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The Breaking

Chapter one:

It started out like any other day.

"Baka! Get off of me"

"No! Come on Hisoka. Just try it."

"No! And for the last time get off of me!" Whack.

"Soka is soooo mean!" Whaled a now crying Tsuzuki.

Tatsumi stood outside the door to Hisoka and Tsuzuki's office debating whether or not he should go in. 'I suppose I must.' He thought.

Stepping into the office, Tatsumi noticed two things. 1. Tsuzuki was hugging Hisoka around the waist, crying about him not eating some particular pastry. And 2. Hisoka was trying to hit Tsuzuki with the book he was currently reading, while blushing furiously. Yes, it was just a normal day.

"Here's your next assignment. There's a meeting in twenty minutes. Be in my office." said Tatsumi. With that Tatsumi placed the folder on the desk and abruptly left the room. Leaving behind a blushing Hisoka and a still crying Tsuzuki.

As the door closed, Hisoka was finally able to pry Tsuzuki of off himself. As he did, Tsuzuki realized that he was no longer holding onto Hisoka and ended up falling flat on his face. This caused Hisoka to feel a little bad, so he walked over to see if his partner was okay. Tsuzuki wasn't moving, so he was a little worried. As he leaned down, Suzuki grabbed him and pulled him down on top of him.

To say the least, Hisoka was furious, but as he heard Tsuzuki say "I'm sorry. If you don't want to eat it, it's okay. I just wanted you to try it, so don't be mad. Please." Hisoka had to concede. At that moment Hisoka realized that he was laying on top of Tsuzuki in their office. Upon this discovery, he started to blush again, as he tried to free himself from Tsuzuki's embrace, but he wouldn't budge.

"Tsuzuki, let go."

"No." was the simple response along with the embrace being tightened. Hisoka was not about to give up and continued to try and free himself, but it wasn't working.

"Come on Tsuzuki. We have a meeting about our new case to get to and we don't want Tatsumi to be mad, right?" Hisoka said, trying to use Tsuzuki's fear of Tatsumi to free himself.

"No. They can wait you're staying right here." and for emphasis Tsuzuki held on even tighter.

"But we really need to get going." Hisoka sighed. "Alright Tsuzuki what do I have to do to get you to let go, since hitting you with things doesn't work."

"You have to give me a kiss!" Tsuzuki happily replied.

Hisoka was now blushing again and said. "Tsuzuki no. Now let me up."

"No. Not until you give me a kiss."

"Fine. If it'll get you to let go of me." Hisoka leaned up from his position on Suzuki's chest and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. Tsuzuki was stunned. He hadn't expected Hisoka to actually do it, but he was happy none the less and released Hisoka.

Hisoka stood up quickly, grabbed to folder, and started to leave their office. He paused at the door and looked back at the still stunned Tsuzuki lying on the floor and said "Tsuzuki. The meeting is going to start. Hurry up." with that he left.

Tsuzuki remained lying on the floor for a few minutes thinking. 'Maybe he does return my feelings. Or maybe he's just confused. Maybe the kiss didn't mean anything, but I still didn't expect him to actually do that. Hey. Wait. Didn't he say meeting. Oh crap Tatsumi is going to kill me.' with that Tsuzuki sprinted out of the room 'I am so dead.'

Tsuzuki burst though the door, right as Tatsumi was about to begin.

"Sorry I'm late." Tsuzuki said as he sat down next to Hisoka.

"Tsuzuki. You are late again." said Tatsumi.

"I know, sorry bout that. I fell….." Tsuzuki replied.

"I will have to dock your pay. And no complaints." Tatsumi said, cutting off any whining that Suzuki may have. "As I was saying. In Nagasaki there have been a recent string of murders, all young boys between the ages of thirteen and most recently sixteen."

"What do you mean most recently sixteen?" Hisoka asked.

"Well…." Tatsumi hesitated worried about how Hisoka may react to this. "You see the boys that were first killed were around the age of thirteen but the continue to get older and the most recent murder was a sixteen year old boy."

"Is there any connection that you have been able discover between the murders?" Tsuzuki asked.

"Yes. All the boys have been found to have marks around their wrists and ankles. Along with that there are strange markings on their bodies."

"What kind of markings?" Hisoka hesitantly asked.

"Why don't I show you the photos of each of the victims. It may be easier for you to see them than for me to try and explain the situation." Tatsumi replied.

Tatsumi went over to the projector and shoot a quick worried glance at Hisoka. He let out a sigh and turned on the projector. The entire room was silent as Tatsumi slowly changed each slide. The first victim was a boy around the age of thirteen with blue eyes and blond hair. The picture was of the dead body. He was lying on the ground, eyes wide and glassy. His hands and wrists had marks on them just as Tatsumi said, but across the boy's chest were strange markings. Hisoka nearly gasped in surprise at the resemblance between the markings. As the slides continued on the boys slowly aged and their hair and eye color did, until they reached the most recent victim. Tsuzuki nearly gasped in horror at the picture of a boy who could have been Hisoka's twin. He slowly turned his gaze towards his partner and thought of how to comfort him, but his thoughts were cut off as the lights were turned on.

Everyone sat in silence, no one knowing what to say. It seemed like eternity until Hisoka spoke up. "Let's go." he said to Tsuzuki as he turned and left the office.

Once he left Tsuzuki turned to Tatsumi. "Tatsumi don't send us on this case, you know Muraki is involved and I don't know if Hisoka is ready for this. Can't you get someone else."

"It is not my decision. If it was I would not send you on this case, but it is out of my hands. But I will say this Tsuzuki, Watch him. I have a bad feeling about this case." Tatsumi replied.

Not feeling reassured at all, Tsuzuki left the room to try and find his partner. 'God don't let me lose him. Please let me be able to protect him.' Tsuzuki thought as he teleported to Nagasaki.

End of Chapter 1.

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