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"Ready?" At her nod, he rushed forward, not even bothering to call out the attack, and closed each tenketsu. In retrospect, telling her father, just before he was going to shove chakra into her tenketsu, that she had all but raped the boy she planned to marry was a bad idea. He used a little more chakra than was probably needed. On his last attack, she fell backwards and onto her back, coughing. Through the pain, she stood up, albeit slowly. Once done, she attempted to mold any chakra and found it was beyond her.

"Alright. I'm going to try and reopen them now." This was what Hiashi was waiting for. If she could do it, then she would have succeeded in something that no Hyuuga before her had been able to do. In fact, the only one who could was Uzumaki Naruto, and even then, few knew exactly what he'd done beyond use the Kyuubi's chakra.

Hinata decided to use the same seal that Naruto had used, since she knew that he was successful with it. Once she began, she realized nothing was happening, so she tried harder, still getting nothing. Finally she tried to mold as much of Tenshi's chakra as she could, being told from her inner friend that she was succeeding, just not enough with the first two tries. The last one, however, she succeeded in pulling out Tenshi's chakra. One tail's worth of power rushing through her body, hyper activating her Byakugan and opening every one of her closed tenketsu. Her body went through the same changes she had gone through the first time she drew on Tenshi's power. The only difference this time, however, was that Tenshi restricted her as soon as she accessed it to keep her from pulling more than a single tail of power since she was trying so hard. Without a seal like Naruto, she could pull on it all, but they didn't know yet what the results would be.

Hiashi was beyond shocked at his daughter. He could tell that it wasn't her normal chakra radiating off of her. This chakra was such a pale blue that it was nearly white with the outside edges, along with what appeared to be a tail swaying behind her, seemed to actually be a rainbow of colours. He couldn't help but think of looking at light through crystal. Then, with his Byakugan active, he was able to tell how her finger nails elongated and her eyes changed, giving her a blue iris and her teeth became a little more pointed. Her hair even seemed to lengthen some. All in all, he was terrified of what his daughter may have become. A few seconds after it had started, however, it ended suddenly. She released Tenshi's power as it was no longer needed.

"Well, that was more painful than I thought it would be." She moved over to the table and sat at the chair next to it, motioning for her father to do the same. "I suppose you would like answers now?" Hiashi sat and nodded, still silent from what he'd witnessed. He had seen those changes in Naruto and knew about their cause. He had no clue as to why it was happening with Hinata.

"Why did you go through similar changes as Uzumaki? I know why he goes through them, but why you?" Hinata sighed and began to relate everything to her father. The only things she left out were the details to their having sex and anything sexual from the night before, though she did mention the date and what Naruto had done with his chakra for her to enjoy. By the end of it, he was shocked, proud, furious and completely lost.

"As you can assume, I would rather the Elders not know about this for now, though I will attribute the power to Naruto having taught me to pull chakra from another place and that the physical changes are a manifestation of what I believe to be a worthy guardian. In other words, I see him pull massive amounts of chakra from within himself and see him take these changes and think of foxes as powerful creatures. It isn't totally a lie, since Tenshi is a kitsune, and she is where the power comes from. It just isn't the whole truth." Hiashi knew exactly what he was going to talk about with Tsunade when he spoke with her later that day. He did, however, pity whatever fool the Elders decided to pit against her.

"They will not find out from me, though I do feel Tsunade-sama should know about this." Hinata took only a second to think before agreeing.

"I suppose that makes sense. I'll tell her later. I've got to deal with the Elders for now and meet Naruto-kun for lunch."

Together, Father and Daughter left the private sanctuary and went to their respective tasks to get their days started.


Uzumaki Naruto was in a great mood. He'd left Hinata the night before, after reaffirming their relationship and had gone to his home in excellent spirits. Even after Ino's mind jutsu was taken off, she still cared for him. He would even be willing to say she loved him, even if she didn't say it herself since then.

Currently, he was eating his ramen after having taken his shower and was thinking about what this could truly mean for his life. All of yesterday, he had been thinking of nothing else aside from the date with Hinata that she had told him to ask her out on. Now that it was over, he was actually sitting still and taking the time to think about how things would have to change. This meant he was no longer alone and everything he did didn't only affect him now. It would affect her. The missions he went on, the way he acted to the public eye; even his own dream of becoming Hokage would affect her.

It was remembering his own dream that he realized she would have her own dreams as well, and that they would affect him. Frowning, he realized he didn't truly know what her own dream was. He knew she wanted to change herself. She wanted to be someone that her family, her father, could be proud of. At least, that had been her dream at one time, a few years ago. But had it changed? Aside for some unknown reason of apparently loving him, he couldn't think of any reason that she wasn't already that. She was powerful, even more so now with Tenshi. She was beautiful, intelligent, aside from having fallen in love with him, he once again amended. Naruto was at a loss as to where she could go further.

"Maybe she wants to help Neji out with that curse seal? If she becomes Clan Head, and I become Hokage, we could both get rid of that damned thing," he mumbled.

"Here, here," Kyuubi lifted a paw within his cage in salute to Naruto's statement. He and Naruto both rather disliked the idea of being sealed into servitude like that. The Branch members were in a do-or-die situation with anyone who wasn't Hinata, it seemed. At least, Naruto had never had many good experiences with anyone other than her.

Naruto was contemplating his own life from the point of Hinata's unexpected arrival in his home to everything before it. He had only ever lived for himself. All actions he'd taken were for himself or the occasional retribution for a friend who couldn't, or wouldn't, speak up for themselves. His pranking, his clothes, the foods he would eat and the way he spoke to others, all of these were things that he did because he only had ever had to worry about himself or for his own reasons. Realizing this, Naruto understood that some things would have to change. If for no other reason than because he couldn't allow himself to do something to make Hinata ashamed of him. He certainly wasn't going to stop eating ramen, but he would definitely tone it down. This, he had already decided upon when he realized that, if he wanted to be serious with her, he couldn't let her survive only on that. His circumstances had gotten much better since his time spent with Jiraiya during their training, but he still loved it.

Naruto's clothing, he had already changed. He got his usual outfit for the day before, since he didn't want to change too much too fast, but he got plenty of blacks and dark colored clothes. Now his appearance wouldn't be the first thing people noted about him in the 'bad' category. Besides, with missions, dark clothes were always good to have.

His pranks would certainly continue. That was an outlet that those who got it often deserved it. He would just have to be sure not to do anything perverted again. Or at least, overly perverted. His Orioke no jutsu was great to use against the ANBU when he made it up, but he was sure there was something about women in general that was against it's use. Well, except for that one female ANBU that one time. That was an experience he decided to never tell anyone about though. Of course, it could have been the threats she gave him after realizing it was a Henge.

Naruto looked around his apartment, seeing the holes in the walls, ceiling and floor. He had long ago given up on fixing everything when the villagers would break in and destroy it all over again. The difference, however, is that he hadn't noticed anyone having done so in the past few years. But he had given up on it so thoroughly that he never got around to trying.

Finishing his ramen, Naruto threw the bowl away, not wanting to make a mess so soon after having cleaned the place up only a few hours before. It wasn't really a sense of cleanliness, even if he never really was fond of the mess he would leave it in, but it was a part of what he had been realizing that day, along with some of the day before. He had to begin caring what people truly thought of him. And he could start with Hinata and showing enough respect to both himself and her to not make her have to come to see him in a home like that. It was that feeling that found him cleaning from when he woke up until only a few minutes ago.

Naruto had already finished cleaning his bedroom and kitchen and had since decided to begin on the living room. He would have made a few clones to help, but space was rather limited in his home, as were supplies. He also wanted to be able to feel accomplished to having had done it fully on his own. With a heavy sigh, he got back to work, frilly apron and all.

Tsunade, Fifth Hokage of Konoha was in an incredible mood this morning. Her Otouto had apparently fallen in love with a wonderful woman, who was also probably the only one who could stand to be around him for any length of time as well, and his time with Jiraiya hadn't made him lose respect for the fairer sex. His willingness to wait for when she would be comfortable with what had obviously happened proved that. She knew Jiraiya enough to know that he had taken 'notes' of what had happened. There was obviously no way for him to know anything about Tenshi if he wasn't already there. She also knew she couldn't tip her hand. As angry about it as she was, she would have to play ignorant of such a thing happening until she could catch him. Tsunade was thinking about how she could do just that when a knock sounded at the door.

"Enter!" A Panda-masked ANBU came through the door, her movements a little heavy compared to the usual precision movements they normally portrayed. The change was very slight, but being a highly skilled medic-nin, Tsunade could see the after-affects of a hang-over. Of course, it could also be the affect of being a heavy drinker as well.

"You requested an ANBU, Hokage-sama?"

"Yes, but first, is that hangover bad? What I have for you may be a bit more difficult with one." Tsunade barely kept the smirk from her face as the ANBU straightened, obviously seeing her doubt as a challenge.

"No, Hokage-sama. After learning about a bet with Anko-san and Hatake-san, which Hatake-san lost, I celebrated with Anko-san. The affects are nearly gone already." Tsunade could tell they weren't, but the female side of her was more than willing to overshadow the Hokage side where it was concerned. There was juicy information to tell.

"Oh? May I be privy to the details of this bet?" Tsunade was quite pleased with herself as she saw the ANBU chuckle under her cloak.

"To keep it simple, the bet was over the mission their charges were on and finished only a few days ago on the number of days it would take to finish. Hatake-san lost and must now ... pose ... for Jiraiya-s-sama," Tsunade could understand the woman's shudder at Jiraiya's name understanding what Kakashi would have to do, "in the form of a woman at some point today." Panda shivered as a grin spread over her leader's face.

"An unfortunate experience, I am sure, but one that must be recorded," Tsunade hinted with no feeling of remorse.

"It is already taken care of, Hokage-sama. Any ANBU not currently on a mission or hurt will be keeping watch with several recording devices. They have been on him since before he even woke up." This was far more than Tsunade could have hoped for.

"In that case, I have another request I would like of each ANBU. Jiraiya took some ... research notes ... of two people last night. I want those notes found and brought to me so he can be properly punished." All ANBU knew of Tsunade's rage towards the super pervert. None of them would want to stand in her way.

"It will be as you command, Hokage-sama."

"Good. And no one is to look at them, or I will take care of whoever does."

"A-alright, Hokage-sama. However, what did you need of me before this?" That seemed to shock Tsunade before she realized there actually was something else.

"Oh, right. I want you to bring me Uzumaki Naruto and, if you want to see Jiraiya run for his life, him as well. But don't let Jiraiya interfere with your search for Naruto. He's the important one, and he'll be all set to kill Jiraiya later, preferably after you get Kakashi on film." She smiled as she thought of the possibilities.

"Yes, Hokage-sama. Will there be anything else?"

"No. It'll probably take an ANBU to bring in Naruto if he is doing something ... else. Don't feel you have to do this alone. You may need more than one." Panda couldn't figure out what Naruto had done, but she also couldn't figure out why Tsunade would be so concerned for the possible need of multiple ANBU to bring him in, but not show any concern for safety. Just doubt that he would come with her.

"Hokage ... sama?" Tsunade waved off the obvious questioning tone the panda-masked ANBU was using.

"That should be it. Don't kill him, but let him know I want to speak with him as soon as possible and escort him here, please." With a tone of finality, she sat down as the ANBU disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

On the way out of the Hokage Tower, the panda-masked ANBU was a little worried about facing the Uzumaki boy. Sure, he had always been hard to catch, even before getting out of the Academy, but he was never difficult enough that multiple ANBU would be be required to bring him in unless it was after a prank and he hadn't pulled one for a while. And she knew better than the majority of the village that the boy wasn't a threat unless someone attacked him or, if they were suicidal, someone he held dear to him. It was with these thoughts that she decided to try the nice approach first.

Jiraiya was walking through Konoha, trying to figure out a feeling that was gnawing at the back of his mind. He just couldn't figure out what it was. It was similar to a sense that told him he was in danger, but there was no danger. He wasn't at the hot springs yet, so it wasn't naked, rampaging women. No one knew about his notes from last night, so it certainly wasn't that, as there was no killing intent, and he knew there would have been. Whatever it was, would have to wait. For now, he was going to have to think up a better plot than the original, if there were such a thing, for his newest book. Especially after having finished the latest the night before.

'Pinky, you certainly gave me what I needed for my last scene!' A string of perverted giggles issued from the old lecher as he ate his fill from an all-you-can-eat barbecue. This was the same restaurant that he had followed Sakura from the night before. All in hopes of getting ideas for Icha Icha Kitsune. He knew the basic premise of the story, as he planned on basing it off of Naruto and his own life. He just needed to come up with some comparisons. After all, he can't say, 'The Kyuubi was sealed inside of this boy on this date at this location.' That left making up some of his own and altering it to fit his unique style.

Perverted thoughts kept the lecher from noticing the occasional ANBU circling outside like vultures waiting for their prey to finally stop twitching.

Naruto was repairing a few of the last of the holes on his walls after having fully cleaned the living room. When a knock sounded at his door, he grumbled about people with bad timing as he went to answer it, curious as to who would actually come to see him. He briefly considered Hinata, but he wasn't supposed to meet her until noon.

"Just a moment, I'm coming." Opening the door, he found a panda-faced ANBU in front of him.

"Uzumaki Naruto, Hokage-sama has requested your presence as early as your earliest convenience will allow. I am to escort you directly there from here."

"Baa-chan wants to see me? I wonder why," he trailed off. "Well, I can go in a few minutes, if you want to come in and have a seat. I'm repairing some walls and the spackle will dry up if I just leave it here."

"Are you not able to perform the Kage Bunshin technique? You could simply use that." Panda raised a hidden eyebrow as he seemed to think about it rather than just do it. She knew he was able to use it since he'd done so to run from her and her compatriots several times and it was a well-documented fact that he made it a part of his normal fighting style.

"I suppose I can. I didn't want to use them for this, but this will keep everyone happy, and you don't need to waste your time." Impressed that the boy would rather do the work on his own than make it easier with clones, she watched as he performed the jutsu flawlessly. Three clones popped into existence.

"Alright you guys. You know what to do." A chorus of agreements came from them and they got to work. Just before closing the door fully, he yelled in, "And no fighting! I just cleaned this place up!" They yelled back a few obscene phrases at his lack of faith.

The two made good headway to the Hokage Tower in silence. One was wondering why Tsunade wanted to see him, and with ANBU guard to boot, while the other was wondering why Tsunade made such a big deal about the difficulty in getting him to agree to come. When they arrived, Tsunade dismissed Panda and motioned for Naruto to sit in front of the desk, her wide grin a bit disconcerting.

"What's up, Baa-chan? You look way too happy for this early in the morning." Tsunade chuckled darkly as she took her seat.

"Oh, this and that, Naruto." Intertwining her fingers together, she rested her chin on them, a glint in her eye telling him that she had evil plans. She wasn't even yelling at him for his lack of respect towards her age which put him immediately on the defensive.

"Baa-chan?" Tsunade enjoyed watching Naruto shift nervously under her gaze. It was a fond sense of achievement that she held against him. That, and it was just simply fun to see him squirm. She couldn't figure out why she hadn't tried this tactic in the past.

"Naruto, it has come to my attention that you and Hyuuga Hinata became a couple." She was expecting nervous laughter or maybe even guilt for having feelings such as he was. Instead, she got narrowed eyes and a guarded expression.

"Is this why you felt I needed an ANBU escort to your office?" His voice came out neutral and with only a slight hint of accusation. Tsunade hadn't even done anything and she was feeling both guilty for whatever he would accuse her of and on guard for the same reason. The tiniest bit of controlled killer intent didn't help the situation, either.

"No, I just wanted you here as soon as possible. There is a lot to talk about because of this."

"And what is there to talk about that I needed to come here 'at my earliest convenience' via ANBU messenger?" She couldn't shake the feeling she was on dangerous ground.

"Naruto, I don't mind that you're dating her. I'm happy for you. But because of what I've heard, I just want to talk to you about a few things that are long over due." At his confused expression, she began to feel slightly better that the killer intent was now gone.

"What do you mean?" Naruto watched as Tsunade sighed deeply and pulled out a scroll, setting it on top of the desk as she spoke. He had begun to think she was going to say something about his dating Hinata and how they wouldn't be allowed to because of the Kyuubi, but this was going in a completely different direction.

"Let me start at the beginning, alright?"


"Well, to start out with, let me ask you a question. Imagine for a moment, that you were Hokage," Tsunade ignored his rather greedy and eager expression, "and a demon like the Kyuubi were attacking."

Naruto got an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach as she began. It wasn't as much as what she was saying, as it was the feeling of unrest from Kyuubi. Apprehension, fear and regret were coming from the demon within him in waves.

"Now, you know how to do the sealing jutsu just like the Yondaime did, and needed a newborn baby to seal it in. You had these options available to you: Take an unborn child from a mother's womb prematurely, using a baby who was just born prematurely due to the stress the mother was under or try to think of another option, which would mean countless deaths and possible failure anyway." Naruto could already tell where this was going. He may have been a few seals short of a jutsu, but he was far from an idiot. Then, it could have been Tsunade's tact at asking the question.

"I would probably have done just what my father did. Use my own son, since I can't ask my village to do something that even I wouldn't be willing to do." Tsunade's eyes widened as shock came from Kyuubi.


"Did I know?" Naruto rolled his eyes as if it were obvious. "How many blondes do you see running around Konoha? Then take into account that I am repeatedly called 'The Yondaime's Legacy' and look a good deal like him, especially after Fuzzy made me a little taller and lengthened my hair a bit and such during the switch." He smiled genially at her.

"I do have a mirror and am not as dense as people believe." Tsunade had the grace to look ashamed.

"I suppose not. Then you're right. He is your father. I suppose you could also understand why you weren't told?" He took just a few moments to think about it before actually responding.

"As a kid, I couldn't hold my own against the Yondaime's enemies if they found out and knowing would have made no difference in anything in the long run."

"Don't forget you had a tendency to run your mouth. You never did shut up," Kyuubi grumbled.


"Right in one," Tsunade sighed again. "He had a lot of powerful enemies. Still does, actually. And we couldn't let them have any chance of knowing until you were ready."

"I can understand that. But why tell me this now? After I began to date Hinata?" Naruto couldn't exactly find any relation to his current situation to who his father was, unless maybe there was some kind of prearranged marriage contract. With that thought, his eyes widened and he audibly gulped.

"Well," Tsunade began. She wasn't sure how to approach this particular subject. Sighing once again, she decided blunt, to the point and no names, currently, would suffice.

"Well, with the two of you dating and having a physical relationship, I doubt Hiashi would be willing to allow his daughter to marry anyone else." Tsunade was shocked as a wave of killer intent hit her and Naruto's eyes turned red.

"If Ino and Sakura told anyone else, so help me, I will KILL THEM!" The last two words came out in a very deep and nearly growling voice dripping with demonic influence. As Naruto began to get up, Tsunade realized that he was about to go and question at least one of the two girls. Probably painfully.

"Naruto! They didn't say anything!" She flinched as he turned towards her quickly.

"Then how did you find out?"

"Only one person found out because they overheard you talking while you were taking Hinata home from your date last night! I've taken care of them and you don't have to worry about anyone else finding out for now. Sit back down." She motioned towards the chair again, which he reluctantly accepted.

"Sorry, Baa-chan. But I won't let anyone risk anything that'll hurt her until we've made sure the Elders can't do anything about it."

"That makes sense. Now, why did you think Ino and Sakura told me?" Tsunade quirked an eyebrow at his suddenly nervous expression and movements.

"Er, they, kind of watched Hinata-chan and I, the first night. We didn't find out about it until yesterday though." Tsunade could already tell she would need to have a talk with her apprentice. It was already scheduled, but with Naruto's reaction, she wanted to be sure Sakura knew what could happen if she slipped up.

"Well, she hasn't said anything about it to me, though I haven't seen her since your report. Now for why I brought you here."

"Alright." Naruto sat back in his seat heavily as Tsunade began speaking.

"Well, as I said, with your relationship standing as far as it is with Hyuuga Hinata, I doubt Hiashi will allow her to marry anyone else as he would be forced into explaining why she is no longer a virgin." She still couldn't help but smile at the blush that adorned his face.

"Now, this shouldn't pose a problem, except that I feel you should learn more about your heritage, meaning your father, and what he had left for you."

"What do you mean?" Naruto was hoping beyond hope for a jutsu library the size of the Hokage Tower.

"Your father was the last of his line. His family was once a decent size. Nothing like the Hyuuga or Uchiha, but several families made it up. The last hundred years or so, however, they had been killed off, or died of natural causes. Because of this, you have his clan house, his assets, such as they are, and anything that was his that is left." Tsunade wasn't surprised to see a sad scowl on his face. It was just confirmed that he had no blood family and that the man who put the Kyuubi into him was his very own father.

"So, what does this actually mean? And why now?"

"This means you will be moved from your apartment and into the Kazama clan house. You will take over title to his finances and this scroll he left for you. Its a blood seal, so only you can open it, believe me. The Third wrote in personal journals and he mentioned wanting to several times, knowing he never could. One of those forbidden fruit type things."

"Uh..." Naruto had no clue what she was talking about. What fruit?

"Anyway, you weren't supposed to be told about these things until you became Jounin, or turned eighteen in the chance you didn't become a ninja."


"Oh, and I want you ready to move in two hours." Tsunade was furiously trying to think about what else she could say to keep him confused, but sadly, the only thing was what she didn't want to tell him yet, about Jiraiya. Therefore, she was forced to give him a moment to think about what she had said, which appeared to have been a mistake.

"Well, I can't move in two hours, at least not yet. I-"

"What? Why?"

"Because I'm meeting Hinata in just over one hour for lunch at Ichiraku's." Tsunade saw an opportunity in this.

"Well, that's fine. I'll go to lunch with you, as I haven't had ramen in a while anyway, and then show you both there afterwards. In the meantime, you can send a few clones to pack for you while you read the scroll. The house has furniture, so just pack clothes and personal items along with whatever you want to keep. For now, take the time to read over the letter your father left to you. I'm going to go down and see if I can find the keys to your house in the vault. You can use the office while I'm gone." Naruto nodded his assent and bit waited for her to leave the room, the door shutting with a soft click. He looked at the scroll for only a few moments before biting his thumb and rubbed it over the seal, letting his blood touch it. The seal glowed for a moment before releasing, popping the scroll open.

Son, Naruto,

By the time you read this, I will expect that you know about the Kyuubi. If not, I would like to explain what happened and my reasoning behind it. You see, my name is Kazama Arashi, the Yondaime Hokage of the great village of Konoha. As the Hokage, it is my duty to protect my village. When the Kyuubi was sighted and found to be on it's way to Konoha, I began trying to figure out way s to defeat it. I knew that, no matter how many ninja Konoha had and how many great jutsu we, as a village, knew, we couldn't defeat it as we would any other force. Eventually, when the Kyuubi was about a day away from us, I developed a jutsu that would allow me to seal the demon into a vessel. The problem, however, was that I couldn't use any simple and inanimate object, or even an animal, as their chakra pathways would never be developed enough to contain it, nor would their strength of will be strong enough to fight against it. The only thing that would be strong enough, would be a human vessel, and it would have to be a newborn, as their chakra circulatory system would grow along with the strain of containing it. Anything else and the Kyuubi would be able to fight against it. I couldn't ask one of the villagers to make a sacrifice I wouldn't be able to make, could I? I had to prove that I was worthy of the title of Hokage by proving I had the faith in my son to beat the bastard fox into submission. That was why I chose to use you as the vessel of the Kyuubi, son. And to be honest, there weren't any other children that were born, though a few could have been pulled from their mother's womb prematurely, but that wouldn't be right to ask that of them. Not as the Hokage. For this, I am sorry, and I would ask forgiveness, but don't feel it is my place to. I can only say that I did what I believed right. If you can't forgive me for that, then I can understand. I know life couldn't have been easy for you, but I have faith in your strength. I couldn't have done this without it.

I would also like to tell you about your mother, but decided to leave you a seperate note, sealed at the bottom of this one, with more information about her, along with a photo album. I will go ahead and tell you now, Naruto, that she passed away due to blood loss after giving birth to you. I am so sorry. She was a wonderful woman who had as odd an obsession with fishcakes, which she was adamant about naming you after, as I had with ramen.

Now that I've given you my reasons, I'll get on to other things. Firstly, your inheritance. As the last of the Kazama line, you'll get the clan house. This was built at the time of Konoha's founding since we were a part of the founding clans. There is the main manor, which was used to hold the primary family and each side's immediate family. It also has eight smaller houses for what were deemed as the branch members of our clan. The only difference between us, the Main members and the Branch was that the Branch members weren't the successors of our clan. Each house is connected with underground tunnels so we didn't have to go outside during poor weather and used as escape routes. We had a tendency to document every jutsu we came across, regardless of how trivial or simple. We loved to tinker with them. Our library is hidden underground as well. You'll also find a dojo, temple, training ground and such. Also, now don't laugh, I have a personal store of my favorite ramen sealed in the back of the kitchen pantry. It'll last for a long time, but I would like you to do something with it. Few people tend to like it as much as I do. I swear I had to have kept this place called Ichiraku's in business... Anyway.

As for monetary gains, our family invested in companies here in Konoha and several others within Fire Country. At this time of my writing this, we were a relatively wealthy family, especially with so few of us left. Since I can't give you anything resembling an accurate idea of your holdings, ask the old man wearing the funny hat, er, Sandaime, if he is still there and you haven't kicked him out of his chair, for an up-to-date statement from the bank. Unless my sealing plot fails, you should have a decent sum.

Now, there are three jutsu that you will not find in our home. Two were my prized techniques, the Rasengan and the Hiraishin no Jutsu. The first is an A-Class attack jutsu that is quite powerful, though I haven't fully developed it into what I wanted at this point. If you learn it, and happen to have a wind affinity like myself, see about mixing them. It should prove to become massively more powerful. The second one is what got me the nickname 'Konoha's Yellow Flash' and will make you feared amongst your enemies, just as it did mine. If you learn this early, you could use a Henge of myself when using it to scare several of my enemies. I'm proud to say that, under my name in the Bingo book, most villages have a recommendation of running as soon as they see me. The third is one that I began working on after creating the Hiraishin no Jutsu. It is basically the same thing, but is designed to be used without the three-pronged kunai that the Hiraishin requires, and allows them to, instead, be used as homing beacons. A little chakra in them, and you can teleport directly to them as needed. The only thing is, it requires a decent amount of chakra because the seal still isn't formed properly. Feel free to tinker with it, but only after learning about seals or with Jiraiya's help. He's a white-haired perverted lecher who is also one of the legendary three Sannin. A good guy, but don't let him near your girlfriend, fiancé or wife. He has a tendency to leer.

Now, these jutsu are on a few sealed scrolls that are at the bottom of this letter, along with a few others I think you should learn as early as possible. The first of which is the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. If you're anything like me, you won't be able to create a simple Bunshin due to too much chakra, and having the Kyuubi sealed in you won't make that much easier. The Kage Bunshin has a wonderful side-effect of letting you train and acquire the experience from each one of them, letting you learn far faster. Train well in them. There are also a few other scrolls that I've gathered since I haven't got much time left. Since I've developed the sealing jutsu, there isn't much else but waiting and attempting to find something else to use.

I have so much I want to tell you, but I haven't got the time, I'm sorry. I can only give you the advice that I live by, and die by. Protect those who are precious to you, because that is the whole reason of living. If you are alone in the world, can you truly be happy? Find love and protect it, Naruto.

Your father,

Kazama Arashi, Yondaime Hokage

Naruto was tempted to begin looking through the scrolls that were sealed at the bottom of his letter. Looking over them, he saw one that was labeled as 'Jutsu', one as 'Your Mother' and one as 'Photo Album'. It was thinking over the letters where he decided that he would want plenty of time to read them and Tsunade would be back soon.

He could understand what his father had done. He wouldn't be happy about the decision, but if able, he would have been willing to make it just as had been done. Forgiveness was something he had a lot of practice at, and forgiving his father for what he had almost no choice in was an easy choice to make, especially when being bribed with promises of kick-ass jutsu's at the bottom of the scroll. He rolled the scroll back up and sealed it, waiting for Tsunade's return while thinking about what this would all mean. He now had a past. He now had some form of guide from at least one parent, though it was the same advice with which he lived his entire life by.

Tsunade and Naruto walked in a contemplative silence towards Ichiraku's, only coming out of it after Naruto noticed his blue-haired angel sitting next to his favourite stool.

"Hey, Hinata-chan!" Naruto ran up to her and gave her a huge bear-hug. The letter from his father had made him wonder about having his own family, and the best part of that family was squeaking in his arms due to lack of air.

'Wait, squeaking? Oops!' He quickly let go of Hinata and gave the flustered girl a kiss on the tip of her nose. Hinata shook her head slightly and giggled at the reception.

"Hello to you, too, Naruto-kun." She leaned in and grabbed him by the neck, pulling him in for a fierce kiss on the lips, only to jump back with a blush when someone cleared their throat, rather loudly.

"Well, its good to see you two being so happy, but could you wait until later, after you see your new home?" Tsunade's grin made a slight shiver run up the two teens' spines, but they agreed, though Hinata was curious to hear about the new house, even if Tsunade did make it sound as though it would be bother her's and Naruto's.

"Hey, Old Man! Four bowls of teriyaki, two pork and five miso for me! What about you two?"

"One pork, please," Hinata stated, which Tsunade mimicked.

"So, Naruto-kun, what is this about your new house?" Naruto flashed Hinata his patented foxy smile and wrapped an arm around her waist.

"Well, apparently my father is the Yondaime, he left me the Kazama clan house, a scroll that has a bunch of jutsu in it, whatever he had in finances and a little bit about my mother." At this, he pulled out the scroll and offered a little blood to open it for her to read. Once she was done, she smiled brightly at him.

"This is great! That you're the son of the Yondaime will help sway the Hyuuga Elders. Also, if you have more than just a little money, that will help if they bring up being able to raise a family financially. And already having your own house, a clan house no less, will help as well!" Hinata was ecstatic at this turn of events. There were now only two, possibly three faults the Elders could use: His lineage, which would be negated by the fact that he is the Yondaime's son, though they could fight he isn't of 'noble' standing; the Kyuubi, which had already been explained as to how that could help; and possibly his finances, which may or may not even be a problem.

"Will my being the Yondaime's son hold much influence when we consider they may still not be happy about Fuzzy?" Naruto still wasn't sure what could be used against him, but the Kyuubi would always be a tick on the downside of things for him.

"Well, they can't really say much about Fuzzy. They already know you to be two seperate beings, and they know, or at least I told them, about how having Fuzzy's influence in the Hyuuga line could potentially influence the development of the Byakugan to higher levels than it is now."

'Heh, you don't know the half of it, Kitten.' The Kyuubi already had plans for any of Naruto's children. The presence of any current doujutsu or bloodline would only be a perk.

"Oh." Naruto certainly wasn't dumb, and knew exactly what they would have to do to change the Byakugan: they would have children. "Well, are we going to do this even without their permission?" Hinata simply looked at him as though he said the whole sentence backwards.

"Of course," she said before looking a little hesitant, "that is, unless you don't want to..." This time, Naruto looked at her as though insane.

"I don't care if I have to kill every single Hyuuga that opposes this, if you want something, I'll do whatever is needed to give it to you, even this." Even with his eyes as their usual, gentle blue and his carefree smile, Hinata knew he was being entirely serious. Tsunade simply shivered, knowing he was entirely capable of it.

"Well, I would rather you not kill off one of Konoha's primary clans, but I can certainly pull my own strings to help the two of you out a bit. Especially if it means keeping you from being labeled as an enemy of the state for killing off a bunch of Konoha citizens, regardless as to your reason." Tsunade didn't want to be so blunt, but quite frankly, if he was planning on killing anyone opposed to their relationship, she wanted to make sure he was aware that he would become a fugitive.

"Its not like I want to, but Hinata's going to get whatever she wants, and if it is this, then its this." Naruto shrugged as he took a bite of his ramen while Hinata smiled brightly at him, even if a little worried about him following through with his threats, it was very sweet. "And besides, it isn't like there is anyone in this village who could stop me if I let loose." He didn't have to say what he was thinking. All three of them were well aware of it. The Kyuubi was completely for Naruto and Hinata's relationship, and would be willing to help Naruto to his fullest ability. Especially against villagers that hurt his container, and therefor, himself, over the years.

"Well," Tsunade said, "enough of this enjoyable conversation, let's go see your new home."

"Alright, but could we also find out how much money Naruto received from his father? That information would come in very helpful if needed against the Elders." Tsunade simply nodded her head in acquiescence to Hinata's question.

"That shouldn't pose any problems. I will have to find the financial report, but I can assure you that money won't be a problem. The Kazama clan was moderately wealthy in their prime, and had a tendency to make sound financial investments that have only grown. The fact that the numbers of the clan slowly lowered and the monetary gains were still there, and add several years' worth of inactivity, Naruto is easily going to have plenty of money to support the both of you and probably thirty kids if it came down to it." She shamelessly watched as the two teens blushed furiously at the rather large number she had implied. Of course, she wouldn't have minded having that many nieces and nephews, but no woman was up to that. And a girl Hinata's size most certainly wouldn't make such a goal viable, even if they both secretly planned to try for just that.

"That's good. Then the Hyuuga Elders can't say jack about that, right?" Naruto looked towards Hinata to see her nod in affirmation.

"Most likely not, but they could say that it would be best to offer me as a political marriage," Hinata responded. She ignored Naruto's aura of killer intent by putting her hand in his, making him forget that topic. "I can get out of that by saying that I would kill any husband they attempted to put me with if I was against the marriage, and that I could simply leave the Hyuuga if needed."

"You'd leave your family?" Family was something Naruto had always wanted, and couldn't think that someone would give up such a large family for only him. As Hinata smiled warmly at him, he felt himself get lost in his own torrent of emotions for her.

"My father isn't so bad anymore, and many of the Branch family members like me, I believe, but a life with them, and not you, would not be a life worth living. So yes, I would gladly leave them. We would have a place to stay, money to survive on, skills to defend ourselves and 'Fuzzy'." Tsunade listened to the two talk, not wanting to interrupt unless she felt it was needed. But listening to the two talk nearly made her cry in happiness that Naruto had found such an incredible woman for himself. And that Hinata had found Naruto.

"Well, if 'Fuzzy' or Tenshi are able to change the Byakugan, don't you think that they will want the bloodline to stay in the Hyuuga clan?" That, Tsunade decided, was her queue.

"Actually, it would depend on the circumstances." She continued to explain after getting their attention. "You see, if you were marrying into the Hyuuga clan, then yes, any children would fall under Hyuuga domain. However, I believe Hiashi-san," she decided to go with honorifics since Hinata was there, "is for this arrangement, and you could probably talk him into letting you form your own clan. You see, Naruto, the Kazama clan was a founding clan, much like the Hyuuga. That means that they are a clan of 'nobility', so to speak, even without any real ruling blood in Konoha, unless you count Hokage lineage. That would only leave myself, Konohamaru, Asuma and you, Naruto. So I doubt we have to worry much about that. I will help you if you need it when the time comes. Hiashi-san has an appointment scheduled for me in about an hour anyway."

"Thanks, Baa-chan."

"Thank you, Hokage-sama." Tsunade waved off their thanks as they turned onto a shaded roadway. This particular path leading to the gated areas behind the Hokage monument. Each person walked while contemplating their own thoughts about the things to come until they came to a gate hidden away in the overgrowth of trees.

"This property is adjacent to the Aburame properties. The grounds being as large as they are, the Aburame have had a long-standing agreement with the Sandaime and myself to take care of the grounds in exchange for more area to house their colonies. It had actually started with Arashi's suggestion since he was a lazy bum when it came to grounds keeping," Tsunade snorted. "They were actually very agreeable as their own grounds were, though sufficient, much smaller than their allies would be happy with." Tsunade had become so used to used the Aburame's preferred term for their Kikaichu bugs that she never even noticed when she used it at this point, though she was still a little squeamish when she had to see them go back into their hosts. "I would ask that you leave that agreement in place, but it is, of course, up to you." Tsunade nicked his fingertip to get at some of his blood and swiped it across a small seal on the gate, about the size of her palm, causing it to glow crimson, then blue and finally white, before the gate hummed with energy and then stopped.

"Alright, Kakashi. You know what to do." Anko and her new friend the Panda-masked ANBU were standing outside the hot springs, about forty yards from their giggling target. Kakashi sighed and pocketed his little orange book, looked forlornly into the distance. He knew this was coming and was just as upset about it as the she-demons in front of him were happy about it.

"You're sure you don't want to stop this now?" Kakashi looked directly at Anko's smiling visage, her excited mind taking his question as a last ditch effort, and a very poor one, to get out of it.

"No way, Kakashi! This is your side of the bargain, so get to it!" Kakashi put his hands into his pockets and looked down dejectedly as he shuffled his way over to the old man behind a small peephole where he was busy watching the lovely ladies inside in various states of undress. Kakashi was only a few feet from Anko and Panda when he turned back to them and made a 'wait' command using his ANBU hand sign knowledge and then walked a small distance to the side of the old lecher and made a kage bunshin.

"What the hell is he doing?" Anko knew that the creator of a kage bunshin got all of the clone's memories, and when it came to actually performing the deed itself, it wouldn't matter if it was the original or a clone, it still happened.

"Perhaps he's going to hold to his side a bit better than we expected?" Panda and Anko looked at each other, worry settling in both of their stomachs. They watched as both Kakashi's walked over towards the pervert and stopped several feet away before creating a henge on each of themselves.

Jiraiya was beyond a happy man right now. On the other side of his peeping hole were several highly attractive women who were amongst friends, and decided that they'd had enough time to not only bathe, but splash each other back and forth. He'd been watching them for nearly a half hour before they had begun to get tired and rested on each other, breathing heavily. He giggled as he wrote more of his notes.

Halfway through his next description and drawing, however, he felt a sudden shift of chakra behind him. Somewhat worried, he turned his head slowly to the side, only for his eyes to widen in surprise and happiness as he watched Hatake Kakashi shove Mitarashi Anko up against a wall, kissing her, biting her and fondling her. Jiraiya's lower jaw suddenly began lowering itself as his eyes widened. Drool hung from his chin as his hair stood up and his face began to redden. Quickly, the pervert turned around so that he was still crouched behind the bushes and furiously began scribbling away, his pen moving so quickly, that his notebook was a blur of pages and a light plume of smoke rose form the pen's tip. When Anko breathed in with a high-pitched moan, the old man shivered and his pen stopped moving for a brief moment as a lecherous grin spread over his face before hunching down and scribbling away again.

Unseen to the pervert, the real Anko was fighting tooth, nail and several summons' fangs to get out of Panda's grip and emasculate the cycloptic Jounin who thought to use her image to gain a higher reputation from the perverted writer.

Above the homicidal women and the amorous 'couple' below, several ANBU barely managed to keep a hold of their recording equipment when they saw Kakashi's plan. They had to admit, it was genius. Suicidal and most certainly asking for a painful end, but genius all the same. None of them would have expected the Jounin to use on of his own student's personal jutsu in such a manner, though several of them were silently thankful. Very silently thankful.

The lecher was on his third notebook of 'inspiration'. After Pinky and Naruto's activities, he was making damn sure he wouldn't be caught without plenty of writing space. He'd missed a lot of things in his apprentice's midnight rendezvous and he didn't want that again.

By now, Kakashi had worked off Anko's trench coat and was nibbling his way down her neck and shoulder as his hands worked her breasts. Just as Kakashi was lifting the shirt up, a furious roar scared Jiraiya into trying to escape by running to the opposite direction, which was face-first into the wooden fence of the bath houses. He fell onto his bum and looked around frantically for whatever women had found him peeping when he saw a second Anko, her face set in righteous fury run directly at Kakashi and the Anko on the ground. He idly noted that a Panda-faced ANBU was rolling from the side alley being completely surrounded by a python that was bigger around than she was and far longer.

Anko was about halfway to the pair that were against the wall before a second furious roar caused the running Anko to stop. All people watching and several of the ANBU panned their cameras to a pink streak of furious woman who ran even faster than the snake-wielding Jounin and gave an ungodly bitch-slap to the completely confused Kakashi, knocking him into the wall next to the Anko clone, forcing her to dispel.

"PERVERT! DID YOU THINK LEE-KUN AND I WOULDN'T CATCH YOU EVENTUALLY!" Kakashi climbed out of the wall, albeit a bit shakily, before turning a wide-eyed stare towards Sakura.

"Sakura, what the hell are you talking about?" Kakashi watched as the girl snorted in disgust before fixing him with a death glare while a far different version of Lee stepped up beside her. He was dressed like a normal person, though in some rather stylish clothes, and still with the frightening Gai-like eyebrows.

"Last night, you pervert, when you spied on me and Lee-kun having s- uh..." Suddenly, rather shy, she looked around and noticed Anko. Kakashi, able to easily figure out where her rant had been going, decided to head her off.

"Sakura, last night I was with her," he indicated a wide-eyed and nodding Anko, "and her bound-up ANBU friend over there at the bar. Now, if you and Lee were... having relations... last night and someone was spying on you, they probably used a Henge to look like me to throw you off." Sakura looked confused as hell.

"But, who would do such a-" she cut off as she watched Kakashi and Anko look over towards the bath houses where a white-haired pervert was slowing trying to slink away without being seen. With a primal roar, Sakura unleashed her fury on her new target.

Jiraiya tried to bolt as soon as he heard the conversation getting to uncomfortable territory, but knew he was screwed when he heard the rage behind him. Trying to run, however, didn't work when a boy that was faster than he looked, far faster, grabbed him by the arms and turned him to what appeared to be a pink-haired version of Tsunade, with the same version of painful super strength. He was able to let out a single whimper before the punch launched him over the fence and into the bath houses, where there were even more angry women yelling about perverts and one very high-pitched scream that didn't seem to want to stop.

Anko shook her head to stop thinking about the beating the man was sure to be receiving before remembering she was about to administer her own to Kakashi before the sudden appearance of the Pink-haired Fury. Looking around, she saw that Kakashi himself had made good his escape.

"KAKASHI! YOU BASTARD! GET BACK HERE AND DIE LIKE A MAN!" She summoned a few snakes to hunt the man down. It was only a few moments before one of them said they'd found scent of his fear and Anko was off with a grin and a kunai in each hand and one between her teeth, completely forgetting about the snake summon around her new friend... who was beginning to turn a little blue...

Thus far, Naruto was amazed with the grounds his family held. The buildings were each relatively large and quite spacious. Things were what he would consider 'classy' without being pompous, which he wasn't exactly sure he understood what made him think as much. His favorite aspect of each of the homes, however, was the numerous pictures of past family members. He was a bit saddened to think that each image was basically a picture of someone who's long-since passed, but couldn't help being happy to see what the closest thing to his family he could get his hands on held. Each picture, each person, everyone was smiling and happy.

But then he found the library filled to the brim with jutsu scrolls, and was suddenly beginning to think he had a different happy place- correction, favorite aspect of his ancestral home. Even the large room, stuffed full of ramen hadn't made him quite as happy.

The grounds themselves were actually quite vast and the number of trees lining the property kept most of the village's bustle from reaching them, keeping it calm and serene. About two hundred yards behind the last of the residential buildings was a large training ground with bits of each element for training of any sort and several weapon racks, though all were empty.

Naruto was loading his arms with scrolls of every type when Hinata found him. She smiled and came up to him, wrapping her arms around him and squeezing gently.

"Your home is beautiful, Naruto-kun." Naruto set the scrolls back onto the shelves before turning to her and wrapping her up in his arms and hugging her body to his.

"Yea, it is. But its our home, now. Or at least, it will be. I just need to think up some way into tricking you into marrying me, and then we'll be all set." He smiled as Hinata giggled.

"However do you plan to trick such a brilliant mind?" Hinata was impressed with herself as she played to Naruto's game. It was getting easier and easier to speak her mind with him, though his kisses may have had something to do with that. She lost her train of thought when Naruto began to nip at her neck.

"I'll probably," he nibbled her collarbone, "try and make you," he licked the skin he'd just bitten, "addicted to me licking," he trailed his fingers up her back as he started to nibble her earlobe, "your -"

"A-hem!" Naruto and Hinata both yelped in surprise and shock as they leapt apart from each other and saw a highly amused Tsunade standing at the doorway as if looking around the room and not at the two of them, though her poker face was still horrible if her grin was anything to go by.

"S-sorry, Baa-chan," Naruto could still feel Hinata's warmth in his arms and his adrenaline made him light-headed for a moment while Hinata blushed and smiled, looking for all the world as if she were proud of herself.

"Well, glad to see you two making yourselves right at home!" She smiled impishly at them. "What do you think of it so far? I know you haven't seen most of it, but when you've seen one, they're about all the same." Naruto nodded as he looked around the library.

"Yea, I like it a lot. This will be great for starting a clan and living in." He looked over at Hinata and winked before looking over at Tsunade. "About twenty kids and the perfect place for a Hokage to live in! I like it!" Tsunade humphed and her smile widened.

"Don't you think that twenty kids is a bit much?" Naruto blanked his face at her before responding, trying to look slightly confused.

"I thought you knew?" He mentally gave himself an award for the expression of confusion on her face. "Kitsune, which is what I am, and now Hinata as my mate, have children in litters." Hinata, hearing Naruto's words, even if his wink did signify them to be a joke, blushed and lost control of the grin that split her face. That was the very sight that greeted Tsunade as she looked over to Hinata for confirmation, making her believe it entirely.

"Oh dear sweet Kami no..." Both looked at Tsunade, thinking she was against the two of them having children. "I don't think I could survive two pranksters at once... much less twenty!" Her look of absolute fear drove both into a fit of laughter made them cry.

"Alright you two. I've got some meetings for the day, so you two can continue to look around or do... other.. things, I'll go ahead and get my business done." The two nodded and pretended to begin looking at the scrolls Naruto had earlier until she left the room, then they continued where they left off while she went to meet with her first visitor of the day: Hyuuga Hiashi.

[Author's Note – As many of you made a comment about, I didn't actually plan on taking it this far beyond Hinata's actions after their return to Konoha. That, unfortunately caused me to find myself unsure of how to continue this along with creating a whole bunch of plot pieces that I want to now continue, but don't want to do as part of THIS story, but my main story (working on it now, and won't post until I have SEVERAL chapters already completed so I don't make you guys wait this long again.) I plan on finishing the bet, Jiraiya's secret comes out (read: notes,) the Hyuuga Elders conflict and such. I plan to try and finish everything in the next chapter (and as it won't be pertinent to the story, I'll gloss over Naruto's training to come to terms with his new strength and such. And if it helps, I'll explain why he was able to use the Kage Bunshin without difficulty and still need to train in the next chapter as part of the glossing over thing.)

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