The discussion lasted for a few hours and it was painful to be there

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Ch. 3 Guns a blazing into the Unknown

The discussion lasted for a few hours and it was painful to be there. Since he had no understanding of what was happening he felt like he was wasting his time but unfortunately that was the only thing he could do. Now that it was finally over he could walk over to where one of the com systems were and he could use the ship's own translation systems to interpret what was just said.

The spy had a grim smile when he thought of when he tried to interface the other systems of the ship to his own computer. Apparently, with nothing to translate the different forms of programming most computers couldn't communicate with each other.

"This is one crazy mission," the spy said, and then caught himself. "I better get out of here soon, or I'm probably going to go crazy of loneliness." This was probably true as he normally expected to be able to work with a group of spies or die somewhere before he managed to infiltrate. He never did expect to actually infiltrate an enemy ship by himself.

He was so lost in his own thoughts that he didn't notice the cable on the ground lying right in his path. A few seconds later his foot snagged the cable.

"Ack!" the spy shouted in surprise as he fell forward, landing on the cold metal floor.

He groaned out loud, as his head pulsed with pain at the location where his poor head had connected with the floor. This he noticed to his embarrassment, as he looked up to see that he tripped right to where he was heading to. If he hadn't tripped, he wouldn't have noticed that he had already arrived at the area he could interface his computer in.

He started to get up but his head started to feel a little dizzy. But he ignored the pain and walked over to the area he could interface with.

XLocation: Starscream's fleet

The Decepticon fleet was now taking positions around the artifact. The fleet was doing its best to space themselves in order to allow as many ships a clear shot at anything coming out of the ring as possible. The ships were being moved around in groups. The larger ships took positions at what the Decepticons thought was the exit area of the ring. Granted, they were unsure which way the ring would dispatch the travelers but they were pretty sure that one side was the exit side. The other side mostly had the lighter and faster ships by it.

Soundwave had managed to stow away on one of Starscream's transport ships and hacked into the ship's sensors. So far, the massive concentration of ships had actually surprised Soundwave. It hadn't crossed his mind that Starscream's forces had this many ships. By all probabilities, he should
have had at least half this number. Apparently, Starscream had been really been busy building up his forces.

So far he had too little information to figure out the reason why all of Starscream's ships were here. Quickly, Soundwave mentally reviewed what courses of action Starscream could take: An assault of Char, laying siege on Cybertron, or creating a major push somewhere. Any one of those could be possible courses of action but what made things stranger was the structure the fleet was gathered around. It was a massive Ring that was built on a scale that seemed impressive to most races but from what he could hack from Starscream's data links it could be used to generate massive amounts of power. But none of the info he could get could explain why this many ships were here. He was tempted to dispatch Ravage and Laserbeak to investigate but that would be too risky. Besides, it would be easier to wait until a ship-wide hail was issued so like it or not he had to wait.

XLocation: Halo #Unknown, Covenant Exploration Fleet flagship: The Crimson Sword. Rewi 'Lifalee: Exploration Fleet Commander, Thha 'Tebaree Black elite squad leader,

Around the spacious bridge of the Crimson Sword the gold elite Rewi 'Lifalee waited impatiently for the next progress report. He didn't exactly enjoy this mission. He was placed in charge of the fleet here because he was well noted as a fierce Ship Master. However he would much rather be fighting on
the front than exploring an unknown galaxy. This galaxy was unique mainly because this one seemed to have been isolated by the Forerunners. The Prophets had theorized that they must have use this galaxy as a giant safe to protect their most important secrets and immediately sent a sizable force to secure it. Everyone in the entire fleet was placed at heightened alert just in case the Coalition attacked. However sightings of their ships were few and infrequent.

Sighing he looked at the majestic holy relic before him. The Engineers had almost completed the repairs and their journey into possibly sacred ground could commence.

Just then a Black Elite stepped up to his right. Turning to face him he saw Stri 'Nreatee, another ship master.

Stri started to speak, "Ship Master, are you sure we have enough ships for this quest? Our numbers are not sufficient enough for a galaxy conquest."

"The Prophets doubt that there will be any need for a sizable combat force," Rewi explained. "The Forerunners were without equals and none could match their strength. And if the Forerunners damaged this holy relic it must have been done before their Great Journey and they stored their most
sacred relics there to keep safe. Since this sector is several galaxies away from the Coalition it would merely be a waste of resources to assign more ships than this."

Stri looked slightly skeptical but said nothing as he looked out to the small fleet gathered around the Halo. He was worried about what is beyond this but he was sure that the Prophets were right and his worries meant nothing.

XLocation: Quintesson Territory

In a room that looked like an oddly organic and metallic…well, room I don't know how to describe it. It's like a sip with no edges but made of metal I don't really know how it's done… Oops… Coff… Four figures were in the room apparently having a discussion. These four are quintillions. Not much was known of this race was known and the only thing that could be hypothesized was that they are a distant relative of a Cybertronian and once ruled Cybertron. Apparently their rule of the planet was recorded as the great strife where anything other than total obedience was treated with extermination. When they were driven off the planet, they swore to return. But their forces, even though substantial and in some ways more technological superior to Cybertronian technology, could not risk a total war with their former slaves. One thing that the Quintessons lacked was proper military hardware and combat experience. Their forces were well equipped in the general terms but they were not robust enough to hander the forms of combat that both Autobots and Decepticons were used to. Generally, a small squad of Cybertronians could hold back a much larger Quintesson force.

Quintessons are short compared to Cybertronians and have tentacles instead of arms. They are actually quite harmless to anyone for the most part. But their most notable feature was the fact that they had five faces and they hover off the ground by a beam of yellowish white. Each one had a different voice and they use them in all matter of things.

The four figures were gathered around apparently in somewhat is a discussion.

The first figure was speaking through his face that looked somewhat like a skull. "The rouge faction of Decepticons is acting very illogically of late," it said.

The other had a face that looked wise. "Something is wrong. If this were Galvatron's forces then I would not worry but Starscream's forces wouldn't just let go of their strong positions and vital points simply on a whim. Starscream might be a cunning coward but that cowardice will ensure that he doesn't allow his forces to lose much ground to Galvatron and the Autobots."

Another with a wise face started to speak as well, "This tactic has, however, thrown both Autobot and Decepticon factions into chaos. With so much unguarded territory to acquire, both factions are attempting to acquire it and defend it in order to prevent the other side to get too much power."

Then another switched its face to show a one that almost looked pleasant. "But the question is why? Why all of this? I can't see a reason and Starscream has strict orders for his ships to destroy any of our ships that get close to his. He may have somewhat of an alliance with us in some terms but he's no fool as he knows our ultimate goal."

The Quintesson with the skull face switched his face to a pleasant one. "Ahh yes. The exchange of our old historical documents. I still don't really understand why Starscream would want our copy of Cybertron's historical archives." Then he switched his face to the wise one and its expression had a look of realization. "But that was 7 weeks before this fleet activity began."

Then one with a wise face switched back to the skull face. "Is there a coincidence?"

"No it can't be. This is too much of a coincidence. We much research the archive that would explain why Starscream would behave this way," another Quintesson said.

Then all said in unison, "Agreed!"

XTime: Somewhere in the range of 3 days Later. Location: Covenant Exploration Fleet.

"Commander!" An Elite technician announced as he walked over to Rewi 'Lifalee.

The Commander turned to face the technician and spoke, "What is it?"

"The repairs on the secret Ring have finally been completed. Our forces can leave immediately," the Technician replied.

"Excellent," he responded. "Send out a message to all exploration fleet ships! Have them to immediately head to the Holy relic NOW!"

That order set the entire bridge crew into an immediate flurry of activity. It wasn't long before the entire fleet began to start moving around, assuming formations; their bridge crews rushing to and fro getting preparations ready for their immanent quest.

Just before they left Rewi declared, "May the Prophets bless this mission."

XLocation: Unknown Galaxy/Starscream's fleet.

It didn't take long for the Decepticon forces to discover that the power up sequence for the ring was active. It took even less time for them to get their fleet into positions. All the Main combat ships were already setup for the ambush. The entire ring was encircled by ships to prevent any escapees and to allow all ship's to release their firepower at once.

Air Strike and his team, however, were much closer to the ring than any of the other ships. His squad and five others were flying cover for the Decepticon warriors that were to board and capture the flagship. The only one in the squad that was capable of carrying troops, Air Freight, had a commendams in his cargo bay and apparently he was having a conversation with one of his passengers. That was probably the one thing Air Strike found annoying about Air Freight: When he's in his vehicle mode, you're never completely sure whom he's talking to.

Air Strike was beginning to get anxious and he hoped that the unknown force would show up soon or he would overload some of his systems with his own anxiety.

Luckily, at that moment, the massive artifact started to activate. Waves of energy could be detected emanating from the ring and it seemed to accumulate on the area of space the ring surrounded. A few moments later, a portal of sorts appeared and ships started coming out.

To Air Strike the Ships appeared very hideous. The design looked like it was made to look similar to something organic, which was somewhat repulsive to him. He also couldn't understand the reasons for the design as it looked like too much work was put into making the ships look smooth. However, time did not permit him to ponder this anymore.

"This is Air Strike to all teams," he ordered, "engage stealth measures and proceed with mission. Follow me to the Flag ship. We only have a ten minute window before bombardment begins."

With that, all the ships were engulfed in a stealth field and followed Air Strike to the Flag Ship.

XLocation: Covenant Flagship

Rewi 'Lifalee looked at the fleet that had apparently encircled the Holy Ring. The ships seemed to share a purple color and the configurations were definitely unknown to any he was aware of.

The inhabitants of this galaxy were apparently curious as to their holy quest and maybe worthy allies…probably after they were humbled first though. But first he should give them the message of their quest.

"Play the message and let them know that the natives know of our holy quest and their new masters," Rewi 'Lifalee ordered the Com officer.

XLocation: Decepticon Flagship.

"Incoming Transmission from enemy flagship!" Shockwave announced in his usual authoritative tone.

"Well, play it," Starscream ordered with a very dangerous smile on his face. "I would love to see what these beings have to say."

"Message is in audio only. It appears to be a prerecorded message," Shockwave stated. "Playing message."

A voice came from the speakers, "Your enslavement is the will of the gods. We are their instruments."

Starscream gave Shockwave an evil smile. "Prepare a worthy response. And send it in 3 minutes after all our group has that much left."

"As you command, Commander Starscream!" Shockwave responded. He then went back to work putting in commands into the ship's computer systems.

XLocation: Covenant exploration fleet flagship.

It had been five minutes after they sent the message and to Rewi that meant they either are trying to translate it or they are discussing amongst themselves what to do.

He had little reason to be worried. This race was undoubtedly not human as their ships did not fit any design they knew of that was human. They were also apparently on a construction scale much bigger than most races the Covenant had contacted. The one ship that stood out had a size that looked
almost like the size of High Charity. Their ships had a selection of regal purple in their color. It was almost funny. Rewi honestly didn't know what to expect for the inhabitance's ships but he clearly hadn't expected them to use so much purple on their ships.

Now all he could do was wait for a response and contemplate on what the response would be.

XLocation: Perimeter of the Covenant Flagship. 25 seconds to the landing bays.

The Boarding ships were now in visible range of the landing bay and they were surprised at how exposed it was. There were no turrets visible around the bay to protect it. It was also big enough for a few full size Decepticons to enter and aid the boarding party in clearing the landing bay.

"All Decepticons on my command begin boarding operation. Strikers, Air Strike Patrol, I want us in front to clear out those fleshies inside the bay. No sense in allowing our fellow Decepticons to be delayed because of a few fleshies right?" Air Strike suggested with a slight humorous tone. This was followed by a few chuckles among the Decepticons in the group.

"Ready…now!" Air Strike ordered as he fired two of his missiles inside the landing bay, followed by some scrambler missiles by another Decepticon that was in the form of a flying missile platform. The proton missiles impacted the Covenant shields, causing them to shimmer but did very little damage to the actual landing bay. However, the scrambler missiles were different. Instead of causing explosions, these missiles were specifically designed to disrupt shields. When they impacted on the shields the scramblers sent out an energy wave along the ship's shields creating a noticeable gap in the shield's shimmer.

At this, all the Decepticons immediately sped up and shot through the hole as fast as they could.

Air Strike and the Air Strike Patrol were the first ones in, followed closely by the rest of the Strikers and the other boarding ships.

Once inside the landing Bay, Air Strike and the Decepticons that didn't have cargo immediately transformed. The Decepticons hit the Landing bay and opened fire on the stunned crew with no hesitation. None of the crew had a chance of reacting. In a few seconds every fleshy on the Landing bay was dead.

It didn't take long for the Decepticons carrying warriors in them to land and start disembarking them. Quickly squads of Decepticons ran outside. Their fellow Decepticons and several others quickly exited the landing bay by its many exits by either opening the doors, bashing them through, or blasting them. A few Decepticons stayed behind to interface with the ship's computer systems to prevent any unwanted activity and to see if they could insure that the shields stayed down long enough for every Boarding ship to enter.

XLocation: Decepticon Flagship

Shockwave was still interfacing with the computer systems when he picked up what was happening on the ship's scanners.

"Commander Starscream!" Shockwave announced. "It appears that the Boarding party managed to board. Their ship 1 being ahead of schedule."

"Then I guess we should answer their message early," Starscream joked. "Order all ships to begin the barrage!"

"Yes, Commander Starscream," Shockwave replied.

XLocation: Confrontation area between Covenant and Starscream's fleets.

The entire area simply erupted. All the Decepticon ships opened fire at once on the Covenant forces. The sheer power of the Decepticon weapons coupled with the volume of fire from the ships practically overloaded the covenant ships' shields and penetrated the ships' hulls in the first volley. Most of the ships didn't survive and were destroyed.

The Covenant forces then attempted to return fire. However, the forces left were thrown into chaos. Most of the remaining Covenant forces seemed to just simply lash out on the closest Decepticon ship with their plasma torpedoes. However, the hulls of the Decepticon ships just seemed to shrug off the torpedoes.

After the first volley, the Decepticon ships simply began to fire at will. Most of the surviving Covenant ships didn't last very long. However, amongst the carnage, the Flagship was still intact and the majority of the Covenant forces were in a state of chaos.

XLocation: Covenant Exploration fleet Flagship.

Inside the Covenant Flagship it was almost complete chaos. The boarders just flowed through the corridors like an unstoppable flood. Despite the relatively small size of the boarding party, the boarders had apparently broken through all the Covenants attempts to block the advance of the boarders.

It also didn't help that the boarders' armor seemed to be impervious to weapons. They just shrugged off the weapons fire and advanced or took cover and the defenders got cut down by the boarders' weapons.

Several Covenant Elites and Grunts managed to form a barricade in one of the main corridors to prevent the boarders from entering. After the barricade was complete, they took positions to cut down any who approached. They waited until, suddenly, a strange sound was heard from down the corridor. The warriors were somewhat confused at this but kept their positions.

Suddenly, four strange ground vehicles entered the corridor, the wheels on them screeching as they made a sharp turn. When their turn was completed, they barreled down toward the barricade with the apparent intent of ramming it. The Elite warriors were caught off guard and they didn't open fire for four seconds. When they finally did, the energy weapons that impacted the vehicles proved ineffective against the armor of the vehicles. A few seconds later the vehicles tore through the barricade, smashing or running over the elites that had stood their ground.

XLocation: Covenant Flagship

Detour was proud of his work. Another obstacle had been grinded into scrap thanks to him and the rest of his squad. Even though they normally were put in charge of clean up missions, this time they had the rare honor of leading the charge.

To Detour and the rest of the Sports Car Patrol, these fleshies resistance were mere entertainment. There blockades proved to be a strange form of amusement for them.

It would only be a matter of time before the entire ship was under Decepticon control. And with that thought, he and the rest of the Sports Car Patrol sped off to destroy the next barricade.

XLocation: Covenant Flagship's bridge.

They were boarded and they were heading straight for the bridge. The Shipmaster Rewi couldn't believe this was happening.

His fleet had been reduced to nothing within the span of a few seconds and now the unknown aliens were poised to take over the ship. To make matters even worse, they were completely locked out of the main computer and they couldn't even self-destruct the ship. All that was left to do was to defend the bridge to the death.

"Stand your ground warriors we fight for the Covenant and we die for the Covenant!" the Shipmaster announced to his crew as he drew out a plasma sword.

It didn't take long for the boarders to arrive.

The first thing that they heard was a loud pounding sound on the door. Then suddenly it stopped. The next few moments were so stressful you could feel the tension in the air. Then suddenly the door opened in an explosion and a massive mechanical creature emerged from the smoke. It had gun turrets on its shoulders and weird projectile looking devices on its knuckles. Its armor looked almost like a solid block. Rewi expected to die from the creature's weapons so he charged the creature bent on cleaving the infidel in two with his sword.

Before he even got close enough to cleave the thing in two, the creature fired something from a cannon to his feet and it exploded into a mist. Two seconds later, Rewi lost consciousness.

XLocation: area just outside the bridge. Time: A few moments earlier.

Crasher looked at the door blocking the entrance of the bridge. Crasher was a Decepticon whose alternate mode was from a race they had once encountered. His alternate mode reflected their warlike and bloodlust… Unfortunately, it didn't reflect Crasher's personality… One who took dark pleasure in letting others panic and feel terror.

"So how long should we wait?" came a voice from another Decepticon right behind him. The Decepticon looked vaguely similar to a knight only his armor looked like it was made from stone.

"Just a little longer, Nogo," Crasher answered. "I want them to simmer in their tension a little longer until we supply the main course." This was followed by him knocking on the door several times with his hand. One odd thing with Crasher was that he had the passion and he treats his battles like a chef making a meal.

One minute later Crasher announced, "Ok, now, let's go! Nogo, open the door and I'll launch the nanno gas." (the nanno gas is a relatively new weapon in the war. It was specifically designed to incapacitate any form of fleshy. It releases a cloud of nanites in a vapor form that solidifies on any fleshy the vapor meets and then they begin to render the fleshy to an unconscious state.)

"Ok!" Nogo answered as he pointed his impact cannon at the door and fired.

XLocation: Hull of Decepticon Cruiser on the outer edge of Starscream's fleet.

Soundwave watched the one-sided battle from start to finish on the hull of the ship. He was safely concealed away as his cassette mode to lower the chances of the enemy finding him.

The events were intriguing to say the least. But having so many ships in one place for a confrontation would not make much sense. Judging by the reading Soundwave picked up from the artifact it was actually a somewhat crude but much more powerful form of a space bridge. The only conclusion Soundwave could arrive for this was that Starscream must be planning to use the spacebridge to invade an unknown portion of space. The idea sounded flimsy but it was the best logical conclusion that could be drawn from the facts.

The battle was very boring, to say the least for him. He noted the effectiveness of the unknown entities vehicles and their apparent combat capabilities. None of which were very impressive. The only recordings that Soundwave acquired that would prevent Galvatron from disciplining him were those of the energy sources of the alien ships'. They were fairly impressive in some terms especially by the utilization of plasma energy for power. However, what was more impressive was the power output the ring generated to create the space bridge link. This information would interest Galvatron and hopefully enable him time to finish his other mission.

Now Soundwave merely waited for the right moment to leave and to gather any more information than was necessary. After all, any new information would give him more time to complete his project for the Constructicons.

XLocation: Starscream's Flagship/Bridge

For the bridge crew, the space battle was laughable to begin with. The enemy fleet was decimated before they could even respond to the threat.

Starscream was very smug after this easy victory and it was apparent on his face. Shockwave, however, kept himself focused on the raw data from the battle throughout the entire time. He was looking for anything that would be of importance in the future and the progress of the mop up task.

"Shockwave!" Starscream announced. "Since the enemy fleet is effectively neutralized how are the boarding parties progressing?"

Shockwave responded without even looking up from his console. "All boarding teams have completed either 78 or 100 of their assigned objectives." His voice showed nothing but a slight trace of boredom. "The enemy flagship has been captured and the prisoners acquired from the action number 95 beings of various races. I am now having them transferred to have their minds scanned and their DNA scanned as well for infiltration purposes. We now have scans of the targeted fleet on the other side of the spacebridge. I estimate that we are now ahead of our original estimated schedule by a day. We did not expect the opposition's technology to be so primitive."

"Well, well, Shockwave," Starscream said with a sneer. "Then let us adapt to that change. Accelerate the planned incursion to take full advantage of the extra time. It looks like were attacking sooner than expected."

Shockwave relayed the orders to the necessary Decepticons as preparations went underway.

Location: Decepticon Pretender shell synthesizing bay.

The synthesizing bay looked something like out of a bad science fiction movie. It had tubes of a form of liquid metal flowing to and fro from one strangely shaped container to another.

Inside the bay, instead of mechanical robots walking and working on the various pieces equipment in the room, it looked like numerous strangely shaped aliens of various shapes and sizes were there.

Inside several large bulbs containing a strange metal liquid, they also contained one Decepticon in each of them.

The Decepticon working on the control console was fully engrossed in his work.

Pretender technology was one of the most unique forms of Cybertonian Technology the race had made yet. This form of technology allows a Cybertonian to disguise himself as a fleshy among other advantages. The Process involved having the liquid metal the Cybertonians are immersed in to get a fair amount of DNA from the race or individual they want to infiltrate. The DNA reacts with the liquid metal and a series of energy jolts and the liquid metal quickly begins to take a shape around the Cybertonian as a form of organic metal. The DNA in the metal is now actually identical with the original host's DNA. Every feature of the individual and even some of the deeper organic processes the individual race has is copied to ensure perfection.

After a few beams the process ended and in the place of a Decepticon stood a Rewi 'Lifalee, otherwise known as the leader of the exploration fleet. The Decepticon pretender that had his appearance had already had all of Rewi's memories downloaded into his brain. Now this Decepticon could act as the Elite would virtually perfectly.

This was just the first of the many Pretenders that would undergo their mission to infiltrate and gather information on the Covenant and the other major powers it had been in contact with.

XLocation: Starscream's flagship. Decepticon Master barracks.

Few areas in Decepticon ships offer free and easy access to things that organic beings need to have in order to survive. The Master barracks was one such area.

This area housed the various organic beings that were components of other Decepticons. These beings were also considered Decepticons as well.

The ones that walked about were from a few main branches of binary bonded Decepticons. They were Headmasters, Targetmasters, and Powermasters. This area was made specifically to accommodate their needs. It was built so small that most Decepticons would begin to feel uncomfortable but it was small enough for the Binary bonded people inside to feel comfortable. They also had easy access to exit the barracks and could attach themselves to their respective partners whenever they wanted to.

Two Headmasters were apparently in the middle of a break and in deep conversation.

"…I tell you I really don't know about entering an unknown Galaxy," one of them said, "We don't know what's on the other side or if we can get the right supplies."

The other, which was apparently somewhat taller, responded, "It's not like we have a say in it. So what's the use in complaining?"

"I'm just saying…" the other guy attempted to add.

"What are you doing!?" another voice shouted from behind the two Headmasters. Both immediately turned around to see a higher ranking Powermaster right in front of them.

"I know you guys are complaining about Starscream's decision but I don't think you should even start complaining!" the Powermaster announced. "It's our jobs to do what we're ordered to and now we must achieve what we're told to do for our survival! Now get to work!"

Both Headmasters immediately took off in different directions, not wanting to get on the Powermaster's bad side.

John Morrell smiled at the reactions the lower ranking Headmasters make at his command. Before he became a Powermaster he was just a lowly bum barley surviving his days. His parents were killed in a car accident and he had no known relatives. He was also never able to find a stable job. He was doomed to live in the gutter. But it all changed when he found his partner…Mauler.

The Decepticon was stranded in an alley, just like him. He would have turned him in to the authorities but then he realized that this was his one chance to escape from the alleys. So he made a deal and became Mauler's binary bonded partner. He never regretted his choice since.

John was shaken from his thoughts when Mauler contacted him via their personal com system. "Hey, John, it's time for me to gain a recharge."

John chuckled slightly. It was always the same. Even though Mauler could work without him for a while he still needed gradual power boosts now and then. These needs weren't necessary because Mauler didn't exactly need the extra energy when out of combat but the Decepticon seemed to enjoy the extra energy he got when John was attached to him. John knew that he was being used to get an energy buzz. After all, Mauler was known to be the equivalent of a drunk among Decepticons.

John quickly took off to meet Mauler.

John instinctively knew where his partner was. Both were now parts of each other as simply as a human would know where his hand is when he's not looking. John also knew the ship well enough to navigate the halls quickly and efficiently.

It did not take long for him to arrive where Mauler was. His partner stood around 20 feet tall. His armor was lime green in color around his entire body. When you looked at his face you would have thought it was scary when it was cleaned. However Mauler rarely got around to cleaning it at all. Grime, rust, and other unidentifiable stiff could be easily seen on his face. It was the one spot that Mauler never seemed to get around to cleaning. The only times he would do it would be when an inspection came around from a Decepticon high ranking officer or if one were to send him on a mission. However, with Mauler's reputation, it was very rare for that to even happen.

When John approached his partner Mauler looked down and stated with some slight slurring, "Well, now, John, h-how's it been goen?" (not to mention the odd sounds and partial worlds that would be in the place of actual words because of the constant over charge Mauler normally used on himself)

Mauler stood in somewhat a haphazard fashion. He must have just recently had some energon cubes in the recharging section or the bar.

"Fine," John answered his slightly drunken partner.

"Well, l-let's hook uf," Mauler announced in his own fashion.

John sighed just before he transformed himself into his engine mode. His engine mode then attached itself into the chest area of Mauler.

"Ah… That feels so. G-Good!" was Mauler's response to the extra flow of energy into his systems, which was giving another over-taxing charge into the already fully charged circuits.

XFew hours later

Starscream was getting anxious as he couldn't allow his forces to stay too long or the fleet on the other side of the ring's portal would be alerted that something was wrong.

"Are the Pretenders ready yet?" he asked Shockwave.

Shockwave's normal nonchalant response was all he got, "All Pretenders have completed obtaining their shells and now they are in the process of boarding the ship and making the damage look authentic."

Another sub-commander put in his two cents, "It's a good thing there were enough corpses that we could use to make it look like there were no boarding actions, only structural damage. It will only be a few hours before the ship is fully ready.

Starscream smiled. The Pretenders would be very useful in discovering information and causing havoc in this new galaxy. Now judging by how everything was going he could order his forces to press on. Starscream considered the swiftness in how his fleet had destroyed the enemy fleet and how he
wanted the enemy fleet to get destroyed just in time for the ship filled with pretenders to arrive and then for one of his ships to destroy the engines so it will drift.

Starscream finally said, "We will wait one more hour before we start the assault. I want no survivors this time as we can't afford any complications without pretenders.

Covenant flagship:

The ship was now a flurry of activity as pretenders and other Decepticons milled around the ship. Everyone was moving corpses to different areas. Tearing up walls and ripping apart circuitry to make everything look more authentic. They also dumped the atmosphere in half the ship to make it look like a shot had penetrated the hull and killed most of the crew. Several Decepticon pretenders were using the information downloaded from the originals' minds to get to their designated position. The hardest task was to make the life support to start to fail at a certain time. If the life support failed sooner than expected well…an entire crew walking around a ship with no life support for several hours or days would look rather suspicious. Others were keeping close attention to create scorch marks and removing scorch marks caused by hand weapon fire. The task was a big chore but they were performed with diligence and efficiency.

Location: Unknown Robot Ship.

The spy had actually found something important. He didn't know exactly what it was but it was important. He downloaded all the info he could about the recent events and then stored it into a data cube. This was one of the few things that actually recognized stored robot data.

Now all he had to do was sneak onto the bridge to send the packet which was easier said than done. The console he needed to get inside was a good 30 feet away from his entrance to the bridge but if he could avoid being seen he could make it. Whatever info this thing had his superiors must have were the only thoughts echoing in his mind. This was his chance to do something other than walk around and listen to things he can't understand.

It took him several minutes of running along his paths to reach the bridge from his current location.

He slowly crept to the small crack that was his entrance to the bridge. Outside was a vast area where he all he saw was several massive feet walking along doing several jobs and apparently heedless of anything like himself.

Luckily for the spy, at the moment all the bridge crews were currently at their stations, completely engrossed with their own jobs. He also saw that the com station was briefly unmanned for the moment. The spy knew it would only be temporary so he needed to be quick.

Immediately he broke into a run as quietly as he could to the Comm station. The entire trip took only a few seconds but to him it felt like hours. The situation made him feel like a mouse among cats.

When he arrived at the com station he didn't even stop he jumped onto his belly and immediately rolled underneath small space under the com station.

Location: Bridge of Starscream's Flagship.

Time: 3 hours later.

It had been a somewhat long three hours but finally all preparations were completed. The pretenders finished all preparations on the fleshy's flagship and the fleet was ready. Now all that was left was for him to give a speech and then have his forces leave.

"Shockwave, send out a com to every ship in the fleet," Starscream ordered. "It's time to make an announcement."

Shockwave complied. "Com system opened. All ships can hear you now."

Starscream smiled and began, "Fellow Decepticons, considering we are now pressed for time I will make this short. For long enough our forces have been caught between the forces of the insane Galvatron and our enemies the Autobots. Our forces have constantly been pressed to prevent either force form yielding a major attack on us as we simply didn't have the numbers. But no more now as we have the option of leaving and finding new territory so that we can strengthen our force for a return trip and bring final victory for the Decepticons and eliminate Galvatron. We now stand at the unknown, looking for a new Dawn of the Decepticons. The beginning of a new Empire. We can now start building the new foundation of Decepticons as how it should be done.

"Now, all forces proceed onto your designated coordinates!" Starscream finished. "We ride to a new Galaxy!"

Location: Starscream's Fleet

Soundwave heard the entire speech and knew that it would only take a short time for all the ships to start leaving the area. So he simply detached himself and floated out into space, waiting for all the ships to leave before he took off.