Plots and Preparations

Plots and Preparations

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Location: Char/ Outskirts.

Char's outskirts are probably some of the least desirable areas on the planet. Nothing is in those areas except rocks. No one ever goes to this area if they can help it. However, this time one particular Decepticon has business in this area.

Scourge didn't really know the reason why he was asked to be here in the first place but according to the orders he had been given it would be worth his while.

There was some shifting of rock and Scourge turned in its direction.

"Soundwave, you're here," Scourge said emotionlessly. "I assume you have something that I will be interested in?"

"Require periodic updates for Galvatron's location and a private com channel to you." Soundwave responded.

"Why would I even be interested in doing something like that?" Scourge asked suspiciously. "I'm still on thin ice from the time the Matrix almost forced me to destroy Galvatron."

Soundwave answered in his normal mechanical way, "Suspicions unfounded. I have no interest in attempting to assassinate Galvatron. You will be paid in high grade energon."

"How high?" Scourge asked, intrigued.

"The highest possible," Soundwave replied. This was very true since the Nucleon they had left over could easily be converted into energon cubes that contained the purest and highest concentration of energy currently possible.

Scourge weighted his options. It was true that he was one of the highest ranking Decepticons and was entitled to a bigger cut of the energon that Char had received. However, considering all the Decepticons that needed to get the energon that had been delivered, it was nowhere near as much energon that Galvatron gets. If the pay Soundwave said he would get was good, he would not need to worry about keeping low if his treachery was discovered.

After a few moments Scourge came to a decision. "We have a deal. I want a delivery of five energon cubes a week and upon the first delivery I will give you a privet com channel that you and I can use."

"Agreed. The first delivery will be here two days from now," Soundwave informed the purple Decepticon. "The delivery locations will vary from time to time but you will be informed of the changes beforehand."

"Agreed," Scourge announced. "So as long as we don't have any further businessā€¦"

Both Decepticons left the area in opposite directions.

Location: Covenant Council Chambers

In the deepest areas of the Covenant holy city, a meeting was underway. Several of the highest ranking Covenant Prophets were attending it. A few that couldn't come were communicating via holographic images. However, even with the holographic images, not all of the highest-ranking Prophets could attend.

The meeting's purpose was called together to discuss what should happen now with the Covenant's newest ally. "This Meeting is now called to order," the Prophet of Truth announced. "We have come together to discuss what we should do with our newest allies. They have thus far proven to be a powerful weapon against our enemies."

"They are probably the most lethal assault forces our holy Covenant has had yet," another Prophet claimed.

"Indeed," Truth confirmed. "Thus far they have eliminated Coalition strongholds that we couldn't overpower ourselves. Judging from how quickly they eliminate their targets, I would propose for us to use them in our next major offensive against the Coalition."

"No we can't," the prophet of Mercy objected. "The Decepticons are strong, I will admit but they are not members of the Covenant. They are mercenaries, doing jobs in exchange for energy. Thus far we have to pay a sizable sum of energy for each world they clear. I do admit it is well worth it but can we truly trust the fate of a major offensive to a race that does not truly believe in our divine cause? We still don't know where their true loyalties are."

Several other Prophets murmured their agreements with Mercy and Truth seemed inclined to agree with him.

The Prophet of Regret added, "True, but thanks to them we have managed to capture and secure three galaxies. That we couldn't have done so previously before their aid."

"But even if it's too soon, how will we know when the Decepticons are truly loyal to our cause?" another Prophet queried.

One low ranking prophet got an idea. "Maybe if we could test their dedication in battleā€¦"

The other prophets looked at him in curiosity.

"What do you mean?" Truth asked.

The other prophet smiled and gazed at everyone in the room.

"If we give the Decepticons a series of missions that are the most difficult and suicidal that we can give," the Prophet explained, "and if they stay with the missions and do not flee, we would then be able to know if they are indeed loyal to us. We will also know whether or not we should use them in our next major offensive."

Just then one of the Prophets that was attending the meeting via hologram spoke up. "We may have a little problem with another Empire that I'm sure would be right up the Decepticons' abilities," this Prophet said.

This drew all of the other Prophets' attention.

"Tell us," Truth demanded.

"I have kept track of a new Empire that we have been having trouble with called the Ori. They have recently started to forcibly convert one of our galaxies and we've been having trouble removing them. They have also nearly conquered several other galaxies as well. Let's have the Decepticons take the one galaxy they actually need to resupply their forces in all those other galaxies they inhabit."

Then the prophet displayed a tactical map and it showed two galaxies in red and blue, a third in red and silver, and a fourth one was completely red. The Prophet then pointed to the one completely red and explained, "This one. We will have to pay a handsome sum on energy but if the Decepticons take this galaxy and can secure it from any other Ori incursions the Ori forces in the other galaxies will eventually fall with the lack of reinforcements. This leaves us free to retake the lost territory and add it to our own galaxy."

"But how long will that take?" the Prophet of Regret asked. "Sure they could probably take the galaxy but how long before they completely remove the Ori presence?"

"Not as long as you would think," the holoprophet explained. "According to what we've been able to learn, the Ori have little in the form of shipyards in this galaxy. All they have are the current number of ships available to them and the occasional reinforcement fleet that arrives through a holy ring. All that the Decepticons really have to do is capture and secure the rings before sending in forces to wipe out the Ori resistance in the galaxy. I would imagine that the Ori are strong enough to thoroughly test the Decepticons."

"Let's also test their reactions to this and see if they will become traitors," Truth said. "We shall tell them we want to annex that galaxy but we first want the Decepticons to negotiate for the galaxy and only that galaxy. Then tell them to use force as a last resort. I'm curious as to how the Decepticons will tolerate the heathen words of the Ori."

At that speech there was a unanimous agreement as all the Prophets were curious to find out the full extent of the Decepticons' belief in the Foerunners and to their allegiance to the Covenant.

Location: Ogro System Space/ Decepticon Medical Ship/ Starscream's Faction.

It was a six hour trip to Decepticon territory by Transwarp. It was a long and somewhat painful journey when most of your protective armor was peeled away. This would most likely be the human equivalent of having your skin peeled off and then being blasted by a big burst of wind.

Sometime after the Strikers had entered Decepticon territory, they had met up with a Decepticon medical ship and were now undergoing repairs there.

The extent of the damage varied from one Striker to the other. Air Freight had the most severe damage because when one of the other Strikers couldn't go any farther that one would then ride inside him. The only ones that had actually needed this form of transport had been Loose Cannon, Wild, and Hell Gun.

Air Strike and Silent managed the trip fairly well because their internal systems had not been as wrecked as the others had been. However, Air Strike's engines shut off during his attempt to land in the Fighter bay and several of his exposed internal systems had scattered all over the place. It took the most part of the day to find all the missing pieces. Silent, however, had no mishaps during his landing.

They stayed aboard the ship for a few days even though the repairs were finished in only one of those days. They stayed mainly because the ship was already passing by the main fleet and they wanted to save energy by hitching a ride.

Location: Char/ Secret lab

Soundwave entered the Constructicons' lab briskly and noted that the entire lab had been converted into a living's quarters for the time being to house its new inhabitant.

The lab was divided into sections to separate the newly revived Seekers Skywarp and Thundercracker from the Insecticons who were apparently starting to get on each other's nerves. These arguments mostly started over the fact that the Insecticons ate some of the Seekers' energon and the Seekers started an argument which quickly broke into a fight. It only ended when the grey Mech threatened to take them offline until they were needed for the final part of the plan.

The grey Mech's area was separated from the others and newly constructed monitoring devices were installed there so he could watch for changes in the Decepticons and the war.

The grey Mech noticed his arrival and spoke, "Soundwave, I trust everything is in order."

"Assesment correct," Soundwave answered. "Currently bribed Scourge into giving periodic reports in exchange for Nucleon based energon cubes."

"Very well," the Mech answered. "The Nucleon doesn't have the same supercharge effects as an energon cube so at least Scourge will not get the upgraded powers we have."

Soundwave nodded and continued his debriefing, "Sir, at the moment I am unable to establish contacts inside Starscream's forces because their current location is unknown. From what information we have, Galvatron's forces has had no contact with any of Starscream's forces."

"I bet Starscream is up to something. He always is," the grey Mech thought out loud, "Can you tell me what my counterpart is doing with the fleet that left?"

"Galvatron is acting under orders to acquire an enemy of the Covenant that designated the Ori, galaxies," Soundwave replied. "It seems that he was told to acquire it through means of diplomacy and only use force as a last measure."

"Judging by Galvatron's past record I doubt he will not resort to violence," the grey Mech said. "What else can you tell me about them?"

Location: Galvatron's temporary flagship The Vengeance

Galvatron was not pleased with this latest mission. He and his forces were to play the lowly role of diplomats to acquire this galaxy through diplomatic means. As sickening as the idea was however, he was getting paid handsomely for this mission. He was sure he could suffer through it without going through a mental breakdown.

It had taken a few weeks for his flagship to reach the Ori territories. The trip was somewhat annoying to say the least mostly because Galvatron spent the entire trip in his personal quarters trying to figure out how to deal with this negotiation without involving him actually threatening the Ori representative.

When he eventually, out of a moment of sheer boredom, looked over the information on the Ori's background, which didn't have a lot, from the Covenant archives he was intrigued. According to it, the Ori were a highly religious organization similar to the Covenant. However, the main difference between the two was that their technology was noticeably superior to Covenant. He could tell this by judging their battle records. There were even records of some form of entity or entities that were leading the Ori. When Galvatron asked some of the Covenant top research experts, he discovered that the beings were most likely what the Decepticons would classify a Class 3 energy being. Galvatron smiled at the plan he had in mind as he secretly contacted some of his top scientists to access the Vengeance's scanners while they were in Ori space to find any useful information on the Ori they could put to good use. The tasks he had ordered them to concentrate on were if it was possible to capture Ori and extract their energy.

Galvatron wanted to see how much energy he could harvest from an Ori and this was an even bigger insensitive to see if he could extend the length of the negotiations. He even brought along a large task force should he need to educate the fleshies of this region not to take the Decepticons lightly.

Now the Vengeance had arrived at an Ori system and it was being approached by one of their ships.

To put it mildly, the Ori ships were curious. The ships looked like rings holding what appeared to be a small sun in the center. However, the scanners identified the sun to be an energy sphere used for propulsion. Why any race would use such an unstable method of propulsion was beyond any Decepticon. From Decepticon experience, unless the ship's containment fields were set just right and carefully monitored all the time, the field would develop a breach and the energy sphere would consume the ship. The Decepticon scanners also identified the Ori ships to be surrounded by a potent energy shield. It was strong enough to resist Decepticon weapons fire for a time but not enough to cause much difficulty. The most peculiar design feature the scanners picked up was the fact that the Ori ships had only one type of weapon and it was fixed forward. The ship was apparently not designed to fight smaller ships. The weapon was designed to unleash a massive amount of energy to its targets, but this energy was in a pure form. The Vengeance's head engineer told Galvatron he was confident he could rig the Vengeance to absorb the energies the weapon fired.

After a moment Galvatron eventually barked his orders, "Send a message to those ridiculous ships and request that we want them to send over a diplomat so we can discuss a deal."

The com officer complied and in a few moments a small pillar of fire appeared in the middle of the bridge and the Decepticons within the bridge stared as a humanoid appeared in the place of the flames once it died down.

The creature was wearing white robes and carried a staff with a blue sphere attached to the top of the staff. His skin looked pale and certain scars on his face looked like it may have been burned. His eyes were pale like he was blind. The Decepticons that were familiar with how humans looked and their anatomy were shocked at the appearance because it looked like the human was in a bad state of health and severely injured. Even Galvatron was surprised at why the Ori sent a representative that was in such a bad physical state as this one.

Once the fire had completely died down the human spoke, "Hallowed are the Ori." And looked at Galvatron as if expecting some sort of response.

This statement brought several confusing looks among the Decepticons.

Galvatron was not in the mood for this kind of thing. "You are the Ori's representative correct?" he asked in a menacing tone.

The fleshy nodded. "I am a Prior of the Ori. I have come to tell you of Origen and to show your people the true way."

Galvatron narrowed his optics and stated, "Are you or are you not here to discuss the ownership of the galaxy?"

"The Ori control the Galaxy. They know all and they must control the universe so we can spread the truth of Origin," came the response.

"What's this Origin?" Galvatron asked, finding it increasingly difficult to resist his urge to vaporize the annoyance before him.

The Prior held a book up to Galvatron and then spoke, "Here is Origin. Read it."

Galvatro picked up the tiny book in two of his fingers and quickly read through the pages in a matter of seconds.

When he finished he only looked at the diminutive creature before him and back at the book. "All this tells is just a bunch of stories told in a similar fashion to fleshy Greeks. Most of the stories make no sense and I can't find any logic or information if there is proof in this book."

The Prior merely answered, "What is illogical is that one doesn't think he can find salvation in Origin. The only way to save your people is through Origin."

At that statement Galvatron walked up to the Prior so his foot was right in front of him and the Prior was forced to look almost straight up to see Galvatorn's face or most of his chin in this case.

"Are you saying that the Decepticons will meet a horrible confrontation if we choose to not serve the Ori and reject that useless book?" Galvatron growled.

The Prior answered, "If you choose to reject origin then we will be forced to punish your people."

This infuriated Galvatron and he only had one reply for this. "You insolent fleshbag!" he shouted before quickly lifting up his right foot to smash it down on the Prior and squished him before he could react. What was left of the Prior was a gruesome sight that most humans wouldn't even attempt to describe. But for the equivalent of an idea, the Prior looked like what was left over when you smash a fly with a boot.

Galvatron then turned his rage towards the Ori ship and hollered, "Obliterate that ship!" He pointed to the screen.

Immediately the Vengeance's weapons system came online and opened fire on the Ori ship. The first volley was blocked by the Ori's energy shields but those shields soon collapsed when the first volley was halfway through. Once the shields collapsed, Decepticon energy weapons impacted against the alloys the Ori made. Normally these alloys would be able to withstand against anything lesser races could throw at them but these alloys were now tested against weapons that were much greater in strength than anything the Ori had ever given their servants. The alloy quickly began to disfigure and melt where it was hit and in a matter of fifteen seconds the energy sphere lost its containment shell and engulfed the rest of the ship in an impressive explosion.

Galvatron didn't allow the victory to lessen his anger. "Contact the fleet we brought," he ordered his subordinates. "Have them blockade this galaxy! I want nothing entering or exiting! Then I want portions of the fleet to scour and exterminate all the Ori in this galaxy. I will show the Ori that the Decepticons are not their slaves to be threatened!" Then Galvatron gave one final order, "Show no mercy!"

With that, Galvatron's forces began their task of pest control.

Event: Sol System Force Situation update

It has been three weeks since the start of what is now called the Human Civil War or the HC War. The human race was now split into two warring factions. First the Sol Defense Force and Colonial Defense forces loyal to the President. Then there were the forces of the newly named Sol Empire. Already several bloody battles had broken out all across human-controlled space. Several Sol Defense force bases and armies that hadn't recognized the new government of the Sol Empire were immediately declared traitors to mankind and attacked by the Empire's forces. Currently the self-declared Emperor Williams was launching almost indiscriminant attacks against areas that most likely had SDF sympathizers. Thus far, the emperor was sending his forces to attack forces already in the home system as much as in the colonies outside Sol.

So far, most of the space fleet was strewn all across the Sol system to take care of any suspected traitors and such. The armed forces were just as spread out through Sol. They caused a lot of confusion for the Empire and the pockets of resistance.

Currently the Apollo system was starting to get its production to full capacity. Thankfully all the factories had already been set up for wartime production. So it was much faster than the Sol Empire had initially predicted for Apollo to start shipping off newly made weapons and ships to the colonies.

However, in the Sol system most of the factories were already at maximum capacity for wartime production. The biggest problem was that during the struggling with what was dubbed by the Emperor as traitors, several major ship production sites and two space bound shipyards had been destroyed. This didn't affect the superiority of the industrial might compared to the Sol Defense force but it did lower it enough to restrict the Sol Empire's supply lines somewhat to allow the Sol Defense force some necessary rest periods. Emperor Williams so far didn't show much interest in repairing and rebuilding the factories compared to how much effort he poured in supplying resources to the factories that were already built.

The Sol Defense force was able to hold its own against the Empire mainly because of the fact that the majority of the forces were composed of seasoned generals and troops which made General Williams think that troops that knew the truth of the robot enemy were a threat and he wanted to get rid of it quickly. Compared to the skill of the five top generals in the Sol Defense force, the generals Williams appointed were vastly unqualified for the job. The five new Generals were only selected to their new rank because of their loyalty to Emperor Williams and not because they had any qualifications for the job. Their flaws were extremely apparent.

General Vergo was a tall rough man from the shock troopers. Shock Troopers were known to have an almost berserker-like personality. They didn't care about casualties. They only cared about accomplishing their mission and inflicting as much damage as possible while accomplishing it. Vergo was probably the most accepting of this standard and that coupled with his belief that Williams' ruthlessness would be the salvation of the human race convinced Williams that he was the most qualified to be his general in charge of ground forces. However, even though he was probably the most ruthless shock trooper around, his apparent disregard of casualties his own men, civilian, or enemy has lead to the result that entire sections of cities are killed and massacred to eliminate a small pocket of rebels. So far, Williams' plans to repair the collateral damage was a low priority to him.

General Meg was among one of the top three Mech pilots in the Sol Defense force. She was probably the only qualified individual for her new rank. Unlike the other soldiers, she was a veteran and has a custom variant of the Vengeance class mech. This one had Transformer weapons incorporated into her own mechanics, making it immeasurably deadly just like the other two customs her counterparts on the Sol Defense had. She was placed to be the supreme commander of the Sol Empires military forces when she actually assassinated someone who had attempted to expose some of Williams' embezzlements that he had made while he was still a general. Her biggest weakness was that instead of her staying in a flagship while a battle is underway she tends to go out and lead the fleet in her Vengeance mech.

General Adam was in charge of the Sol Space Forces. He was given the position when it was revealed to General Williams that Adam's loyalty to the general almost bordered on an obsession. He would obey any and all commands Williams issued to the letter. However, Adam had no leadership skills and was mostly clueless on the concept of tacticsand strategy. He also never altered from any strategy Williams game him even if it meant his death. After the first few conflicts against the colonies failed, Williams ordered him to take a massive fleet of the most powerful ships in the Empire and level the colonies. The plan was to overwhelm the Sol Defense forces with superior numbers and firepower.

Unfortunately, Adam had chosen to attack the first colony when the majority of the Sol Defense Forces fleet had arrived in the system after reacquiring the President. When Adam's fleet arrived he soon found his fleet facing an enemy fleet much bigger than his own. However, instead of ordering any of his ships to retreat he kept to the plan and ordered his ships to move directly to the planet in an uncoordinated mass as quickly as possible and wipe out all the enemy ships that got in their way. But the enemy generals noticed what the Empire's fleet was doing and simply waited for the fleet to get spread out enough, separating the faster and smaller ships from the larger and slower ones, before attacking. In the current formation, none of the ships could properly support each other and the entire fleet was slaughtered. General Adam died in the battle when he had his flagship attempt to ram a major city on the planet and most of the ship was burned in the atmosphere and destroyed by Sol Defense forces. Luckily, the city survived for the most part but the death toll in the city numbered around 17,000 civilians. Thus far, General Williams hadn't been very interested in finding a replacement for him yet.

General Nelsion was in charge of research and Development. He was highly respectful of General Williams. However he was not a qualified scientist. He was actually one of those people who take credit for other peoples discoveries . He had risen to this rank to swindling credit out of 5 different discoveries. The man was a proven con man and was good in shifting the blame to his subordinates. Williams keeps him inline because he discovered Nelson's crimes and has been blackmailing him ever since.

Finally, General Millworth was in charge of military intelligence. Millworth was strange to say the least. He never talks to the other generals or even submits any information to them. All the information he reveals comes from General Williams. The fact that he's in charge of military intelligence is a front to hide what he really does: manipulation of the media. His job is mostly centered on shifting blame and keeping information from leaking. Millworth was in charge of a military cover up organization that was created by Williams.

Location: Sol Empire Capital.

Deep inside the capital building the four generals were in a deep discussion about what their next tactics should be. Millworth was missing as he was trying to ignore the other generals for as long as possible. The argument was mostly between Generals Meg and Vergo, General Nelsion had apparently inadvertently become the voice of reason while attempting to make peace with both generals.

"Please, Vergo. You do make a valid point in saying that Apollo is a target that we need to concentrate on but Meg puts up some valid points as well," General Nelsion explained. Or at least tried to. Nelsion's main problem with all of this was that he knew almost nothing on battle tactics except for the very basics. But he knew enough to know that both sides had some good ideas but they needed to compromise.

Meg was the first to carry on, "Listen. I know you want to take out the enemies' main industrial center but what you're proposing is that we sacrifice millions of our pilots in Vengeance class mechs to bombard the planet! We will effectively deplete all our forces of experienced pilots for mechs and fighters doing so. We will be extremely vulnerable to any counter attacks they would and will make. Besides, they already know that we need to destroy that planet's industrial capacity. They are most likely already preparing for an attack and have fortified or are already in the process of fortifying the system even better that it already was. I must also remind you that we have lost almost all our capital ships that were designed to force their way through space fortifications thanks to that idiot Adam!"

"You don't have to remind me of that moron's blunders," General Vergo scoffed. "It's a good thing he's dead or I might have killed him if he survived."

The other generals nodded in silent agreement.

"You know what the Emperor is ordering us to do now right?" Meg argued.

"Yes. It looks like he wants us to start another attack on the colonies soon," Nelison replied.

"That's putting it mildly," Meg said. "Most of our forces are running around attacking pockets of military units that don't support Williams and most of the fleets we have are scattered everywhere because of this. There are only three fleets that aren't moving around everywhere on the Emperor's orders, and we need them for a coordinated defense."

"If Emperor Williams orders us to attack the colonies and wipe them out, then so be it," General Vergo said forcefully. "All we need is to attack their lightly defended world from space and then occupy the space forces long enough to get as many platoons of Shock Troopers there as you can and my they'll do the rest."

"But the space defenses, aside from the orbiting fleet, is aligned with auto defense stations and surface weaponry," Meg complained. "But I think I have a better way of slipping your forces in without detection. Instead of your idea of throwing lives away, just distract someone."

"Really. What do you want me to do? Ask them if they will allow your force to bet my guy on their world nicely?" Vergo was insulted.

It quickly became clear to Nelsion that Vergo was apparently not very smart when it came to protocol and was as skilled at tact as the muzzle of a cannon.

"No. What I'm saying is I'm going to use a taskforce of our stealth transports to move your troops to one of those worlds," Meg answered, trying not to show that she was seething with rage at the lack of respect General Vergo had just displayed. "Their stealth systems will prevent the traitors from detecting them. Especially if General Nelison adjusts the stealth systems so that they use a slightly different form of stealth than the ones the old generals used."

Apparently General Vergo couldn't think of a single thing wrong with General Meg's plan and followed up with a rude comment, "Well, you're finally acting smart. Or was that just the last fifteen kegs of beer I drank last night?"

General Nelison wanted to leave after that rude comment. This meeting was almost enough to drive him to drink.