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The Whitebeard Pirate decided to make the best out of what happened to Oars… by using his body as a bridge.

It's not the best way to honor him, but it was probably something he would have wanted…

Still the battle was fierce.

And things were going to get even more compacted…

Koby had gotten scared and needed to hide.

Helmeppo followed him and they both stumbled onto another runner and Akainu showing up demanding why he was there so Akainu decided to give him an "honorable death."

They also overheard something very important.

As the battle was going on Doflamingo laughed about how the winners of the war would determine exactly what justice was.

And things got worse for the marines, as one of Whitebeard's alleys was specialized in an icebreaker ship.

However with this happening there were plans being made.

Though Garp did want to talk to Ace as everything was going to hell.

"Gramps…" sighed Ace noticing g the old man who helped raise him.

"What are you doing here Garp? Are you having second thought?" asked Sengoku.

"No! We're fighting pirates!" Garp replied, "There's no reason to show them mercy."

"Then…" said Sengoku.

"Shut up and let me sit!" said Garp, "Outlaws deserves no mercy… but this is family! What am I supposed to do?"

The old man start to cry.

ACE! Why didn't you just live your life the way I told you to!" cried Garp.

"Old man…" said Ace.

"Don't get any funny ideas, or I'll get dispose of you too." Sengoku scolded Garp.

"If was I was going to do something I would have done it earlier…" muttered Garp.

With Koby and Helmeppo they were freaking out over what they heard.

That they were going to execute Ace sooner than originally planned.

That was wat when everyone unlocked a ship falling out of the sky.

No one knew how to react.

After all it was a ship falling out of the sky!

Of course it was the prison escapees.

Most of them were of course panicking due to fact that when they land they would be falling onto ice.

The lone person not freaking out?


"Wait… I'll be fine… I'm made of rubber." Said Luffy.

"I hate your bother right now." Said Kyubi causing Naruto sweat drop as he wasn't worried either.

How did they get in such a situation… well…


The ship of the prison escapees was swept up by a wave… a wave that ended up getting frozen thanks to Aokiji.

"How did this even happen?" asked Naruto.

"Gee I don't know a certain ice admiral freezing the ocean… like we've seen him do before." Said Kyubi sarcastically.

Naruto face palmed.

"What is it?" asked Luffy.

"Aokiji." Said Naruto.

Everyone on the ship sweat dropped at this…

It was kind of obvious once someone pointed it out.

Still that mystery was solved there was still another problem.

"Look down and see what's happening." Said Crocodile going to the edge of the frozen wave.

They looked down horrified at what was going on.

"pops!" yelled Jimbei surprised.

"The war has already begun!" yelled Ivankov.

"All right! I have a n idea to get us down." Said Luffy, "But we have to work together! They're going to execute Ace in less than an hour."

"What and slide down the frozen wave?" asked Buggy.

"It's the only way! But first we got to break the ice" said Luffy.

"This is a battle ship… there is nothing that can move it!" yelled Buggy.

"Hello! Clone user!" yelled Naruto.

"Can you even make enough clones to move it?" asked Mr. 3.

"If we work together Naruto's clones then we can do anything! "yelled Luffy.

"Suddenly it feels like I can do it!" said Buggy as he was cheered on by the other escapes.

"I have. Weird feeling about him…" said Minato.

"Just ignore that clown and focus on other things." Said Kyubi.

That was when the Ship's Snail phone turned on with an altered.

The message brought up the fact that the execution had been moved up.

"Ace will be executed as soon as preparations are complete." Said the announcement.

"Hurry!" Luffy yelled out.

And so Ivankov broke the ice around the ship.

However it ended up falling the wrong way and they ended up falling into the battlefield.

Though thanks to sheer dumb lucky they managed to fall into regular water not anything of the frozen sea.

Though Jimbei did have to save Buggy from the water.

Luffy and Naruto did managed to stay on the boat.

"Ace!" yelled the two bothers.

"We finally found you!" cheered Luffy.

"Luffy! Naruto! " said Ace.

"We're here for you!" yelled Luffy as everyone saw the group that they ensembled.

Everyone couldn't help but look at the group.

"IT'S YOU FAMILY AGAIN GARP!" yelled Sengoku.

"Luffy! Naruto!" yelled Garp in exasperation.

The various people in the battl3efield couldn't help but to comment.

Such as anger from Moria.

Or surprise at the two had a different group from people from Jango and Fullbody…

Jango joined the marines a long time ago… it's a story… but it's not important.

"So those are the little brothers Ace always talked about." Said Marco.

Also Hancock was happy to see Luffy.

"SO that's the host of the Kyubi…" said a scared marine Vice Admiral.

Smoker and Tashigi were also there.

"Smoker Look!" called out Tashigi.

"I know…" said Smoker, "But Straw Hat and Crocodile that's a strange alliance…"

Akainu looked right at Luffy however.

"So that is the Grandson of Garp and the Son of Dragon…" said Akainu, "He has to be eliminated as well."

"Is that you answer Jimbei!" yelled Sengoku.

"Yes! I hereby resign from the Warlord of the Seas!" yelled Jimbei.

However that was when Ivankov noticed something.

"Where Croc Boy?" he asked.

However that was when Crocodile tried to attack Whitebeard from behind.

After all he had his motives to be in the alliance.

And his motives was to kill Whitebeard.

However Luffy managed to kick Crocodile away.

Thanks to the fact he was covered in water that why he was able to hit him.

Even with the alliance going on, there were still problems… after all they're part of the fight was going getting started…

Next Time: Luffy and Naruto really join the fight... and it doesn't help that Luffy says certain things to Whitebeard... what will happen? Find out next time!