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Far Flung Hope: More than Meets the Eye: The Forerunners equals

Location Galaxy: Unknown ; Time: 10 years Before the Forerunners disappearance.

Forerunner Ring Project 172 Exploration Unit; Year Two; Exploration Leader Log: It has been two years since we began to explore the new Galaxy. The first Ring to this Galaxy has been finished ahead of schedule and we have already explored thirty percent of this galaxy and we have found a planet that is perfect for seeding Reclaimers on. The Seeding unit has already been dispatched to implant a populous on it.

Forerunner Ring Project 172 Exploration Unit; Year Two, Day Six; Exploration Leader Log: We have discovered evidence that there is a space-faring race somewhere in this Galaxy but we have been unable to locate the exact amount of territory they control in this galaxy. However we have found some ships leaving certain areas very quickly that we have arrived in. I was informed that it is unlikely that this race is as advanced as us but we will continue to look for their territory because they may prove useful with the Great Project. On another note the Reclaimer colony was established on the planet in record time and now all that is needed to be done is to leave the colony to its own devices.

Forerunner Ring Project 172 Exploration Unit; Year Two, Day Twenty-Eight; Exploration Leader Log: We discovered what we believe to be an automatic drone exploration vessel. I have just informed the over seer of the encounter and I have just been ordered to take the drone vessel and study it. My exploration unit should be more than enough to catch the thing.

Forerunner Ring Project 172 Exploration Unit; Year Two, Day Twenty-Eight; Exploration Leader Log: Static Tracked down the ship static powerful defensive weapons static three of my ships were destroyed static retreat to static.

Forerunner Combat Force 164; Year Two Day Thirty-Five; Force Commander Log: After the destruction of the exploration force our esteemed leaders ordered us to attack the aliens responsible as an act of retribution. It took us four days to find them and the attack was a total disaster. We were expecting a low technology enemy but what we got was counter-fire from an enemy destroyer fleet about twice the size of the combat force with firepower equal to our own. My fleet was caught completely off guard and I lost half my ships before I realized that I needed to fall back.

Forerunner Combat force #164; Year Two, Day Thirty-Six; Force Commander Log: I managed to inform High Command of this situation. However there is no sizable combat forces within two Galactic Jumps so I am changing course in an attempt to lead the enemy away from the Halo.

Forerunner Combat Force #164; Year Two, Day Thirty-Eight; Force Commander Log: I am such a fool. I should have thought of this, but I was blinded by our safeties. The enemy hacked into our ships teleportation networks and sent troops into five of my ships. Only three were captured and the other two ships managed to repel its boarders. I now suspect the data in the captured ships to be compromised. I ordered the purge of all important data in the fleet but I fear the damage is done. They know where the Halo is. I discovered that if you cut off all our ship-to-ship transportation sections of our teleportation networks it prevents the enemy from teleporting in. The obvious drawback is that it also prevents us from using our own teleporting units.

Halo Defense Force: Year Two, Day Forty-Six; Strategic Commander: It has been six days since the last contact from Combat Force #164, and I fear the worst. Four days ago the Halo was attacked by a raiding force but was beaten back with fair ease. However after that we have encountered multiple raids after and because of that I am calling back all exploration and seeding teams.

Seeding Unit Team Leader: I cant believe were leaving now because of some raiders. We do not even have time to recollect the Reclaimers we have already seeded. And their modified history is not even completed yet. These Reclaimers will have very little control imposed on their development I can only wonder how they will develop. I can not stand the fact we are running like this. Some of my team members are panicking because this has never happened before and fear is taking hold. My best estimates is that we will leave for the Halo in two days.

Skirmish Force Two; Force Commander: I have a now encountered the enemy six times. I have had minimal casualties in each encounter on my patrol, but so has the enemy. I suspect they are testing to see how formidable my ships are before launching a full-force attack. I can only guess how many ships my force will face soon.

High Command General Order: All Forces are to be evacuated now and Warning unexpected interference total communication blackout

Halo Defense Force: Strategic Commander: We are transmitting our reasons for the communication blackout, the enemy figured out how to jam our communications and built a jamming device large and powerful enough to disrupt all our communication in this galaxy we only just recently destroyed the jammer. The total communication blackout has given the enemy a massive advantage over us. We only have enough ships to protect the Halo. I am issuing a complete evacuation of this galaxy and after we leave I am having the Ring to travel here damaged so the enemy can not follow us.

"And that was the last entry we were able to access from this ring's archives," a tall red robot with a half grapple, half crane hand said.

The robot grapple-crane handed robot looked over at another odd shaped robot. The room was mostly purple in color but an ominous and dangerous presence loomed inside. Several massive consoles that no human could possible use efficiently. The design showed no form of distractions or amenities any race consider appropriate, everything was made for efficiency. An emblem was clearly shown on the door. A menacing face that could not be mistaken for a human, or most other races, however all the races in this galaxy knew this symbol and feared it greatly. It was the symbol of the Decepticons.

The Decepticons are one faction of a race virtually older than any race currently alive and this only includes the members still living. The true age of this race is unknown but many have tried to find out but all failed. The Decepticon faction broke away from this race and the race split into three groups. The Autobots view is one of peace and equality between their own and alien races. The Decepticons view is that the Cybertronian race should turn their home-world into a massive fortress in order to conquer the Universe. The Empties who take no part of this war and live on the fringes of the home-world.

Their home-world of Cybertron was devastated and knocked out of orbit in the raging Civil War that lasted for 6 million years. Then an Autobot ship left Cybertron seeking new sources of energy while being followed by a Decepticon cruiser. Soon the two ships fought each other and crashed into an uninhabited planet. Their the crews lay deactivated until a volcanic eruption reactivated both Decepticons and Autobots. They took new, alternate forms to blend in with the inhabitants and restarted a war on the world its inhabitants called Earth.

A red white and gray robot stood up and spoke, "Very well, Grip return to your station."

With that Grip left the command deck.

Shockwave walked up to Starscream, "Starscream," the purple colored robot asked in his usual tone, "I have an update on the exploration teams inside the ring."

Shockwave, the second-in-command of Starscreams forces, stood in front of his leader. His only facial feature was the single eye that blinked when ever he talked. The only other feature he has that most people notices is the gun in his arm that takes the place of where his left hand should be. Starscream, once the second-in-command of the entire Decepticon army that was reformatted to that of a Earth combat jet now lead a splinter group, looked outside his splinter group's flagship and at the massive ring floating just outside. After his splinter group left Galvatron's forces they were able to prove to be a formidable fighting force against both Galvatron's Decepticons and the Autobots. After one year his forces stumbled onto this curious artifact floating on the very fringes of the Galaxy. They couldn't tell it's exact purpose at first but when they scanned the history files they discovered this was from a race that battled his ancestors and this was a gate way to another Galaxy like a massive space bridge. Now that the Exploration teams have reported maybe he will now know more of this races technology.

Starscream's thoughts drifted back to the past after his revival by Unicron followed by drifting through space for unknown time and all he had left to do was think. When the drifting ended he found an abandoned ship and he used it for materials to begin his own army. Soon he used the newly built Decepticons to strip mine several worlds to quickly build up a formidable fighting force and, after a period of twelve cycles, Starscream lead his forces to attack Galvatron the one who destroyed him. During the first assault many Decepticons under Galvatrons rule was discontent enough to defect over to Starscream's forces. Things were looking up but the assault of Charr was ineffective in dethroning the mad ruler. Galvatron still remained the ruler of the majority of Decepticon forces and Starscreams forces were forced to become raiders until the next opportunity presented itself. Since then the Cybertronian Civil war changed from a war between two sides to a battle between three sides. The fighting literally went out of control in some areas and many civilizations were caught in the crossfire and were decimated or destroyed. Only a few managed to survive intact enough to fight back but those efforts were ineffective and mostly ignored by all the factions. So far the war had eventually turned into a stalemate between the three factions, neither side apparently being able to successfully gain a clear advantage over the other, but when Starscream's forces stumbled on this massive hulk it presented something that could change the stalemate in favor of his faction.

Starscream turned to Shockwave and bluntly ordered, "Well let me have it."

Shockwave apparently indifferent of the lack or respect began to supply the reports, "Approximately three Earth days ago the exploration teams we've dispatched began to discover that the layout of the Ring is filled with massive cavernous spaces with numerous entrances and exits with small halls and corridors as well as pits and valleys inside the ring. Our engineers couldn't understand the point in this kind of construction they only logical explanation we were able so surmise that it is possible that the race in question was capable of natural flight. Later Exploration Team One found a security drone station area the Drones are rather crud with little artificial intelligence their only programmed to attack certain targets their told to. Apparently they are regulated by a central AI but we were unable to find where it is at that time. Then Exploration Team Five discovered energy generators that are apparently operating at ten percent of their maximum capacity. By our calculation we can extract around five hundred energon cubes per hour if we turned up the generator's power to thirty percent. The only problem is that the generators are designed to link up with some sort of weapons system of immense destructive force. The weapon is designed like a blast grenade in that it will annihilate any organic life and possible severely damage everything in this area the Galaxy." Shockwave inserted his gun arm into a console and an image of the Galaxy appeared and a section of it had a red smear in it. Shockwave continued, "The odd thing is that it will affect allies as well as enemies. I cannot understand the logic of having a weapon of that magnitude in side a galactic traveling unit. Around ten billion astro seconds later Teams Six and Seven encountered some sort of parasitic entity."

Starscream interrupted, "Is it a threat?"

Shockwave answered, "The parasites attempts of attack were annoying at best. Some samples were sent to research and development so study. However that was not the fascinating part way was actually fascinating is a creature calling itself the Gravemind was discovered in sector five of the ring. The creature is telepathic and when we scanned it's mind we discovered that is capable of blocking much of the mind scan however we were able to glean that it controls the parasites commonly referred to the previous inhabitants as the Flood. The majority of information we found came from the Central A.I. of this facility. Apparently he was left here alone with no other AI's for a massive amount of time." Shockwave changed subjects, "I don't know why they would leave him alone for so long with out making a second one to prevent psychological degradation."

"Get back on the subject!" Starscream hissed.

Shockwave immediately got back on the subject as if he never was off it at all, "Well the facility is capable of traveling to other galaxies and each ring is connected to each other and constantly communicating with each other. We have discovered that the ring on the receiving end of this Galactic transport is currently being repaired and there is a sizable task force stationed at the other ring."

A smile crept on Starscream's face, "Shockwave recall all our forces to this ring. And tell them to bring as much material and energy as they can. We've found an opportunity we can't pass up. The Decepticons are going on a little trip. HA HA HA HA!"


Decepticon Organic Research Lab 12

The research crew was having an interesting time examining the specimens from the Halo that the scout teams discovered. Range Finder, a Decepticon scientist capable of transforming into a sniper rifle, was ecstatic about the new applications of the organic creatures known as the Flood. So far he discovered that are capable of converting almost any organic creature into a genetic variant of themselves. Not to mention the Flood was capable of naturally terraforming environments to suit their needs as long as it was an organic environment in nature. He tested out what forms of variations of these forms were by using the specimens the Decepticons had acquired during the war.

Range Finder was in the middle of one such experiment when he heard, "What are you doing you idiot?!" right behind him. Turning to face the voice he saw that it was Scanner, his current superior on the research crew. Scanner was a resource nut he never liked to waste resources needlessly. He is capable of transforming into a radar truck.

"What's wrong now?" Range Finder asked somewhat annoyed.

Scanner's reply was one of definite anger, "What's wrong? What's wrong?! You're experimenting on prisoners of war again! That's what's wrong! They are for prisoner exchanges not experiments you idiot!"

Range Finder could never figure out what was Scanners reason for being so snippy after all they were not sentient like themselves. Of course Autobots, and some Decepticons, would dispute this fact he however could never conceive the fact that organic life could possibly be sentient.

"But look at what I have discovered." Range Finder stated, "The Flood is some form of biological weapon possibly placed in here to keep unwanted visitors out of the Ring. It's quite fascinating since these defensive measures are not at all capable of compensating for us."

"So you're saying that these things would be of little use to us." Scanner surmised.

"Correct!" Range Finder answered, "Unless we want to decimate entire populations with a creature that would prove to be very annoying later. Metal-forming entire worlds would be much more efficient."

Scanner thought the findings over then turned around, "I'll report the findings to Starscream and anything else that maybe of use just stop using our prisoners right now ok."

Range Finder just watched Scanner leave the lab then got back to experimenting with his specimens.


Starscreams faction: Squad Strikers

Mission: Raid

Location: Alpha Centari.

"Watch out you idiot!" Air Strike yelled as the Autobots began to bombard the area the raiding group secured.

The idiot robot had just left himself exposed to Autobot counter-fire and nearly had his head blasted off for the second time today. The group was inside a bunker and trying to keep the Autobots from getting near the entrance. The entire area surrounding the Bunker was a litteral disaster just about everything was blasted or melted.

"I'm not reattaching your head again." He said to the smaller one.

The Decepticon warrior just looked slightly insulted but just continued to provide suppression fire at where the Autobots were located. Air Strike mentally reviewed what had happened in this mission. He was given orders for the Strikers to raid an Autobot supply depo and return to the flagship. So he (Black Stealth Fighter) and his team: Wild (Grumman F4F Wildcat), Silent (Grey USN F/A - 18 Hornet ), Hell Gun (red Dassault Mirage-20), Air Freight (A large military cargo plane), and Loose Cannon (unmanned military observation plane); set out to achieve the mission. So far half of the mission was achieved without a hitch. They had succeeded in capturing the area with the energon cubes and now Wild and Silent were loading the cubes into Air Freight. While he, Loose Cannon and Hell Gun were fending off the Autobot counter attack that got worse with each passing moment. So far the Autobots began to unleash an impressive amount of suppression fire while several other Autobots transformed into mobile artillery and began to hammer his squad's position with artillery fire in the hopes of destroying the energon before all of it could loaded into Air Freight. Luckily the bunker where the energon was held was sturdy enough to with stand the bombardment however it probably would not with stand it indefinitely.

His squad had another snag because there was only one entrance and exit from the bunker and they could not risk a firefight while Air Freight was carrying two thousand condensed energon cubes. The explosion would take out him and the rest of the squad.

Air Strikes thoughts were cut short when he heard the half crazed chatter of Hell Gun, "HA HA HA.! You stinking Autobots cant even hit the broadside of a Guardian you useless pieces of slag."

Apparently he still had that insane grin on his face since this fight first started. After watching Hell Gun and remembering the other quirks of the squad's other members it started to make him a little nervous.

"How much longer!?" Air Strike shouted to Wild.

"Just ten more cubes and we're full!" came the aged voice of the war veteran.

Ten more cubes left, Air Strike thought.

He was going to have to come up with an escape plan fast before his squad needed to leave. Sure he already had 3 ready before he left for the mission but like most plans they never proceed as planned and he had counted on the bunker having a second exit but apparently the Autobots had learned a few things on how to deal with enemy raiding parties by trapping them with the stuff being stolen. Air Strike needed something to cause a diversion then a thought came across him.

"Hey Wild!? How many cubes are left?!"

"About five thousand!" Wild responded, then apparently he realized what Air Strike was thinking, "Please tell me you are not going to detonate them!"

"Not all of them, Wild! Only enough to make another exit. So start piling ten cubes over there and make sure the other energon cubes are away from the blast!"

Both Wild and Silent looked at each other apparently thinking that their leader may have either gone mad or had just made the most desperate move in the Squad's history. However they began to pile up the cubes against one of the walls while Air Freight closed his cargo bay door.

Loose Cannon looked at his leader with a fairly scared look, "Are you serious? You want to detonate energon cubes right in the middle of an energon storage bunker!" asked the rookie of the team.

Air Strike simply responded, "Unless you have any better ideas to get us out of here with out us getting melted down then just keep your attention on the 'bots shooting at us."

Loose Cannon then returned his attention to the battle. Wild and Silent were very careful in piling us and separating the energon cubes considering how volatile they were. Each energon cube was laid like a brick wall on the blast area then the extra cubes were moved to the other side of the bunker. After five minutes they were ready and Silent and Wild positioned themselves out of the blast radius of the cubes as both were taking aim on the cubes.

Meanwhile the fight along the entrance was not going well. The Autobots had forced the Decepticons to stop returning fire by a massive volume of fire that prevented any of them from risking a shot. Finally Air Strike hit the Access panel and sealed the door just when he heard Wild shout, "Fire in the hole!" What followed was an impressive explosion that tore away a good section of the wall big enough for the squad to fly through.

"It's time to leave, Strikers!" Air Strike commanded, "Transform and take off! We're leaving!"

Then he and each one of his squad transformed into different models of planes except for Air Freight since he was already transformed and they all flew through the opening and by the time the Autobots recovered from the surprise of the explosion the Decepticons were out of range of accurate weapons fire.

The Strikers had gotten free.


Galvatron's Decepticon Faction

Location: Planet Charr/Decepticon Battle-Fortress, Trypticon

Inside the Great Battle-Fortress was Galvatron's throne room. The room was decked out in the color purple and at a size that would make humans think it was a hanger but for Decepticons it was the right size for an announcement center. Sitting on top of the throne was the Decepticons current leader, Galvatron, and standing next to him was his loyal second, Cyclonis. Differing from other Decepticon bases, this throne room was impressibly lavished by Cybertronian standards however to a human the only difference was that there was much more space and the throne. Right now the leader of the sweeps, Scourge, was standing in front of the two just about ready to begin his briefing.

"Lord Galvatron. I bring important news." Scourge began.

"Speak Scourge, what is this important news?" Galvatron asked.

"Lord Galvatron, Starscream's forces are apparently abandoning all their positions, even their heavily occupied worlds. By what my troops have told me, they just took what they could and destroyed anything we could use on their bases. To make matters more strange we can find no reason for their sudden departure." Scourge informed his leaders, "The worlds are still mineral rich or energy rich, they weren't even in danger of losing most of the worlds that were abandoned."

Galvatron then interrupted, "Then we must retake the abandoned worlds before the Autobots can use those worlds resources against us and pursue the traitors to where ever they fled to."

Cyclonis then attempted to reason to Galvatron, "But Lord Galvatron, is it not curious that the traitor Starscream just left these worlds completely undefended. It does not make any sense. Starscream is a notorious coward but he is not a fool and the traitor Shockwave also aids him. Shockwave would never allow something a tactic like that unless there was a good reason."

Galvatron would have nothing to do with that, "Cyclonis be careful what you say. We must capture those worlds to prove we are the true Decepticon power. However I suppose we should use some caution. Summon Soundwave, I have need of his services.


Location: Autobot territory

Planet: Cybertron /Autobot Command Center

The Autobot Leader Optimus Prime looked at the report. The giant red, blue, and gray robot would have sighed if he was not more confused by the reports. According to the reports all of the worlds that were confirmed to be controlled by Starscreams faction had apparently been abandoned and everything usable was destroyed. Optimus Prime looked like he was made from a big-rig truck especially when you looked at his chest. It would take months to set up any form of infrastructure on those worlds but that was not the problem. It was not like Starscream to just leave something important suddenly for no reason. There was something happening and it must be big but right now Prime had no idea what it might be. Currently he could not send a spying force because he needed to prevent Galvatrons faction from acquiring the resources of the abandoned worlds. Like it or not their was virtually no other option right now. Starscream would have to wait.

Optimus walked down a gray colored hallway with very few features only some markings for the benefit of any non-cybertronian races benefit that maybe wandering these halls. Several Autobots of various shapes, sizes, and colors walked along the corridors; some talking with each other and others heading to their destinations. Most organic races would steer clear of hallways like this for fear of being stepped on.

Organics, Optimus remembered with a mental sigh.

After turning Earth into a battlefield, the leaders, of Earth eventually could not take the damage the war was causing them so they demanded the Autobots to leave Earth alone. Since then the Autobots evacuated the planet and Earth turned into a massive armory with the idea that all robots were their enemies. Since then they attacked both Autobots and Decepticons. There were even rumors that they attempted to attack the Quintizons but all attacks failed rather gruesomely for the attackers. The same tragedy was repeated through most of the galaxy and only some planets actually allowed the Autobots to establish bases on their worlds.

Optimus stopped slightly to look at a window at Cybertron's landscape. The world had structures as for as the optic could see. The world never had any organic life on it so most other races tended to avoid this world since they could eat nothing here and shipping was unadvisable since most ships were attacked by raiding parties. Only Autobot ships were sturdy enough to make it so Cybertron intact. Optimus turned his attenchion away form the window and continued on his way until he arrived at a doorway that had the name in the Cybertronian language that translated to Command Center. The Cybertronian language also baffled all races because of its impossiblility to be translated because it is the Cybertronian's core programming and their written language is the same as their programming and is so complex no one could understand how to use it accurately.

Optimus Prime entered the main command center the room was filled with tactical computers, holograms displaying information of virtually hundreds of worlds if not thousands at once. Several Autobots were using the access terminals to view the information and a few were plugged directly into the data feed. Each Autobot had no defined shape but had their own unique way how they looked.

Prime walked over to his second-in-command and began to issue his orders, "Prowl."

The Autobot turned towards his leader, "Yes Prime."

Prowl was one of the Autobots that was with him during the war on Earth. During the assault on Autobot City he was critically damaged and was put into cold storage for several years before he was repaired enough to be reactivated.

"I need several teams to secure the worlds that Starscream's forces have abandoned in sectors gamma and omega. The other systems are too close to Galvatrons territory to ensure an adequate defense is placed. Right now with Starscream leaving all these worlds a power vacuum has been created and now we need to fill this gap quickly." Optimus ordered.

Prowl then asked, "Prime shouldn't we send a scouting mission to Starscream's territory to find out what is going on?"

"No. Right now our main priority will be to prevent Galvatron from taking those abandoned worlds and currently we don't have enough time to send a spying mission there. Right now with so many worlds suddenly abandoned, we need to secure those worlds fast before Galvatron can." Optimus Prime announced with some regret.

Prime really wanted to know what was Starscream's motives behind this move but currently Galvatron's forces would pose more of a danger if he took control of that many recourse rich worlds.

"Right, Prime. I'll begin sending teams shortly." Prowl answered just before he walked over to a communication console and began transmitting orders to the Autobot forces that would embark on the missions.


Location: Halo # registration number erased

The Covenant Commander overseeing the repair of this holy ring was getting slightly annoyed at how long it was taking. A scouting group found this ring but it was damaged. According to what was recovered from the information in the ring the Holy ring on the other side was still intact and was operational. Now the Holy Prophets ordered him to take a force into this new galaxy that would soon be open to them. He briefly wondered why the ring was damaged but dismissed the idea mostly because their was little reason for anyone to just damage a ring. The Foerunners had been the mightiest people in existence and nothing could have stopped them. Now all that was left to do is to venture to this galaxy and discover what the Foerunners thought important to seal up. The Prophets wanted finding more holy artifacts to use against the Coalition and the other races the Covenant was currently at war with.

Another Elite walked over to the Commander and gave him a report then spoke, "Commander, the Holy ring will be repaired within a few days."

"Good." The commander stated, soon they will find the strange mysteries of this new galaxy and why the Foerunners saw fit to cut it off from the rest of the Universe.