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Chapter 9

In the end words don't matter. In the end you are remembered for what you did, for the person you were and for what you offered the world. In the end the love and the kindness that you show other people is the most important thing.

In the end there should no regrets. But right now, Lucas was regretting one thing. He wished more then anything to be with his wife. Eden would have a little baby boy by now. Their baby boy. His baby boy.

In moments of silence he and Alexander felt the same pain. Nila would have had a little boy of her own at this point. A little boy with rosy cheeks and blue eyes.

The war had been dragging on for 11, almost 12, months now. So much destruction. So many lives had been lost.

Jag had been killed in the first battle. He went out smiling, Ginny Weasley beside him.

Carl had been bitten by Fenir Greyback and led the werewolves in a revolution William Wallace style. However like William Wallace, the enemy felt he was no longer in need of his entrails while he was alive.

Adonis was last seen 6 months ago somewhere near the border of Albania, with Carl and Lisa. Jane had disappeared.

Rose, Donte's wife, had been raped and executed two months prior. What hurt even more was the murder of their two year-old son, William.

Danny, Manny, and Gino were staying strong over in London, but after they hadn't been able to stop the orphanage from being burnt down it was getting harder and harder to see their humane side.

Lucas sighed, completely exhausted. He was crouched in a campsite in the south of France, sitting next to his brother. He was weary. He wanted his wife. He wanted his son.

The golden light of the dying campfire illuminated his brother's tired features. He looked so much older. Dark circles perpetually surrounded his eyes. His skin chapped and dry. A small smile tugged at the corner of his lips as he ran his dirty hands over a worn photo of a pregnant Nila.

Lucas was sure he looked a mirror image of his brother. Running a hand through his dirty hair he tried to imagine how they must look. They looked dirty, dirt and blood covering their hands. The cracks in their skin were a shade lighter then the rest of them. Their clothes hadn't been washed in months, what was once white was now soiled and ugly never to be white again. Their leather armor must look dusty. And God how they must smell.

It was moments like these that Lucas truly saw what the war had done to his brother. In front of their men they were mountains: strong, un-fearing warriors. But in solitude, they world suffocated them. Alexander looked beaten and exhausted. If the brothers stayed trapped in despair they would not survive. It was why they had made it as far as they had in such a short time.

They had so much to fight for, yet at times it was hard to remember. A somber grey mood seemed to fall over everything, even the sun didn't seem as bright. The dull atmosphere seemed to fit the mood; there was so much loss.

Roman and James Potter were killed after they confessed to murdering Donte. They had been the first to die. It had been a slow, drawn out death.

Snape had conveniently killed Dumbledore, giving Lucas one less thing to do. After that many Order of the Phonix members had come forward in support of Lucas.

"Here." A clay mug of water made its way into Lucas' hand.

Lucas glanced up, inclining his head in thanks to Lily.

Lily had vowed to help Lucas the night James had died, since then she had been in charge of Alpha Camp where Lucas, Alexander and their men were currently resting.

James Jr., Ron, and Hermione had all disappeared. Lucas did not doubt that he would meet them soon.

There was only one more Lucas had to get rid of: Voldemort.

After that, he was going to collect what was the rest of his family and friends and cash in what was left of his empire. Lucas had a sunny beach destination in mind. He'd pick a relatively secluded spot, with lots of greenery and color. No grey. He planned to spend every day playing with his little boy and every night making love to his beautiful wife. He imagined days he would spend outside, with his small family, playing on the beach or exploring their surroundings. The image of his wife ankle deep in a clear blue ocean, tossing a little giggling boy into the air was what was keeping him fighting. He'd fight every day for them if he had to, to the end of the earth.

He only had one more battle left to win then he could carve out his chunk of paradise and disappear.

Lucas and Alexander had been traveling for four days, on their way to Voldemort's strong hold, when they met up with them.

They looked lost.

"Weasley, Granger." Lucas greeted scaring the duo into action.

"Lucas?" Hermione asked, relief spread across her features, lowering her wand.

Lucas nodded.

"Where's Potter?" Alexander asked glancing around quickly.

"W-we don't know." Hermione began, tired tears sprung into her brown eyes, "He left, saying he was going to track down You-know-who."

"When did you last see him?" Lucas asked urgently.

"Uh, two days ago. He was heading west." She said "He took the rest of our money and food before he left."

"Where were you headed?" Alexander asked.

"London." Hermione answered, Alexander nodded leading Hermione a foot or so away to give her direction on which way to head best to intercept Alpha camp.

"Look, uh, Lucas." Ron began, his voice rough in disuse. "I wanted to say sorry, for uh- what I said back when-"

"Its okay." Lucas understood.

"Let me finish. Hermione and I both realized it was a mistake, just trustin' them like that and well… I'm sorry." Ron said sincerely.

"Thank you." Lucas replied accepting Ron's apology. "Could you do me a favor?"

"Yea. Anything." Ron agreed.

"I need you to keep this and give it to Eden." He pulled out a lightly stained envelop and handed it to Ron. "If I, uh, If I don't make it."

Ron nodded solemnly, understanding.

"She needs to know I love her."

Out of the corner of his eye Lucas saw Alexander passing a similar package to Hermione.

"Thank you."

Lucas and Alexander set the coarse for the final destination of this battle: the heart of Voldemort's power.


This needed to end; he had a beach to get to.