The True Lover Of Numbah 362

By:ZombieZapper 101

Disclamer:I don't own Codename:Kids Next Door or anything of it. But I do own Numbah 16. His name is Brian.

Chapter 1:Interduction

(Numbah 16's P.O.V.)

I just sat in the moon base lounge, sipping my hot chocolate, and flipping through the channels on the lounge TV since I was the only one there, then out of the corner of my eye, she walked in, numbah 362, the girl I loved so much. She came in with a sad look on her face. "What's wrong, numbah 362?", I said. "Oh nothing, nothing.", she said. She picked up the hot chocolate pot and she was shaking like crazy. "Rachel, I know something's wrong, you can tell me anything.", I said. Then she went into a huge crying fest.

"It's okay", I said, as I pulled her on in for a hug, she returned the hug and I handed her a napkin. She wiped her eyes and we sat down on the lounge couch. "Brian, this is what happened.", she said. "I was doing paper work, when numbah 86 ran in with an envelope, it was from Father, I looked inside and there was a note and a tape. He has captured all the parents of the Kids Next Door.", she said. "If we don't surrender the Kids Next Door or it's an all war with the adults", she said and resumed crying.

"It's okay, I can help you, I got something that may cheer you up!" I said. "Cheer me up, what could possibly cheer me…", I cut her off with a kiss. After we parted, I said, "Rachel I lo….".


(Numbah 16's P.O.V.)

I awoke with a jerk, and relized it was a dream. "Damn it", I muttered. Then the intercom, it was numbah 86.

"Numbah 16, report for a meeting with numbah 362 in her quarters!" "Repeat, Numbah 16, report for a metting with numbah 362 in her quarters!" "That is all!"

"Huh,I wonder what's going on.", I wondered as I got in the shower, then threw on my clothes and ran out of my quarters.

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