Chapter Six

The next morning, Abby woke up with her head on someone's chest, and being held protectively by someone's arms. She looked up to find that the someone was Luka. 'Luka?' She thought, 'Did I sleep with Luka?' She was completely confused, until she remembered a couple of seconds later what had really happened. 'Of course, I had that other big argument with Carter because I came back from that walk with Luka and we were holding hands. And then Luka got rid of him and came in. Oh my God! I can't believe that I cried into his chest twice yesterday, how embarrassing! I told him not to leave me alone, and he offered to sleep on the couch, that was cute of him. But I told him to come and share my bed, which is what's going on here. I have wanted this for so long, even waking up with Carter wasn't as good as this. I love Luka. Hang on a minute I love him? Oh my God, I love him!'

"Good morning!" Luka's voice pulled Abby out of her thoughts,

"Morning," She replied,

"How are you feeling now?" He asked,

"Better, I guess,"

"Good, are you on today?"

"No, you?"

"No, you want to do something?"

"Sounds good,"

"Ok, well do you want to move?" He asked,

"Not just yet," She replied, since she was perfectly happy to remain in that position for as long as possible; they may not be together, but she was really enjoying lying with her head against his chest, listening to his heartbeat, she felt content.

Unbeknownst to Abby however, Luka was feeling the same way. 'Wow! I never thought that this would happen again, ever. This is just so nice, snuggled up in bed with Abby on a day off, I just love the closeness that there is when we're like this, the contact. I love being with her, I love her. Whoa! Slow down Luka, you'll scare her off if you keep thinking like that. You may love her, but does she love you, and besides, she only just broke up with Carter.'

"Are you ok?" Abby asks him,

"Yeah, just thinking," He replied, shaking himself out of his thoughts,

"About what?"

"About what Carter would say if he saw us like this!" He lied,

"Well if he got the wrong idea about us spending time together and holding hands, then I don't dare imagine how he would view this,"

"My point exactly, knowing Carter he would probably broadcast it to the hospital that you're some kind of cheating slag, and that I'm, well I don't know, he'd probably just kill me for stealing 'his girlfriend' as he put it last night."

"When did he say that?"

"After you'd gone in, he told me that he didn't believe what you had told him, so I put it to him that he was jealous. The response that I got was 'so what if I am? She's my girlfriend, I have every right to be',"

"I can't believe the cheek of that man, what part of 'it's over' does he struggle to understand?"

"I know, and that was about the time I told him to do you a favour and sling his hook, his comeback for that one was 'do you a favour you mean', I'd had enough and just walked away, so I don't actually know whether he left last night, for all I know he could still be sat outside your door where I left him."

"Please don't even suggest that. If he is I'll ignore him, and if he decides to say anything at work, who are they going to believe? They all heard the argument that we had in the lounge, and saw the state that I was in. They all know that Kerry told you take me home and look after me; they all saw you carry me out. They all know that you are my best friend, and they all know me as a person, as they do you too. They won't believe Carter because neither of us would do something like that and they all know that." Abby said firmly, trying to believe it herself,

"You're right," Luka replied, "We're not like that,"

Abby tried to hide the disappointed look that crossed her face, but she couldn't conceal it quickly enough, and Luka noticed it:

"What's wrong?" He asked…