speak knowing she would have to go and prod Shikamaru later to make sure he wasn't drooling out the side of his mouth or anything.

"Well, nothing much really..." Ino sat back down and braced her back against the wall. She knew she had won out over her now. "What I mainly did, was ask him what he thought would be the hardest to change with him. I asked if he would be willing to not listen to me for the whole day. After he agreed too quickly, and I pommeled him, we decided that would be it. He would do exactly the opposite of what I would tell him during the day unless it was life-threatening or necassary for any reason, aside from this test. I specified date, time frame, and that he was to do exactly what I told him to do, while he TRIED to do the opposite. As the day wore on, he did more and more at my command. The only problem is, it seems to be more like an advanced hypnosis rather than true mind alteration." Ino could see their confused looks.

"Ino, what do you mean, advanced hypnosis?" TenTen was well aware of self-hypnosis and what it could do for you. It was basically meditation. But with it, you could calm your nerves, try to change personal habits and things like that. But, as far as she knew, it can't be controlling in any way.

"Well, hypnosis, of any kind, cannot be any medium of control. It basically, allows you to open yourself to certain ideas and such. Basically, if I put, say, Sakura under normal hypnosis and told her she would forever see Sasuke as a woman, she wouldn't do so. You can only be hypnotized into doing something you would normally do, or suggest to you to do something, maybe making you more open to the idea. There is nothing that can forced onto you. But my technique however, now THAT is more advanced. It can still be fought, I haven't perfected it by any means, but for something like what I mentioned to Hinata, all that would be required is her wanting whatever I were to tell her. Because she would want it, there would be no resistance. Like, Shikamaru would, even though I said he would do more and more throughout the day, still wouldn't do things he would normally fight against. That is why I asked him. He would rather not do what I want anyway." Ino laughed a little bit, but spaced out just a little to make the girls wonder what exactly she WAS able to make him do.

"S-so, you can m-make me feel more s-s-secure around Naruto?" Hinata was beginning to get excited. This could be the answer to all the problems she had been having around Naruto since the beginning.

"Actually, yes. If you actually desire it. Whatever I tell you, your mind will take and use it as it needs to and allow you to have no inhibitions around Naruto. Just.. try to keep them a LITTLE when in public." Ino flashed a huge grin and flashed the victory symbol as Hinata got more red than she had ever been.

"OH MY GOD! HINATA? BREATHE! You look like you are going to explode!" Sakura quickly went over to the Hyuuga girl and caught her as she passed out. Sakura couldn't help but glare at Ino.

"Ino-pig, you are sure this wouldn't hurt her? I mean, if she gets her hopes up on this..." Ino initially had that vein in her forehead again, but decided to defend her jutsu more.

"I am very sure of it Forehead Girl. It won't harm her, but even if it DOESN'T work, if the confidence is still there, then it still serves its purpose, right?" Ino looked at Sakura, actually looked at her, for confirmation. She wanted to know, even though she suggested it, that it was a good idea.

Sakura looked at Hinata and a smile ghosted over her lips. "If it helps her get her dream, I hope so."

"What do you think TenTen? You've been unusually quiet about all this." Sakura and Ino looked at her as she was looking at her toes. Waving each one in the air as she thought.

"I think that messing with someone's head is not a good idea... but... if it allows her to finally achieve what she wants... I just... don't want her to get hurt. You know?" She looked up at them both, each in turn and then looked at her toes again. They suddenly seemed so significant. "I think that, if she wants to try, then very well. But I would weigh the risks carefully. You said there was no harm if it failed, but are you sure?" She looked at Ino, unspoken threat in her eyes quite evident.

"I am very sure of it. What I do doesn't actually hardwire the brain any differently. It just, how do I put this? It, in a way, is like it creates a false memory, one that overrides everything for the specific task at hand. In this case, her being shy and embarassed, would be cancelled by the memory that inspires a feeling so calming and offers her so much confidence, she isn't even aware of the fear, embarassment or shyness. But it isn't actually a memory, don't get me wrong, it is just like one in her mind, and as memories can fade, so can that. Which is why it can be fought and lost I think. By doing this, whatever she wants to do, she could." Ino spoke slowly enough and with enough passion she was able to sway TenTen. It was all true, but not exactly as she described it, but without them knowing her abilites, inside and out, they would never be able to actually get it otherwise. That was as close as she could get them to it.

"Okay. But the decision is hers of course." TenTen looked at Hinata and realized she was watching the whole thing.

"Let's do it." Sakura and Ino looked at Hinata then to each other.

"Okay Hinata, this takes several minutes. I would like you to hold still." Ino flew through her hand seals and then slumped to the ground. Hinata followed less than a second afterwards.

"Ino-Pig! You could have told us what to expect before starting!" Sakura's hand fisted as she shook it at the slumped form of Ino, her vein also throbbing in her forehead and temple.

"Sakura, do we just hold them still? Ino didn't even tell us what to expect. How are we supposed to know-" TenTen and Sakura looked at Hinata as she lifted herself up.

"You don't have to yell, I was calming Hinata before I started working. Now, we will both by slumped over, don't drop us please, and after a few minutes we will both rise, with a newly confident Hinata!" Ino/Hinata smiled and then slumped over.

"What a pain in the ass." TenTen nodded her agreement.

"That would have been nice to know BEFORE she went in." TenTen just sat back and waited with Sakura.

"WHAT THE!" Both girls looked down at Ino and Hinata.

"Where are we?" Hinata was holding Ino's hand as she was being guided in what seemed like a black void, full of colorful spheres of light. Each of which offered her voices and images of times past.

"This is your Nexus. This is the place in the mind where all things join together and literally anything is possible. All of these spheres of light are memories, thoughts, dreams... All of the things that make you .. you. Go ahead, touch one." Ino prodded Hinata to touch one, so she did.

Hinata looked around and one that was close was one of her earliest memories of Naruto that she could tell from the image playing over the sphere. She reached out, the distance closing almost immediately, and then she and Ino where like ghosts, standing next to her as she watched Naruto.

Hinata was hiding in the trees, off a distance from him. He was sitting under a tree, breathing heavily and incredibly tired. He was covered in cuts, scrapes and very bad wounds. All of his clothes were torn up and he was crying.

"Hinata, what is this memory?" Ino had never seen anything like it before. She had met Naruto only once before the Academy, and this appeared to be a bit before that.

Hinata sniffled as she remembered. "This was the first time I saw Naruto. I was brought to the Academy to enlist, and several people came out of the woods..." As she spoke, the memory started to play as she narrated, giving an ethereal and ghostly feeling. Hinata sounded hollow as she spoke, only adding to the atmosphere that Ino already didn't like.

"When they came out, I used my Byuukagan. I saw him in there, he wasn't moving. He was covered in blood and barely breathing. Whoever had brought me to enlist in the Academy at the time was filling out the paperwork, but I saw noone else there, so I deactivated it and went to see if he needed help. When I got there, he didn't have any more physical wounds, but I could tell that those guys had beat Naruto. I didn't know why, so I stayed back. I was afraid. Then..." She stopped talking as the Naruto memory did.

"I WILL become Hokage! I don't care how many times you come, and I care what you do, I am Uzumaki Naruto and I will never give up!" Then the Naruto memory got up and started training, still barely able to stand.

"I would always find him, in the woods, alone, training. He always tried so hard. I always heard people telling him it was pointless, he was worthless, and he always would continue..." By this time, Hinata was crying all over again. She hated seeing Naruto in pain, and this was just like seeing it all over again.

"Okay, let's see about making you Super Hinata, 'kay?" Ino didn't want to say anything, but she was going to cry too if they stayed there. Nothing like that should ever have happened. Hinata only nodded her head causing them to leave the memory. Then they were back in the Nexus.

Okay. Now I need you to be very still, and open yourself to me, okay? It will make things faster and easier. The less I have to fight you to do this, the easier it will be on both of us.

Hinata only nodded, still upset about the momory.

As they were on their way out of the memory, they bumped into one that had drifted close to the one they were in and were caught up in the middle of one of Hinata's dreams. Ino only had time to register Naruto laying in bed with Hinata on top of him and a lot of skin before Hinata noticed and, in her embarassment, quickly threw the dream memory away so fast that they were out before Ino could be sure she saw what she thought she saw and realized how much force Hinata used to spare herself the embarassment, they were in nearly a totally dark void where she pushed all memories well away from them.

'That's the last time I do that in someone's mind...' thought Ino. She quickly made her "false memory" in Hinata's Nexus using several quick seals.

"You will, when around Naruto, have no inhibitions. You will be willing to make Naruto yours. When around Naruto, you will not notice any of your fear, any shyness or lack of confidence. You will do what you feel right to you to acknowledge your feelings to Naruto however you see fit. You will feel you can do anything you put your mind to."

Ino quickly closed the memory and set it for use as needed by forming several seals. Now all that was left was to clean up and get back to her body.

Ino rose first, a bit slowly and she looked somewhat tired, but she rose, followed a few seconds later by Hinata. Ino was afraid to know what other memories of Naruto in pain she may have, but she didn't want to look at Hinata in case she remembered the one they did see.

"WHAT THE?" Sakura and TenTen questioned in unison. They looked quite confused, which made Hinata and Ino confused.

"WHAT!" Ino was looking around and at her own and Hinata's bodies to see if anything creepy was around or if anything was missing.

"Well, you were only in there MAYBE a minute. You practically just told us that you were gonna slump down when you did, and TenTen and I spoke a few sentences, to be interrupted by you guys getting up." She still looked confused.

Ino couldn't believe what she was hearing. That was just, nowhere near enough time.

"But, when I did this with Shikamaru, it was nearly half an hour. Hm.. Maybe it was just because I knew what to expect this time, but still... I mean, we even saw some of Hinata's memories and dreams." She forgot to cut herself off when she mentioned the dream, she didn't want to go into THAT again. But the way she closed her mouth with a snap, the other two were instantly curious as to what the dream was. And asking only made them press all the harder at how both girls were as red as Hinata had ever been in her life.

They had stopped pestering for hints when they realized they weren't going to get anywhere, so they let it go.

"So, do you think it worked?" TenTen asked both girls in front of her. She couldn't tell any different as of yet. "I mean, shouldn't we see something different?"

"Well..." Ino looked sheepishly at the others. "Eheh... I kinda put in there that the changes would be specifically around Naruto. That was what we were talking about and what she agreed to, so that was all I wanted to do."

"Well, I guess we can see if it worked out or not tomorrow or the next day. She is bound to see Naruto soon anyway. Oh.." Sakura looked from Hinata to Ino. "Um, how long of a time limit did you give her on this anyway? A month? A week?" Sakura's brow was scrunched together trying to figure out what the most beneficial amount of time would have been.

"Huh? What time limit?" Ino had no clue what Sakura was talking about.

"You gave Shikamaru a one day time limit to make sure something bad didn't come from this, I assumed you would do the same on this. After all, we can't have her ALWAYS losing 'ALL' of her inhibitions when around Naruto can we? And obviously you COULDN'T have said 'all' when you were in there.. there would be nothing to keep him from possibly taking advantage of the situation for however long..." Sakura was still thinking heavily and didn't really notice Ino as she just froze and was getting more and more worried. TenTen however, noticed it the whole time.

"Um.. Ino, what exactly did you tell her?" Sakura looked at TenTen who spoke and then at Ino, almost immediately, starting to get worried.

"Oh Ino, no... tell me you didn't!" Sakura looked at Hinata, who was yawning and not really paying attention.

"I took care of that advantage crap, but I didn't put a time limit on it. I didn't think about it. But I would be easy to take this right off. All I have to do is get her down for a moment, and then after a few minutes, badda bing, badda boom. All's well again." Ino would have not worried so much, but she was, after all, just learning this new jutsu.

They went ahead and had the normal girl talks and played the normal games through the rest of the night until they fell asleep. All the while, assuring Ino and Hinata that they wouldn't let the dreams and memories questioning die out.

The sky was a darkened blue so deep it was nearly black. Stars illuminated throughout the entire sky and hazey clouds of light, much like the Aurora Borealis, illuminated over the soft, green grass. The trees glowed a soft blue-white light and the leaves were clear, but as if a milky green shown through them. A waterfall of sparkling stardust came off the cliffs at the end of a small river, turning into the purest, clean water you had ever seen.

"Do you like my Special Place Hinata?" Naruto was sitting beside Hinata looking up at the light show above. He brought her here to share this place with her.

"It's wonderful Naruto." Hinata whispered. "Why did you wait so long to bring me here?" Hinata looked over at Naruto only to see him looking at her.

"I hadn't made up my mind yet." He looked up at the sky as he spoke. This sky was a sky unlike any other. This sky shifted with the heart of the one looking at it. Of the one who would sit in it's light.

"Hadn't decided what, Naruto?" Hinata looked up at the sky to watch what he watched. She didn't think she could look at him. She didn't want to risk what she might see... Or what she wouldn't.

"How to love you of course." Naruto reached over and gently pushed Hinata's coat off her shoulders, placing his hand behind the middle of her back and bushed her back with his lips as he kissed her collarbone on the softer skin.

Hinata took in a sharp breath as she leaned back, letting him control their descent. She ran her hand up the back of his hand and dug her fingers through his hair feeling him gently lick the spot his just kissed.

"N-Naruto" Hinata layed backback and felt his fingertips run around her shoulder to the front of her neck and very slowly, run straight down her chest in lazy circles.

Naruto kissed up her neck and nibbled her earlobe with his lips. He whispered in her ear for comfort and to let her hear him. "Shh. Quiet Love. I'm on a mission." He flashed her a mischevious smirk as she giggled and kissed her neck again, lightly scraping his teeth against her skin just enough for her to feel it, and slowly put his palm on her stomach and ran his palm down to her thigh and squeezed gently, then ran his fingtips, pressing lightly, up the inside of her thighs to the top, and around giving her a shudder in her body.

Naruto blew gently on her neck where he had been kissing while his hand reached the bottom of her shirt. Naruto looked Hinata in the eye and smiled then went down to her stomach and kissed her belly, going up as the shirt did. He noticed her skin had a pink tint to it and looked at her face again to notice that it was just the lower part of her blushing face. He leaned up to her and kissed her on the mouth. A gentle kiss, sucking gently on her bottom lip and letting it go very slowly.

"You don't need to blush." Naruto cocked his head a little to the side and whispered in her ear again. "You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen." Naruto leaned back a little, looked her in the eyes again, and maintained the contact until she closed her eyes as he started kissing her again.

Hinata arched her back and let him take her shirt all the way off. Naruto left the shirt around her wrists and held them above her head as she lay on the ground and he kissed her neck again and down over her breasts, pressing heavily with his lips but lifting her breasts as he sucked and licked lightly over them.

Hinata raised her hands and took the shirt off her hands and tossed it aside and sat up, making Naruto sit back on his knees. She grabbed Naruto's hand and placed it on the end of her wrappings, signaling him to start undoing them. Naruto began taking it off as she kissed his neck this time, pushing his own jacket off.

As Naruto pulled the last of the wrappings off, Hinata pulled his head down to her breasts again, letting him suck her nipples into his mouth and pull gently, making soft moans escape Hinata. Naruto put Hinata's right breast in his and and lifted slightly, pinching her nipple between his fingers while his mouth suckled on her left, then switched. Getting each nipple hard, erect, and wet. He gently squeezed nad fondled each breasts, tickling very gently on the underside of her breasts, causing her to laugh and squirm under his touch.

Hinata reached up and pulled Naruto's shirt off, sadly making him stop his attention on her breasts. When it was off, she traced the outline of his muscles and bent down kissing his chest making him fall on his back this time. Hinata was getting tired of moving slow. This was getting to be too much. She reached down and started pulling down his pants, kissing down his chest and then stomach as she did. She had his pants off, and took off his shoes as she pulled each one off his leg. Hinata could see Naruto already getting hard.

Hinata stood up and started to take her pants off, letting them slide off of her hips as she wiggled to let them fall on their own. She then, very slowly, slid off her panties. She watched Naruto take in her fully naked body, letting him look, enjoying his eyes on her. She bent down and started to pull Naruto's underwear off and saw his dick rise up, unbound.

Hinata took Naruto's dick into her soft hands and started to rub up and down on it, seeing him close his eyes as his eyes rolled back and he let out a growl. Hinata reached down and rubbed herself, feeling herself already soaking wet.

Hinata stood and stepped over Naruto with a foot on either side of his hips, she sat down and positioned herself right over top him. Naruto held her up by her waist and started to lower her as she let herself fall.

Hinata could feel Naruto press against her opening and then the whole universe flashed white.

Sakura was the first to wake up. She looked at the other girls still laying in their respective places. Ino was sleeping on her bed, blankets wrapped around her legs as if she were rolled in it and her right arm draped across her face. She briefly entertained the idea of tieing small strings to her fingers to let her wake herself up feeling small furry things on her face, but decided against it. She remembered how loud she can get. Her lungs were about as good as Naruto's. She glanced at TenTen laying on her bedding with a little drool dribbling down her chin as she slept. Sakura could only smile. Then she looked at Hinata.

Hinata was curled up inside her sleeping bag, fully covered and bundled up with only her face peeking out of it onto her pillow. Her brow was scrunched together slightly as if she were thinking and was making small breathing noises where she was breathing a little harder every few seconds. Sakura bent over to see if she was having any ill effects from Ino's tampering.

"Stupid Ino-pig. Getting Hinata to think those things. This better not blow up in our faces... I doubt Hiashi would like what this could do to her." She stopped right before she touched Hinata's forehead when the girl's eyes opened quickly, looking directly at Sakura.

"G-Good morning Hinata. You were looking troubled in your sleep, I was worried that Ino's meddling with you might have .. cause some trouble..." Sakura felt like she was being evaluated. It scared her just a little bit the way Hinata opened her eyes like that.

"Good m-morning Sakura. I was fine, i-it was just a dream." Hinata looked at her sleeping bag and down a little bit. She wasn't lieing, she was dreaming, though it was about Naruto. But when she felt someone's presense intrude on her in that kind of situation, her embarassment filled her up so much that she wound up waking up. Remembering the dream, she immediately started to feel a familiar heat in her ears. "That is much further than it has ever gone before. We've never gotten naked before. But why did it have to end there?"

Sakura calmed down when she saw Hinata blush. Maybe things would continue as they had. "Ino-pig probably just wanted to be the center of attention last night. What a b-" Sakura's thoughts were cut short as a pillow hit her in the back of the head.

"HAHA! Such a large target, I couldn't resist Forehead Girl!" Sakura turned to see Ino with a huge grin that matched some of Naruto's best. Then a pillow hit her from both the side and the front as TenTen and Sakura both whacked her with a pillow.

"Oh, Ino, that was you! I thought I saw a huge hairy ego over there!" TenTen rested on her elbow as she smiled smugly at Ino. "Aaaand, that is what you get for waking me up."

"Betrayed by my own friends! You turn against me as soon as you see my back is turned!" Ino over-acted with such feigned drama, that even Hinata giggled. They continued with their acting until Ino went down to make breakfast.

Sakura couldn't help but give out a last word of advice to Ino, "INO-PIG!" Ino turned at the door to be hit by a pillow again. "DUCK!" Sakura was thoroughly pleased with herself as Ino's vein throbbed and growled back at Sakura and then stormed out the door.

"Think we shouldn't have double-teamed her?" TenTen was stretching in a way that reminded Hinata of a cat with a yawn. A happy cat at that.

"M-maybe you should have h-held your own tournament." Hinata and the others smiled at her quiet joke.

After everyone had eaten their breakfast, they all went their seperate ways to begin their daily routines and TenTen had to get with Rock Lee and Neji to get ready for their mission and take care of their last minute needs. Sakura went off to the hospitol to begin her rounds and Hinata went off to train with Shino.

After her training session, Hinata wanted nothing more than to go to sleep. Except maybe to see Naruto, so she made her way by Ichiraiku Ramen to see if her handsome blonde was there, and sure enough, in his usual seat, he sat, on his third bowl of miso pork ramen, happily slurping away.

Hinata sat next to Naruto and ordered a bowl of beef ramen, her weariness now forgotten.

"Hello Naruto.." Hinata spoke slowly, drawing out each word a little longer than normal. She looked Naruto in the eyes, something she never did for longer than a second.

"Oi! Hi Hinata! The ramen is extra great today! What's up?" Naruto only stopped eating long enough to flash Hinata one of his patented smiles and speak, and then was back to his noodles, now on his fifth bowl.

"Not much really. Just training." Hinata took her bowl from Mr. Ichiraiku with a "Thank you." and a small bit of her normal blush returning.

"How about you Naruto? How was your training today? Hinata started eating her ramen waiting for Naruto to finish his bowl, which he always did in a single bite anyway, for his answer.

"Eh, it is going good. But the training schedule I have myself on really takes it out of me. The first half of the day I am using as physical training, and the last half, I use to train chakra control and practice trying to make new ninjutsu." Naruto scratched the back of his head after that and then went back to slurping up his ramen.

"Oh, and have you created any new jutsu?" Hinata was surprised he would try something like that. She didn't really think he would know where to begin.

"Eheh, not yet.. BUT I WILL!" Naruto poked his chopskitcks at her to emphasize his point. "I'll make some of the best jutsu you've ever seen!" With that, Naruto went back to his eighth bowl of ramen in a loud slurp again.

"I'm sure you'll get it Naruto. Your couldn't quit or fail even if you wanted to. It just isn't in you." Hinata smiled at him as he sat there staring at her with noodles hanging out of his mouth dribbling down his chin, which only caused her to laugh a little harder.

Naruto bit down on the noodles, letting them fall back into the bowl and swallowing what he had in his mouth and then wiped the juice off his chin with his sleeve.

"Eh, what're you laughing at?" Naruto was getting defensive. You shouldn't just laugh at someone who is wanting to try and make better jutsus. It just isn't right!

"Haha! You just looked so funny with noodles hanging out of your mouth and .. aha, you had it dribbling down your chin," She let out another giggle. "And your eyes were really big and round! It was funny!" Hinata stopped laughing out loud, but still smiled really big and occasionally jerked with a surpressed giggle.

"Oh." Naruto situated himself on his stool better and swirled his ramen in the bowl. After a few seconds, he looked over at Hinata who was eating her noodles, but still watching Naruto out of the corner of her eye. "Hinata, something is.. different."

Hinata paused for a brief moment and then put her noodles back in the bowl.

"What do you mean?" She turned and looked at him. Somewhat curious, and a little nervous about where this could be going. She could feel her blush return with a small amount of it's normal force.

"Eh, I dunno... Its just, eh, you haven't stuttered yet... and you're talking more. It is a little different. That's all." Naruto was looking into his ramen with unnatural concentration. He was a little uncomfortable saying those things, he knew she was shy. Well, he thought he knew she was shy, but she didn't seem that way today at all. Though she did still blush a little.

"Mm." Hinata took a bite of her ramen before answering. "Well, I guess a few things ARE different. But, different would be good.. I think.." Hinata was looking at Naruto, seeing if she could gauge his reaction.

"YEA! You seem like more fun when you aren't so shy! And, it IS good to be able to actually hear you speak." Naruto was flashing his usual grin, scratching the back of his head.

Hinata let out a soft laugh and watched him finish his last of twenty bowls of ramen.

"Well, I would say that you should be able to hear me more. I've been in the mood for ramen lately anyway. Maybe we'll meet up more often?" Hinata made sure to stress the question in her statement. She wanted to get an answer out of her loveable blonde.

"Hehe. Any time we are here together, I'll get ya a bowl of ramen!" Naruto waved as he ran off to go home for the night. He had to get up early for a "C" class mission. Hinata paid her bill and turned to go back to Hyuuga mansion but hit Sakura and fell back into her seat.

"S-sorry Sakura! I d-didn't mean to bump into you!" Hinata flushed brilliantly as Sakura sat next to her really fast. She was making Hinata nervous with the way she was looking at her. "I-is s-something wrong S-Sakura?"

"Hinata... I came across you and Naruto about the time you practically purred his name." Sakura couldn't help but smile at that, but Hinata couldn't help but go so red that Sakura was worried she would faint.

"Woah, woah. Calm down Hinata! I was just wanting to know if you are okay! Its okay!" Sakura was almost positive Hinata would pass out. She was practically hyper-ventilating as it was.

"W-w-w-wha-what d-d-do you mean, S-S-Sakura? I j-just ac-acted normall-lly." Hinata was calming seeing that Sakura really didn't mind so much, but it was still embarassing that she might have actually PURRED Naruto's name.

"You just seemed, I don't know, more like INO rather than Hinata there. Complete self-confidence and everything. I was shocked so badly that I just stood off to the side and hid so you wouldn't see me. I was curious where that was going. What was so different?" Sakura was a little worried that, whatever Ino may have done, may have been a little TOO strong.

"I don't kn-know. When I was next to h-him, I just wanted to s-s-say the things I n-normally want to s-say." Hinata was beginning to calm. With the talk centered around Naruto, she could focus on him and be okay. She knew she could. "What d-did you need with N-Naruto anyway?"

Sakura jerked up having totally forgotten.

"OH! I needed to tell him some of the supplies to make sure to take with us on the mission tomorrow! Kakashi found me and said to make sure Naruto brought them! Did he say where he was heading?" Sakura would kill Naruto if she lost her chance to tell him so early what to take with him. Sure, it wasn't his fault, but she couldn't blame herself afterall.

"Naruto was going home to go to bed. He said he wanted to be rested up for his huge mission tomorrow." Hinata nodded into the direction of Naruto's house.

"Some huge mission.." Sakura grumbled the words so Hinata couldn't hear, but meant them all the same. "Uh, Hinata, I don't actually know exactly where Naruto lives. He's never invited me over now that I think about it..." Sakura had started focusing on nothing with a finger to her chin as she pondered her not knowing Naruto's location. Then she got an idea and smiled with all the mischief she was feeling. Hinata was getting worried.

"Um.. S-Sakura?" Hinata started poking her fingers together. She was getting REALLY nervous with that look on Sakura's face. "Um, what exa-exactly are you th-thinking? Y-You have a st-strange look on your f-face..."

"Well, I figured that I don't know where Naruto lives, but I think YOU might." Sakura grabbed a squeeky Hinata by the arm and started off. "We have a few things to take on the mission and they aren't normal items to take for this type of missi- huh?" Sakura was pulled to a stop by Hinata.

"N-Naruto lives the other direction." Hinata blushed a small bit at making Sakura have to stop, but she WAS going the wrong direction. "W-what kinds of items do you need that c-can't wait until tomorrow anyway?"

"Well..." Sakura paused a few moments, trying to decide what to say. "Well, this isn't a normal mission. Naruto, myself, and two other unknown shinobi are actually going to a neighboring town for an information retrieval excercise. I will explain more when we get to Naruto's if you stay to listen. Tsunade explained the details to me earlier. All Naruto was told at the time was that we were getting a "C" rank mission." Sakura pushed Hinata ahead of her and followed as they made their way to his apartment.

Naruto was putting his frog hat on after he took his shower. He didn't worry about his shirt. It was too hot. He just went around in boxers, shorts and that hat. He loved that little frog. Naruto had just finished a glass of water and was falling into his bed as he heard knocking at his door.

"Eh? Who'd that be?" Naruto got up, grabbed a kunai from his pouch and went to the door. He spun the kunai in his hand point sticking away from his body, ready to deflect whatever my come through and opened the door.

"NARUTO!" Naruto jumped back as Sakura whacked him on the head. "What do you think you are doing holding a kunai at people when they knock on your door!" Sakura was angry that Naruto scared her with the kunai. That was among the things she LEAST expected from him.

"S-Sakura, what did you hit me for?" Naruto was holding his hands against the top of his head as he walked over to his kunai pouch and put it back.

"The first thing I see when you open the door is a kunai, what do you expect? A hug?" Sakura went over and sat on his chair. "And you should really put some clothes on! There are women present you know!"

"The kunai was for protection. A lot of people don't like me. I never really know what I would have on the other side of the door. And besides, this is my house, I can dress however I wa- huh? Hinata? What did you come with Sakura for?" Naruto just noticed the girl standing in the doorway looking at him with a small smile on her face. "Huh? What's so funny?" Naruto looked from Hinata to Sakura and back again.

"Nothing is funny, I just really like the sleeping cap. We should sit down, Sakura has a bit to go over with you and I was curious to hear it. Mind if I get a drink?" With that she went to his kitchen for a bit of water. When she came back, Naruto was sitting on the couch so he could look at Sakura as they spoke. Hinata took the liberty of sitting right up against him.

"So what DID you need to say anyway?" Naruto felt Hinata sit next to him, relatively close.

"Well, the mission we are going on tomorrow isn't a full-fledged mission. It is actually an advanced training mission." Sakura stopped there as she saw Naruto open his mouth to blurt something out.

"EH? What do you mean it isn't a full-fledged mission? We are already through all our trainings, why -"

"CAN YOU BE QUIET AND LISTEN?" Sakura's vein was pulsing on her forehead. How could one guy cause so much frustration in so little time?

Naruto sat back onto the couch, not even realizing he had gotten up. As he sat, he realized he sat a little closer to Hinata from not having watched where he was sitting. This only made Hinata smile and lean back and a little more to Hinata.

"What I mean is just that, now listen up to everything and ask questions after. Tsunade wants to try and start using us for more advanced missions. She made a deal with some friends from a few cities. They orchestrated a whole series of events, enemies and clues and such for us to try to solve it. It will be you, me, and two others along with Kakashi and Anko. Tomorrow, we get to meet the other two, they will be told about their's tomorrow. Tsunade hasn't chosen the two yet, she said."

Sakura noticed a strange look from Hinata. Something of a .. contemplation type look... "That was ... odd. She is totally different now than she was on her way over here. Please Ino... don't have made some horrible thing happen to Hinata."

"Basically, we will be on our own with Kakashi and Anko as our observers. To see how we worked as a team, how we thought, things like that. They will be evaluating our information gathering abilites, ability to hide our identities and other things of that nature. Basically, as if this were an actual mission to go in, get info and get out without drawing attention to ourselves. NOW you can talk." Sakura sat back in the chair. She was curious on how he would take the information. She basically told him he couldn't act like his normal self. "This should be so much fun..."

"So, in truth, by all rights this actually IS still a mission. We will still have a job to complete. That still constitutes a mission. As for the goal of it, I think I would rather wait until tomorrow to find out what exactly we have to do before I decide on whether or not I plan on how I would go through with it. You didn't really tell me anything... EH? Naruto quickly put his hands up as Sakura bolted up from her chair, fists clenched and her vein throbbing in her forehead as well. She looked like she was ready to take his blood. "Not that I am not thankful you are trying to help me out! I just don't understand what this had to do with that it couldn't wait until tomorrow on the way to the next village..."

Naruto relaxed immediately when Sakura sat back down looking a bit shocked. He leaned back against the back of the couch and let his hands fall to his sides, one falling onto the armrest, the other onto Hinata's thigh. However, he was still giving his attention to Sakura and didn't even notice, though Hinata did and was quite happy about it.

Sakura got up and stormed to the door. "I just wanted to give you an update over what we were looking over tomorrow, and to let you know you need to bring a few things you don't normally bring, but with an attitude like that, you can figure it out tomorrow with the other two that get chosen. HMPH!" With that, she went out the door and closed it.

"Now what's with her?" Naruto had no clue what just happened.

"I don't know Naruto. However, your hand really shouldn't be there." Hinata couldn't help but play with Naruto a bit.

"Huh, what do you mea-WHOA MY GOD! I'm sorry Hinata!" Naruto jerked his hand away so fast when he actually paid attention to where it was that Hinata was actually a little bit upset with him. That wouldn't do at all.

Hinata put a hand on either side of a very nervous Naruto and leaned up so her face was just a few inches from his and then smiled with a "Hmph".

"When you get back Naruto, you and I are going to get together and we're gonna train together." Hinata tilted her head a little bit to the side. "M'kay?"

Naruto didn't know what was going on. All he could get out was a mumbled "Sure."

Hinata paused a moment looking Naruto in the eyes. She could like this game.

"Alright. When you get back then." Hinata leaned in and gently brushed her lips against Naruto's and kissed him, sucking gently on his bottom lip and then backing away a few inches again.

"W-w-w-what w-was that, H-Hinata?" Naruto was blushing furiously. This was NOT normal! "I don't know what is going on.. but.. that is not supposed to happen!"

"It was a kiss Naruto." Hinata gave him a moment and then stood straight up. She smiled down at him and then left the room and shut the door with a click.

"What the hell?" Naruto didn't know what was going on. That wasn't the normal Hinata. But, it DID happen though, right?

As soon as the door closed, Hinata began to blush furiously and the world started to spin. She began to run home over the roof tops, adding bits of chakra to her feet as she stepped off each time getting as much speed as she could.

"I can't believe I just did that! I've thought about it so many times, but, I never would have done anything like that! This must be what Ino had done. I guess.. I guess I will give it a little more and see what happens. He at least has an idea of what I feel for him now... I guess it would be good to finally figure out what he thinks now... Just PLEASE let him want this... But the kissing was much like my dream. I wonder if he enjoyed being on the recieving end this time."

Hinata stopped on the eighth roof she got on. She looked back towards Naruto's apartment. "No, this won't do..." She quickly headed off in the other direction. She had one other thing left to do before she made it home.

Author's Note - First story, PLEASE be gentle. Second chapter coming VERY shortly, assuming I can figure out this website's systems... Paladeus