Only a few months had passed since the incident in the library and still Tonks cringed each time she walked passed it. Most of the people who had been with her that day had forgotten but not Alice, Anne, and Beatrix. Of course not them, and their little antics where wearing thin on Tonks as the three had been doing the same thing since that day. Always making her out to be a mad aleck, not so say that she wasn't, but it had been at least three months since her last serious outburst. She hadn't anytime to even think of being as mad as a hatter, being as bogged with school work as she was. In her honest opinion it was simply unheard of to have a first year have nearly five assignments all due on the same day. All of them papers having to be at least two scrolls of parchment or more. And with Alice and her two cronies lounging about the common room there was no hope of getting anything done then and there.

The first year sighed as she collected her things and shoved them all into her school bag and began a slow trudge out of the common room, not being able to stand that horrendous laugh that Alice seemed to ooze whenever she opened her mouth. Vaguely she could remember her mother telling her that her years at Hogwarts would be some of the best years of her life. She must have been talking about the later years, then!

Tonks pondered a moment where she should go and threw herself against a wall. The Great Hall was loud and annoying. There was obviously no way she would go anywhere near the library. She figured she would probably go back next year, when it was safe and after she was able to spend her summer hoping that Alice would transfer schools. The courtyard! Yes, that would do just fine, she thought to herself as she wrinkled her nose, pushing away from the wall.

There was a sort of bounce to her step and she went down the many corridors. Glad for it to finally be the weekend and not have to worry about wearing her school robes or those stupid shoes that were apparently apart of the code. She just didn't get it so she bounced along barefoot in a plain green skirt and white shirt with her school bag strapped across her chest. She was happy to be like that, how she wanted to be. Now if only she could bring herself to change her hair color, then she'd be truly happy. It was bad enough that she was smaller than most of the other girls in her year, but she wasn't alone.

Sarah Rylie in Hufflepuff was about that same height as her. Tonks, though, thought she was just a mite strange as she was too quite. They were very much opposites, and being eleven that really didn't mean much to them and soon found themselves pairing up in whatever classes that Hufflepuff and Slytherin had together. Sarah helped Tonks focus on her work and Tonks helped Sarah to open up a little more.

And it was no surprise to her when she saw Sarah seated at the courtyard when she finally arrived.

"And I thought it was my turn to ponder the meaning of life in the flowers by the lovely fountain!" Tonks said in a mock whine as she came up to Sarah who looked up at her with a small smile. "Really now, you're starting to steal my thing. Not very becoming you realize." And she sat down on the ground next to the Hufflepuff, pulling out her papers.

But Sarah could only shake her head to which Tonks raised an eyebrow. "Not pondering life!" She hissed quietly as if they were in the, god forbid, library. "More like a boy. But really, it's nothing that needs to be discussed! You've got work, I see."

Of course, the Slytherin girl had ceased to listen after learning that her friend had being thinking about a boy! A smirk slid over her face as she crossed her legs and tossed her papers aside. "Boy? You – thinking about a boy?" She said, the excitement rising in her voice. "House! What house is he in? Do I know him. C'mon, Sarah, you've got to tell me or I'll partner up with Alice next Charms!"

And there Sarah's face fell and at the same time it turned red. Blonde strands of hair fell over her face as she looked down in her lap and fiddles with her fingers. "Itscharliebutitdoesn'tmatter." She said quickly and turned her head away, completely flushed.



"Come again?"

"It's Charlie!"

And it was there that Tonks' face fell and she whispered a faint, "Oh," before picking her face up and smirking at her friend once more. "Well, good on you then! May you have pretty little babies when you both are all grown up!"

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