A/N: This is my second story, and I hope you enjoy reading it.

True Love Never Dies

Chapter One

Abby Lockhart walked briskly into the ER. She was late, and not particularly feeling at her best; she'd had a big argument with Carter the night before, and then threw him out of her apartment. She stopped at Admit, where she was greeted by Neela:

"Hi Abby, how's it going?"

She didn't have time for this just now, so she replied, "Peachy" and wandered off to the lounge to change into her coat and pick up her stethoscope. All she wanted to do was get to work and keep busy, that way she wouldn't feel the betrayal so much. But Neela hadn't got the message from her sarcastic response to her question, and had followed her into the lounge.

"OK, you're not fooling me, I know that there is something wrong, so just tell me what it is", Neela pushed.

"Can we not talk about this just now? Please, I'll tell you what's going on when I feel ready to, but for the time being I just want to get on with my job", Abby replied.

"All right, but you know where I am if you want to talk", said Neela reluctantly, and she left the room.

Abby sighed before following her out. As she reached Admit, Morris approached her, thrusting several charts in her direction and walking away again. She looked down at the charts, realising that Morris had deliberately handed off all of the less favourable patients to her. 'Great', she thought, 'I get a puking kid, and an abscess requiring draining, as well as the usual sprains, fractures, cuts and bruises, typical!'

There was no point in complaining, she was guessing that Morris had given her these cases for being late, and besides, he had done a disappearing act, so she just got on with it.

Half an hour later, she walked back into the lounge to change. She was having a bad day, which was getting worse by the minute. Her puking kid had decided to throw up all over her, so she was forced to change into scrubs. Just as she was closing her locker, she heard a voice behind her saying:

"Forgiven me yet, or are you still mad?"

It was Carter, 'perfect!' she thought,

"What do you think?" she replied coldly.

"I really don't see why you're being like this"

"Why shouldn't I have reacted like this? You told me last night that you are disappearing off to Africa for however long, and you didn't ask my opinion on the matter, you TOLD me!" She shouted

"What is there that I can say to you? I need to do this"

"Then my decision from last night stands, it's over, since you obviously don't care what I think or feel!"

"Well if that's how you still feel…" He tailed off,

"It is, now piss off Carter and leave me alone!" She told him.

Just then the lounge door opened and Luka Kovac walked in. He looked at the two people stood before him; Carter's face was a picture of shock, whilst Abby's was tear-stained. Carter seemed to shake himself out of his trance when he saw Luka, and quickly pushed past him and exited the lounge.

Luka looked back at Abby, and asked her if she was ok, to which she replied,

"Not really, can we talk?"

"Yes, do you want to get out of here for a while, go for a walk? I can clear it with Kerry"

"In a while, but for now can you just hold me?"

"You know I will" He told her and embraced her.