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Chris was listening to a conversation between his parents. They were talking about him or rather the Fetus inside of Piper that was supposed to be him. Leo was asking Piper to get an abortion because he couldn't deal with being a father to another baby because he having a hard enough time with being a father to Wyatt.

Chris was about to leave because it sounded like his parents didn't want him at all. He was about two steps away from the kitchen door when he heard his mother defending him or rather the fetus.

"Leo this is my baby and I am not going to get an abortion. I don't care if you can't handle it he's My baby and want to keep him." She just about screamed

"He? So you know it's a boy? asked Leo confused.

"Yes I know it's a boy." She said seemingly calmer than she should have been

"You I don't care piper you already have your hands full with Wyatt and might I add your neurotic whitelighter." He seethed "You know I don't even know why they let him be your whitelighter." Leo added before he orbed out.

Chris couldn't believe his didn't want him but his mother did and he was glad about that. He loved his mother more then anything. In his future his dad didn't seem to know that he existed all he cared about was Wyatt.

Whenever Wyatt called for him he came right away but Chris called him he never came. Like when his mother was dying he had called him a couple of times but he never came and so she died. Now, Leo didn't even want him.

The kitchen door swung open and out came a pregnant Piper. Turning the corner she jumped.

There was the older version of her baby with tears in his eyes. She took her hand to his eyes and wiped his tears away

"Chris I know you must have heard us talking in the kitchen but you have to know that I am not getting rid of you because I love you sweetie don't you ever forget that ok," she said soothingly.

Chris just nodded wiping away the rest of his tears away. This is one reason why he loved his mother she always knew the right thing to say.

"Thanks mom, I love you too," He said as his voice was cracking.

Just then Paige came downstairs and asked "How did Leo take it Piper?"

"He wanted me to get an abortion but I told him no" she said putting her arm around Chris.

Chris may have been a little disrespectful in the beginning but no one gave him a reason not to be. He was still her son and she loved him and she always would.