Chapter 32: Kidnapped!: Journey to Hakuten Inari

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After the meeting with Tsunade, Asuka and Tenten went to be alone near the training grounds. Asuka was sitting underneath a tree, while Tenten sat on a low branch.

"I hope Tsunade was wrong," said Asuka quietly. Tenten didn't reply, but Asuka knew that she was thinking the same thing.

"I mean, I don't know what I would do without Kiba. If I lost him I think I would fall apart."

"Yeah, I know what you mean," said Tenten quietly.

They silently for a few moments before Asuka suddenly stood up.

"Oh, I forgot I was supposed to meet Kiba. I'll see you later, okay?"

Tenten smiled and waved. "Sure."

Asuka turned around and collided into something. "Huh? What in..."

A silver-haired woman smiled cruelly at her. "It's time for you to come with me. Lord Orochimaru will be expecting you."

She threw a smoke bomb down, and in a second Asuka had passed out. Tenten came running to her, but the woman had disappeared before then.

"Oh, no! Asuka!"

Kiba was sitting on his porch playing with Akamaru, waiting for Asuka to come by. Seta had come by looking for, and now stood leaning against the wall, waiting for her.

"Aww man, just like her to keep us waiting."

Kiba laughed and shook his head. "I'm sure she'll-"

He never got to finish because at that moment he heard someone calling for help. Suddenly Tenten came running toward them.

"Kiba! Seta! Thank goodness! Asuka's been kidnapped!"

Kiba jumped to his feet and Seta immediately moved from his position by the wall. "Who kidnapped her? When? Where?" they asked her.

She tried to calm herself down. "It was just a few minutes ago. Some silver-haired kunoichi came by, knocked her out with a smoke bomb, and took her away."

"Could you tell which way they went?" asked Seta.

She pointed away towards the northwest. "I'm pretty sure they went that way."

Seta nodded as if he knew something. "What?" asked Kiba.

"A hunch," he replied. "If I'm not mistaken, they've gone up the mountain pass of Hakuten Inari."

Kiba grabbed his hand. "C'mon then! Let's go!"

Seta turned to Tenten. "Go tell Lady Tsunade what happened."

Tenten nodded and the three ran towards their destinations.

Seta and Kiba raced from the gates of Konoha until they reached some woods.

"The passage to Hakuten Inari should be around here somewhere..." said Seta. Suddenly they were surrounded by Orochimaru's undead ninja.

"Get out of the way! Ninja Art of Beast Mimicry: All Fours Jutsu!"

Kiba hunched down and his nails and fangs began to grow. Seta snapped his fingers and his whip appeared. Then they leaped at the ninja.

"Double Fanged Reaver!" Kiba powered up both his nails with chakra and slashed through the ninja in front of him. Then he had to duck as one of the soldiers slashed their claws at him. From the ground, he shot his legs up and kicked it high into the sky. Then he pulled out an exploding kunai and threw it into the ninja, causing him to explode in midair.

"Dancing Whip Whirlwind!" Seta spun and knocked away all the ninja near him, then with incredible speed, slashed through all of them before they could recover.

"Well," said Seta as he walked over to Kiba, "at least we know that we're going the right way."

"Lady Tsunade!" cried Tenten as she burst in through the doors.

"Huh? What now?" she asked groggily (since she had been sleeping).

"Asuka has been kidnapped!" she said.

This got Tsunade's attention. "Tenten, tell me everything."

They walked steadily through the woods until they started to climb up. Soon they reached a rocky passage leading downward. They took it and arrived in a narrow valley. There was little shore on either side of a large but shallow river. Trees and bushes were dotting the landscape sparsely. As soon as they splashed into the river, ninja began to jump from all around them. Kiba pulled Akamaru out of his hood and transformed him, and the three fought their way through the enemy hordes.

"There's so many!" Kiba cried in desperation.

Seta quickly made handsigns. He usually didn't use ninjutsu, though he was very good at it, preferring to fight with his whip. But, ah well, this was an emergency.

"Water Style: Giant Vortex Jutsu!" The water in front of Seta swirled up and shot forward, blasting away all the ninja.

"Hurry, before more get here!" he said as they found a passage leading upward.

"So Seta and Kiba went after her," Tenten finished.

Tsunade looked thoughtful. "Well, if anyone can do it, it's those two. Make sure you tell when they get back into the village, all right Tenten?"

Tenten nodded and left the room, trying not to look as worried as she was. Tsunade rested her head in her hands and closed her eyes in thought.

"A silver haired kunoichi...that sounds like Shizuku. And if she could beat Gaara...but Seta was able to beat Sasuke easily, even in cursed mark form, so he should be able to win. But...why would she kidnap Asuka? It must be...oh no...Orochimaru's trying to use her as his weapon again!"

The scenery changed once again as they ran up the grassy slope. They reached a small clearing with rocks all around. The only way forward was through a red arch. Seta got a strange feeling as they approached it, but couldn't help it. It was the only way to go. As they walked through the arch, they came to a little stone area with four arches, one behind, one to the left, one to the right, and one in front. They took the one in front, figuring that it would get them somewhere.

It was about half an hour afterwords that he began to wish that he had listened to his instincts.

"It must be a genjutsu," Kiba said. Seta nodded. Seta inspected the four arches and noticed something.

"Three of the arches have shadows falling to the left, and only one arch has it fall to the right. That must be the right one."

Kiba nodded and they ran through the many arches, inspecting the shadows as they went till they emerged onto a cliffside.

"Wahoo! We made it out!" Kiba said happily. They could see that they had already been out there a long time, since the sun was beggining to set and the grass now appeared yellow rather than green. They hurried up the cliffside until Seta noticed some strange, circular shadows on the ground.

"The smell of graves is all around."

"Those ninja must be close..." he said. His eyes widened as he pulled Kiba back against the rock wall. Half a moment later, a boulder dropped where they had been standing. Seta looked up to see the ninja standing there hurtling boulders over the edge to block their way. They slowly inched along the wall till they were out of the way of the boulders. A gate was up ahead, and Seta could sense that Asuka was inside. They rushed forward when a group of ninja jumped down and attacked.

"Ugh, this is getting incredibly annoying!" said Kiba with a growl. Akamaru ran up and they spun into action.

"Ninja Art of Beast Mimicry: Fang over Fang!"

They slashed through all the ninja while Seta lay paper bombs on the door. Once the door blew down, they nodded to each other and rushed in.

"I can't see why you're anything special," said Shizuku as she eyed Asuka, who was tied to a rock at the moment.

"She's the famous Black Siren. You know that," said Kagura.

"Yeah, yeah. But she still looks like a little brat to me."

"And you look like a whore to me," said Asuka angrily.

Shizuku eyes flashed in anger and she moved her hand to slap her when they heard an explosion at the gate.

"We have guests," said Kagura.

Kiba and Seta ran through the gate and through another red arch before they reached a dead end. They were on a large plateau, with little grass and puddles of water here and there. On a large rock at the far end was Asuka, tied to a rock.

"Asuka!" they shouted together.

"Not so fast," said Shizuku.

"You're one of the Seven Serpents of Shichisto, aren't you?" asked Kiba.

"Clever, aren't we?" she said with a laugh.

"Enough with the pleasantries, Shizuku," said Kagura.

"Kagura!" they both said in amazement.

She eyed them both. "I know you," she said to Seta, "but...ah, you must have been one of the meddlers at Kikyo Castle." This last part was directed to Kiba.

He nodded in recognition at the name.

Shizuku shrugged at everyone else being already aquianted. She figured it would give her an air of mystery. The others had always wondered why she bothered with such thoughts in serious times, but she couldn't help it. She was a temptress besides a kunoichi.

"Shizuku, don't let them take the girl," said Kagura.

Shizuku nodded and pulled out her daggers. Seta summoned his whip, and Kiba got ready to lunge. He discreetly pulled Akamaru out of his hood (he had transformed back to a dog) and pushed him off to the side.

"Get Asuka out of those ropes," he whispered.

Shizuku lunged first at Seta, her daggers aimed at his heart. He quickly sidestepped and brought his whip about. She jumped out of the way and threw her daggers at Kiba. He stepped back ducked as they flew behind him and lodged in the ground. She quickly flicked her wrist and thin wires appeared. She pulled and the daggers came flying back at her, cutting Kiba's arm and cheek as they passed by. Kagura threw her binding sutras at Seta. He dodged them all, but she came up from behind and put one on his back. He was instantly paralyzed. She kicked him in the chin, then threw an exploding one at him while he was in midair.

Kiba ran at Shizuku, slashing at her with his claws. She parried the first few with her daggers, then spun around, blasting him away with her Dust Tornado Jutsu. She pulled out a scroll and began to summon weapons from it, throwing them at him in rapid succession. He managed to dodge some but quite a few managed to get past his defenses and cut him.

Seta managed to get back up and kept dodging Kagura's sutras. She pulled out a deep blue one and said, "Water becoming a cleansing wave! Water Sutra!"

The water from the puddles all came together to form a wave that shot at Seta and threw him into the arch. She ran at him and was ready to throw a poison sutra when he flashed his whip out. It wrapped around her leg, and she found herself being spun around and thrown into the unsuspecting Shizuku.

The two got up and dusted themselves off. Kagura pulled out another sutra and said, "Wind become a binding chain! Wind Sutra!"

The sutra shot out wind that wrapped around Kiba and held him in place. Then Shizuku pulled up her sleeves and shot out poison tipped needles. Seta quickly jumped in front of Kiba and blocked all the senbom, then threw out his whip and destroyed the wind sutra in Kagura's hand.

Shizuku smirked and clapped. "Nicely done. You're pretty good. We could use someone like you on our side."

Seta laughed coldly. "Sorry if I don't seem appreciative, but I don't think you could ever persuade me to join your twisted group."

Shizuku's smirk vanished, replaced by a cold glare. "Fine then. It's your funeral."

She pulled out a scroll and opened it. Then she spun around, waving it around her. Finally she whipped it towards them, shouting, "Sacred Dance Shuriken!"

Suddenly hundreds of shuriken shot at Seta and Kiba from the scroll. Seta suddenly turned very pale.

"If I use my Dancing Whip Rotation, I should be safe from the shuriken, but I wouldn't be able to protect Kiba. And he doesn't have any defensive jutsu. What should I-"

"Song of the Siren!"

Asuka appeared in front of them and uttered a beautiful yet terrible note. The sound wave blasted the shuriken away, causing Shizuku to stare in amazement.

"Having second thoughts, Shizuku?" asked Kagura.

Shizuku looked at her annoyed. Kagura nodded to her and the two backed away.

"You may have saved her, but your fates are still sealed. Know this: all of you and the entire Leaf Village will still be destroyed."

The two instantly vanished, leaving only two sutras in their place. Seta sighed as Asuka ran over to Kiba and hugged him.

"Oh, Kiba, you're hurt," she said with a worried look.

"Hehe, it's nothing," he said with a chuckle, though it was obvious that he was pretty scratched up.

"C'mon, we'd better get back," said Seta.

The other two nodded and took off towards Konoha.

Orochimaru's face contorted in anger. "You let her go!" he hissed angrily.

"She got loose, and it would have been her and that tracker ninja from the Sound. I don't think we could take both of them at the same time."

He clenched his fists in anger until blood began to run. The two women's eyes widened in fear. He suddenly turned and said, "Begin the invasion now. we've wasted too much time already. Go!"

They nodded and vanished from the room. Orochimaru stood silently for a while, then suddenly chuckled. "Black Siren, you'll still end up on my side...and the Leaf Village will fall before me! Hahahaha!"

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