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Chapter 382: War!

The battlefield was reacting to the news about Luffy's father. After all it was a big revelation. Many were shocked.

Though a few like Mihawk wasn't surprised and it surprisingly made a lot of sense in hindsight.

Hancock was actually turned on a little by the revelation.

It's best not to think about it…

However a few people did jump to the wrong conclusion due to Naruto and Luffy's relationship…

"Who the hell is their mom!" yelled someone thinking that Ace was their brother by blood as well.

Not that the two half-brother adopted Ace as family...

Though Koby and Helmeppo were more surprised by the fact this was revealed.

"I don't like this…" muttered Minato.

"What do you mean?" asked Naruto.

"They're using the fact that he's the King of the Pirates son a crime." Said Kyubi.

"Oh yeah… that.' Thought Naruto.

That was when Naruto realized something…

"Wait…" thought Naruto, "Do they know your my dad?"

"They should…" said Minato.

"If anything this process them wrong…" said Kyubi.

"What do you mean?" thought Naruto.

"The main reason they hate Ace is because of his father… but for your father he was a hero… who gave up his life and body to save everyone…"

Naruto sighed at that.

However Minato realized something.

"They might blame you corrupting him though…" he said.

Naruto sweat dropped.

"Of course…" muttered Kyubi, "Though now that I think about they could also blame Luffy for corrupting you."

Naruto sweat dropped even more. After all he did have a point.

However that was when a marine tried to attack Naruto.

Naruto managed to dodge thankfully. Then he punched the marine hard sending him flying.

"okay… pay attention while you're talking to us." Said Kyubi.

"Yeah…" thought Naruto with a sweat drop.

At the same time Luffy was preparing a Gum Gum Giant Riffle while a giant marine deiced to attack Luffy from behind.

Thankfully Luffy could see him coming and using the attack on him as well…

It was clear to some Luffy wasn't going to go down easily.

Though for Ace he had other ideas…

And Luffy knew this…


Ace just looked at Luffy. Then at Naruto.

IT was clear neither were going to leave.

But there was something he had to say…

He bowed his head down and looked at the wat going on below him…

"What is it?" asked Garp.

Ace just looked at the battlefield.

"I don't care what my future holds… I'll accept." Said Ace, "I'll reach out to the hand that helps me and I'll accept the blade that would execute me… I won't fight it any more… I'm sorry everyone…"

OF course none on the battlefield (aside from Garp and Sengoku) seemed to have heard him and the fighting counited.

Of course it was a messed out there…

Someone called Buggy "Big nose" as it turned out it was White Bard which freaked him out quite a bit…

IT only got worse when he pointed out he recognized Buggy from his days on Roger's ship.

It also didn't help that the various pirates on Buggy's side wanted Buggy to take out White Beard.

Which is something Buggy knew he couldn't do…

Kyubi got a weird feeling from this.

"Do you get the feeling that Bugg is just going to stumble through life and keeps getting awesome things to happen to him despite the fact he's a giant idiot?" he asked .

"What?" asked Minato.

"No… that stupid even for him." thought Naruto with a sweat drop.

"Eh… I think that's what going to happen." Said Kyubi.

Yeah… Buggy had a mess on his hands and he didn't know just how messy in the future it was going to get for him…

Not only that but White Beard was able to manipulate Buggy into helping him by pointing out if Buggy killed him, then the Marines would be after him and it was clear that Buggy couldn't handle them on his own.

But White Beard could honestly tell Buggy was an idiot…

He also organized an attacked against the marines in a way that surprised the marines using other crew…

As the fighting continued, Moira realized it would probably be better if he didn't use zombies instead placing the shadows inside of himself.

But Jimbei was able to punch him hard enough it didn't matter.

Meanwhile Luffy and Naruto continued to fight through the marines.

However that was when Smoker suddenly attacked Luffy with his weapon wick does have Sea Stone in it.

That was when Naruto had to doge an attack from Neji.

"Of course you're here." Said Naruto.

"Honestly I should say the same about you…" said Neji.

"Tell him…" said Kyubi .

"I think I'll wait a bit…" thought Naruto.

"Are you sure?" asked Kyubi.

"It would be funnier after a couple blows." Thought Naruto.

Kyubi smirked in the cage.

"What are you talking about?" asked Minato.

"I'll explain quietly because he missed out a lot." Said Kyubi.

Naruto sent out clones at Neji who was able to easily take them down.

Naruto then looked at some nearby flames and smirked.

He created more Shadow Clones and discreetly mixed in some fire clones in there.

Neji hit several of them but then stopped when he got burned by one.

"So you have clones like that. Said Neji.

"I do." Said Naruto with a smirk.

Neji scowled knowing he had to be more careful with attacking the clones, after all someone them would be able to burn him…

Naruto managed to take advantage of him being unsure to punch him with a clone kicking him as well.

Neji got up and looked at his opponent.

Then again they were Turley enemies and that much was clear.

However at the same time… Hancock came into Luffy rescue kicking Smoker away from him.

"Hancock! Do you want to be stripped of your warlord title too!" yelled Smoker.

'Silence! I'm too furious to hear your words!" yelled Hancock, "How dare you strike and try to capture the man I love!"

However Neji heard this sentence and gave Naruto a look.

"I think he wants a ceasefire…" said Kyubi.

"Did Boa Hancock just declare Luffy as the man she loved?" asked Neji.

"Yeah." Said Naruto.

"Luffy! Your half-brother who is probably the dumbest person I ever met?" asked Neji.

"Hey!" yelled Naruto.

"He's right you know…" said Kyubi.

"Boa Hancock a woman notorious for hating men… fell in love with that idiot?" asked Neji.

Naruto was silent during this.

It was clear that that he processing this information.

It wasn't like he didn't know Luffy, he grew up with him too… he knew how much an idiot Luffy was!

"Maybe now it's time to drop that bombshell because that existential crisis might end up killing him." Said Kyubi.

"Yeah the most beautiful woman in the world is in love with my brother and I have a girlfriend more prettier than her." Said Naruto, "So what?"

"You have a girlfriend?" asked Neji who seemed to snap out of it.

"Of course." Said Naruto knowing it will set him off to fighting again, "And before you ask it is Hinata."

Neji glared harsher than he had ever glared at Naruto before… it was clear he was ready to being the fight anew…

And hopefully Naruto would remember the purpose of this instead of fighting his childhood enemies after all Ace was still in danger… Especially since it was clear he had accepted his death…

Next Time: Naruto counties to fight Neji and hopefully he'll realize that his grudge match is far less important than saving Ace... what will happen? Find out next time!