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Chapter 2: The Meeting With Numbah 362 Pt.1

(Numbah' 362's P.O.V.)

"Well, another day of paperwork", I said as I finshed the last of Numbah 63.5's paperwork. Then Numbah 86 came running in with a envolope. "Numbah 362, Numbah 362!", she huffed and puffed. "There's a urgent message for you", as she slammed it on my desk. "So, who's it from?", I asked as I looked for a message tag. "It's from, It's from", she wheezed. "Father!", we said at the same time. I tore open the envolope and there was a video tape and a note. I looked at the note and it said in blood-red ink.

"Some supreme leader you are, numbah 362, you can save all those those kids, but you can't even save your own parents. I captured every single KND operative, even you're own. If you ever want to see them again, you will surrender the KND or we adults will wage full war with you kids, and we will fight until you brats are back in your rightful places!"

Sincerly Evil Forever,

Father and the Delightful children from down the Lane.

P.S: Watch the tape with Numbah 16, I know you like him.

Tears were forming in my eyes. "Fanny, call Numbah 16 down to my quarters along with the S.A.M.V too.", I ordered.

Kids Next Door: S.A.M.V.

Sooper- Awesome Movie Viewer.

"Yes sir, Numbah 362", she said. She walked over to the intercom.

"Numbah 16, report for a meeting with Numbah 362 in her quarters, repeat Numbah 16, report for a meeting with Numbah 362 in her quarters, that is all."

"Thank you, Fanny", we saluted and she walked out. Then the tears fell freely down my face and I waited Numbah 16 to show him the movie.

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