Shades of Grey

Speeches and Hugs

Hermione was standing in front of the mirror in her room looking at her reflection. Ever since she had found out about her parents she had began this daily ritual of looking at herself and trying to see some part of their appearance in her. Ron who was the only other person who knew about it had joked that she could definitely glare like her mother. Hermione had laughed at this, trust Ron to try and lighten a difficult situation with a joke. They had grown much closer over the past few months. He had respected her wishes and not told anyone else, she wasn't ready for that.

A knock at the door disturbed her thoughts; she opened it to reveal a slightly grumpy looking Harry,

"Has Mrs Weasley been trying to cut you hair again?" Hermione asked failing to conceal a smirk,

"She cornered me coming out of the bathroom!" he replied in an exasperated voice,

"You should know by now that your doomed once a Weasley women has made up their mind" said a quiet voice from behind him, Ginny slowly looped her arm around Harry and he turned to look at her,

"Not sure if I've learnt the lesson yet" he replied cheekily, Hermione tutted and put on her hat,

"We'd better be go, I'm sure it's not too late to get a detention" she said shooing them out of the room.

They met Ron in the entrance hall, he looked quite awkward and out of breath,

"Ron, are you ok?" asked Hermione in a concerned voice slipping her hand in his.

"I'm fine, just fine" he said giving her a peak on the cheek,

"I don't know why you're nervous Ron, it's Hermione who's got to make a speech" said Ginny ruffling up her brother's hair. Hermione gulped she was trying to forget about it.

They took their places in the great hall which had been removed of the house tables and simply contained chairs looking towards the high table.

Professor McGonagall got to her feet and the hall quietened down,

"Welcome to the graduation ceremony. This year group has definitely been one of the most interesting that Hogwarts has ever housed, mainly due to its knack of finding trouble" a small ripple of laughter ran through the hall and Harry blushed a Weasley red, "apart from that I truly believe that the friendships across this group of young people is unrivalled, to deliver the main speech I would like to welcome a student who has shown incredible dedication to Hogwarts since her arrival, Hermione Granger". Hermione stood up and made her way to the podium, her legs felt like lead and her ears were ringing so much that she hardly heard the applause.

"Thank you Professor," she said politly "When we began Hogwarts 7 years ago someone told a friend of mine that we wouldn't know ourselves by the end. I don't think any of us could doubt how much Hogwarts had changed us. If I can to sum up my years at Hogwarts in one word I would probably choose love, I'm not talking about romantic love but more of a platonic love. The kind that friends share, even though we have arguments (and I've had a lot of arguments here) we all know at least one person who would go out of their way to help us, one person who would go that extra mile, one person who would never let you give up no matter how dark things got. I would now like to thank the staff, we have had many teachers during our time here, some great and some not so great, but as with friends we all know of one teacher who would walk that extra mile. A special thanks goes to Professor McGonagall who's commitment to the school over the past few years has been incredible, as a Gryffindor especially she has been a combination of a strict teacher and a caring mother so I would like you all to raise your glasses to Professor McGonagall" everyone raised their glasses towards the aging witch "Thanks mum" Hermione said loud enough for people to hear, no one questioned it some even copied her "My final word goes to my classmates and friends, go now and live how you want, but never forget what you learnt inside these walls, never forget Hogwarts!" a deafening applause rang out and chatter began to break out as friends went to talk to each other and parents congratulated their children.

Hermione stepped down from the podium and turned towards the high table with tears streaking down her cheeks, she wasn't alone in her tears Hagrid was bawling like a baby. Hermione walked round the table and saw her mother stand up and face her,

"Hermione thankā€¦" was all she could get out before her daughter threw her arms around her and whispered "Can I call you mum?" in response Minerva simply hugged her tighter and they stayed that way for several long minutes.

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