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Twos a Couple, Threes a Crowd

Chapter Two: One Embarassing Slip

"You really think so?" Sakura turned as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. "Its really different from what I normally wear."

"But of course! It makes you more Kawaii!" Tomoyo, in anime mode, has stars in her eyes.

"Uhh..." Sakura was wearing a blue mini skirt and a white tangtop with a blue sweater with a V neck on over.

"Oh! I know! I got an outfit for you to wear to school tomorrow!"

"What! To school!"

"Well how else will I get the test results? Usually I would use Yuuki for this, but your much more better for this!"

Sakura sighed, "Do I have a choice?"


"Lovely. Fine, ok as long as its not bad...not that your stuffs bad or anything." Sakura rushed out the last part so Tomoyo wouldn't think she was being mean.

"I know what you mean. Here, this is the outfit I want you to wear to school tomorrow." Sakura nodded and took the outfit. "See you at school tomorrow, Sakura!"

With that Sakura left and headed home.


To Eriol and Syaoran

Syaoran was walking home when he heard a really loud 'Syaoran!' from behind him. "Whoa! Sheesh lower the volume whould yah? What do you want?" He glared at Eriol.

"Well I was going to offer something, but since your being so rude, no!" He turned his back to Syaoran.

"Fine, then I'm leaving." Syaoran started to walk off.

"No, Wait! I was going to offer something, but I was kidding about the whole 'no' thing."

Syaoran stared at him waiting, "Well?"

"Oh yeah! I almost forgot! I think I'll help you out some since your thoughts-"

"I don't need any of your help."

"Awww, come on you know you like her."


"Yes you doo!" Eriol said in a sing song voice.

"I need some ear plugs." Syaoran walked off.

"Oh come on! I'm not that bad, am I?"

"Should I answer that, or not? Lets see... Yes, yes you were that bad."

"Your soo mean Syaoran! Ho-hey, where are you going? Don't you live that way?" Eriol Followed Syaoran as he walked the opposite way of his house.

"Yes, but the stores this way."

"Really? What you getting? Can I join you? What store you going to?" Eriol said all that in one breathe and really really fast. Wonder if Syaoran got it all?

'No, I'm walking to the park," Syaoran said sarcasticly. "No I'd rather you go away, but thats never happened so far now has it? Why don't you go bug Tomoyo and Sakura? Maybe they whould try listening to you."

"Great idea! Wait I tried, but Tomoyo pushed me out, cause Sakura was trying on outfits, so I came to bug you since your practice just ended!"

"Great, just great." Syaoran mumbled. He stoped infront of the store and turned to Eriol. "We really need to get you a hobby, cause following your friends really isn't working." Eriol opened his mouth to say something, but Syaoran cut him off. "And no nail polish isn't a hobby, now come on." They headed into the store.

(A/N: HAHAHA! Sorry I had to make Eriol into Nail polish it just makes it really funny that way, but also sad in another way.)


Sakura POV

She sighed as she walked home. Tomoyo had offered to give her a ride, but she declinded, wanting to walk. She had to wear that outfit to school tomorrow for Tomoyo even though she didn't really want to. Although it would be nice, to wear it. She opened the front door to come face to face with Touya. "EEEP!" Sakura jumped back.

"Oi, thats no way to say hello." Touya steped to the side to let her in.

"H-hi, Touya. When'd you get here? Weren't you at that college?" Sakura stepped in and sat down on the couch. Touya shut the door behind her and sat down too.

"Yes, I was at the college, but I get a weeks break, so I'm here. And I got back at 2:13 today."


"So how was your first day at this new school?"

"Eh? Oh, umm fine. I've made three friends. Ones quiet, ones wierd, and the others a fashion fanatic and now to test one of her outfits, I'm going to wear it to school tomorow"

"Really? And whos that?"

"Well the fashion obsessed one is Tomoyo Daidouji. The Wierdo is Eriol Hiiragizawa, and the quiet one is Syaoran Li."


"Um, yes?"


"Umm, well you see Eriol sits behind me and is really wierd, so he started talking to me and Syaorans his friend so thats how I meat him."

Touya growled still not happy, but still said fine to it.

"Yay! Oh! yeah, I still have homework to do!" Sakura darted up to her room and shut the door behind her.


Next Day Eriol's POV

Eriol walked into the class room to see a very early Sakura sitting in her seat. Eriol blinked then grinned. "Why Sakura thats a nice outfit your wearing today. Mind if I ask why your so early today?"

Sakura turned at him and he could see a tint of red on her face. "Uh-umm, I was trying this outfit out for Tomoyo as a favor."

(A/N: I'll leave what the outfit looks like up to your imagination since I don't want to come up with one.)

"Really? And who is this Tomoyo?" Sakura sighed and pointed to the side of him. Looking he saw a very evil looking Tomoyo. "Why Tomoyo how are you? Mind if I ask why you look so evil this morning?"

Tomoyo nodded. "Yes. Your answer. You." She walked over to her seat and sat down. "So Sakura hows it coming so far? People like it right?"

Sakura nodded. "Eriol seems to like it, although he can't seem to get that you made it."

Tomoyo glared at Eriol and he found the door quiet interesting, so started scooting towards it. "Ummm, yeah, I'll go look for Syaoran see what hes up to..."

Tomoyo glared again and said, "No you will not. We don't need a mad Syaoran walking into the class with such a pretty sakura sitting right here now can we?"

Eriol thought for a moment then griined. "Off course not! That would ruin it now wouldn't it!" Eriol plopped down in his spot and grinned at them. "So which color would you like?"

"For what-" Sakura started as the door was pushed open quiet loudly. They all looked over to see a surprise Syaoran staring at them. He stared to walk in, but sadly wasn't paying attention to where he stepped and tripped. Tomoyo and Eriol both smirked at this, but Sakura said in a worred tone, "Syaoran? You all right?"

He got up and mummbled, "Fine." and sat at his seat. Deciding to stare out the window instead of them. Eriol still smirking said to Tomoyo. "Well that makes two now. Lets see what the other guys think."

The rest of the class period flew by quiet fast.


Math period Sakura's POV

In math Syaoran sat right next to her. Sadly though Eriol and Tomoyo had different class this period so she wasn't with them too. She looked over to see Syaoran tense. She poked him in the side and he looked over. "Hey Syaoran I got a question." She said barely above a whisper.

"Y-yeah?" He asked in a whisper too.

"Whats the answer to problem five?"


"Syaoran? Syaoran?" She poked him again with her pencil, but got no answer. She sighed. "Okay then..." She turned back to her paper and continued to try and do the paper.


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