Chapter 9

"After hearing the testimonies of all parties involved with this case, we have decided on a verdict."

Hayes clutched Data's hand and held her breath.

Her entire family was standing around them, waiting too.

"The parents and grandparents of Rose Hayes are to be decommissioned. They will no longer serve as active Federation crew."

'What about Data?' Hayes thought. 'And me?'

"As for Rose Hayes herself, she will be demoted to Lieutenant Commander and given the post of ship's counselor on the Enterprise-E. Lieutenant Commander Data will be promoted to Full Commander for giving us important information about this case and given the post of Number One on the Enterprise-E."

Hayes turned to her husband and jumped into his arms.

"Full Commander! Yay!" She screamed in delight, and then remembered where she was. "Sorry, sir."

President Jaresh-Inyo smiled at her.

"We're glad that you're back, Commander Data."

"It is good to be back, sir."

"Counselor, I think I need some help."

Hayes smiled, but didn't turn around.

"Oh you do, do you?"

Data stood in her doorway.

"Yes. I need help that only you can give me."

Hayes turned and walked over to him.

"Does my help require the couch, or just the floor?"

Data nuzzled her cheek.

"The couch or the floor is fine. The counter is good too."

She giggled and kissed him.

"Oh, I almost forgot. How's your brother doing on Aquari?"

He smiled.

"B-4 is having a wonderful time being worshipped and the people are thrilled that their god is now alive."

"Goody." She hugged him and they were silent for a few minutes. "Oh, I almost forgot. I have something to tell you."

She smiled.

"You remember that we got that donation from the sperm bank."

Data nodded. He was a little angry that he couldn't provide Rose with children any other way.

"Well it worked. I'm pregnant."

She jumped up and down.

Data smiled, but it wasn't heartfelt.

"I'm sorry that I cannot give you children from my own body."

Hayes poked his stomach.

"Hey, quit beating yourself up about that. It's just the way things are."

She put her arms around his neck.

"I love you," she whispered into his ear. "Now come on. Let's put my counter to good use."

The end