Hidden Secrets

Hidden Secrets

Beta: inukagome15

Location: Ori controlled Galaxy

Event: Decepticon Situation Tactical update

The current Decepticon operation in the Galaxy has been in its second week. The initial space battles between the Decepticon warships and the Ori warships have proven that Ori ships, even though vastly inferior in comparison with the Decepticon variant, only had one weapon that unleashed enough power to actually inflict damage to the Decepticon's ship. The Decepticons had managed to successfully blockade all the Halos in the Galaxy and swiftly eliminated any Ori ship that emerged from the rings. The Ori were now cut off from the surrounding galaxies and they had no means of getting reinforcements and had to rely on their own ability and supplies to make new ships.

Eventually, after several engagements against the Decepticons, the Ori started to stop moving ships around in numbers of one or two and started to move in packs. The Ori actually discovered that alone against Decepticon ships their ships would lose. However, if the Ori attacked a Decepticon ship with superior numbers they could actually destroy the Decepticon ship with their weaponry. Unfortunately, the numbers required needed to be proportional to 10 to 1.

Now all Ori ships traveled in at least groups of 10, however, the Decepticons quickly learned as well. When the Ori started to attack in those numbers, the Decepticons quickly countered by not allowing any ship movements that only consisted of one ship of a frigate configuration without escorts.

Judging by how things were quickly changing in the forces currently in combat around the galaxy, it was apparent that it was only a matter of time before things start to get more violent between Galvatron's Decepticons and the desperate Ori forces.

As far as Ground combat was concerned, the Decepticons held a major advantage over the Ori in terms of combat fields and vehicles. The Ori seemed to field only a few different specialties of combat types. They were apparently limited to infantry, Priors, Air/Space fighters, and ground vehicles even though they were rarely seen.

The Ori infantry proved to be rather ineffective against Decepticon infantry and commandos. So far there had been no signs of the Ori possessing espionage troops or any other group. Thus far the Ori had shown no interest in gathering intelligence of Deceptiocon forces or known Decepticon positions. Apparently, they preferred to rely on the intelligence their Priors gave them.

Priors had proven to be the most dangerous unit the Ori had. Telepathic and telekinetic, the Priors had a number of psychic powers. They also had a limited ability to detect

what's in space with their minds. This advantage aided the Ori until Decepticon telepaths started to counter. The result was what one would expect when a young telepath attempts to mentally overpower a Telepath with over a few million years of experience.

Those Priors that didn't have their heads explode from the immense telepathic powers of their enemies reserved themselves to be the Ori military leaders.

The Ori fighters were advanced enough to prove almost an equal to Decepticon air combat warriors. The speed of Ori fighters were roughly the same compared to the Decepticon Air warriors. However, the Decepticons were still slightly faster. The major drawback with Ori fighters was that the Ori fighters did not possess the maneuverability, durability, and firepower the Decepticons had.

Since most of the Ori controlled worlds were not in any form of industrial age, there was virtually no form of ground vehicles beyond a few hovering transports that were ever


Thus far, the Decepticons managed to weed out at least twenty-five of the Ori in the galaxy. However, the Ori were proving to be very stubborn when it came to relinquishing certain worlds. Oddly enough, the Ori kept sending in reinforcements to worlds that the Decepticon High Command labeled to have little tactical value. They were at a loss as to why the Ori seemed very reluctant to lose control of those worlds when they easily relinquished several others that were of major tactical importance.

For now, the Decepticon intelligence forces were ordered to find out just why the Ori were so intent on defending these particular planets.

Location: Planet Cran

"Another day, another wasted tank of energon," Ratbat complained to Laserbeak as they continued their recon mission.

Laserbeak didn't bother to reply. Both of them had been sent on this mission to find out why the Ori were so stubborn with this world. Thus far, the two had spent two days

behind enemy lines and discovered nothing.

Aside from the steady stream of Ori reinforcements coming from those obsolete wormhole generators, there was nothing for either spy to even consider being important. This did not discourage the spies but it rather intrigued them and deepened the mystery behind the Ori's strange strategies.

The only conclusion for what was going on was that the Ori were aware of something that the Decepticons had no knowledge of. Yet.

Ratbat and Laserbeak were right now in the midst of attempting to discover the answer to the mystery by following what they thought was an Ori commander. However it was hard to tell the difference between the Commanders and normal grunts since they had virtually the same type of armor. The only clue they had that he was a commander of sorts was that several Ori infantry units were taking orders from him.

Both Decepticons followed the Commander from a safe distance in the sky, high enough not to be seen by normal humans. Laserbeak kept up a circle pattern, keeping the Commander in view while Ratbat kept his energy sensors activated on the highest level he could. If there was any out-of-place energy reading, Ratbat would find it.

Thus far they had seen that the Commander was inspecting several infantry divisions but as far as they knew, nothing out of the ordinary.

This continued for a while until the Commander boarded one of those rare ground transports and was driven off toward an unknown position. The two Decepticon spies followed.

The trip took them deep into Ori lines until their transport entered a sizable cave in a canyon deep in one of the forests on the planet. When Laserbeak and Ratbat approached the cave for a closer inspection, Ratbat suddenly detected a strange energy reading that was inconstant with Ori energy readings but oddly enough close to Cybertonian energy readings. However, these readings were masked in a way so that only a close scan could reveal it was there.

The Decepticons immediately logged their current location into their memory and landed deep in the forest to discuss the findings and the next course of action.

"Well it's strange no doubt about that. The energy reading is close to the type that we use and according by my readings it's condensed enough to be in energon form," Ratbat said.

"But how can the Ori have developed energon so fast?" Laserbeak asked. "From our projections, the Ori don't yet have the facilities needed to manufacture even the crudest form of an energon cube. Nor do they yet possess any proper ways to store it."

"I don't know but we may need to find out," Ratbat answered. "Or do you want to tell Galvatron we discovered what may be the reason the Ori are defending this world so desperately without confirming it?"

Laserbeak gave a slight shudder and responded, "Why don't we not tell Galvatron yet and just tell Soundwave and the other intelligence officers? After all, we aren't designed to sneak around on the ground."

"Good point," Ratbat replied. "What Galvatron doesn't know won't hurt us. Let's tell Soundwave."

Then both Decepticons took off into the sky and into space on a course for the nearest Decepticon vessel.

Location: Decepticon Cruiser Battle Cry/ System…kuc…kuk…impossible to pronounce or spell correctly.

A fierce battle was currently being waged between the fleet the Battle Cry was in and an Ori attack fleet. Apparently the Ori were able to detect the Decepticon fleet's arrival time in the system in time for them to put up a good defense.

Even though there was little or nothing in the way or orbital facilities the system did have a complement of twenty Ori ships. The Decepticon fleet had around five cruisers.

The battle was a fierce brawl between the two fleets. The Ori ships simply aimed and hammered at the Decepticon ships with their weapons and the Decepticon ships peppered the Ori ships with their own.

It was obvious that the Ori ships were taking the worse of the punishment but the Decepticon ships were receiving damage as well. Two of the Decepticon ships were severely damaged on the port side but luckily for the Ori ships, they kept to an evasive maneuver that stopped the Decepticon fire from hitting. But this in turn prevented the Ori ships from hitting the Decepticon ships as much as they could've without the evasive maneuver. On the other hand, the Decepticon ship turrets didn't have that problem.

"Sir, we have orders from the fleet commander!" a com officer shouted. "The fleet is currently being ordered to concentrate fire on the Ori ship designated One!"

The captain replied without looking at the bridge crew, "What are you waiting for then? Lock on that ship and fire!"

That command immediately sent the crew to busily follow the orders.

The captain sighed, irritated. "Why do you people even need to wait for my orders?" the captain asked. "The fleet commander is constantly giving us orders."

The bridge crew knew the captain well enough to ignore this comment. Their captain was generally well known to complain all the time about how little he got to make important decisions and how he was almost always acting like a middleman.

The Decepticon cruiser's weapons that were in range of Ori ship One immediately locked onto the target and opened fire. Shortly, the other cruisers added their fire into the mix and the Ori's ship was practically disintegrating in the midst of the barrage just before the energy ball lost containment and consumed the ship.

The captain smiled a bit and announced, "Now that that one's out of the way, target another Ori ship and give them a barrage!"

The battle ended a few minutes later after another series of concentrated barrages against the Ori ships. Some of the Ori ships fell under a barrage of the firepower of one of the cruisers. The Ori fleet was wiped out but the Decepticon fleet did receive damage from their bold move. One of the cruiser's engines was too damaged to function correctly; two other Decepticon cruisers received minor damage to the hull; another Cruiser had only minor damage to the engine; the Battle Cry had received moderate damage. This forced the fleet to stop and wait until the engine damage could be repaired.

Location: Decepticon Carrier in orbit of Planet Cran.

Laserbeak and Ratbat had already stored themselves into Soundwave and uploaded all the information they had found during their recon mission. They put special emphasis on the cave while reporting the information, knowing that it would be sure it interest Soundwave.

This new information was indeed interesting to Soundwave. It showed that whatever was in that cave was probably immensely important to the Ori.

Soundwave wanted to check out the area personally but Galvatron had given him a time limit so he didn't have enough time for a careful espionage mission. No, he needed something fast. He needed to get the information quickly without having to worry about the time it would take to infiltrate the cave. Time they didn't have.

With a mental sigh Soundwave walked over to a communication console and contacted the captain of the carrier.

"What do you want, Soundwave?" the captain asked. He sounded a bit irritated.

"Current mission is under Galvatron's orders," Soundwave began. "Request immediate strike force to capture enemy position in sector 28. Capture of area is vital for information Galvatron is requesting."

The sound of Galvatron's name made the captain cringe slightly.

"OK," the captain agreed hastily. He didn't want to piss of Galvatron. "I can send a full strike team with you at top speed but since this is on short notice don't expect our elite commandoes." The link was then cut off.

Location: Main briefing room.

To say that Soundwave's audience was full of calm collected and focused Decepticons would be an overstatement and probably a flat-out lie. The room was filled with rowdy, noisy, and very unprofessional looking Decepticons.

It didn't take Soundwave long to realize that the captain had been accurate in his statement that he was not sending Commandos. These were Decepticon Shocktroopers. But not any Shocktrooper. These were probably considered the worst representation of them.

The Decepticon Shocktroopers were among probably the most dangerous group of Decepticons you can have. They have very little or none in the way of military disciplines, mercy, respect, and other things necessary to good soldiers. They hate the practice of restraint. The Shocktroopers main purpose is destruction, pure and simple; to wreck havoc as much as possible or mash enemies until no longer possible while waiting for Decepticon forces to withdraw or arrive. But the Decepticon Shocktroopers, despite their obvious faults, have proven to be proficient at their jobs time and time again.

If it wasn't for the fact that most of them had no respect for anything, their disregard in tactics, and most of them were also fairly psychotic, several Shocktroopers probably would have been given command positions. One thing they do well enough is follow orders before a battle but during a battle it needs to be someone that they will never even try to consider ignoring as they would disregard other orders from individuals that they don't respect. If anyone were to say that Shocktroopers were well liked outside of their own organization it would be a stretch. Thus far, any Decepticon not part of their own fold keeps a wide birth from them mainly because of their psychotic nature.

When Soundwave walked on the stage the crowd only quieted down a little. Soundwave waited patiently for everyone to stop talking but the crowd failed to quell their jabber.

Eventually Soundwave drew his gun and fired it to the ceiling. This actually had the desired effect as the crowd immediately quieted down.

"Decepticons, we have a mission to capture this sector," Soundwave declared, bringing up an image of the target area. He continued, "We must capture the cave in this location and clear out all Ori forces without damaging the structure."

This started some chuckles from the crowd and agitated mummers.

"Whatever is in the cave is in the interest of Galvatron. Therefore, he will want the information we can gain from it." Despite his calm exterior, Soundwave was growing increasingly annoyed with the group. He knew that saying anything other than the target and what they would do would be a waste. He wasn't even completely sure that they would actually follow the orders of keeping damage to a minimum.

For a brief moment, Soundwave hoped that the fact that Galvatron was interested in what could be gleaned by that information would snap the Shocktroopers to attention but unfortunately it only worked for a Breem before the crowd started to talk amongst each other once again.

Soundwave simply gave up trying to explain further as he knew they would not listen. Besides, he probably had a 50/50 chance that they wouldn't destroy everything.

"Go to your ships for orbital bounce (method of traveling by wormholes)." Soundwave dismissed them. Now part of him wanted to crawl into a hole and wait for it all to be over which this was not far from what he actually had to do. Since Soundwave wasn't a Shocktrooper, he couldn't go on this mission. He wasn't that dumb.

He watched the Shocktroopers leave the room in a mob like fashion with a faint feeling of uneasiness.

Location: Planet Cran / Target area.

The Shocktrooper assault came without any form of warning at all.

The Ori guards were at their stations one minute and the next thing they knew a type of wormhole appeared in their midst and enemy mechs started pouring out.

The nearest guards were dispatched easily and before the Ori could respond to the forces emerging from the initial wormhole, three more appeared all around the area.

The Shocktroopers simply pressed an attack giving no time for securing any areas or fortifying the entry points. This prevented the Ori forces from rallying or attempting to start a counter attack.

Even though there was little strategy in the Shocktroopers' attack, the Ori had a lot of trouble contending with a horde or robots standing many times bigger than them. The fact that those huge robots were running right at them probably didn't help matters either. There was barely enough time for the closer Ori troops to even aim their weapons. Only the furthest back ones were able to maintain a constant fire. But it was apparent that seeing a horde of rampaging robots barreling onto your position was a real moral crusher.

A short time later, the Ori's forces were driven back to the cave.

During the assult the Shocktroopers that had been unleashed somewhat resembled a gradual scorched Earth policy. The ones in front attacked the Ori units they saw; the Decepticons behind them took out the stragglers; the next ones then eliminated any surviving structures; the following group obliterated anything resembling an unnatural object; and the last few groups simply destroyed what was left, leaving nothing but smoldering ash.

Runamuck and Runabout were the leaders of this particular band of Shocktroopers. The main reason was not because they were the most experienced Shocktroopers here, but because they were in the front of the assault. That meant that how the Shocktroopers coming in after them proceeded depended solely on them.

The two Shocktroopers didn't even slow down when they arrived at the cave entrance. They were enjoying all the destruction too much to stop the attack or even say much more than maniacal laughter and a few words of encouragement and vulgar insults at fellow Shocktroopers and Ori troops.

Luckily for the Shocktroopers, the cave entrance was large enough for several of them to enter at once.

The next few moments of the battle in the cave was best described as a stampede of wild bulls armed with energy weapons bent on the single annihilation of anything and everyone in their way.

The only difficulty was when the mob reached a Prior. That's when things slowed down. Despite their reckless charging, they had great difficulty at forcing their way through the Prior's mental wall.

That's also when some genius made a bet as to how long he could keep his focus and it started the oddest form of siege you would ever see. Several Decepticons were playing well over 100 different types of songs, three were making odd noises, another group was starting to shout insults at the Prior, and then there was a group what was technically defiling Origin books by pouring oil on then and then using the pages as rags and other creative things. This was happening at the same time as the front group was peppering the mental barrier with their weapons fire.

This kept up for about an hour until the Prior finally couldn't take all the chaos and insults anymore and his barrier collapsed. His death was instantaneous and he didn't feel a thing. However his ego and dignity were apparently not so lucky.

Location: Planet Cran

Time: 15 minutes later.

Soundwave arrived to an extremely desolated area. If it wasn't for the fact that he knew what had happened, anyone else would have thought the destruction was caused by a volcano. There was absolutely nothing left other than ash.

He also saw Shocktroopers scattered about the area talking to each other and lounging around looking bored.

One Shocktrooper raised his right hand and shouted, "Yo, Soundwave! You should be grateful we left something for you in the cave."

Soundwave was relieved at this new information. That meant that he could probably discover just what the Ori thought was so important with this world. Not to mention give him a reprieve from Galvatron.

Soundwave left without anything else to say.

But he didn't notice that the chuckling the Shocktroopers around the informant were emitting was not about their mission but for what Soundwave was going to see.

Location: Planet Cran/Cave

The cave entrance was a disaster. It almost looked like it had been ripped apart from the way things appeared.

Soundwave descended further into the cave. The evidence of the carnage there was obvious when looking at the craters, scorch marks, and scorch marks with the outlines of Ori troops in various positions.

When Soundwave reached his destination he saw what he was looking for and he looked at it with a mix of shock and horror.

The Shocktroopers did leave something for him but there wasn't much left of it to actually recognize it for what it had once been. The thing was a ship. Or at least, it had been until the Shocktroopers had their way with it. Walls were torn apart, computer systems had been gutted, and the engines looked like they had been crushed. There was practically nothing left untouched.

Some Shocktroopers were still there knocking things over.

"New objective," Soundwave said to himself. "Take vengeance on Shocktroopers soon." Then he proceeded to throw out the remaining Shocktroopers from the wreck by physically tossing them from the cave.

After that task was finished, Soundwave immediately ejected all his cassettes. Ravenge (a robotic Panther who's specialties is covert ops), Rumble (the human shaped robot Enforcer), Frenzy (another human shaped robot who is a warrior and also a psychopath), Laserbeak (robotic Vulture and recon specialist), Buzzsaw (Another Robot Vulture who is also an artist), Ratbat (the Decepticon fuel supply officer), Overkill (the T-Rex Decepticon that does everything too much), Sluggfest (the dumb and overly sensitive Stegosaurus Decepticon who mainly carries messages), Squaktalk (the over-talking and incessantly jabbering blabbermouth bird Decepticon that no one can stand), and Beastbox (the almost silent one who is particularly violent and unmerciful).

Soundwave immediately proceeded to give his orders. "Mission, salvage everything possible but first attempt to access any surviving data packets on ship. Find anything that can identify ship. Finally, find enough evidence to use Shocktroopers as a scapegoat if we cannot find any informaiton.

With that, the small Decepticons set out to their respective jobs.

Event: Starscream's forces situation update.

After quite some time, Starscream's forces had managed to refit multiple Borg ships and forces with Decepticon technology. The Decepticons also rebuilt the ship design to something other than the tasteless shapes the Borg had chosen for their ships.

The spheres were refitted and altered with a more solid layer of armor and were given a much better color design. This included with a grey paint job and a large Decepticon symbol above the area where the new bridge was situated on the Equatorial position on the sphere. The bridge was rebuilt with human-sized seats and other amenities that would be required for human use. The weapons systems were rebuilt to yield a series of Pulse cannons and powerful missiles in the place of the old torpedoes, and phasers. The shields were also boosted to be more efficient and powerful. The new spheres were at least three times as powerful as the old Borg spheres.

The Borg cubes where somewhat harder to redesign. The Decepticons hated the shape and the newly freed ex-Borg hated it as well. So the Decepticons actually had to cut out entire sections of the cubes and replace the decks until it could be remade into something else. There were even attempts at attaching new parts onto the cubes. Eventually, the end result made the cubes look something like a boxier and purpler version of the Pillar of Autumn from the UNSC part of the Coalition. The Cubes had seven times the fire power as the old ones and four times the defenses.

The other Borg ships were temporarily put on hold until the larger ship classes were finished.

As for the Borg under Decepticon control, they were all currently being put through a process placed by the Decepticons to remove them from the collective. The process took up a lot of time because of the sheer numbers that needed to be removed but it was agreed that the tactical advantages of individuality was better than a collective.

Location: Starscream's Territories/Refitted and redesigned Borg Cube: New Classification: Liberation class Battleship. Obit around Planet Freedom.

Planet 187343 was renamed Planet Freedom by the newly freed Borg. The name was likely inspired when this world was the first world to be converted to a facility that concentrated on removing all Borg components from fleshy bodies.

The Borg parts were then melted down to be used for other purposes. Since the first few major conversions the world turned into a world filled with freed Borg that had apparently pledged their loyalty to their rescuers.

The freed Borg apparently united under their hatred for the Borg and thus worked together to do whatever they could to aid their liberators in their war against the Borg. Several joined up to acquire a binary bond with a Decepticon while the majority aided with the Decepticon infrastructure to acquire energy and material.

The Broken Chain had finished its refit in approximately three days. This did not count the length of time it took to make the orbital facilities required to conduct the refit. Now it was among the first fleet of newly refitted Borg ships that were tasked to protect the system.

Unlike normal Decepticon ships, this ship was composed mostly of non-Decepticons. The Decepticons onboard the ship mainly provided clerical roles of the ship. The Starscram's Decepticon high command decided that it would be politically better and quicker to field the ships if they allowed the crew to be kept to mainly things that were smaller in size. That meant they didn't need to go about the enormous task of ripping the ships apart to expand the size of the corridors and rooms. It also helped their fleshy allies to feel needed, respected, and useful to their liberators.

Under most circumstances, having such a big concentrated group of radically diverse organics would create some problems with racial discrimination. However, luckily for the most part, the mere fact that the fleshies have a common enemy that they must unite against kept discrimination among the fleshy Decepticon forces to a minimum.

For crew complements on the ships like the Broken Chain, it took some extensive teaching on Decepticon technology and also for the Decepticons to equip the refitted Borg ships with the least advanced versions of their technology. The Decepticon had to allow the fleshies maximum understanding on the technology. It didn't take too long to the new crews to understand the important parts of the ship and how it works.

The Strikers had arrived in the Broken Chain's new fighter bay a few moments ago. The fighter bay was different from most bays the Strikers had been in previously. The fighter bay had a sizable complement of piloted fighters that looked like a cross between a Borg ship and a Hapan Storm fighter. The exterior looked just like a Borg ship's hull did but the shape was that of a Storm.

The fighter bay also had several connecting compartments where Decepticons of Air Strike's size could go to in order to stay for a while. But it was obvious that those bays were meant mostly for temporary use. The rest of the area looked just like that of the fleshy fighter bays.

One thing of noticeable difference was the fact that fleshies were running everywhere getting jobs done.

The Strikers were only staying here for a short time before they set off to rendezvous with the Decepticon flagship End Game.

Wild was the first to suggest that they refuel here before they got back to the flagship since it was likely they would be sent on another mission almost as soon as they got back.

Despite Air Strikes misgivings for delaying the trip, the rest of the Strikers agreed with Wild to get refueled here. They also wanted to make sure they could follow after the flagship just in case it moved before they got there.

Thus there they were and Air Strike was already fidgeting due to the lack of stuff to do.

Slightly earlier he had given Silent orders to make sure that Loose Cannon didn't do anything embarrassing, and to especially make sure he didn't start flirting with anything.

Since Silent didn't speak he resorted to slamming his hand on the back of Loose Cannon's head in a strike similar to a slap whenever he started to flirt.

Hell Gun had kept himself in the compartment where the other Strikers were. He apparently didn't want to get in anyone's way.

Air Freight had resigned himself to aid the fleshies in the fighter bay by lifting heavy loads.

Wild had also stayed in the Strikers compartment. He didn't want to get into any problems with any of the fleshies and get involved in anything political.

Wind Shear checked on how long they were staying here and thought out loud, "This is going to be a long hour."

"How so? Is it because you can't take a moment of peace to relax?" Wild asked, turning his head. Wild was currently seated down in a very relaxed position and was enjoying an energon cube. "Air Strike, you have got to learn to relax in moments of peace."

"I can't help it," Air Strike said in his defense. "Every time I don't get something to do I get nervous. I just can't stand being idle for very long."

Wild sighed. "Well, I guess it could be a flaw in your internal circuitry but I still think that's not the case. I've been with you too long." Wild knew how to tell Air Strike's moods well enough despite the fact that his face was completely blank except for his two optics. It did take Wild some time but he discovered he could generally figure out what Air Strike was thinking by how he passed around. Right now, Air Strike was doing his normal thing when he was restless.

"Let's just drop it for now," Air Strike requested. "We need to refuel here a bit and then return to Dead End. Let's just save the conversation for the trip please?" Air Strike didn't mention the fact that he was very tired of this conversation. He kept hearing it over and over again and he just didn't want to deal with it. Again.

"OK. Just don't expect me to stay here. You're somewhat annoying like this," Wild answered, leaving.

Hell Gun simply watched the proceedings. He wanted to join in the conversation but he couldn't think of anything to say and couldn't summon the courage to say a random thing to veer the conversation elsewhere.

Location: Sol Defense Force Territory, Stealth Troop Transport group.

"How are the stealth systems doing?" the troopship's captain asked with concern in his voice.

"It's functioning perfectly," the intelligence officer responded. "I told you that General Nelsion personally came up with this modification to the stealth systems. The rebels will never be able to see us coming."

The captain was still unconvinced. Despite attempts to quell rumors, he had heard that most infiltration ships in this area were intercepted and he didn't want his ship to be among those statistics.

He was among several troop transport captains to be assigned to what was in his opinion a suicide mission. They, fifteen troop transports, were to deliver seven divisions of Shocktroopers, three armored divisions, and multiple supplies to a heavily guarded enemy planet. To make matters worse for him, the enemy was fellow humans that had the ability to identify stealth ships. Right now, he was not sure if those modifications to the stealth system were enough.

He looked back to the main screen and he knew he had five minutes until his fleet arrived in the scanner grid of the enemy protection field.

The protection field was a collection of defense satellites and scanners that were designed to scan normal space and transwarp as well. It was also just recently refitted to detect the Sol Empire's new stealth systems. Another feature the protection field had was a special unit that was recently created by Sol Defense force Research and Development. However, the rebellion started before these features could be placed in the Sol System. This feature was a special type of unmanned anti-ship satellite. The term"satellite" was not an accurate description. In a more literal term, it was an unmanned mini-fortress or Kill Zones for simplicity. They were equipped with a series of anti-ship heavy energy cannons, a series of drone fighters, and multiple anti-fighter defense turrets. They first worked on the field with the satellites detecting enemy ships before the Kill

Zones opening fire on them.

The captain shuddered slightly. He knew that if his little fleet was detected they would be wiped out and they couldn't do much except try to run if it came to that.

A few moments later his navigation officer chimed in, "Sir, we're now entering the protection field!"

It was the moment of truth the captain thought. If they were detected when they entered it was likely that the first few ships would get destroyed but the ones farther back would likely escape.

The captain didn't shout any orders. He couldn't think of any at the moment. They already prepared for everything they could far earlier. Now the only thing he could do right now was wait.

After a few moments of waiting the officer announced again, "Sir, the fleet is inside the protection field and the Kill Zones haven't shown any activity. I guess we're in the clear."

The captain let out the breath he had been holding in relief but he didn't allow himself to be fully relaxed. "OK but keep up the monitoring of that stealth field. I don't want anything happening to it here or we're dead."

The intelligence officer made a response to that. "Sir, that's hardly necessary. This stealth field is perfect and vastly superior to anything the rebels have. If we got this far then those Kill Zones will be useless against us and we will have return trips here regularly to wipe out the rebel infestation on the planet."

The captain felt ill upon hearing how the Intelligence officer could speak of wiping out an entire planet of fellow humans so lightly. When Williams became emperor, the intelligence division that didn't leave with the rebels seemed to have turned into a cruel and sadistic military branch.

For a brief moment the captain wondered if it would be better if he joined up with the rebels but shook off the idea. It was unlikely they could win since the Sol Empire had the advantage in numbers and fire power. It was obvious to him who the victor would be and he intended to be on the winner's side.

After five minutes of going through the field, the transport ship's scanners started to pick up activity from the Kill Zones.

The officer monitoring the scanners immediately shouted, "Sir, the Kill Zones are activating!"

"What!?" the captain yelled, panicked.

The intelligence officer also shouted, "Impossible! They don't have the capability to see us. It must not be us they detected."

The officer explained, "They must have a scanning radius smaller than we thought, but the Kill Zones are targeting us!"

Immediately the captain shouted orders, "Evasive action and raise the shields to full power! We need to retreat group!"

"No!" the intelligence officer argued. "We cannot surrender to these rebels! They cannot see us! This stealth system is perfect, my superiors assured me!"

This statement immediately caused the captain to pause and waste several precious seconds at the insanity of that statement. It sounded almost like the intelligence officer was referring to his superiors as deities. As far as the captain knew, he never knew of anyone in the old Sol Defense force that would actually treat his superiors that way.

The next instant the Kill Zones opened fire on the transport group. These Kill Zones were programmed to specifically allow any stealth ships they detected a time of five minutes to enter their range of fire. This provided the transports a chance to get deeper into the Kill Zones range so the targets were much easier to hit.

Despite the transport's attempts to flee, they couldn't leave the Kill Zone's range in time and the fleet was wiped out.

The intelligence officer kept shouting, "Impossible!" the entire time almost as if he were trying to defy God.

Location: Planet Cran/ Unknown crashed ship.

The interior of the unknown shop was a mess. If the ship had been structurally sound before the assault it wasn't any more. Several sections of the ship had collapsed from cave-ins that resulted from the ferocity of the Shocktroopers' assault. This also caused several sections of the ship to be inaccessible until an excavation team arrived with the research team that was to arrive at an unknown time.

The cassettes had spent almost the entire day in teams of two until Decepticons research teams were able to be sent to the location.

The research into the mysterious ship was a long and slow process. Not to mention interesting. Since none of the other cassettes wanted to be teamed up with either Overkill or Squaktalk, Soundwave decided to team them both up. Interestingly enough, both individuals kept talking to each other at the same time. It was also a major distraction to the cassettes which kept peeking into the conversation once and a while.

It was strange to hear a conversation that involved two people talking at once and somehow both of them actually understood each other. Eventually this form of talking was starting to annoy the other cassettes. It could do that after a few hours of nonstop talking with echoes echoing throughout the corridors of the unknown ship.

At one point, Rumble had to restrain Frenzy to keep him from attacking the two cassettes when he couldn't take it anymore.

Soon though, the cassettes stopped surveying the area and started to look in areas that could have something salvageable.

The cassettes started to create piles for equipment that were not attached to anything or not anymore. Several piles had equipment in various degrees of damage that would be hard to read without reconstructing the equipment. Another pile was for stuff that was intact (the cassettes didn't find much in that regard to even classify as a pile). Then another was equipment that could easily be salvaged. The last pile of note was a pile of parts that looked like it came from one of the ship's various systems.

Eventually the research and excavation teams arrived and the work started to pick up.

Especially when the Shocktroopers were given the order to leave and a defense force arrived to start fortifying and securing the area.

The excavators managed to stabilize the old ship and clear out most of the collapsed areas.

The work was quickening its pace and the case stopped looking like a disaster area and started looking more like the interior of a research outpost.

Eventually, one of the excavators approached Soundwave with news.

"Soundwave, we just found something you may be interested in," the excavator said. This one had a drill in the place of his left hand and his head looked like a hardhat.

Soundwave turned to him but didn't speak. He simply allowed the Excavator to continue.

"We just cleared out another section and we found a computer system that isn't as beaten up as the others," the excavator continued. "We think you can access the data in it without too much trouble."

This announcement made Soundwave immediately interested. If it was an undamaged data core, he could give Galvatron the information he needed and wouldn't need to use the Shocktroopers as scapegoats. But he would still get back at them later.

"Show me," Soundwave ordered. He was led off by the excavator.

Both of the Decepticons walked down the corridors of the unknown ship. Most of its walls had to be reinforced and there still was a lot more work to be done on several areas of the ship but at least most of the ship was now accessible. Decepticon scientists and excavators were in several areas of the ship walking to and from areas with a job to do.

But the two Decepticons didn't stop or pause for any of this. Both of them had an objective to do.

Upon their arrival, there was a group of Decepticon excavators clearing out the remaining dirt and checking for new areas to dig out. They had already started clearing out another hallway.

In one corner of the room was what looked like a station for a crew member. The station looked about the right size for a Decepticon to be stationed at. On it was a computer terminal that seemed to only have suffered from a few minor grazes from energy blasts.

Soundwave wasted no time talking. He simply walked over to the terminal and transformed into his cassette mode before interfacing with the computer.

Once inside the computer, Soundwave was greeted by a mess of information. The entire computer system was horribly fragmented and several large sections of data were


Judging by the damage, Soundwave determined the Shocktroopers must have destroyed the ship's main computer. All that was left were a few backup systems and the data that was still in the remaining computer subsystems.

Immediately, Soundwave went about looking for anything that he could find useful. Anything to point out why this ship is important. While he was doing this, he noticed that there was something fairly familiar with the data in this computer but he couldn't put his finger on it.

Eventually, he stumbled on an information packet that had some interesting information that Soundwave reviewed. It was a communication to someone but several words were

lost from it.

When Soundwave reached the end of the message, he suddenly stopped everything he was doing and read it again. Then he looked through several other surviving packets and everything else to make sure what he had just discovered was sound.

Immediately, Soundwave disconnected from the computer and transformed back into robot mode.

He turned to the Excavator and said with what was surprisingly urgency in his voice, "Inform the teams here that I must leave to inform Galvatron of our findings. I have just discovered critical information that Galvatron must know." Soundwave was so startled that he stopped talking in his normally efficient manner. Then he abruptly turned and left, leaving a confused excavator behind him.

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