Everything falls apart

Chapter One

What happens is Nicole Kit lives at a dojo in New York with her dad and little sister. Her dad helps kids learn ninjitsu. Nicole can control all the elements air, Fire, earth, and water. She has to train to get stronger so she can call up all of the elements. She can be used as a weapon and that's were this story starts…..

Nicole's point of view

I am 17 years old I have black hair with silver streaks I take care of my family my father Rei Kit and my little sister Alyssa. My mum died when I was 5 years old so I have the job of taking care of the family.

But one day when we were eating dinner my dad was acting weird "what's wrong papa" I asked He just looked up at me, smiled and continued to eat. When I had tucked my little sister into bed, my Dad was sitting on the couch reading a book. "Nicole come here please" I sat down next to him "Nicole your training is complete and I have taught you all that I know and remember you MUST control your temper other wise your power will be destructive and we don't know what would happen and also that people can use you as a weapon if they get the pure crystal" he told me. I just looked at him and cleared my throat I asked" Papa why are you telling me this now?" He got up and walked over to his room "I just want you to be ready if anything happens, goodnight Nicole ". He went to bed. I just looked at the door. Why was my Dad telling me this now I know what could happen if someone had got there hands on the pure crystal I looked at it and fell asleep on the couch.

When I had woken up I could hear my dad training kids downstairs. Alyssa was still asleep I got dressed and I heard someone yell "RUN KIDS!" I ran into my sisters bed room she wasn't there I ran down stairs. There were a bunch of ninjas fighting with my Dad I heard a scream I was going to help my dad, but I knew that scream had belonged to Alyssa. I went outside Alyssa was laying on the ground bleeding I picked her up she looked up at me "Sis you have got to run, there after you. Please, run away ". Alyssa shut her eyes "please Alyssa opens your eyes please" I started to cry and it started to rain and thunder with lightning.

I was starting to get angry I ran inside and there was my Dad lying there with his eyes open wide with his pale face I already knew that he was dead . "So this is why you had said all those things last night". I ran upstairs and went to my bedroom and grabbed some clothes and shoved them into a bag I also got my Sais I ran downstairs. Who ever did this is going to pay with their life. I ran outside it was dark because of the storm I was running and I stopped in front of the antique store I was surrounded by the same men who were fighting with my father. I looked at them and they all charged at me at once I was starting to get really angry "You killed my family they were all I had left!" I was trying to fight them off .One of them got me on the side of my chest that's it I've had enough I could feel my temper rising FIRE BLAST!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

Fire was hitting all of the people that were around me and then more of them came. How am I going to fight all of them off? I was starting to get weak. I looked up and I saw 4 really big green turtles were fighting against the ninjas they were helping me they all had different colored bandanas on their heads the color's that they had was blue, red, purple and orange there was a normal human he had blue hair that went down to his shoulders and had a well built body and a hockey mask and stick. But more of the black ninjas kept coming I looked up at the turtles. They were getting more worn out than me. Then I had an idea "Turtles and other guy get up to higher ground" they all nodded and did what I had said. The ninjas had looked at me strangely and I had a smirk on my face this might sap the energy that I had left but it's worth it. I looked up at the turtles they were high enough and that other guy to. I looked at the ninjas and smiled and said "Tsunami wave" there was a big wave and it washed the ninjas away. I looked up at the turtles and collapsed.

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