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Chapter Five: Cops, Cops, and Oh, Look! More Cops

Leaving the scene where the battle with Neminda had commenced, the six Pokemon continued to walk further down the beach. Swift was still unconscious over Sonar shoulder, and after a few moments he stirred with a groan, waking up.

"Huh...? What happened..?" He asked, groggy and confused.

"Swift!" Nia shouted joyfully, overwhelmed with relief to see the Pikachu was okay.

"Ah, your awake," Sonar said calmly as he let Swift down. "You fainted, I told you not to be wreckless, she is not to be trifled with."

Swift looked confused, "Fainted? What did happen?" he asked again but couldn't think to long before Nia tackled him to the ground.

"Swift! I'm so glad to see you're okay!" she said and nuzzled against him affectionate.

"Careful, he still has the wound that Neminda gave him." Sonar said regarding the cut he got from the shuriken.

Nia nodded and finally let Swift up. "Don't ever worry me like that again!"

Swift was still confused before remembering Sonar mentioning Neminda and memories of the Umbreon came back.

"Wait, where's that Umbreon?" He asked suddenly, looking around him with a few sparks emitting.

"Sonar got rid of her!" Valerie answered cheerfully.

Swift blinked and began to calm down. Turning to Sonar he asked, "You did?"

Sonar softly nodded.

The Pikachu seemed stunned. "Wow, you really are strong... Thanks, then." Swift said gratefully.

"Yeah, thanks, Sonar!" Nia said as well, smiling gratefully.

"Psy deserves a piece of credit, he distracted her long enough for me to end the fight." Sonar replied modestly.

"Yeah, then sword-dude took her down and tied her to a tree!" Psy added, still excited about watching the fight. Turning to Swift, Psy continued, "Me and Reb thought you were dead. Sword-dude is awesome!"

"It's what was what needed to be done, It's why I came." Sonar said quietly.

"It was still cool anyway!" added Valerie.

Meanwhile, Rebel folded his arms in ill-temper. "Yeah, big deal, I could've done the same thing if I wanted to..." he completely ignored the fact he didn't know the first thing about swords.

"Doubtful. Neminda's far stronger than normal Pokemon." Sonar said.

Rebel snapped. "Oh yeah, tough guy? Then how about you lose those swords and settle this like a real Pokemon! Mono-e-mono!" he shouted and bared his claws while glaring at Sonar.

"Hand to Hand...bold." Sonar replied, the expression on his face not changing as he removed his swords and the pouch at his side.

"Hey, come on... we just finished fighting!" Swift exclaimed, surprised.

"No way!" Rebel refused and remained glaring, "He's going down!"

"A challenge was issued, I can't refuse." Sonar replied, still seemingly calm

Psy looked back and forth, realizing neither of them were kidding and suddenly turned panicked. Mainly out of fear for Rebel's safety. "Uh-oh..." he said and ran to Swift, catuiosly avioding running between where the two Pokemon stood, and whispered quickly to Swift, "Yellow-dude, if they fight, Reb's dead!"

"Yeah, I know, but Rebel's too stubborn to listen..." Swift folded his arms while thinking, but no ideas how to save the cat came.

Psy also thought for a short moment before an idea hit, and his expression lifted. "Hey yellow-dude! Check this out.." he began whispering something to Swift.

Swift ears and face perked at the idea and he made a quick thumbs up before pulling out a nickel. Psy pulled out a Nomel Berry he had saved from the plane.

"Hey, dudes!" Psy called to Sonar and Rebel; he and Swift held up the items.

Rebel's eyes widened. "Shiny!" Shouted the cat with bliss and sparkly eyes. Everything else he seemed to forget.

"Nomel!" Sonar shouted, his expression finally shifting as he forgot the fight as well.

To avoid being ambushed, Psy and Swift quickly threw the items to the ground which were both immediately snatched up.

"My precious shiny... I promise never to leave you again..." Rebel talked to the coin affectionatly after picking it up.

Sonar didn't say anything as he slowly devoured the berry.

Swift sighed in relief. "That was close... great idea, Psy."

Psy smiled widely. "Day's work, dude. Day's work."

Valerie nodded, "Great, now that Rebel's not going to be hospitalized, how about we leave this beach and find a place to stay?" she suggested, Rebel was far too preoccupied with the nickle to pay attetion to the statement.

"Yeah! We could check into a hotel!" Nia agreed excitedly, then suddenly turned to walk closer to Swift, tossing him a sly look. "And Swify.. we could get a room... all to ourselves..." she said to him sweetly.

Valerie sweat dropped, "I'm not sure we can afford two rooms..."

Sonar had finished up the berry and heard the conversation, "We might. How much do each of you have?"

Swift pulled out a wallet from the suitcase he had packed and counted he and Nia's money. "Well... me and Nia have 34 dollars together..."

"I have 26," Valerie informed.

"I got a nickle, and the money from our peanut scam!" Obviously it was Rebel who shouted this, "but don't expect me to spend it!"

Psy shifted one of his webbed fet in the sand. "I'm always broke..."

Swift looked doubtful, "I don't think this is enough..." he lamented. Spare change and a couple of dollars just wouldn't do for pricey Flora beach side hotels. He forgot they hadn't counted someone. "What about you, Sonar?"

"One can find the right things if one looks," The Flareon reached into his mane and pulled out a solid gold nugget.

Swift stared in shock, remaning silent. "...Is that what I think it is?"

Rebel stared at the golden rock in awe. "Even bigger shiny... we're rich!" His nickle was suddenly the last thing on his mind.

"Great!" Valerie said cheerily, "There's no doubt we can get a hotel room with that, but maybe we should see how much it's worth first..." she suggested and brought out a brochure she had picked up from the plane. "...I think there's a pawn shop close buy... "

"Okay, then let's go!" Nia said happily, and with that, the group departed out to a pawn shop on beach, right outside Miami.


Within a few minutes, they six found themselves in a smallish wooden shack with a verity of beach items and random items bought by the shop, and passed a fat guy chewing bubble gum and he pulled out a catalog.

Glancing away from it, the store clerk said, "Well, that gold nugget would be worth, I'd say... 4 bucks."

Valerie, holding a exact copy of the clerks catalog pointed out, "According to this, golden nuggets are worth 2000." she challenged.

The clerk glanced at her nervously then back at the Sonar who was holding the nugget.

"Well, according to this, it's worth 4."

"I may not be able to see what your "According to" but from my experience these things are pure gold, and gold is worth more than 4 dollars." Sonar stated. His unchanging expression made the clerk a tad more nervous.

"Er... um.. but..."

Sonar bore his teeth and grabbed a hilt of one of his swords, pulling it out slightly. "Think it's smart to talk back to someone with a weapon?"

The clerk stared wide-eyed and gulped.

"...Excellent rock you bought in-3500 it is, sir. I never doubted the price for a second, and by the way, would you care for some Beach Shore coupons?" Frightened, the clerk passed the cash over the counter and sunk lower, watching them in fear of the swords.

Rebel stared wide-eyed and blinked once from sheer disbelief, though Psy looked confused.

"Uh... dude? That's 3500-" Rebel immediately smacked his friend with a fish.

"Everything's fine! We'll be on our way now! Right, Sonar?" Quickly the cat nudged Sonar and whispered, "This idiot overpaid us! Let's get out of here with full wallets!" Sonar shrugged then nodded.

"Lets go!" The Meowth headed for the door as Swift collected their money.

Psy, still clueless, began to protest, "But, wait a minute! That's-"

Rebel quickly picked up Psy and tossed him through the nearest window.

"Well, it was nice visiting-well send postcards-don't call us, we'll call you-bye!" The Meowth quickly ushered his friends out of the shop, leaving the frightened and now confused store clerk to consider a new job.


Past the beach where the battle with Neminda took place, and the shop of fish and window abuse, Swift, Sonar, abd Valerie all walked alongside a rather busy road, passing multiple buildings with Nia slowly paddling along behind them, seeming slightly anxious. Valerie spoke once she noticed a hotel a few buildings ahead.

"Okay, since we have 15 grand extra, how about we check into a five-star hotel?" she asked excitedly with a hopeful glint in her eyes.

Swift sighed. His dreams of buying a thousand bottles of ketchup died there.

"I guess so... What do you think, So-" just then, Swift noticed a dirty, smelly looking guy walking closer to Sonar. "Uh... Hey, Sonar?"

"Hmm?" Sonar looked up from what seemed to be thinking. Then, the hobo held out a hand.

"Do you have any change?"

"How do you expect me to carry it, I got no pockets." Sonar said flatly and tried to get past the hobo.

"Do you have any change?" the hobo asked again.

"No," Sonar said in a more irritated tone, "Now go away." For some or another reason, the hobo continued, creepily with an unchanging expression.

"Do you have any change?" Valerie glanced at the guy uncomfortably, and Swift scathed, on the brink of losing his extremely short temper. When no one answered, the hobo asked again.

"Do you-"

"That's it!" Swift charged the hobo, bit his arm, and the hobo scrambled away like bugs from a fire.

"How hard did you bite him?" Sonar asked. Swift didn't respond directly but his face immediately turned green, and he spat countless times, almost as if gagging.

"Poison! Age old spoiled milk and the taste of ancient throw-up!" he screeched in dismay and continued gagging.

Valerie chuckled before continuing walking. "Let's keep moving. He'll be fine-plus, I see a restaurant not far ahead!" Swift managed to stop strangling his throat long enough to notice something was missing.

"Hey... where are the idiots?" Nia flinched at the words, and Valerie turned back. Sure enough both Rebel and Psy had pulled a houdini.

"Great, I knew things were too peaceful..." Swift glanced around briefly in search of the missing cat and duck.

"We must have lost them at that store... Nia," he turned to the Eevee and she jumped in surprise. "you didn't happen to see where they went, did you?"

Nia looked even more nervous. "M-me? Nope-haven't seen them anywhere..." she replied shakily and wouldn't meet Swift's gaze. Swift raised an imaginary eye-brow. Instantly he was aware Nia was hiding something. They had been together too long.

"Nia, I know you better than this... if you promised Rebel or Psy anything, it's okay to rat them out." the Pikachu said, "After all, they stole plane tickets somehow!" Nia hesitated. She didn't want to betray Rebel or Psy simply because they were friends, but she thought it would be a lot easier to tell the others.

"Fine... Rebel and Psy said they were going somewhere to find something, and asked me not to tell... They ran off before I could say any more..." she explained with a deep feeling of guilt. She scarcely broke a promise.

"It's okay," Swift reassured comfortingly, "What're they up to now...?" Just then, a TV inside a shop that could be seen through a huge window alongside other televisions started an emergency news report.

"We interrupt your regularly scheduled programing for this emergency report!" A female news reporter recited. "A bank and beach store have been robbed of multiple new nickels and a ducky duck-print surfboard."

Swift stared at the TV in disbelief. "They wouldn't..."

"The thieves were reported as two male and female senior citizens wearing Hawaiian print shirts and breezy short shorts. Obviously gone a day with out their tapioca pudding." the reporter continued.

"I...really didn't expect that one..." Sonar said, obviously weirded out. Swift nodded his agreement.

"...That's disturbing... So I guess that means Rebel and Psy are innocent... for once." he added, still slightly baffled over the strangeness. As Swift relaxed a little, what with his two missing friends having no affiliation with the robbery, the reporter began again.

"Breaking news! It turns out an identical robbery has occured, and the two suspects in pursuit are..." The reporter paused and gave her paper a long, confused stare. "A cat and duck...? Sorry, folks there must be some mistake.." she stopped again and another news staff person walked up and whispered something in her ear, the reporter looked skeptical. "It turns out there was no mistake and that a cat and duck did indeed robbed a nearby bank of all it's nickels, and a nearby beach shop of a surfboard... I need a coffee..." she went off to find said coffee, and Swift smoldered with rage.

"Unbelievable, they didn't..." At that same moment, Psy and Rebel ran by, Rebel holding a sack of some sort, and Psy holding a surfboard over his head.

"They did." Valerie replied flatly, staring at the two fleeing Pokemon as Swift dashed in front of them.

"What the HELL do you two think you're doing?! Do you like pissing off the humans?! Especially the police ones!?" Swift exploded with fury at them both, but both seemed more worried than ashamed. Or frightened. Rebel was sweating with worry and he glanced behind him with panic.

"No time...! They're-" At that moment a police officer approached from behind. Tapping a foot with impatience.

"-behind us..." Rebel finished flatly. Swift inched away slowly, whistling.

"Anyone mind telling what's inside that sack?" he asked, giving Rebel and Psy and suspicous glare.

"Er... my dirty laundry!" Rebel claimed with panic. "They smell so bad they killed my fishes! I have to wash them as soon as possible. Nothing to worry about..."

"Really?" The officer bent down to Rebel's eye level and smiled. "you don't mind showing me then, do you?" Rebel sweat-dropped.

"Uh..." He inconspicuously switched the first sack with a second and dumped out laundry. "See? Nothing but smelly clothing." He smiled a wide innocent smile. The officer nodded and stood up, then pulled out a walkie-talkie.

"I have six strange animals here for a coin robbery, over."

"Six?!' Sonar asked alarmed.

"We have nothing to do with these two!" Valerie added. The officer hardly glanced down.

"...They're now shouting threats, over... Take 'em in?...roger." he pulled out handcuffs. Rebel tossed the dirty laundrary into the officer.

"Run for you lives and unjailed records!" As the officer fell, Rebel and Psy made a break for it.

"I don't like this..." Swift murmered uneasily, but ran anyway. Nia glanced back and forth uneasily, but fled after Swift regardless.

Valerie groaned. "Why did we bring those two, again?" But as the officer began shouting stuff in his walkie-talkie, the Vulpix turned to Sonar. "Shall we run away now?"

"Um...yeah." Sonar replied before running along side Valerie. The two ran off further into the city for a good while unchallenged before near a strange sushi bar, three police officers confromt them.

"Just great." Valerie remarked.

"Freeze! You are both under arrest!" One shouted. An officer beside the first nudged him. "...Hey...Which one's the girl?" he whispered. Rather loudly.

The first officer seemed less hostile now, and now looked more pensive. "Huh... I think that one..." he pointed over to Sonar, "I mean... well, look at it." Valerie sweat-dropped.

"Val, did he just call me..." Sonar asked in a low threatening voice.


"You're nuts, the one with six tails is the girl." the third officer argued.

"Nah... naaah... I think the one with the yellow fur is the female... "The second stated, thoughtfully tapping his chin. With his gun. The third studied Sonar and Valerie for a moment in reconsideration.

"... maybe you're right... The one with yellow fur does look more like a female..." The officers each were completely unaware how costly thier mistake would be. By this time, Sonar was growling deeply bearing his teeth Valerie shot the three a glare.

"If that means I look masculine, they're dead." she remakred, then noticed the pissed Flareon beside her. "Which one do you want?"

"The one who first called me a girl." Sonar said growling.

"Right, I'll take the last one..." she crouched down into a threatening crouch and her lips drew back in the begining of a snarl.

"Yep, that one's definately the girl..." the one who first made the gender accusation said again, nodding confidently in his belief. Little did he notice the two Pokemon charging at them, one with swords drawn.

"Wait... aren't these two under arrest-" He broke of once he noticed the two. "OH MY GOD, LOO-" before he could finished, Valerie pounced on him and he fell.

"Jim!" the first officer exclaimed, but then he felt the bash of two sword hilts against his chest. Officer three watched horrifed, realized he wasn't maimed, and slowly began to inch away. Then when Valerie launched a Flamethrower at him, and he ran off screaming like the little girl he was; hands in the air, and weapon dropped to the ground. Once the two idiotic officers were unconcious, Valerie let out a yowl of triumph and hopped off the officer. "Well... that was fun."

"Not much of a challenge though." Sonar said while putting his swords away.

"Wow! That's such an awesome Flareon! I gotta sketch it!"

Valerie and Sonar turned, the voice belonged to non-other than Tracey Sketchit. Sonar fell silent and Valerie noticed Sonar seemed to freeze.

"Uh... Sonar?"

"Wow... that Flareon looks so strong..." Immdiately, Tracey pulled out a ton a drawling equiptment, and desk; complete with small vase and lights. Ignoring the light that came natrually from the sun. "If you could just hold that pose.." he said to Sonar, then drew a few things. Without saying a word, Sonar slowly gripped his blades, and in what seemed like one of those cool flashes you see in ninja movies, the desk was turned to dust.

"Hey...! I write on that!" Tracey complained.

"Tough." Sonar said flatly Then, a flash of what seemed like anger went through Tracey's eyes. Or indigestion.

"That's it! All of you Pokemon keep hurting me, or yelling at me, or sending me to prison! I've had it!" he drew his PokeBall and threw it to the ground, and his Syther appeared. "It's time for payback!" The Syther glanced at Tracey, slashed at him and sliced the Pokeball in two. Then it flew off.

"I'm free! Yipee! Vegas, here I come!"

"I'm glad he had a happy ending after all." Sonar said grinning.

"Noo! Even my own Pokemon betray me!" Tracey wailed misserably sinking to the ground, then he went into the feeble position and began sucking his thumb.

Valerie stared. "Oookay..."

"What a weirdo..." Sonar said.

While Tracey cried from his spot on the floor, two more figures appeared running from out of the shadows of an alleyway. One holding cherry pie.

"Why'd you snatch that pie, anyway?!" shouted Rebel as he ran. "Now there's two sets of people chasing us! And they had rifles!" He shouted at Psy.

"Dude! It called me!" Psy pleaded desperately. A woman and a guy who very much liked cherry pie shouted after them tiredly, but then gave up the chase.

"Aw great!" Valerie groaned. "These two are sure to lead more police here! We've already taken out three idiots!" A vain bulged in Sonar's forehead.

Rebel ignored them both and stopped, realizing now they were running away from nothing.

"Well you don't have to shout at us..." he grumbled, sure they were safe.

"Hey!" Tracey called from the floor. Psy and Rebel turned.

"I know you! Wait just a minute, I have to sketch you!" Tracey called desperately. Psy dropped his pie, staring at Tracey as his eyes went wide with a frightened expression.

"It's the fag!"

Tracey stared. "...that's not very nice-" Rebel kicked him in the face.

"Come on! Let's get outta here before the-" A helicopter zoomed over head with searchlights glaring at them, police cars surrpounded them, and the fat kid with the stick showed up all at once. "Pinata!"

"Freeze! We have you surrounded! We're serious this time!" Called a cop from a megaphone. Rebel searched the area quickly, and his eyes landed on Tracey. Witjhout thinking the Meowth quickly grabbed Tracey and unsheathed his claws. "We have a hostage!"

"I really don't think that's gonna work..." Sonar said to the cat. The cop stared for a moment.

"Huh... Tracey Sketchit... you're wanted in 5 different states for stolen erotic Pokemon Magazines!"

All stared at Tracey.

"I can so explain..." Rebel dropped Tracey.

"Uh... Reb... " Psy began uneasily in a whisper as he walked closer to Rebel. "I think The Man's caught us..."

"When I give the signal, run like hell." Sonar said, mostly wanting to save himslef and Valerie. She nodded and prepared to run, while Psy tapped his chin in thought.

"How 'bout a bribe?" he called.

"That's ten years!" Called another cop. Psy was temporarily silent.

"...I'll give you each ten bucks and a slice of cherry pie." Psy offered. The cops were silent. Two ducked behind a cop car. "Now what? H-he's like a master negotiator!"

"I know, not only the ten bucks...but pie! Cherry pie no less!" The other one said. "Should we listen?"

"Wait, wait, let's see if he'll go any further..." he said, and stood up again.

"We wont do it!" The other cop said trying to sound as serious as possible. Psy reached in his pockets, pulled out a 50 and kissed it. Rebel stared.

"Where'd you get that?" he asked, his gaze fixed on the bill.

"I'll thrown in 50 bucks." The cops began sweating.

"N-now what?" he asked his friend.

Tracey interrupted the officers.

"Can I go? I'm not with these guys, and no one can prove those magazines were stolen!" He called to the officers. For some reason he had yet to pull himself from the floor.

"No! You're all going to jail!"



Psy tapped his chin anxouisly. "Uh oh.. I'm losing them, dude..." he warned Rebel.

Rebel looked fearful.

"Meowth's aren't suited for jail!" he started with wide-eyes. "Who's going to steal Joe's nickle collection back at Cerulean?"

Meanwhile at Kanto, a middle aged mustached man wearing a chef's apron pulled a ben of trash outside, dumped it, then walked back into the low-paying two-star restaurant he worked in. That was his last task and he picked up a nickle on the floor before heading home, and once he was inside, he tossed anxious glances back and forth, then pulled a picture down, revealing a safe in the wall.

"Finally! This nickle makes 25,000 bucks! Just enough for me to take that life saving kidney operation my phony medical insurance won't cover!" He exclaimed excitedly and began inputting the safe combination. Only when it was open did he see the cobwebs, and 96 empty jars Rebel had so conviently left behind. Without the lids. "Oh, hell."

Meanwhile, Swift and Nia ran to a different part of Miami-lasting this long due to their speed on all fours and the cops' stupidity. Near a section of roadway, cut off due to nonsensical construction work involving high speed chases into buildings, the two Pokemon were soon surrounded by police officers. Some scrambling from the construction.

"Freeze! You're wanted for connection with a bank and beach house robbery. Surrender and do not try to escape!" One officer called from a megaphone, ignoring the fact he was less than five feet from Swift and Nia. Swift cursed under his breath, then turned to the cops. Deciding running would no longer and help and maybe he could talk his and Nia's way out of this.

"Okay, okay..." he began casually in a futile attempt to lighten the mood. "There's been some sort of mistake... Me and Nia here, "He made a gesture over towards the Eevee. "have nothing to do with the robberies." The officer with the megaphone narrowed his eyes.

"Is that so? Then why were you running and spotted with these criminals?" He held up a poorly drawn picture of Rebel and Psy that looked as if it was sketched by a two year old.

Swift broke into a cold sweat. "Er... We don't know those Pokemon..."

"Then why did you run?"

"It's a healthy habit." Nia answered. the megaphone cop looked slightly confused, but unconvinced, he turned to an officer standing next to them.

"Think it's the truth?"

"Could a face like that lie?" One cop said looking at Nia, clearly succumbing to the cuteness of the Eevee. Nia overheard this and made a sad, irresistably cute face.

"Aww..." Most of the officers there cooed simotaneously.

One added, "She so cute!"

"I say we let her go." Said another. The megaphone cop looked indisively nervous in making the decision.

When Nia noticed his indecision, she sealed the deal by pleading sweetly, "Pleease?"

"Aw crap..." he muttered to himself, giving in. "What the hell, you're free to go..."

"HURRAY!" All the officers chorused loudly.

"Thank you very much!" Nia said sincerely, smiling sweetly at the officer.

He gave a curt nod, then added.

"But you," he pointed over at Swift-whom was guzzling a bottle of ketchup that he had obtained from only Mew knows. "–you're coming with us."

Swift was stunned.

"...Can't we talk?"


The Pikachu glared. "Okay... if that's how you want it..." Swift slowly placed down the bottle of ketchup, took a very slow step forward, suddenly shot towards a police car using Agility, hopped in, and sped off with the keys still in the ignition.

"We got a runner!" Another officer shouted, and with that, the officers all boarded their vehicles and sped off in hot pursuit after the fugitive mouse.

Nia blinked. ". . . He'll be fine..." she assured herself and turned around. She couldn't possibly chase after them now. She simply decided it she'd be more useful finding the others. "Okay, I'm off to find my friends and maybe the nearest shopping mall!" The Eevee declared energetically, and with that ran off into the city.

Meanwhile, Sonar stood next to Valerie on the roof of some building, they're escape plan seeming to go only half right, as they were at the edge in front of more cops.

"How'd we get up here?" One of the cops asked.

"Duh! Haven't you seen Die Hard? All dramatic moments happen on the rooftop!" Another one said, "Now all that's needed is some dramatic music..." as if on cue, tense, dramatic music began playing.

Valerie looked over to another rooftop to see an orchestra playing.

"Where do these guys come from?" she asked aloud. Sonar slowly crept to the very edge of the building.

"Valerie, do you trust me?" he asked, holding out his paw.

"What?" she seemed stunned, but then after a moment of thought, she eventually took hold of Sonar's paw. "Yes... I do." Sonar gently brought her closer to him.

"Looks like it ends here." Sonar said to the police, they gave a confused look.

"He's not gonna...?" One of them began to ask.

"Hold on tight." Sonar whispered to the vulpix. With that, Sonar started to lean backwards, falling off the building. Valerie froze, instantly alarmed as she realized they were beginning to fall. "W-wait a minute! We're-" But as soon as they seemed to fall, they stopped. Valerie began to realize they were no longer falling, but were hanging from the edge, upside down. Sonar was somehow sticking to the bottom of it, holding tightly to not let Valerie slip.

Valerie was almost too shocked to form words. "...H-how are you doing this...?" she asked breathlessly, staring at the blind-folded Flareon through wide, astonished eyes.

"I'll explain when we're clear... right now we have to keep quiet." Sonar whispered.

"Did he really do it?" One of the cops asked from the top of the building.

"I don't see them anywhere..." Another said looking over the building.

"Well," a cop holding a doughnut began. "I guess that solves the mystery of the strange furry animals..." he took a bite from a his doughnut. The others nodded in agreement, and they all started to make their way to a nearby bar. Valerie waited until their voices died down. "Are they gone?" Sonar listened.

"I think they are..." He said, as he was still holding onto Valerie he failed to notice his blindfold was slowly falling off as they hung. It finally loosened enough to slip off from his eyes. "oh-no..." He said quietly. At first his eyelids were tightly shut, as if wanting to hide something. Valerie noticed the blindfold slip. She watched it fall to the city below, then turned her gaze to Sonar and saw his eyes tightly shut.

"Hey, Sonar... are you okay?" she asked, some hints of worry in her voice. Hearing her voice somehow compelled Sonar, though seeming reluctant, his eyelids slowly loosened, slowly opening to reveal his sapphire blue eyes. Looking at Valerie with the look of focus. It occurred to Valerie, Sonar wasn't blind. Stunned, Valerie froze and their eyes locked for a long moment.

"Sonar," she eventually began, surprised. "Haven't you ever taken your blindfold off before?" Sonar wanted to talk, but knew this wasn't the best place, and used his skill to flip back up to the top of the building once again.

"I guess I should explain..." Sonar started letting his grip on Valerie go. "...It's been two months since I last removed it, I...I didn't want to take it off until..." he continued slowly.

"Until...?" Valerie urged.

"Until... I felt like I belonged somewhere... A lot of my life was spent wandering, just that, no purpose in mind," He once again met her eyes. He didn't know why, but he couldn't supress a feeling he was getting, just from looking into her eyes.

Valerie froze again, unable to speak as she gazed on into Sonar's eyes, and then was sharply aware her cheeks felt hot. Acutely embarrassed, she glanced down.

"...You should already know you belong..."

Sonar too, felt heat rise to his face. "Valerie...about what happened just now, the building thing..." Valerie smiled.

"Forget it. I know you were just trying to protect us." She said, "I'm just glad you can see again." she added warmly. Sonar blushed again and returned her smile.

"I guess it was a sign, but Val..." Sonar said hesitantly.


"Well...um...you're...beautiful." He strained out, blushing deeply now, his tail beginning to twitch.

At those words, Valerie felt her heart pound faster. She felt far differently about Sonar than any other Pokemon. Then, with a rush of courage, she brushed gently against Sonar's side. "Thanks..." Sonar's blush didn't go down, but once again mustered up courage to talk.

"Um...Val...did you...maybe...wanna...go out tonight? I could take you somewhere nice..." He said and flinched a little.

Valerie's eyes lit up, but she replied coolly, "Sure. Just make sure the place we go to isn't a dump." she gave a joking smile.

"Well first...we gotta get off this building." He said and smiled.

"Right," Valerie agreed brightly. "Well then, let's get going, Sonar."

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