A/N: Okay I should point out that during the 10 year time skip Kyubi mellowed out a bit... he knows he's stuck in Naruto for the rest of his life (unless something happens) and he also knows that he can never gain control over Naruto's body... so he now acts as a friend, critic (pointing out things that he thinks is stupid in a very sarcastic way... think Ko from my various stories) and voice of reason... sadly the last bit Naruto ignores...

Chapter 2: The Adventure Truly Begins

The D brothers as they were called were in very small… very cheap raft though… the sun was shining, seagulls were cawing…

"Who knew this adventure would end so soon…" said Naruto like nothing was happening.

"Yeah it's a shame…" said Luffy.

And they were being sucked in a whirlpool to their doom.

"I always knew you and your idiot brother would be the death of me…" said Kyubi.

"Shut up!" thought Naruto.

"It's too bad we can't swim…" said Luffy.

"But even if we could we would drown…" said Naruto.

"Oh yeah…" said Luffy.

"I always thought some weird organization would kidnap me but I drowned in a whirlpool…" sang Kyubi depressingly.

Naruto sighed… "Kyubi's signing a song about how it's going to drown…" said Naruto.

Luffy just laughed at their dingy was sucked in…

Hours later Koby, the cabin boy for Alvida's pirate crew was pushing a barrel he found, it was full of something as it was heavy.

"Hey brat what are you doing?" asked one of the crewmembers with two others.

"Oh I found this barrel…" said Koby.

"Oh think it might contain some booze we can see…" said another crewmember.

"I think so…" said another.

The three crewmembers brought it into a small house on Alvida's island.

"What if Lady Alvida finds out about this?" asked Koby.

"She'll never know…" said one of the crewmembers.

He was about to punch it open when it burst open as the D brother shot out of it... yawning.

"That was a great nap…" said Luffy.

"How did we end up this barrel though?" asked Naruto.

"I don't know…" said Luffy.

"Kyubi…" asked Naruto.

"I have no idea either… but I have a theory…" said Kyubi.

"What?" asked Naruto.

"Dumb… luck… sheer dumb luck…" said Kyubi.

Naruto anime fell.

"What did he say?" asked Luffy.

"Dumb luck…" said Naruto with a sweat drop.

"Hey!" yelled on of the crewmembers.

Both concours crewmember were about to attack the brothers.

Koby shut his eyes… blocked out what was happening… when he opened his eyes he saw both men knocked out…

"What was that about?" asked Luffy.

"No clue…" said Naruto.

"We should find some meat…" said Luffy.

"And ramen…" said Naruto.

Both left the house, Koby fallowed them "Wait!" he called out.

""Who are you?" asked Naruto.

"I'm Koby how did you get in that barrel?" asked Koby.

Both Luffy and Naruto shrugged and hummed "I don't know"

"Who are you?" asked Koby.

"Monkey D. Luffy…" said Luffy.

"Fox D. Naruto" said Naruto.

"And we're pirates!" said both at the same time.

"Oh… really…" said Koby.

"Do know where to get some meat and ramen…" said Luffy.

"Nope sorry…" said Koby.

"Where are we?" asked Naruto realizing neither know where they were.

"Kit I think I've been here…" said Kyubi.

"Really?" asked Naruto.

"It's uninhabited…" said Kyubi.

"Thanks… thanks a lot…" thought Naruto.

"This is the base of Alvida… the Lady Pirate…" said Koby.

"So you're a pirate too…" said Luffy.

"No I'm not…" said Koby.

"Then you're a prisoner…" said Naruto.

"Well kind of… it all started two years ago… I was going fishing and I wound up on the wrong boat… since then Alvida spared my life by making me her cabin boy…" said Koby.

"Harsh…" said Naruto.

"Yeah…" said Luffy.

"Well do you have a boat we can use?" asked Naruto.

"I do…" said Koby.

Meanwhile one of the crewmembers that the brothers took out crawled to Alvida… he was an ugly woman that was fat… fat was underestimate… he was enormous… wait enormous is also an underestimate… she was a dwarf planet…

"There are two intruders…" said the crewmember.

"What are you sure?" asked Alvida.

"Yes… I didn't get a good look at them but one was a kid like 13 or 14… that all I can tell…" said the crewmember.

"It must be the Pirate Hunters… the demonic duo… Roronoa Zoro and Uchiha Sasuke…" said Alvida.

Meanwhile with the brothers, with a fearful and whiney cabin boy lead them to a poorly made boat.

"Wow that's a nice boat…" said Naruto.

"Note to self: Never let you build a boat…" said Kyubi.

"You built it you self…" said Luffy.

"Yeah to escape from Alvida…" said Koby.

"Why never you used it?" asked Naruto.

"Because…." said Koby who began to get hysterical "She'll kill me for sure… I can't take that giant mace of hers…" then began to babble the brothers looked at him then at the same time waked him in the head.

"What did you do that?" asked Koby.

"Because you were being hysterical..." said Luffy.

Koby decided to change the subject, "So you're pirates…" he said,.

"I'm pretty sure you already said that…" said Naruto.

"Oh yeah…" said Koby with a sweat drop.

"Well if you want to know… I'm going to be king of the pirates…" said Luffy.

"And I'm going to be a Kage…" said Naruto.

"King of the pirates! That means you have to go to the Grand Line and find Gold Rogers treasure One Piece… and that means you have to beat up many rivals…" said Koby.

"So what I'm going to be King of the Pirates…" said Luffy.

Koby sighed, "What's a Kage anyways…" he looked towards Naruto.

"Okay I'll explain… the Kages are the 10 greatest Clone Users… Hokage, Kazekage, Mizukage, Raikage, Tsuchikage, Otokage, Hoshikage, Namikage, Tsukikage and Yukikage… they are the greatest all of them fight with hundreds maybe thousands of clones all of different types… and I am going to be one!" said Naruto.

"Wow… you're a clone user?" asked Koby.

Naruto gave him his trademark grin… "Well I'm also helping Luffy become king of the pirates too… which is going to be so awesome! And because of that I'm sure I'll be able to be declared a Kage… and I'll be the greatest of them all!" yelled Naruto.

"And I'll be king of the pirates!" yelled Luffy.

"Are you two brothers?" asked Koby.

"How did you know?" asked Luffy.

"Who two act so much alike I'm not surprised he figured it out… even though you barely look alike…" said Kyubi.

"Just a guess…" said Koby, "I wish I could be like you… I can't jump into a barrel and just float around…"

"They wound up in a barrel after being sucked up in a whirlpool kid…" said Kyubi.

"He can't hear you…" thought Naruto.

"A fox can dream can't he…" said Kyubi.

"I really want to join the marines…" said Koby.

"The marines…" said Luffy.

"Really…" said Naruto who had the strangest impression that marines sang all the time, like "In the Navy" and songs about mopping… which was really weird considering certain things…

"Yes... I want to be a Marine and fight rid the world of pirates… I especially want to catch Alvida…" said Koby.

Then suddenly the tress near them crash and the Dwarf planet known as Alvida stood there with here giant spiked club.

"Well these must be those two intruders… they certainly not Roronoa Zoro and Uchiha Sasuke…" said Alvida who tuned her attention to the cabin boy "did I hear you correctly… you arresting me… I'll let it go if you tell me who the most beautiful woman in all the world is…"

Koby began to tremble… "Why you La…"

But before he could finish his sentence, Luffy said "Who's the ugly old biddy?"

"Yeah are you on something she's ugly…" said Naruto.

"She's a Dwarf Planet…" said Kyubi.

"Good one…" said Naruto.

"What did he say?" asked Luffy.

"She's a Dwarf Planet…" said Naruto.

The brothers began to laugh…

Alvida began to get angry, someone was going to pay… and that someone was Koby "Now… I repeat who is the most beautiful woman in all the world…"

Koby began to tremble, then he began remember what Luffy and Naruto said "You… are not you ugly old hag… Naruto was right! You are a Dwarf Planet!"

"Why you!" yelled Alvida.

"Great… I stood up for myself… it was nice while it lasted…" thought Koby.

Right before the mace hit a certain it stopped being held by a half demon Naruto… well actually two half demon Narutos.

"Time for my best attack!" said one was the Narutos.

3 more Narutos appeared and kicked her into the air.

"Look like it my turn bro! Gum Gum Pistol!" shouted Luffy, punch the air born Alvida his arm extended many feet. Alvida went flying... possibly became a moon instead of a Draw Planet.

"Naruto… your ears and you have tails… and Luffy… you stretched… what are you two…" said Koby.

"I'm a rubber man…" said Luffy stretching his cheek.

"And I'm a demon…" said Naruto, "Well half demon… in this form anyways…" who then back human as his clones disappeared.

"How…" said Koby.

"I ate the Biju Biju Fruit… Model Kyubi…" said Naruto.

"And I ate the Gum Gum Fruit…" said Luffy.

"Just one more thing…" said Naruto.

His clones reappeared, "Now you're getting Koby a boat… now! He's the joining the Marines!" he said "Even if I don't know how his signing voice is…"

"Kit… they don't sing…" said Kyubi, "I seriously don't know where the idea came from…"

"That's right!" said Luffy.

"Yes sir!" said all the pirates.

And the brothers sailed away with Koby…

"Hey I was wondering… who was that Zolo and Sauce…" said Naruto.

"Oh Roronoa Zoro and Uchiha Sasuke… the demonic duo… two extremely strong bounty hunters… I heard they not only kill them but feed their remains to the sharks… I hear Zoro was arrested and is at the nearest Marine base" said Koby.

"They'll make the perfect crew members…" said Luffy.

"Well Zoro… for some reason I have a bad feeling about Sasuke…" said Naruto.

"Then it's decided… we will have join up with us!" said Luffy.

"You two are nuts…" said Koby.

Neither brother listed... and so they sailed on… to the Marines base…

Next Time: They get to the base to get the "Demonic Duo" to join up, but both refuse... mainly because Zoro has a bet with the idiot son of the captain and Sasuke, he's wait for Zoro to get released and he thinks Luffy and Naruto are too stupid to be pirates... however the brothers, Koby, Sasuke discover something horrible... that Zoro will be executed... will they save him on time? What does "Dobe" mean? How much meat can Luffy eat? All this and more next time.

A/N: In case you don't watch the news... a Dwarf planet is a heavenly body that is too small to be a planet, Pluto recently was down graded to Dwarf Planet... I know I overdid the joke a little but for some reason I just like writing down "Dwarf Planet"...