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The Biju Biju Fruit

By Emma Iveli

2 years go… the great Gold Roger, king of the pirates died, executed by the Marines, right before he died, he told those were listening that they would have to search the world for his treasure… One Piece it started Gold Age of Pirates.

4 years ago… in the village of Fuchsia, the strongest of the Biju, the Kyubi: The 9 tailed fox attacked. The one who saved them was a mysterious nameless hero, known only as the 4th Hokage… however the only way to stop it was sealing it into a baby… he asked the family of a newborn baby if he could do this, which they reluctantly agreed to. He sealed the demon into the baby and his final wish was for this small village to see him as a hero… sadly only the baby's family and a few villagers saw him as such… the others saw him as the demon…the mayor made it illegal to talk about the demon within the child will never know about it… then something happened one day…

Chapter 1: The Fruit is Eaten

The Red Hair Pirates arrived in their base town of Fuchsia Village… the moment they arrived they were greeted by two boys one 7 years old with black hair and one 4 with blonde hair, they were brothers, Monkey D. Luffy was the older of the two, and Fox D. Naruto was the younger.

"Anchor, Fishcake… what are you doing now?" asked "Red Hair" Shanks.

"We're going to show how manly we are!" said Luffy.

"Yeah!" said Naruto.

"Yeah right…" said Jiraiya, one of Shanks' crewmembers.

"We are!" yelled both.

Luffy had a knife in his hand, while Naruto had two… Luffy stabbed himself in face while Naruto… 6 times…

"Holy sh…" yelled Shanks.

Later in the local tavern.

"THAT WAS REALLY STUPID OF YOU TWO!" yelled Shanks at the two brothers.

"But we really want to join your crew…" whitened Naruto.

"Yeah we're men! I have a punch like a pistol" said Luffy.

"And I can multiply myself… I'm a clone user!" said Naruto.

"Punch like a pistol and clone user… that's funny…" laughed Shanks

Both began to get angry. Shanks sighed, "Here don't get angry have some apple juice you two…" said Shanks.

He handed the brothers some apple juice, then began to laugh, "Real man don't drink apple juice"

"Hey!" yelled Naruto.

"Not funny…" yelled Luffy.

"If you really want to be a man read this…" said Jiraiya.

He gave them some pieces of paper… however Yasopp another member, "Hey give that to me!" he yelled not wanting to two boys to read his work which was a pervert story called Make Out Paradise. However, he accidentally read a few lines in the process and fainted from blood loss.

"You boys at it again…" said Makino, one of the barmaids.

"Those two will never change…" said Ayame the other barmaid.

Then the two noticed Yasopp on the ground, "Oh my god… Yasopp…" said the two barmaids.

"Don't worry you two… he's just looking out for you two…" said Ben Beckman the first mate of the crew.

"Well it doesn't seem like it…" said Naruto.

"It's true, there's many things a pirate must do, and he knows that sea can kill you in a 1000 ways…" said Ben Beckman.

"Yo Anchor, Fishcake!" said Shanks.

"See… he just likes making fun of us…" said Luffy.

"Maybe you do have a point…" said Ben Beckman with a sweat drop.

"Hey bro over here.." said Luffy pointing to a box.

Just then the door slammed open… a man whose face was cover in a white with a large sword on his back for some reason he didn't have any eye brows.

"A mountain bandit…" whispered Ayame.

"Well, well, pirates…" said the man, "I thought something smelled awful… give me some sake…"

"Sorry we're all out…" said Makino.

"Then what are they all drinking…" said man.

"Sorry we took the last of it… here's an unopened one…" said Shanks holding out the unopened bottle.

The man punched the bottle, breaking it and spilling all of its' contents on Shanks with it.

"Look at this mess…" said Shanks picking up the shards of the broken bottle.

"You don't have to worry about it… we'll clean up…" said Ayame.

"That's quite all right…" said Shanks.

The man used his sword to knock over everything on the bar.

"If you like cleaning up clean up that mess…" said the man, who then out a wanted power "I'm Momochi Zabuza… I have a quite a high bounty on my head, 8,000,000 berries… you're a nobody… I'm leaving…" said the man known as Zabuza.

"Shanks are you okay…" said Makino worriedly towards the pirate captain, helping him clean up from the mess that covered in.

"Don't worry, some of it went in my mouth…" said Shanks.

He and his began to laugh it off.

"How could you!" yelled Luffy, "Why did you stand up like a man…"

"Luffy…" said Shanks.

"I don't feel so good…" said Naruto.

"Luffy…" said Shanks.

"I'm leaving!" said Luffy.

Luffy was about to leave, Shanks grabbed his arm and it began to stretch. The entire crew gasped.

"What's happening…" cried Luffy.

"Luffy did you eat this fruit?" asked Lucky Roux, the fat man of the crew holding a picture of a purple fruit.

"I did… it wasn't very good… Naruto ate the other fruit that was there…" said Luffy pointing to his little brother… who suddenly fainted.

"NARUTO!" cried the whole bar.

"What's happening to him?" asked Luffy.

"He ate the Biju Biju Fruit, Model Kyubi… the only time the person would faint after eating would be…" said Shanks who turned his attention to the bar maids.

"Is he?" asked Shanks.

Jiraiya lifted up the unconscious boy's shirt, there was what looked like a tattoo of a spiral.

"Why didn't you tell me about this earlier… I know about the Jinchuriki…" said Jiraiya.

"The Jinchuriki?" asked Luffy confused.

"Luffy… has your brother ever been hated by the villagers?" asked Jiraiya.

Luffy balled his fists, "All the time… and they hate me too for trying to stand up for him… that's one reason why we want to join… Ayame… Makino and the mayor are the only one who treats us nicely" said Luffy.

"Luffy please don't hate you're the brother…" said Makino.

"Remember for years ago… when that demon attacked? The giant fox… the truth was he was never killed… he was sealed inside of Naruto…" said Ayame.

"Really…" said Luffy holding back tear wondering was what happening to his brother. Both the barmaids tried to comfort him.

"Many people think he's the demon but he's not… you know that right…" said Makino.

"Of course I do… he's my brother... and my best friend…" said Luffy, "But what's happening…"

"This Devil Fruit causes the eater to gain the powers and even transform into a mini-version of the demon… however if the holder of the demon eats it… they will have to confront their demon about it…" said Jiraiya.

Inside Naruto's mind…

The 4 year old stood before a cage, inside was a horrible beast… the Kyubi…

"Who… who are you…" said Naruto.

"I'm the tooth fairy…" said the Kyubi sarcastically.

"Really…" said Naruto, "I never knew the tooth fairy was scary looking…"

"That's not was I meant…" said Kyubi, "I was being sarcastic…"

"Oh…" said Naruto, "What does "sarcastic" mean"

"He's 4… it mean I was lying for a humorous reason… I'm the Kyubi…" said the demon.

"What… but I heard you died…" said Naruto.

"No… I didn't… the mysterious hero that gave his life to save your village sealed me… in you" said Kyubi.

"Why am I here?" asked Naruto.

"You ate one of the Biju Biju fruits… because of this I can't take over you ever… you brat was lucky…" said Kyubi.

"Oh…" said Naruto, "So what's going on…"

"You have the ability to transform in to a mini version of myself… just focus on looking like me…" said Kyubi.

"Why?" asked the 4 year old.

"Because it will help you get out of here…" said Kyubi.

"Why?" asked the 4 year old.

"Because you ate the stupid fruit…" said Kyubi.

The small child stared at the giant fox demon.

"… Why?" asked the 4 year old.

"Your trying to annoy me on purpose… aren't you?" asked Kyubi.

Naruto just gave him a small foxy grin.

"Just focus on transforming into me…" yelled the Kyubi.

Naruto did just that… however… there was a pop sound and all he had was the ears and tails of the Kyubi.

Kyubi sighed… "I can't you blame for not fully transforming… that must be your hybrid form." said Kyubi.

"Hey… I have girl nails…" said Naruto looking at claws.

"You also have fangs, that's your hybrid or in your case half-demon form… you should return to the living world… that brother of yours and those pirates are worried…" said Kyubi.

Everything went black.

In the waking world Naruto woke up.

"My head…" said Naruto.

"Bro… you're okay…" said Luffy.

"I am… ad look what I can do!" said Naruto.

There was that pop sound and he giant the ears, tails and a set of claws.

"That's so cool!" said Luffy.

Shanks cleared his throat, "I know it's good that Naruto is okay but I should tell you something…" he took a breath "Listen Fishcake… Anchor… neither one of you will ever be able to swim again! Those fruit you ate were the devil fruit…"

"WHAT!" both yelled in surprised and they began to cry.

Days later, after the red hair pirates left Makino and Ayame ran to the mayor… the only other person to treat Naruto with respect.

"It's terrible mayor!" said Ayame.

"Luffy… and Naruto… that bandit…" said Makino not knowing what to say.

"What is it about Luffy and Naruto?" asked the mayor.

Luffy and Naruto was being beat up by Zabuza.

"You two are interesting little brats…" said Zabuza, "Both of you are not hurt… but all my kicks and punches"

Towns people ignored the bandit in fact some of them watched.

"Maybe he'll finally get rid of the demon…" said a town's person.

"I hope so… he's such a bright to the village…" said another.

"Look you brow less freak! Shanks is a great man!" yelled Luffy.

"That's right… he's 10 times better than you!" yelled Naruto.

"Brow less freak?" said Zabuza.

He kicked both next each other and step on them, he raised his rather large sword over them.

"Stop!" called the mayor.

He and the two barmaids appeared right beside the mayor, the mayor got ion his hands and knees.

"Please let the kids go... take whatever you need from the town… please... one of those boys is a hero to this town… please…" begged the mayor.

"Too bad… they made fun of me… they called me a brow less freak…" said Zabuza, "Even if I lack eyebrows…" he muttered under his breath.

"I was wonder why there was no one at the docks when we arrived…" said a voice behind them.

Both barmaids turned around saw Shanks with his crew. Zabuza let out a small laugh.

"What's wrong Anchor, Fishcake… I thought your punches were as strong as pistols and I thought Naruto was a clone user…" said Shanks.

"You know perhaps I should even the odds…" he said.

"Suddenly many Zabuzas appeared.

"He's a clone user…" said Jiraiya.

One of the Zabuzas appeared next to Shanks and held a gun to his head.

"You know I didn't think most clone users used guns…" said Shanks, "You know they can misfire… especially when used by a clone…"

The Zabuza clone looked surprised until Lucky Roux appeared next to him and shot him in the head reverting him to water…

"Him my clones…" said Zabuza.

The Zabuza clones were posed to strike Ben Beckman began to fight them off using a gun as a club… as of them turned to water.

"You can, poor booze on me, you can make fun of me… you can even spit on me… but nobody… nobody hurt my friends…" said Shanks.

Both Naruto and Luffy heard what he said…

"Hmm… is that so… well I have one more trick up, you sleeve…" said Zabuza.

He released a smoke bomb… when the smoke cleared Zabuza disappeared… with the two boys.

"Oh no… their gone!" yelled Shanks.

Meanwhile Zabuza was in a small rowboat with each boy in each hand.

"They would have thought I went to hills… but hiding out at sea was genius…" said Zabuza "I don't need you two anymore…"

He tossed both boys in the sea… both couldn't swim… Zabuza stood there laughing until the local Sea King came showed up… and swallowed Zabuza whole… it turned its attention to the two boys who were struggling to keep to the surface… when the Sea King was to eat them Shanks gabbed them and protected them… he glared at the sea king… which swam away in fear… both boys were crying.

"Luffy… Naruto… it's okay… everything fine…" said Shanks holding on them tightly.

"But… but…" cried Naruto.

"Your arm…" cried Luffy fishing his younger brother's sentence.

Shanks lost his left arm… protecting the two brothers…

"It's a small price to pay not that your safe…" said Shanks.

Days later… the Red Hair pirates were leaving for good.

"So you're really leaving?" asked Luffy.

"Yeah... we've been using this two for a base for too long…" said Shanks.

"We're sad your leaving… but we understand we're too young to go…" said Luffy.

"Yeah…" agreed Naruto.

"You two can't be pirates… because you can't swim… Fishcake, Anchor…" said Shanks.

"Hey!" yelled both.

"I'll show you! I'm going to become king of the pirates!" yelled Luffy.

"And I'm going to a Kage!" yelled Naruto.

Shanks smirked at the two, he took off his hat and put on Luffy head "Give this back to me when you become a great pirate…" said Shanks.

Luffy began to cry… he knew how much Shanks treasured his hat…

"Do I get anything…" asked Naruto.

Shanks began to think them pulled out something form his jacket, it was headband with a metal plate that looked like a leaf.

"That band… you're a clone user?" asked Naruto.

"Well I don't use them so much anymore… but I used to be… try and become the greatest of them all… a Kage…" said Shanks.

"And here you two can also have this to remember all of us by…" said Jiraiya giving them papers.

Yasopp once again grabbed the papers but fainted due to blood loss from the nose, Lucky Roux and Ben Beckman carried him back to the ship.

"Super Perv…" said Shanks, he walked towards his ship "Those two remind me when I were their ages…" he thought.

And so they sailed away "Those two… they will become great things…" thought Shanks.

Both boy cried as they sailed away… and 10 year later their adventure would begin…

10 years later…

A now 17 year old Luffy wore Shanks' treasured Straw Hat as well as a red vest and shorts… a now 14 year old Naruto wore similar shorts to Luffy but red and an orange shirt, that if you ever saw it up-close you'd scream "My eyes! My beautiful, beautiful eyes!"… it was that bright, he also wore Shanks' headband over his fore head.

Ayame, Makino and the mayor watched the two sail away.

"I'm going to miss them…" said Ayame.

With the two brother the Sea King… the one that ate Shanks' arm 10 years ago showed up.

"Well, well Kit… look who it is…" said Kyubi in Naruto's head, Naruto had gained the ability to hear the Kyubi, but Luffy was the only he told.

"Well look who's back…"said Naruto.

"You get the first shot bro!" said Luffy.

"My pleasure…" said Naruto.

He transformed what become known as his half demon form and then about a 20 Narutos appeared… they all began to beat up the Sea King… when it was almost down for the count Luffy Shouted "Gum Gum Pistol!" and knocked the Sea King out…with a rubbery punch.

Both grinned at each other, Naruto with a foxy grin and Luffy with a monkey grin… and so both set out their journey to become King of the Pirates for Luffy and to become a Kage for Naruto…

Next Time: After getting sucked into a whirlpool, somehow winding up in a barrel, taking on the fattest pirate in the world they discover where to find their first crew members... it doesn't help that a whiney cabin boy is join them for a while...

A/N: Okay I have many things to explain, first off as there are no ninjas but there are Clone Users, Clone Users are people who can clones of them selves, there are many different kind, Naruto will learn one of the hardest, Shadow Clone ( beet you saw that coming), Shanks was a Clone User but failed, Zabuza was also a clone user but died (as you read), there are the 10 greatest Clone Users known as Kages, Hokage, Kazekage, Mizukage, Raikage, Tsuchikage, Otokage, Hoshikage, Yukikage, Namikaze and Tsukikage... (the first are well.. you know, the 6th one is Orochimaru's fan name, Hoshikage is something from a filler arc, the last three I came up with on my own, they mean Snow, Wave and Moon respectively), in this version it's sort of like a title like world's greatest swordsman... Naruto doesn't care what his title is along as it's a Kage...

I will put other Naruto characters other roles as well...like Ayame (the ramen stand girl) as Makino's coworker, Jiraiya on Shanks' crew (later one it's reveled he had his book published... let's just say a certain love cook will be an avid reader) and Zabuza replacing Higuma the Bear (Why I did that… I don't know…), I already have a few ideas... but I would like suggestions... too...