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Altered Reality

Chapter One

All was quiet around sanctuary, the death of Mason Eckhart had left there lives a lot easier over the last few months. Although the four members of Mutant X were starting to get bored with only having the odd mutant to put into the underground and a few routine visits to local safe houses to keep them busy. Adam also had them training on a daily basis, but even that was started to annoy them. Whenever one of them moaned he would just remind them that they had to be prepared for any eventuality.

Brennan was sitting in his room reading a book, trying to hide away from everyone as he had hurt his ankle the day before sparring with Shalimar, he hadn't been paying attention when she suddenly kicked his legs out from under him causing him too fall awkwardly. Trying to be his macho self he had refused when Adam had offered to fix it for him. Something he now regretted as he was in a lot of pain but refused to admit it to anyone as he knew they would lecture him or in Jesse's case make fun of him. He was engrossed in his book when Shalimar knocked on his half open door and walked into his room sitting on the bed next too him.

"Hey, how's the ankle?" She asked him placing a hand on his leg causing him to wince, noticing it she quickly removed her hand.

"Oh it not to bad just a little sore" he replied while trying to bite back the pain.

She studied him for a minute before coming to a decision, and without another word she grabbed his book out of his hand and ran out the door, knowing from past experience this would annoy the hell out of him and then maybe she could convince him he needed his ankle seen too.

"Shalimar, I was reading that" he shouted after her not getting up.

"Well come here and get it then" she shouted back, appearing outside his door a second later smiling and waving the book about as if to taunt him.

"It's not funny Shal, come here"

"I don't think" shaking her head she turned on her heels and started to jog away.

Brennan groaned and stood up trying not to put to much weight on his bad ankle 'just great she is doing this on purpose' he thought to himself as he hobbled out his room to go after her.

Jesse and Emma were playing chess in the main area of sanctuary when Shalimar came whizzing past them laughing, she stopped just behind them, with Brennan limping after her.

"Come on Shal, this really isn't funny, now give me my book back" he was looking very annoyed which just fuelled Shalimar even more.

"You have to catch me first" she replied without moving. So Brennan took a couple of painful steps forward but just as he was about to grab her she took off again. "You are going to have to try harder than that sweetie" She shouted over her shoulder.

Brennan gave out what sounded like a growl and limped after her once again muttering incoherently to himself.

"She really loves to torment him doesn't she? Mind you I would have thought she would give him a break since he looks like he's in agony" Jesse said turning back to look at Emma who had a huge grin on her face.

"I think that's the point" She laughed at the confused look on his face "She is trying to get him to admit that he needs Adam to look at his ankle"

"Okay, but wouldn't it be easier just to tell him that, rather than having him hobbling about in pain" He asked.

"Yeah it probably would but you know how stubborn Brennan can be, he won't just admit to needing help" she looked at him seriously "That is just not the macho way! Now hurry up it's your turn"

"Okay okay give me a minute, all their antics distracted me" Emma rolled her eyes knowing she would have to wait ages while he decided on his next move, a game of chess with Jesse usually took days to play.

Brennan finally caught up with Shalimar in the dojo and he slowly approached her.

"So are you going to stop being so pig headed and ask Adam to look at your ankle?"

"My ankle is fine I just want my book so I can go back to my room"

"You want it, come and get it"

Brennan having had enough lunged at her but using her feral abilities she easily dodged him and instead turned around and pounced on him knocking him onto his back, she landed gracefully on top of him and sat straddling his hips holding the book up above her head, she was laughing until she looked down and saw the pain in his eyes "Bren, would you please get Adam to look at your ankle? I promise I will give you your book back" When she seen him nod in reply she smiled and slowly started to get off him but before she realised it he had flipped them over so he was on top of her, taking her by surprise she gave out a small scream.

"Now that is more like it" He said grinning down at her, he reached down to grab his book but when she refused to let it go he decided that if she was going to play dirty so would he, leaning in he pressed his lips lightly against hers in a gentle kiss. Shalimar was so taken aback she loosened her grip on his book, as she did so he triumphantly grabbed it out her hand and stood up. Just as he was about to say something Adam's voice sounded over their comlinks summoning them to the lab, so instead he reached his hand out to help Shalimar up.

Jesse and Emma were in the lab already when Shalimar and Brennan entered causing Adam to look up, he frowned when he seen Brennan limp over and sit up on one of the med beds obviously in a great deal of pain but choosing to ignore it for the time being he turned to face his team.

"I just got a call from an old friend who works for the police department, there have been a number of disappearances from a downtown nightclub over the past week and from what we can tell they are all new mutants, so I want the four of you to go there tonight to try and see if you can get any leads as to who is taking them"

"Sure thing Adam, do they have any clue as to why they were taken?" Jesse asked

"No, as far as I can tell the only thing they have in common is they are new mutants, so you will all have to be very vigilant and keep your eyes open for anything suspicious"

"You can count on us Adam, at least we have something to do finally" Shalimar said excitedly.

"I want you to be careful, stay together and under no circumstance go off alone. I mean it no heroics I don't want any of you being the next to disappear"

"We will Adam" Emma replied for all of them as they all stood to go and get ready for their mission.

"Not so fast I want to look at your ankle" Adam said putting a hand on Brennan's shoulder to stop him leaving the lab.

"I'm fine Adam honestly" Brennan tried to argue.

"Brennan" Shalimar said as she walked up beside him giving him a 'don't even think about arguing' look.

"Fine, I'll let do whatever you want on one condition"

"Anything" she smiled.

"Don't tell Jesse" When he seen her laugh and nod he sighed and lowered his head in defeat allowing her to guide him over to the lab chair. Adam rolled his eyes, sometimes he couldn't believe how Shalimar could always get Brennan to agree to anything.

A few hours later they were all sitting in the club observing everything that was happening around them, but after being there for nearly three hours and witnessing nothing out of the ordinary they were all starting to get bored. Unknown to them they were being watched.

"Well this is a big waste of time" Brennan muttered.

"I know, I am going to go crazy here if I don't move soon" Shalimar said

"Give it time guys, it's still early" Emma said trying to convince herself as much as the rest of them, she hadn't sensed anything unusual and was beginning to think that nothing was going to happen tonight. They sat for a while longer all of them growing more restless by the minute.

"That's it I've had enough" Shalimar sighed "I'm going to check outside, who's coming?" Knowing someone would follow her she headed in the direction of the exit.

"I will" Brennan shouted jumping out of his seat to go after her.

"Hey, no fair I wanted to go" Jesse grumped.

"Baby" Emma laughed at him before shouting after her retreating friends "Be careful and call us if you see anything" Shalimar waved her hand in response having heard over the loud music.

Over on the far side of the club, two men who had been standing watching everything the team were doing started making there way to the door.

"It's about time, I was starting to get a headache its not easy blocking our thoughts you know" the first man said rubbing his temple.

"Patience my friend, it was only a matter of time before the feral grew restless, they are just so predictable, I knew she would venture outside eventually and she never goes anywhere without her elemental friend"

Once outside Brennan and Shalimar wondered about the area surrounding the club seeing nothing except a few drunken clubbers, until they noticed a girl running down a nearby alley being chased by five men.

"Jess we got trouble outside" Brennan lifted his hand and spoke into his comlink 'on our way' he heard him reply before he ran to help the girl with Shalimar close behind. "Hey leave her alone" he shouted while charging a tesla coil and throwing it at the group of men knocking two of them to the ground, the remaining three stopped chasing the girl and turned to face them.

"Bren, look she is a feral" Shalimar pointed to the girl who had just ran to the end of the alley and jumped over a six foot fence to escape her pursuers.

"Yeah, but can we concentrate on the task at hand, you take the two guys on the left I got the big one on the right" he said as he walked towards his target.

"Sure no problem" she shouted back as she flashed golden eyes and leapt into the air easily tackling the first guy knocking him unconscious then setting her sights on second one, once he too was out cold she turned to see Brennan finishing off the third guy with a high kick before he suddenly fell to the ground.

"Brennan" she shouted as she ran over to him but before she got there she felt a dart hit her neck, she quickly spun around to see two men walking towards her before she too fell to the ground. She heard one of the men speak before the darkness took a hold of her.

"I love it when people play right into my hands. Simon give me a hand putting them in the car" the man said before turning round to see Jesse and Emma running towards them.

"You aren't taking them anywhere" Jesse said while Emma stood next to him ready to use a psionic blast on them.

"I wouldn't do that Miss DeLauro, you see the sedation I used on your friends also contains a poison and if they don't get the antidote within one hour they will die"

"You're bluffing" Jesse challenged.

"Am I now? I think Emma here knows the truth, so what is it to be?" he paused seeing Emma glare at him "I thought so" he grinned and walked over to Brennan and Shalimar.

"Emma?" Jesse questioned

"He's not bluffing Jess" she whispered as they helplessly watched the two men put their team mates in the back of a car and drive off.