Summary: Sakuras a new kid at school and Syaorans a popular guy who sticks to himself most the time. Tomoyos a popular designer and Eriol a VERY wierd kid who is always hanging with Syaoran. What do you think when they all group together?

Twos a couple, Threes a crowd

Chapter one: New Kid In School

Sakura walked to school a little nervous. She had just moved to Tomoeda from Kyoto and didn't know anyone yet. When she arrived at the front of the school she started in awe at it. it was HUGE, she had no clue where to even start to look for the office. Good thing she decided to come early or she probable wouldn't even find her class in time.

Sakura sighed and head in. She might as well start before she wound up late anyways. She headed down the hall and within ten minutes found the office. She got her schedule and started looking for her first class. She found her class right when the bell rang.

When she walked in the class hushed and stared at her. she walked up to the teacher. "I'm new my names Sakura Kinomoto."

Eriol's POV/ back up aways before Sakura comes in

Eriol spotted someone familiar in the halls and ran over to him. "Hello, Syaoran! Hows your day?"

"It just started."

Eriol gasps, "why Syaoran didn't you know? Your day started three hours ago! How could you forget already!" Eriol asked with a surprised expression.

"I didn't."

"...Then why did you say it JUST started? It didn't JUST start."

"It did." Syaoran stated towards there first class.

Hmmm lets see yesterday was red so maybe blue today? "Hey, Syaoran? Green or Blue?"

"For what?"

"Well I couldn't decide from green, or blue and yesterday I went for red, so I was thinking blue, but maybe green would do, but then I like purple, so maybe it should be purple."

"Color for what?"

"Lets see...I know! I go with Blue it matches!" Eriol pulls out some blue nail polish. He looks up to see Syaoran giving him wierd looks. "What?"

Normal POV

"Maybe you should wait till after class?" Syaoran pointed to a few people giving him wierd looks. "Oh." He put the nail polish away and slumped in his chair. As the bell rang a girl walked in and talked to the teacher. The teacher turns to the class and says. "Class, this is Sakura Kinomoto, a new student here. Please make her welcome." The teacher looks around and the points. "Miss Kinomoto you can sit infront of Hiiragizawa, Hirragizawa, please raise your hand.

Eriol Raises his hand and then going back to chosing a color for Syaoran. Poor poor Syaoran was either going to get pink or soon as Sakura sat down the girl to her right started to talk to her. "Hello Kinomoto may I call you Sakura? I'm Tomoyo Daidouji. Call me Tomoyo." Sakura nodded and asked. "Could you show me around this school? It looks so big I don't think I'll be able to find my classes."

"Sure for one favor."


"You try on some of my designs! I got these new ones and I need some one Kawaii to wear them and your perfect!" Sakura sweatdrops.

Eriol taps her shoulder and she turns to him. "Hi! I'm Eriol, which color do you thing would fit him." Points to Syaoran. "Green, or pink?"

"Umm green, why?"

"No reason." Wow he listened to Syaoran. "Sakura right? Thats Syaoran. Do you like pink or red better?"

...Pink? Why?" Eriol opens his mouth to say something but Syaoran who was listening cuts in and says. "Ignore him its better you do."

"O..k..." Sakura turns back to face the teacher and sees some people giving her glares. She turns to Tomoyo and asks in a whisper, "Why are they glaring at me?"

"Cause Syaoran talked to you, its not usual he talks to someone only when he has to." "Oh" Sakura turns back to the teacher.

"Ok class pick your partner."

Sakura turns to Tomoyo. "Pick for what?"

Tomoyo laughs and says, "Be my partner it will be easier since you weren't here for the lesson were doing this for."


"Syyyaaaooorrraaannn!" A bunch of girls said at once. "Be my partner!" They glared at each other then turned back to Syaoran. Syaoran seemed not to be paying attention to then and instead was talking to Eriol. "So which are we doing?"

Eriol turned...then turned again and then the light caught his classes and he smirked. "We shall do...plan A." Syaroan stared at him then shook his head.

Sakura looked at Tomoyo and asked, "Whats he mean plan A?"

Tomoyo shrugs. "I don't know thats just him." Sakura nodded and the bell rings. Syaoran darts out the door with the group of girls still asking the same question. Sad they can't take a hint can they? Eriol followed Tomoyo and Sakura out. Sakura turned back to his,

"Why are you following us?"

Eriol blinks then said," But how can't I? Syaoran ran off and of got no one else to hang around! Your my only friends left!" Sakura and Tomoyo both sweatdrop and look at each other. "O..k.." They say at the same time.

By lunch time it was starting to get creep with Eriol following them around. As they were head for the cafeteria sakura said, "Oh I need to go get something from my locker I'll meet up with you guys at the cafeteria." Sakura head off and Tomoyo look to Eriol. "Umm...Maybe I'll go with her..." As she started to walk after Sakura Eriol said,

"NOOOOO! TOMOYO DON"T LEAVE ME ALL ALONE! NOT AGAIN I CAN"T- Oh look theres Syaoran." A surprised Tomoyo got dragged over to Syaoran by Eriol. "HIIIII SYAORAN! Hows your day so far?"

"...You seen to say that every time I talk to you."

"Look who I brought with me! Tomoyo! say hi to Tomoyo! Come on you can do it!" Both were staring at Eriol now. "...Soooooo are we going to the cafeteria or not? We need to still meet up with Sakura! Oh no I forgot!" Now he pulled Tomoyo and Syaoran to the cafeteria. They sat down at a table and not long after Sakura came up. "Hey Tomoyo, Eriol, Syaoran." Eriol said hello and started talking again and Tomoyo said hi, but Syaoran gave no answer and seemed to be in his own thoughts.

"Hey, Hey, Sakura, Tomoyo, Wanna see something funny?" They shrugged and Eriol pulled out a small flat screen.(With out a stand that holds it up) He raises his eyebrows and presses a button. Words started to appear on the screen.

Damn, what was that feeling? I've- Eriol...I'm going to kill you!

"Damnit! Eriol! I told you to stop reading my thoughts!" Eriol jumped up and run for his life from a screaming Syaoran.

"Umm? Shouldn't we try and stop them?"

"Nahh its better not to stick your head in that, Syaoran might tare it off." Tomoyo continued to eat her lunch.

"Ow, yeah, but what of Eriol? Think hes going to live?"

Tomoyo nodded. "He usual does in the end, so theres not much to worry about."

"Does Eriol always tick him off?"

"Almost always trys to everyday."




"Hes chocking Eriol now."

"Ok maybe we should stop he..."

"Eriols turning blue."

"Yup he finally got to him...Wow didn't take that much."

Sakura nodded and walked over to them. She tapped Syaoran and he glared at her. She jumped and said, "uh, umm, Eriols turning blue now and you should probable stop chocking him now."

Syaoran now a little red glared at Eriol, but relunctatly let go of him and walked back to there table. Sakura bent down and poked Eriol. "Hey, Eriol? You alive? Or did he kill you?"

A moment of silence then Eriol said, "I-I am alive? I can breathe! Finally! I thought he might actually kill me this time, sheesh its not like I didn't look at his thoughts before. Hmm, but you know this time his thoughts were way off of normal? Wonder why..."Eriol thought for a second the sat up and got an evil grin.

Sakura twitched and inched away. "E-Eriol? Are you ok? Y-you look like your grinning evilly?"

"Oh I'm fine just splended did the evil grin work? Cause I've been working on it lately and Syaoran doesn't react to it, but this time it seemed to work."

"So you grinned for no reason?" Sakura asked confused as they headed back to the table.

He once again dawned the evil grin and Sakura inched farther away from him again. "It looks like are little Syaoran has..." They arrive at the table to find his poor screen brocken and Syaoran glaring at him. Tomoyo pulled Sakura down next to her.

"Sakura! Meet me at the gate after school ok? Then I can take you to my house and put you in those Kawaii outfits!"

Sakura nodded," Sure, Hey Eriol what were you about to say?"

Eriol chocked on his water. "Oh yes that Syaoran seems to-" The bell rang then and once again they found Syaoran Darting off. Sakura and Tomoyo went off together living Eriol to finish that sentence by himself. Once Eriol notices that everyone has left he jumps up and runs after them screaming, "HEY! WAIT FOR ME!"

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