Author's POV

All of the Turtles and Master Splinter were gathered around the kitchen table they were thinking of what to do when Nicole wakes up.

Master Splinter tapped his cane against the ground and everyone was silent "Now my sons please be quiet we must find out what we are going to do.

He sighed "we should talk to her find out why she won't even talk to us or let alone look at us."

All the turtles nodded in agreement they all had dinner which was take out and they herd stirring in Nicole's room. They were all looking in that general direction they were all really concerned about Nicole and wanted her to talk to them again, the days that she was away from the lair the turtles had noticed and missed her happy attitude that always seemed to get a smile on everyone's faces.

Mikey and Don had just finished up washing the dishes as Nicole began to stir and wake up.

Nicole's POV

I have the worst headache in the world it's like I've been hit by a truck several times. I feel weak and why is the whole room spinning. Just as I was about to shut my eyes and fall asleep again five figures walked into my room. All of the turtles started to talk to me at once I could see the annoyance on Master splinters face he finally had enough he waked his cane on all of his sons heads and for the next few seconds there was silence and you could see the turtles rubbing the sore spots on their heads.

Then I noticed that Leo, Mikey, Raph Don were trying to talk to me all at once it is not very good for the headache. Master Splinter had an annoyed look on his face and I think I was coming close to having that exact look but before Master Splinter could say anything there was a twister starting around me and they were all suddenly silent and looking at me with questioning looks on their faces.

I just looked at them and said "nice to see you guys to, I grumbled at them. It has been a while since I have been here and talked to you all. They all nodded at me Master Splinter was moving in between his sons and gave me a big hug and I embraced him like a daughter would a father. He leaned near her ear and said "you are family and nothing will change that Nicole and family sort things out together not one of them avoiding the others and locking herself away as well as not eating properly, besides you were under Shredders control which I think you handled very well."

I looked around all of the turtles were nodding in agreement with their Father then we all had ended up in a group hug (A/N 1, 2, 3 Awwww group hug). It was getting late and Master Splinter and his sons retired to bed. They all looked back at Nicole but she was already asleep.

Authors POV

The entire household had woken up except for Master Splinter he was already up and meditating. They were all talking casually and laughing together while coming down to the dining room/kitchen.

Nicole decided that she would make everyone omelets for breakfast. When Nicole had finished the last one which was Master Splinters she decided that she should go let him know that breakfast was ready. Nicole knocked on the door that leads into Master Splinter's room he told her to enter and she casually walked into the room.

Master Splinter looked back at her and smiled and said "what is it you want Nicole" she just starred off at him as if she wasn't exactly listening but she was Nicole just felt glad to be back in her home with her family.

They all had a normal day of training and talking together everything was back to normal. While the turtles did there training together Nicole was at the other end of the room practicing with her powers she wanted to stay a fair distance away from them she didn't want to risk them from getting hurt.

When they had finished their training the turtles and Nicole where just scouting the city to make sure that nothing was going wrong. But after a while of looking around at the city in the shadows they had come across a little girl who was crying and looked to be lost. She was crying out for some one to help her anyone to help her. She was being cornered by the dragons they were looking for some money from the little girl. .

She kept shaking her head and saying "I'm ssoorry Mister but I have no money I am just lost and want to go home that's all".

She burst into tears and Nicole had seen enough so did the turtles. They all thought it was rather low of them just to pick on a little girl just because they want some money. Both Nicole and the turtles jumped in front of the little girl Nicole looked back at her she had the prettiest blue eyes and black hair that went down to her waist. She was wearing a pink kimono with some purples sakuras on them and some sandals she looked like she would have been the age of four maybe five.

Her petite form just huddled into a corner and she whimpered. Nicole was first outraged at the purple dragons for treating a little girl this way she bent down to the girls level and held out her arms the little girl ran into them and Nicole encircled the little girl into a hug.

Nicole sighed and said "It's ok now we will help you go back to your home and family.

The turtles were rather busy at the time dodging attacks that consisted of poles or hokey sticks.

Slowly they were getting somewhere they could finally draw their weapons and not long after that they knocked out the remaining purple dragons and the leader Hun said "retreat purple dragons this little girl isn't worth all this trouble".

The little girl was still quietly whimpering in Nicole's arms.

Nicole's POV

"I can't believe that they could be so low to attack a little girl who can't even defend

herself" .

I felt my temper rise I could hear Leo say "Nicole you need to calm

yourself temper is getting the better of you."

I looked around to see what he had meant about my temper getting the better of me

and had seen that the retreating purple dragons were yelling as a fire was after all their

Butts (literally). I had taken a breath in and the fire dimmed to nothingness the little

girl was pulling on my shirt.

I looked up at me and said "can I go home now I got lost and now I have no idea

Where I am."

I laughed and said "of course sweetie it's very easy to get in a big place like

New York City"

she giggled at me and looked up at the turtles and was holding out one of her hands

for me to hold and the other one for on of the turtles to hold and Mikey gladly took

her hand and swept her up in a brotherly hug.

The little girl who I later discovered her name was Freya was looking around. The boys had to stay in the shadows so I was holding her hand while the guys were keeping an eye on both Freya and I.

She pointed at a building and said "that's were me and my family lives can we go in there. I nodded and said "sure we can, no problem I swept her up in a hug and she squealed happily and then said "thank you Misters for being so kind to me and helping me find my way home" they all quickly came out of the shadows and nodded at her.

I told the guys that I would be out in a minute they said they would be waiting for me as we were going into the building. When we opened the door to the apartment building and we went up one floor to apartment 401. She knocked on the door and there was an immediate answer and standing there was a woman in her 30s with puffy red eyes and looked exactly like her daughter.

I smiled at her kindly and said "I believe that this is your daughter she got lost in the city near here and I helped her get home.

Who I presumed to be Freya's Mother she smiled and said "you gave your Mother a fright."

Freya burst out crying and went straight into her mothers arms her mother sighed and looked up at me and said "is there anyway I can thank you?"

I looked at Freya and smiled and shook my head in a no gesture and said

"Have a nice day the both of you well what's left of it anyways"

With that said I went out of the building and smiled as I touched my necklace and remembering when I always use to give my Mother hugs just like the one I witnessed with Freya and her Mother. How I miss my parents so even though I was adopted I got over that fact after I got injured because technically the turtles and Master Splinter are my family even though they are green they are still like brothers to me.

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