Chapter Two

Luka had moved Abby over to the couch, and sat her down, before sitting down with her and letting her wrap her arms around him and cry. She was a mess, 'Whatever Carter said to her before has left her in a bad state, she can't work like this', he thought.

After fifteen minutes or so, Abby had cried herself to sleep, so Luka laid her back on the couch, covered her over with a blanket, and went off in search off Kerry Weaver, County's Chief of Staff. He had a feeling that Kerry had said earlier in the shift that she would be in her office doing paperwork if anybody needed her, so he headed off in the direction of her office. He pushed the request button next to the elevator, and was waiting for it to arrive when he saw Neela and decided to fill her in on a few things:

"Hi Neela, do you think that you could make sure that nobody disturbs Abby please, she's asleep in the lounge, and I think that it's probably best that she stays that way for the time being."

"Sure, anything else?" She replied,

"Yeah, if she wakes up just tell her that I've gone up to Kerry to clear it, she'll know what you mean. I won't be long, is that all right?"

"It's fine, I'll sort it"

"Thank you" He said and entered the elevator.

A couple of minutes later he was stood outside Kerry's office. He asked her secretary whether she was in, and when she confirmed it, he asked if he could see her. As it turned out, Kerry had time to see him then, so he was in luck.

After he had explained the situation to Kerry, she gave permission for Abby to leave, and for Luka to go with her. He was instructed to make sure that she was all right, and get her home.

Luka made his way back down to the ER, via the stairs since the elevators were occupied, and found his way blocked by someone. Carter.

"What do you want Carter?" He asked,

"I need to talk to Abby" Was the given reply,

"Are you kidding? I've just had to go to talk to Kerry because Abby is in an unfit state to continue working after the discussion that you had with her earlier."

"What has she said to you about that?"

"Nothing, she was in such a state that all I could do for her was hold her while she cried herself to sleep"

"Oh, is that so?"

"Yes it is, now I'd love to stay and chat for longer, but I need to get Abby home now"

"What did you just say?"

"I said that I need to get Abby home, Kerry asked me to make sure that she got there ok"

"Well I can do that"

"No you can't, I think that you've done enough damage for one day John, so just let me sort it" Luka was fed up with Carter, and so he decided to walk away.

He reached Admit, and found out from Neela that Abby was still asleep in the lounge. Luka was glad that she hadn't been disturbed; because his best guess was that she probably hadn't slept all that well the night before, so she needed rest. He decided that he was just going to take her home for now; they could take a walk later on. However, he still didn't want to wake her though, so he asked Neela to help him by gathering up Abby's belongings, and grabbing his car keys and other belongings.

Meanwhile, Luka had picked Abby up, and he carried her through the ER, and out to his car. Neela opened the door, allowing Luka to settle Abby into his car. He thanked Neela, told her he would call later, and drove to Abby's apartment. Before lifting Abby out of the car, he found her keys out of her handbag so that he didn't have to fish around for them whilst carrying her.

He managed to carry her inside quite easily, which surprised him! It was still before mid-day, yet she was out cold, so he carried her to her bedroom and laid her in bed, pulling the covers up around her. He was just turning to leave the room, when he heard a small voice moan not to leave her, so he laid on the bed next to her, on top of the covers, and she snuggled into him and went back to sleep.