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Chapter V - Deal

Evey was turning in bed for almost an hour before she concluded sleep was an impossible goal – at least after the recent events in the Shadow Gallery. She decided that it was better go check if Elizabeth was awake; Evey knew how it would feel for the girl to find herself in a complete strange place.

As Evey walked through the stonewall halls, she noticed V wasn't home yet. Not only because of the very few lights, but because of the silence that took over the Shadow Gallery when V was absent. It was like a tomb and Evey hated that more than anything. She wished the girl had awakened to distract her from those dark thoughts.

After crossing the main room, she arrived by the girl's bedroom, but before she could get in, Evey heard V opening the big wooden doors of the Shadow Gallery. He was carrying a big black bag over his shoulder, probably filled with stolen things his new guest would need in the near future.

"Hello, Evey. Couldn't sleep?"

"Not really… V, are you sure she's all right? Maybe we should..."

"Evey, don't worry. She is just fine and will receive better treatment here than under governmental care, you can take my word on that."V opened the room's door and after putting the bag near the asleep child he got out and closed the door. " Elizabeth will be up and around soon. I picked up some clothes and treats that will surely please a young girl, but it would be nice if you could stay with her until she wake up. I don't know how it would be if she find herself alone in a strange place."

"Of course."

"Thank you, Evey. I'll be in the kitchen for a little while." He said as Evey entered the room and closed the door.

Evey sat in a small chair near Elizabeth and peered in the bag V had brought. It contained clothes, mostly, and things like candy bars, biscuits and other sugary types of food. Apparently V was going to try buy her friendship with food – a smart strategy when dealing with someone less than 13 years old and recently taken out a government facility.

After a while just sitting and waiting Evey started to feel sorry for the girl. She doubted that V would hurt a child, but he could be scary sometimes. And Elizabeth would probably be held, like her, in the Shadow Gallery until the end of his plans. Maybe the kid wouldn't mind staying in the Gallery, and for Evey wasn't exactly a bad thing, but it she still missed her old life.

Evey was brought back from her thoughts by the sounds of Elizabeth moving in her improvised bed. The girl opened her eyes slowly and looked around lazily, until she saw Evey. Elizabeth sat on her bed and just stared at her roommate for a few seconds, until Evey break the uncomfortable silence between them:

"Hi. Are you feeling all right?"

"Yes. Where… who are you?" She asked rubbing her eyes. Nothing of this could possibly be true it was way too bizarre to be real. Elizabeth felt like she was on some other time, many of the things surrounding her were new and familiar at the same time. Everything was too weird even for a dream, worse than the one with the 'serial-killer midget made of never-melting-ice cream'.

"I'm Evey. We are in V's home, the Shadow Gallery."

"V's home?" Suddenly Elizabeth felt very awake. V had brought her here, she couldn't remember exactly how, but he did. "Is he here?"

"Yes, of course. Are you sure you are all right, you look pale."

"Yes, I'm fine, thanks. Please take me to him, I need to talk to V." Elizabeth said getting up and rubbing the remaining sleep from her eyes.


V was busy making breakfast for the two guests in his house when he heard their footsteps across the main room. He putted the pan with the fried sausages on the sink counter and waited they arrive.

Evey entered the kitchen first, followed by Elizabeth who looked astonished with all the pieces of art V collected in the past years.

"Good morning, Elizabeth. I trust you slept well." V greeted her.

Only then the girl turned her attention to V, she didn't even have noticed him until then.

"I did." She answered walking towards him. He looked much less scary under the lights and wearing a stupid apron. "Why did you brought me here?" she asked simply, with no anger, only curiosity in her voice.

Evey stood by the kitchen's door, trying to figure where this conversation would lead.

"I believe I answered that question in the first hours of this morning."

"No, the only thing you told me was what you want me to do. I want to know why did you bring me here if I didn't agree with anything." She answered crossing her arms. It was like she was explaining the situation for a small child.

"I believe that question was also answered this morning– there was no other option laid on the table for you."

After saying this, V received an ice-cold stare from Evey and he thought, since they were going to live together for a while, it was better to give an explanation of his acts for both of them.

"Child, you only know the image the government painted of me, but I can assure you will not be harmed while staying here with Evey and I. As you probably noticed I have a vast collection of items that will keep you entertained and I will do my best to take care of you. There's much more than what you would get in the Juvenile Center or even in one of Creedy's detentions facilities." V turned and placed the steaming sausages from the pan to a plate and continued: " But nothing in this world comes for free, and all I ask in exchange is that you do some translating services to me. I believe that is one good deal, if you ask me"

"And when I finished what I have to do… What then, V?"

"Then I give you my word that murdering a girl is something I will never do." He took the plate and putted it on the table. "Come, maybe some food will drive away those nasty thoughts out of your mind and bring back some blood back to your face."