Disclaimer : I own nothing, not even my character. It's funny right?

Yep, it's another story with a clone of one of my favourite anime character. This story is the story of a force adept in the first era of the Star War trilogy. How she will develop during the course of history and her quest about the Force.


Name: Rei AYANAMI. Species: human. Height: 1m50. Weight: 59 kg. Age: 14 years. Gender: female. Hair: light blue. Eyes: red. Class: force adept level 1. Reputation+0.

Quote: "You are…annoying me." (Drew and ignite her lightsaber.)

Strength: 13 (+1). Dexterity: 18 (+4). Constitution: 13 (+1).

Intelligence: 17 (+3). Wisdom: 18 (+4). Charisma: 15 (+2).

Walk: 10 m. Hustle: 20 m. Run(X3): 30 m. Run(X4): 40 m.

Light load: 21.5 kg. Medium load: 43 kg. Heavy load: 65 kg.

Melee attack+1. Ranged attack+4.

Vitality: 9. Wounds:

Initiative+4. Defence: 17.

Light side points: 2. Dark side points: 0.

Fortitude+2. Reflexes+5. Will+6.

Skills: Balance +2(+6) (dex, CC). Bluff +2(+4) (cha, CC). Climb +4(+5) (str). Craft simple and primitive weapons +4(+7) (int). Escape artist +2(+6) (dex, CC). Handle animal +4(+6) (cha). Hide +4 (+8) (dex). Knowledge Jedi lore +4(+7) (int). Listen +4(+8) (wis). Move silently +2(+6) (dex, CC). Profession barmaid +2(+6) (wis, CC). Sense motive +4(+8) (wis). Sleight of hand +1(+5) (dex, CC). Spot +4(+8) (wis). Survival +4(+8). Swim +4(+5) (str). Treat injury +4(+8) (wis). Tumble +2(+6) (dex, CC).

Force skills: Affect mind +4(+6) (cha, range: 10 m, cost alter perceptions: 2, cost suggestion: 4). Empathy +4(+8) (wis, cost: 2). Enhance ability +4(+5) (con, duration: 1 min, cost: 3). Force strike +4(+7) (int, range: 10 m, cost: 2, 1 dark side point if use on living target). Friendship +4(+6) (cha, cost: 2, duration: 1 hour, cost: variable). Heal another +4(+8) (wis, range: touch, cost: at least 1). Illusion +4(+6) (cha, cost: variable). Move object +4(+7) (int, range: force-user level X 4 m, cost: variable).

Feats: force sensitive, alter, weapon group proficiency (simple and primitive), ambidexterity (ignore penalty off hand, can use both hands) and martial arts (1d4 damage, does not provoke attack of opportunity).

Weapon: Knife. Attack bonus+1. Critical: 20. Damage: 1d4+2. Range increment: 2 m. Weight: 1 kg. Type: piercing. Size: small. Notes: master-craft quality.

Weapon: unarmed strike. Attack bonus+1. Critical: 20. Damage: 1d4+1. Type: bludgeoning. Notes: does not provoke attack of opportunity.

Weapon: Quarterstaff. Attack bonus+1. Critical: 20. Damage: 1d8+2. Weight: 1.8 kg. Type: bludgeoning. Size: large. Notes: can be used as a double weapon and master-craft quality.

Weapon: Bow. Attack bonus+4. Critical: 20. Damage: 1d8+3. Range increment: 12 m. Weight: 1.4 kg. Type: piercing. Size: medium. Notes: 10 arrows weight 0.8 kg and the bow and the arrows are master-craft quality.

Gear: one knife master-craft quality, one quarterstaff master-craft quality, one master-craft quality bow, one quiver of 20 master-craft quality arrows, one master-craft quality all-temperature cloak (+3 bonus fortitude versus the weather), martial artist-type clothes and changes, one carry-all, one aquata breather (2 hours autonomy), one field kit, one glow rod, one liquid cable dispenser, one pair of macro-binocular and one medical kit.

Credit: 65 credits.


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

The mighty Republic is in decline.

Although the Senate retained a great deal of power, shadows are appearing in the galaxy.

The millennia-old order of the Jedi Knights tried to maintain the Light.

The Sith, their enemy, are hiding in the corner of the darkness, waiting and plotting.

Various situations calling for military or diplomatic actions cropped more and more often.

On Merkusan III, in the Outer Rim, a young martial artist is about to face her trial…