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Twos a Couple, Threes a Crowd

Chapter Three: Eriol

"Poor Syaoran sat on a wall, poor Syaoran had a great fall, poor Syaoran couldn't put his pride back together again." It was after school and Eriol Was still singing that blasted song. Eriol had been singing it since when he tripped this morning every time he saw him. He kept walking with his eyes closed as his eyebrow twitched. Eriol continued to sing getting on his nerves. 1, Eriol kept singing. 2, Eriol still singing. 3, Eriol got louder. Ok, times up!

"If you don't stop singing that inferno song I'm going to burn your nail polish collection!" A veil pop in his forehead.

Eriol gasped, "NO! You wouldn't! How could you!"

"If you don't shut up I will."

Eriol opened his mouth to say something but quickly shut it.



"...Seriously, you wouldn't, right?" Eriol looked over to him with an attempted serious face.

"I would of...If you kept that annoying song up."

"Awww, but it was so fitting! But Sakuras outfit did turn out as a big hit! Everyone really liked it! Now Tomyo's ganna put all her new outfits on Sakura! Of course she had to apologize to Yuuki about it, but she was okay with it saying, 'Sakura was really Kawaii' and they got into a whole discussion about it-" Eriol looked over to see that Syaoran had turned down the street he just past and ran to ketchup with him.

"Anyway, yeah, they went into a whole-" This time Syaoran shut him up by hitting him on the head. Poor Eriol. Never new what hit him.

x x x

When Syaoran got home he slumped down on the couch and dropped his bag onto the floor. Sighing he sat like that for a while before getting his homework out. As he started on his homework the day's events kept playing through his head. After a half hour of trying to do homework he gave up and went to take a very, very cold shower.

That seem to work cause when he went back to do his homework he could do it with out the image of Sakura popping up in his head. Once he finished his homework he went to the kitchen to make his dinner when the phone rang. Who could be calling me?

Walking over to the phone he picked it up answering with, "Hello?"

"Hi! How is your evening? Any fun? Did you do your homework? Cause if you did I need some help with my geometry, cause I don't get it, I wonder why I have that class? Oh well, yeah, can I get some of the answers?" Eriol. Of course Eriol who else would call him?

Syaoran sighed. "Yes I did do it, no you can't have the answer, do the work yourself and how you pass any class is beyond me." He got stuff out to start his dinner, setting it on the counter top.

"What? Are being mean to me cause I was singing that song? It is isn't it? Ha! That's funny to-"

Syaoran growled, "Good, Bye." He hung up on him and started his dinner ignoring the phone when it started ringing again. After dinner when he opened his window for the night he watched the rain as it started to fall.

x x x

The next day Eriol decided that walking to school with Syaoran would be fun, so he meat Syaoran as he came out of his house. "Hello! Beautiful day is it not?" Syaoran grunted as he unclipped his umbrella and held it over his head to stay dry.

"It's raining." They started on their way to the school as the rain started to poor down harder. Eriol wore a heavy over coat with a hat and no umbrella.

"I know! Isn't it just wonderful? What a beautiful day!" Syaoran cocked an eyebrow at him.

"Beautiful? It's muddy, wet, and cold. How is that beautiful?"

Eriol sadly had to put some thought into that and in the meantime they arrived at school. As they were walking to Syaorans locker first since his was closer Eriol finally got his answer. "Yes! It is! If you look at it in such a way it is." Eriol nodded to confirm his answer. Syaoran rolled his eyes and gave no answer.

They headed to Eriol's locker where he put his wet over coat and hat in his locker and headed to the class. As they walked in they met Sakura and Tomoyo who were currently standing in the doorway. "B-b-but I can't wear that! It-it seems to weird." Sakura was slowly backing away from Tomoyo and towards Syaoran and Eriol. As they stood unnoticed by the girls Eriol saw Sakura backing up and stepped easily out of the way leaving Syaoran there by himself.

"Oh, come on! Just from lunch to the end of the day at least, please?" Tomoyo begged with her hands clasped in front of her. Sakura, wide eyed, backed up shaking her head and hands. She kept backing up until she ran into someone. She froze and looked up. She looked up into beautiful amber eyes. She gulped and jumped away.

"S-sorry! I was talking with Tomoyo and I didn't see you there and sorry!" Sakura franticly said.

Syaoran blinked, mumbled something then walked over to his seat. Eriol did a light 'ooooooh'. Tomoyo glared at him then turned to Sakura who still looked a little startled. "Sakura, dear, will you please where the outfit? If not for me then for the people in school? They do look forward to seeing my new designs." Sakura hesitated then nodded.

"Great! Now can we sit before the teacher comes in and scolds us?" Eriol suggested as he headed for his chair. Sakura and Tomoyo followed him and just when they sit down the teacher walks in and starts the lesson.

That was close, Syaoran thought as he brought out his notebook. Although, I'd wish it were Eriol who got in trouble then he'd be out of my hair for a while at least. Syaoran heard Eriol sigh and looked over. Eriol wrote something down in his notebook and held it up for him to see. It read in big letters:

Do you hate me that much?

Syaoran growled. The stupid idiot was reading his thoughts again. Well if you didn't keep reading my mind I wouldn't hate you as much, Syaoran thought as he glared at Eriol. Eriol smirked then wrote on his notebook again:

So if I stopped you wouldn't hate me?

Syaoran glare deepened. If you start trying NOW maybe, just maybe, I'll not hate you AS much. Eriol thought this over and wrote in his notebook:

Ok! But if someone asks me too I will read your thought as a favor to them!

Syaoran glared then turned to the teacher as she handed out work for them to do. Once he ignored Eriol the class passed by fast. Once over he walked out of the class room last hoping to all hope that Eriol wasn't waiting for him.

...God damn it all. Eriol was waiting for him. Syaoran inwardly groaned. Then sighed out loud. Walking past Eriol in an attempted to ignore him only lead him into following him. Syaoran still trying to ignore him kept walking on as if he wasn't there.

After a moment Eriol said, "Hey can you slow down a bit I can't keep up." Syaoran ignored him.

Another moment later, "Hey? Did you hear me? I said would you mind slowing down?" Syaoran again ignored him.

Few moments later, "Did you lose your hearing or something? Or-oh your ignoring me aren't you? Awww come on I'm not bad to talk to! Right Tomoyo?" Sakura and Tomoyo had walked up to them while Eriol kept talking to Syaoran who is still ignoring him.

"Depends." Eriol blinked then made a face.

"Sooo mean." Sakura and Tomoyo laughed as Syaoran continued to ignore all things said by Eriol. Poor Eriol, he didn't do anything that bad?

Sakura obviously getting an idea brightened and said, "Hey! How bout we all hang out after school today? We can go to the arcade!" Eriol and Tomoyo agreed instantly by Syaoran said nothing. "Well Syaoran? ... Ok then it's a yes."

"Well it'd be good for him." Eriol nodded to what he said acting like an adult. "He needs to spend more time with people." Syaoran glared at him as Tomoyo giggled.

"Sakura did you offer this just so you could play DDR?" Tomoyo asked changed the topic from Syaoran to Sakura.

Sakura blushed in embarrassment and replied, "H-hai." Tomoyo grinned.

"Well I've gotten better so you better be ready." Sakura smiled and nodded. Eriol jumped up and pushed Syaoran a bit making him growl.

"We will play too! Yes we will! Right Syaoran?" He grunted in response, but everyone just ignored it. "Yes! So 2:50 school gates?" Everyone nodded. "Great! Now I see something with my name on it, gotta run!" Eriol darted off down the hall.

Syaoran sighed heavily. "Finally he's gone." Syaoran mumbled under his breath. Tomoyo and Sakura giggled as Syaoran walked away in the other direction Eriol went.

x x x

(I guess this will be from everyone's pov?)

After school they all meat at the school gate. It was still raining, but almost everyone had an umbrella, so they wouldn't get soaked. As they headed to the arcade they talked about different things. All conversation stopped though when Eriol started to sing, "I love rain, what beautiful rain. Just like a shower, a nice cold shower. Reminds me of a flower, a-" He was cut of when Syaoran hit him on the head making him go into a daze.

After a moment Syaoran asked Sakura and Tomoyo, "Did that knock some sense into him? Or is he still dull brained?" Tomoyo and Sakura looked up from where they were bent over the dazed Eriol.

"That was mean." Sakura replied as Tomoyo helped Eriol to stand who looked suspiciously well again.

Syaoran shrugged. "So? He needed it." Sakura shook her head and turned to Eriol. "You ok? Huh? Why do you look like you just took a nap?" Syaoran mumbled a 'see' and Sakura glared at him.

"Oh! That, um, yeah, well, uh, lets get to the arcade now! Before someone has to go!" He darted down the street and into the arcade. Tomoyo and Sakura traded a look then follow Eriol and Syaoran in.

Sakura and Tomoyo were the first to play DDR together. As Syaoran and Eriol waited they played air hockey. Sakura got to pick to first song and she picked Butterfly.

(A/N: I love that one! Its not that hard, I know, but I like the song)

They went through all three songs with Sakura who won. Tomoyo sighed, "Again, I was beaten by my better." Tomoyo grinned and traded spots with Eriol. Sakura hilariously won against Eriol, who looked to not even try.

When Syaoran went up Sakura had a harder time beating him. In the end it took two hours before they didn't tie and Sakura won. "Well-pant, that took-pant, a long time-pant, to finish... Na?" Sakura said as she leaned against the wall to catch her breath. Syaoran nodded as he tried to catch his breath as well. Sakura looked and round and noted that Eriol and Tomoyo weren't there.

She glared then turn to Syaoran, "Do you know where Tomoyo and Eriol went?" He shook his head.

Sakura sighed, "How nice of um to ditch us." She shook her head and got up. "They probly got bored and went home." Looked to her watch that she kept in her pocket she found out it was 5:38 PM. "HOOOOOOOEE? I gotta get home! I'm dinner tonight! Sayonara, Syaoran!" Sakura darted out and Syaoran watched her leave. Then got up and left headed home.

x x x

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